Top 9 Best Small Dehumidifiers For Home Use – Reviews in 2022


Do you usually get allergies such as sneezing, watery eyes, coughing, stuffy nose, or itchy skin? Does your home or office have a damp or moist smell? Are you tired of mold, dust mites, or mildew? Alternatively, do clothes take a little longer to dry because the air in your home is a bit moist? Well, if you are affected by any of the above issues, then it’s probably time you got a dehumidifier. It helps reduces the humidity in the air, making the surrounding drier, fresher, healthier, and allergy-free. You also don’t need to install the large type that occupies quite some space, isn’t easy to move, and costs a pretty penny. You can go to the mini dehumidifier. It’s tiny, portable, and still delivers good service. The following are the best small dehumidifiers with top-rated quality on the market.

List Of The Best Small Dehumidifiers

KEDSUM Electric Mini Dehumidifier, Small Dehumidifier, 1200 Cubic Feet (150 sq…Check It Now
Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier 2-PACKCheck It Now
LATITOP 500ml Small Electric Dehumidifier Quiet Operation, Auto Shut-off,…Check It Now
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Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier, 1200 Cubic Feet (150 sq ft), Compact and…Check It Now
Dehumidifiers for Home, Powilling 2200 Cubic Feet Electric Portable…Check It Now
hOmeLabs Small Space Dehumidifier with Auto Shut-Off – Quietly Extracts Moisture…Check It Now
Comforday PREMIUM Compact Dehumidifier – Thermo-Electric, Portable, Peltier…Check It Now
PeGear Mini Portable Electric Dehumidifier for Living…Check It Now

#9 KEDSUM Small Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier, FCC Approved

KEDSUM Small Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier, FCC Approved

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This is one of the smallest pieces you’ll find on the market. However, it is very useful and can cover a good area. The manufacturer states that it is ideal for up to 108 Square Feet. This makes it a good option for the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, closet, basement, boats, RVs and much more. It runs very quietly thanks to the advanced Thermo-Electric cooling that doesn’t have a noisy compressor. You won’t get interrupted or distracted by any noise even when placed a few feet away. The small size and lightweight make moving with it very easy and convenient.Reasons To Buy This:

  • It’s very effective
  • It runs super quiet
  • The dehumidifier doesn’t occupy lots of space
  • Comes in a practical design

#8 Eva-Dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier

Eva-Dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier

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By: Eva-Dry

Coming in a new and improved design, this small dehumidifier is what will eliminate the annoying allergies or damp smell from your home or office. It comes in a tiny size and can discretely be placed in many locations. It’s also very light and carrying it or changing its location shouldn’t be a problem. It can easily fit inside a bag or sack. Although small, it will quickly reduce the humidity in the atmosphere and doesn’t generate any noise. It works instantly and can run for many hours nonstop without a problem. The materials of construction are excellent and will tolerate bangs, falls, knocks, and scratches quite well. And thanks to the elegant design, it will go well with any decor.Reasons To Buy This:

  • It is very stylish and modern
  • Runs very quiet
  • Works instantly
  • It’s suited for many places

#7 Latitop Small Electric Dehumidifier, 500ml

Latitop Small Electric Dehumidifier, 500ml

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By: Latitop

If you are serious about keeping your surrounding drier, then you won’t mind choosing this electric dehumidifier. It is amongst the smallest and portable units on the market and works really well. You can use it in the laundry room, bathroom kitchen, bedroom, closet, basement, RV, and many other places. The air will be less humid within a short time, and you also won’t be disrupted or irked by noise since it’s based on the Peltier Technology. It’s built from durable ABS material to tolerate regular use or mishandling. In contrast, the included water tank comes in an eco-friendly material. Moreover, to prevent damage, the unit features an auto shutoff that turns it off once the water tank gets full.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • It’s very silent
  • Using it is easy and simple
  • It’s ideal for many locations
  • The small dehumidifier is lightweight and portable

#6 LUOYIMAN Mini Electric Air Dehumidifier

LUOYIMAN Mini Electric Air Dehumidifier

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This small dehumidifier is very common in homes and workplaces. You’ll find it in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, RVs, and other places. It’s well-known for its solid construction thanks to the sturdy and durable ABS plastic. It’s also acknowledged for its small and portable nature that improves handling and movability. Unlike other compressor-based electric air dehumidifiers, this one produces only a minute hissing sound thanks to the Peltier Technology. You will carry on with your work, nap, or sleep without any interruptions. The intelligent piece features an auto-off that stops the operation once the water tank gets full. The device is energy efficient, and this keeps the power bill low.Reasons To Buy This:

  • It’s lightweight and portable
  • Produces minimal noise
  • Carrying it is easy
  • It’s made from eco-friendly materials

#5 Pro Breeze Electric Air Dehumidifier, 1100 Cubic Feet

Pro Breeze Electric Air Dehumidifier, 1100 Cubic Feet

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By: Pro Breeze

All it takes to make the air less humid and safer is installing this small dehumidifier. It’s perfect for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, RV, basements and many other places. It’s minimal and compact and carrying or moving it won’t be a problem. The ultra-quiet unit is based on Peltier Whisper Technology and won’t interfere with your nap, sleep, relaxation, or work. It works relatively fast and runs for a long time without overheating. It has a sizeable tank to accommodate a right amount of water, and as per the description, it should eliminate up to 9 ounces of humidity a day. For safety and convenience, it features an auto shutoff and led indicator light for alerting you when the tank is full.Reasons To Buy This:

  • Comes in a practical design and size
  • It’s super silent
  • Can be placed in many locations
  • It is quite effective

#4 Powilling Electric Portable Dehumidifier

Powilling Electric Portable Dehumidifier

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By: Powilling

Many people get amazed after seeing the volume of water inside this dehumidifier’s tank. Yes, it’s small and lightweight; however, it’s very effective. According to the description, this accessory will eliminate up to 700ml/20 ounces of water in a day and is suitable for areas as large as 2200 cubic feet. It’s one of the easiest to operate thanks to the simple design and also runs super silent. No need to bear the nose or place it too far away. It’s very compact and is fit for many places including the Basements, Office, Bedroom, Bathroom, Garage, Grow Room, Closet, and RV. It also looks very elegant and won’t interfere with the décor.Reasons To Buy This:

  • Works great
  • It’s high quality
  • Doesn’t produces any noise
  • It’s very versatile and has good coverage

#3 HOme Small Dehumidifier

hOme Small Dehumidifier

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By: hOmeLabs

You can get rid of the humidity in the atmosphere without spending lots of money or use a noisy accessory. All you need is this small dehumidifier that can work effectively in an area as large as 1200 cubic feet. It’s made from strong materials to withstand everyday usage, long operation, moisture, water and the elements. The accessory will fit in small spaces and works as good as its larger counterpart. However, it produces very little noise which is inaudible and also consumes minimal energy. The unit is suitable for the home, office, garage, and many other places.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • It’s lightweight and compact
  • The dehumidifier is very portable
  • It’s very solid
  • Works great

#2 Comforday Premium Compact Dehumidifier

Comforday Premium Compact Dehumidifier

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By: Comforday

If you are tired of the allergies, damp smell, mold, mildew, dust mite, or clothes taking too long to dry, then it is probably time you invested in a dehumidifier. The Comfort day Premium is among the best small dehumidifiers on the market and is suitable for many locations. You will find it in bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, laundry rooms, basement, kitchens and many more. The Thermo-Electric unit relies on the Peltier Technology to keep the noise level minimal and also improve energy efficiency. It will suck the moisture from an area as large as 1100 cubic-feet and will keep going until it automatically stops when the tank gets full.Reasons To Buy This:

  • It’s made from tough materials
  • The dehumidifier is small and portable
  • It doesn’t emit noise
  • Consumes minimal energy

#1 PeGear Mini Portable Electric Dehumidifier, 500ML

PeGear Mini Portable Electric Dehumidifier, 500ML

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By: PeGear

Ranked as one of the best small dehumidifiers on the market, the PeGear mini-unit can be installed in areas like the bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, bedroom, garages, living room, and basement. It runs quietly and will stop working when the tank gets full, or you stop it yourself. The design is not only effective but also very user-friendly. It works relatively fast compared to other options and doesn’t produce any noise. This allows you to carry on with your work or sleep without any disruptions. You can put this little device anywhere and won’t look out-of-place thanks to its nice design.Reasons To Buy This:

  • Comes with nice and little design
  • It works great
  • Whisper Quiet operation
  • Energy Efficient

Final Word

You don’t have to suffer from allergies that are attributed to the damp or wet atmosphere. It would be best if you didn’t watch things get rusty or corrode due to lots of moisture in the air. Also, it would help if you didn’t allow mold, dust mites, or mildews to thrive. With the best small dehumidifiers, you’ll make the atmosphere cleaner, drier, and healthier. Also, unlike the traditional type, this one is much smaller and won’t take up lots of space. It’s also very light, compact and carrying it shouldn’t be a problem. With so many items on the market, selecting an item can be hard. Fortunately, I did most of the work. All you have to do to own the best small dehumidifiers is just choosing any item from this review.


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