The 10 Best Small Electric Kettles Reviews in 2021

Best Small Electric Kettles

Every coffee lover experienced the use of one the best small electric kettles to prepare tasty beverages. The newer models have a fast heating mechanism that boils water within minutes. Also, you don’t have to struggle with cords when serving due to cordless serving design. Other units have a reliable pour spout, which minimizes workspace messes. Always compare the pricing, performance, and construction of these teapots to get a suitable one. Check out the following best small electric kettles in 2021.

Hamilton Beach Electric Tea Kettle, Water Boiler & Heater, 1 L, Cordless, Auto-Shutoff and…Buy on Amazon
Proctor Silex Compact Electric Tea Kettle, Water Boiler & Heater. 0.5 L, Cordless, Auto-Shutoff…Buy on Amazon
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Mueller Premium 1500W Electric Kettle with SpeedBoil Tech, 1.8 Liter Cordless with LED Light,…Buy on Amazon
AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Portable Electric Hot Water Kettle – 1 Liter, SilverBuy on Amazon
HAUEA Electric Kettle for Tea Hot Water 1L Glass Tea Pot with Removable Stainless Steel…Buy on Amazon
COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle with 5 Variable Presets, Pour Over Coffee Kettle & Tea Kettle,…Buy on Amazon
Miroco Electric Kettle Temperature Control 1.7L Double Wall Keep Warm, Anti-scald Tea Kettle…Buy on Amazon

#10 Hamilton Beach Electric Tea Kettle, ONE among BEST Small Electric Kettles

Hamilton Beach Electric Tea Kettle, ONE among BEST Small Electric Kettles

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Hamilton Beach is a global brand that deals in home and outdoor products. With this best small electric kettle, it guarantees a mess-free working surface. It has a drip-free spout made from quality material to ensure the pouring is accurate. Now you can show-off your serving skills when guests come over for brunch or catch-up meetings. Besides, this teapot boasts of a cord-free serving. There’s no need to detangle hanging cords that can cause splashes and other accidents.

For improved safety, use the boil-dry protection integrated with the Auto shutoff feature. Immediately your liquid boils such as tea, coffee, and much more, the unit shuts off. Not only to save energy but also prevent overheating. Another function is a reliable concealed heating element. It heats up fast to minimize wait-up time, unlike using the stovetop or induction cookers. Plus, its 1500-watt power boils all liquids quickly than a standard microwave. This item has a one-liter capacity to suit different brewing needs. You can carry it to your desired location comfortably due to its lightweight style.

#9 Proctor Silex Compact Electric Tea Kettle, Water Boiler & Heater.5 L

Proctor Silex Compact Electric Tea Kettle, Water Boiler & Heater.5 L

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We understand getting a reliable teapot can be hard if you lack the time for research. We have done all the legwork for you and have this fantastic tea kettle. It has a spacious interior of 5 liters, making it among the largest in the market. Now, you can prepare more liquid at a lesser time to save energy as well as preparation time. Besides, this best small electric kettle is suitable for 1-2 servings of hot tea, soup, oatmeal, instant coffee, cocoa, and much more.

Wipe down the stainless steel exterior of this item with a damp cloth. The material is easy to maintain than the rest and does not fade. You can use it for an extended time, not worrying about discoloration and chipping. Place it on a kitchen countertop for that sleek placement look in any kitchen. In addition, the cable-free serving of this item gives you easy pouring. It lifts off the bottom quickly to minimize serving fatigue and obstructions. The included on/off light is bright enough as it illuminates when the water is almost boiling.

#8 Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Stainless Steel…

Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Stainless Steel…

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You don’t need to wait for too long every time you want to enjoy a tasty coffee. This Cuisinart kettle uses 1500 watts to heat up liquid faster and safer. It can only take a few minutes to boil the liquid for you to enjoy a flavorful coffee. Not only that, but also the included memory function goes up to 2 minutes. Plus, a Keep Warm feature maintains the liquid temperature for up to 30 minutes. In addition, this item 360-degree power base swivels smoothly for cordless convenience.

The capacity of this teapot is 1-2/3 liters perfect for a small family. A concealed heating element helps safeguard against mineral buildup. You can place it on a small platform, thanks to its compact construction. It measures 8.8 inches L x 9.75 inches W x 6.1 inches H for a simple holding. Note that it is made from BPA-free material suitable for preparing infant foods. Furthermore, this equipment has a 36-inch cord length for maximum flexibility. You can pick one of the six preset heat options for steeping coffee or tea. It is always considered one of best small electric kettles

#7 Gourmia GK320 Travel Foldable Electric Kettle,

Gourmia GK320 Travel Foldable Electric Kettle,

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Standout from the standard silver or black kettles when you buy this one. It has a stylish and modern white finish, which complements most kitchen decor. Not only that but also, this tone brightens and livens up a place. We like the dual voltage design of this best small electric kettle by the Gourmia brand. That means easy use anywhere in the globe to support a safe plugging in. Cleverly designed, this gadget is collapsible for you to boil up to 5 liters of water. You can fill your fluid for tea or coffee than collapsible it for convenient storage after use.

This is a lightweight teapot made from food-grade silicone. You can carry it from one area to the next without experiencing wrist fatigue. Also, this material is durable to resist extreme temperatures to maintain its original structure. Equipped with advanced safety features, a boil dry protection comes in handy. It shuts down your unit when the water boils. What’s more, a lid lock supports scorch-free and safe usage at all times. Use the integrated spout filter to dispense the liquid out of the container comfortably without spilling or splashing.

#6 Hamilton Beach Glass Electric Tea Kettle

Hamilton Beach Glass Electric Tea Kettle

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Boil your water faster and safer with this best small electric kettle by Hamilton Beach. With a large capacity, it can hold up to one liter of liquid. That means less preparation and waiting time, especially if you have guests. Another thing is a modern design with stainless steel accents and glass sides. The materials work well together to enhance your countertop or desk look. Remember that it is compact and occupies little placement room to give you easy access.

Additionally, this gadget comes with interior LED lights that produce a soft blue glow during operation. After boiling, the auto shut-off functionality comes in and stops the heating process. Featuring unique boil-dry protection, your teapot turns off when the liquid id hot. It makes serving smoother than using stovetops. Also, it lifts off the sturdy bottom to support an easy serving. Monitor the water level when filling this item through the clear glass window.

#5 Mueller Premium 1500W, one of Other Best SMALL Electric Kettles

Mueller Premium 1500W, one of Other Best SMALL Electric Kettles

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Another function one among the best small electric kettles has is a sophisticated design. Equipped with an LED system, it lights up to indicate if your unit is heating. Not only that, but the brightness makes the whole style look more eye appealing. This item has 1.8-liter maximum capacity accommodates more liquid than other brands. Your water boils within minutes for tea, pasta, coffee, oatmeal, and much more. It has a BPA-free material to prevent water contamination when heating your liquid.

The versatility of this teapot makes it popular among beverage lovers. It is cordless when off the bottom, for unobstructed and easy pouring. Plus, its clear rotational glass rotates up to 360° for the perfect measuring of water. Constructed from European Strix heater and Borosilicate glass, this gadget is super durable. Besides, its premium lid stays shut to give you extended use. Enjoy maximum safety, thanks to the anti-slip and heat-resistant handle. Your hands or fingers stay burn-free and scald-free every time you hold this device.

#4 AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Portable Electric Hot Water Kettle

AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Portable Electric Hot Water Kettle

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Most grownups love tea and coffee in the morning or late in the evening. You can gift your friend, work colleague, or loved one this best small electric kettle by AmazonBasics. It has a sleek silver design with a 10-liter capacity. Not only to improve placement look but also accommodate a large amount of liquid. Heating your liquid is much easier and quicker thanks to the 1500-watt power rating. It consumes 120 volts of power and 60Hz to give you an energy-efficient service.

Additionally, this teapot ensures you have a smooth filling and serving. Its cordless structure and a 30” power cable at the power base support a flexible placement. After use, keep the cord inside the cord wrap for safe and compact storage. What’s more, an automatic shutoff function with boil-dry protection gives you peace of mind. You don’t have to monitor the time every time you boil water constantly. A convenience water window improves your water-filling action at a glance.

#3 HAUEA Electric Kettle for Tea Hot Water

HAUEA Electric Kettle for Tea Hot Water

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This is an advanced kettle with modern features for an upgraded use. It has a low noise and an Intelligent variable Frequency to consume minimal power. That means more power-saving, unlike using the other traditional brands. Besides, it operates at 600 watts to boil water. After heating, it reduces the power down to 300 watts. We take note of the lock-type steam design that supports a low noise tea boiling. Make your tea stronger with the included sturdy separate tea drain.

Another function is the detachable filter and cover for convenient cleaning and maintaining. Also, this best small electric kettle is made from food-grade silicone and Borosilicate glass on the surface. This improves durability even after many coffee-making sessions. After the water boils, wait up to 5 minutes before pouring to your ideal location. This will help prevent the extreme temperature from heating the bottom, leading to rust spots. In addition, this teapot comes with four modes, including Heat Preservation, Boiling, Strong, and Light.

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#2 COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle, Always best SMALL ELECTRIC Kettles in market

COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle, Always best SMALL ELECTRIC Kettles in market

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One of always best small electric kettles is designed in California to give you maximum user flexibility. With five temperature presets, pick one level that suits your brewing needs. Also, the “Keep Warm” function comes in handy to maintain water temp for one hour. The variable temperature levels make sure you never burn the tea or coffee leaves again. Moreover, this gadget has a Ready Tone that alerts you when the preset temperature is reached by beeping three times. Press and hold gently the “Hold Temp” function for three seconds to turn the sound on or off.

Thanks to safe stainless steel construction, this unit delivers the purest coffee taste. The material is food-grade safe, making it suitable for infant food preparation. Note that the structure is chemical=free and rust-free for easy cleaning and maintenance. Enjoy an accurate pouring by using the pour spot to give you a fantastic pour-over flow rate. Plus, a counterbalanced handle improves and stabilizes your pouring action as it moves the mass center back towards the hand.

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#1 Miroco Electric Kettle Temperature Control, Get One of Best Small Electric KETTLES

Miroco Electric Kettle Temperature Control, Get One of Best Small Electric KETTLES

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Miroco is among the best small electric kettle in 2021. it has a user-friendly design to give you maximum operating safety. Also, its advanced British Strix thermostat system, boil-dry protection, and an auto shut off function ensures excellent electrical safety. At the same time, it helps save energy, unlike using a stove or induction cooker. In addition, the precise temperature control contains various heat settings. You can pick the level that meets your tea drinking needs from the six choices. Note that the temp is between 100℉to 212℉ to enjoy a flavorful coffee, tea, or cocoa.

We love the double-wall design for extra safety. Designed using BPA free material, you get maximum protection from scalding as the liquid stays warm for an extended time. Press the ‘Keep Warm’ button to maintain your preferred temperature rate for up to one hour. What’s more, a well-made stainless steel interior offers both appeal and dependability. The rim, spout, filter, pot, and inner lid have food-grade stainless steel to prevent water contaminants. You can prepare your infant meals without worrying about health problems.


Enjoy quick water boiling with the best small electric kettle. It heats liquid faster than stovetops, and even standard microwave save time and energy. That means a comfortable coffee-making at home. Also, some models are super lightweight and compact to minimize countertop space use. You can lift them effortlessly and store them in a safe location. Make sure you go through the manual in case of operating problems. It always has additional information to make usage a breeze. Check out the list above and pick one of the best small electric kettles that have your desired features.


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