Top 10 Best Shower Heads in 2022

Best Shower Heads

There is nothing more refreshing and relaxing like taking a shower early in the morning or at the end of a tiring day. The shower not only relaxes you but also helps get rid of germs, dirt, dust, and bacteria. The popularity of shower heads has led to all kinds of products designed to appeal to different people. Some come in simple handheld design, other feature a round or flat head while others come with low pressure to conserve water.

While another person is okay with a rain shower, you may desire to also enjoy a massage as well courtesy of high jets/water streams. This review on the 10 best shower head 2022 is aimed at helping you understand the different shower heads on offer and enabling you purchase the best product.

Best Shower Heads in 2022


10. AquaDance Shower Head


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This deluxe shower head features high-quality chrome finish that will enhance the bathroom appeal. It comes with 6 adjustable setting: Aeration Rain, Power Rain, Power Aeration, Pulsating Massage, Rain Massage, and Water Saving Pause mode for varying the water pressure. Selecting the desired mode is done using the high-power 3.5-inch click lever dial while the Rub-Clean Jets minimize the buildup of scale, lime and also improve cleaning.

Fitting the angle-adjustable unit is simple and takes minimal time courtesy of the Easy-Tool-free connection. The downside is that it’s made from plastic.

9. High Sierra shower Head


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Enjoy cool and relaxing showers with the High Sierra shower head. The 1.5 GPM low flow unit is efficient and uses little water despite providing quality sprays through its patented nozzle delivery technology. It’s made from solid metal that assures you of efficiency and longevity while the polished chrome finish improves its style and suitability for varied bathrooms.

Fixing it on most places is relatively simple and requires minimal skills. Unfortunately, the pressure is a bit low for some people especially for those wanting a massage-like experience.

8. Vida Alegría Shower head


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The Vida Alegría showerhead is suitable for the home, spa, massage parlor and many other places. The high-pressure unit consumes 2.5GPM and features 5 adjustable spray patterns.

It’s made from high quality ABS that resists lime and won’t get clogged up thanks to the silicone jets. To assure you of longevity and reliability, the ball joint and connector are made from solid brass. The unit however isn’t the most friendly when it comes to conserving water.

7. ShowerMaxx Shower head


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Take a shower or wash your kids or pets with this luxurious handheld showerhead. Made from high-grade ABS, the unit won’t get clogged even by hard water and ensures you enjoy the powerful streams.

It features 6 spray settings, adjustable mount and a long flexible stainless steel hose that can reach up to 7 feet. Although mounting it isn’t complicated, people especially those not familiar with shower heads find the installation instructions a bit vague and confusing.

6. Vida Alegría Handheld Shower Head


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The Vida Alegría H5 shower head is perfect for the entire family including pets. It consists of a flexible stainless hose that doesn’t entangle and can extend up to 7 feet. The unit is rated at 2.5GPM and its face is made from ABS that is more-resistant to corrosion, lime and scale.

The 5 spray nozzles deliver powerful water jets that will leave you, your family, guest or pets cleaner and more relaxed. It is nonetheless not designed for mounting permanent on the wall.

5. SR SUN RISE Shower Head


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This easy-to-mount shower head delivers reliable water jets that eliminate dirt, germs, bacteria and fatigue. The 10-inch unit is made from ultra thin but solid 304 stainless steel that can withstand high pressure and last for a long time. It’s coated with chrome that boosts it appeal and also makes it more resistant to stains, lime, scale and corrosion.

The 2.5GPM unit is up to 20% more efficient that other types and relies on Air Energy Technology to offer constant water pressure even in low pressure regions. Unfortunately, you may need to remove the built-in water flow restrictor so as to boost the pressure.

4. WantBa shower head


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The WantBa shower head comes with a 6-inch wide face that consists of 57 water jets. It delivers 2.5 gpm and sprays the water in form of rain allowing it to reach any part of your body with minimal wastage.

The swiveling metal ball makes it easy to vary the angle and position of the head whereas the nozzles can easily be disassembled to remove or cleanup any debris or lime buildup. Very tall people may find this shower head not very convenient.

3. Thunderhead Shower head


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The TH2.5 high pressure shower head is famed for its powerful and fine water spray that not only cleans but has therapeutic effect. Its head can handle high pressure while at the same time conserving water due to its innovative large diameter head.

To clean and inhibit scale and lime buildup inside the nozzles, the unit comes with pliable nipples. Nevertheless, when compared to other top items, the shower head isn’t the most elegant.

2. Speakman S-2005-HB Shower head


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This shower head is popular in both homes and hotels and is revered for its efficiency and reliability. The Hotel Anystream is a high-pressure unit that delivers up to 2.5gpm and comes with self-cleaning nozzles to inhibit lime, corrosion and scale buildup. The polished chrome piece is based on patented Anystream 360-degee technology that provides constant flow of water even at low pressures and comes with 5 adjustable flow levels.

Other notable features are adjustable T-handle, flared lip, and belled casing. However, removing the flow control piece is a tad bit challenging and requires the use of a wrench and some skill.

1. Hydroluxe Full-Chrome shower Head


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The 24 Function 2-in-1 showerhead offers you 3 water jet options to suit your need at hand. It comes with an oversize 4-inch face that delivers water spray in 5 settings (Power Rain, Stay-Warm Mist, Economy Rain, Massage and Pause) and selection is via the 3-point Click Dial. Water is delivered through the 5-foot stainless steel hose and passes via the Rub-clean Jets that won’t clog easily.

Other features include Conical Brass Nuts, Patented 3-way Water Diverter, Angle-adjustable Overhead Bracket, and Anti-Swivel Lock Nut. The chrome-plated unit is however made from plastic.


Showering doesn’t mean you have to stand on the exact same position because of a very narrow water jet. You shouldn’t waste a lot of water because the head scatters water everywhere except on your head or body. Holding the shower head shouldn’t be difficult or tiring and it also shouldn’t ruin the ambiance in the bathroom or shower area.

These experiences are less likely if you choose the best products such as those listed in the above 10 best shower head 2022 review. They are well-built to tolerate water, moisture and daily usage, and are ergonomic, light and water-efficient. Follow our review and enjoy every showering moment.


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