Top 9 Best Shoe Benches Reviews in 2020


If you are looking for the best shoe benches, probably for yourself or maybe gifting for someone else, then this is the article for you. Shoe bench is more than just a place you place shoes. It’s also the point where you temporarily sit on in order to remove or put-on the footwear. Additionally, it also plays a vital role in the beauty and décor of the room. All kinds of benches for shoes can be found in the market. What may be a good option in your home may not be suitable for another place. For instance, a big unit will be a bit bulky for your small space.

It’s also important to at the shoe height, beer of shoes, design, color, texture, and budget, among other things. Picking the best shoe bench or shoe rack is usually not easy. You need to go through many products and then settling on one. Fortunately, we have done the hard work for you. You only need to pick an item to become a proud owner of a good bench for shoes.

List Of The Best Shoe Benches In 2020

Black / Chocolate Micro Fabric Shoe Rack Storage Organizer & Hallway BenchCheck It Now
Soges Storage Bench Storage Hall Shoe Rack Bench Rack Shoes Rack Gray, M018-GCheck It Now
Prepac Shoe Cubbie Bench, 24″ x 48″ x 16″, EspressoCheck It Now
SONGMICS 3-Tier Bamboo Shoe Rack Bench, Shoe Organizer, Storage Shelf, Holds Up…Check It Now
ASSICA 5 Tiers Shoe Rack Space Saving 25 Pairs Fabric Shoe Shelf/Shoe Storage…Check It Now
Winsome Dayton Bench, Antique WalnutCheck It Now
Baxton Studio Entryway Bench, EspressoCheck It Now
SONGMICS Bamboo Shoe Bench Entryway Storage Rack with High and Low Levels for…Check It Now
Haotian White Shoe Cabinet, Shoe Rack, Shoe Storage Bench with Folding Padded…Check It Now

#9 EHomeProducts Chocolate /Black Micro Fabric Shoe Rack

eHomeProducts Chocolate :Black Micro Fabric Shoe Rack

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By: eHomeProducts

This shoe rack can easily be mistaken for a fancy chest. It comes in an elegant design that complements the surrounding. However, it still does an excellent job of organizing the shoes. The superb dimension provides adequate space for placing quite a number of shoes. It also comes in practical design for easy placing and accessing the shoes. And thanks to the versatile nature, it can be placed in many places, including the bedroom and hallway.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • Black / Chocolate for trendy look
  • Micro Fabric upholstery for a smooth and plush appearance
  • Wood base for stability and good support
  • 2-tiers for better organization
  • Dimensions of 32(W) x 12(D) x 19(H) for quality space

#8 Soges Shoe Bench Storage

Soges Shoe Bench Storage

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By: Soges

This best shoe bench will keep the shoes well-organized, yet it doesn’t take up lots of space. It comes with a heavy base that minimizes unnecessary movement and also provides excellent support for your legs, feet, to your body when sitting on it. It’s very comfy thanks to the quality padding on the top section. The tiers are very practical and accommodate different shoe types. The gray unit looks modern and will go well with various decors.Reasons To Buy This:

  • 31.5(L) x 11.8(W) x 17.7 (H) inches for good storage space
  • Good height for convenient sitting and placing your legs
  • Thickened laminated wood for extra elegance
  • Sturdy construction for holding up to 200Lbs
  • Sponge padded seat for added comfort
  • Hidden storage space for holding sundries like blankets and shoes

#7 Prepac Espresso Shoe Cubbie Bench

Prepac Espresso Shoe Cubbie Bench

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By: Prepac

Although it may appear very basic, this shoe bench is one of the best in the market. It’s very compact and also feels quite solid. The accessory comes in the right size and can accommodate any kind of shoes, including boots, sneakers, and sandals. In addition to giving it a good look, the smoothly finished laminate-surface is easy to wipe or clean. You will, however, need to assemble it before use, and this should take a few minutes. Moreover, since it is CARB-compliant, you can bet that it will serve you for many years.Reasons To Buy This:

  • Laminated composite wood and MDF backer for strength and long lifespan
  • Instruction booklet for quick and easy assembly
  • Dimensions of 48(W) x 24(H) x 16(D) inches for best organization
  • Well-constructed to accommodate up to 200 lbs
  • Functional compartments for holding up to 18 shoes

#6 SONGMICS Entryway Bamboo Shoe Bench

SONGMICS Entryway Bamboo Shoe Bench

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Assembling this shoe bench is very straightforward and takes a short time. All you need is to follow the included instructions and use an Allen key. It comes in a decent size and will conveniently hold several shoe pairs. The sturdy base minimizes unnecessary movement and provides good support for the shoes or even a person sitting on it. It also comes with a narrow design for placing in tight spots and also saving space. The top surface is smooth and also looks trendy.Reasons To Buy This:

  • 2-Tiers for easy organization
  • Bamboo material for beauty and sturdiness
  • Brown finish for a classy look
  • Bottom slatted design for holding up to 6 pairs of shoes
  • 4-way opening design for easy access
  • Narrow size for space-saving and placing in small areas

#5 ASSICA 5 Tiers Shoe Rack

ASSICA 5 Tiers Shoe Rack

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If you want to organize your shoes but lack adequate space properly, then this bench will suit you well. It comes in a compact space-saving design and will fit in small spaces. The narrow unit features a tower design and can accommodate quite many shoes. The stackable design improves the organization and as well as convenience. To ensure the shoes stay dry, the unit features a non- woven fabric.Reasons To Buy This:

  • Size of 33.5(L) x 11 .8( W) x 35.8(H) inches to cater for most needs
  • Flexible design to holds adult shoes, kids shoes, heels, boots, sneakers, bags, purses and more
  • Stainless steel pipes for stability and durability
  • High-quality PP connectors for firm support
  • Waterproof non-woven fabric interlayer for keeping the shoes dry
  • 5 tiers for holding up to 25 shoe pairs
  • Simple design for assembling in less than 10 minutes

#4 Winsome Dayton Shoe Bench With Shelves

Winsome Dayton Shoe Bench with Shelves

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By: Winsome

Your place will look less messy when you start using this best shoe bench. It comes with decent size and adequate space for holding several pairs of shoes. It fit for any type of shoes including knee-high boots, low-cut boots, regular shoes, and sneakers. The smooth interior protects the shoes from scratches while the good ventilation keeps then dry. Sitting on the bench is also comfortable thanks to the nice height and smooth surface.

Reasons To Buy This:

  • Winsome Dayton Storage Hall Bench with Shelves
  • Solid and composite wood for toughness and stability
  • Walnut color for a modern trendy look
  • Size of 40(W) x 14.17(D) x 22(H) inches offers plenty of storage
  • Height of 20.87-inch offers a nice seating position
  • 3 shelves for improved organization

#3 Baxton Studio Entryway Shoe Bench, Espresso

Baxton Studio Entryway Shoe Bench, Espresso

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By: Baxton Studio

Many people agree that this shoe bench from Braxton Studio is one of the most stylish and trendy. It will look amazing in many places including the hallway, bedroom, and cloakroom. Just as it looks, the bench is also very solid. It should last for quite some time and won’t lose its effectiveness and elegance. The padded foam seat is very comfortable and supportive even to heavy people. The 3 drawers come handy in storing essentials such as keys, umbrella, and leashes.Reasons To Buy This:

  • Dimension of 20.1(L) x 41.8(W) x 15.6(H) inches for reliable storage
  • Dark Brown /Espresso color for a contemporary look
  • 10 shoe-storage cubbies for good organization
  • Foam padded seat for comfort
  • Three drawers for holding umbrellas, keys, pet leashes and other essentials

#2 SONGMICS Bamboo Shoe Bench ULBS120N

SONGMICS Bamboo Shoe Bench ULBS120N

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This shoe bench is not only elegant and practical but also well made. It is perfect for many areas, including the hallways, entryway, bathroom, bad bedroom. The solidly-built unit is relatively spacious and will hold quite some shoes for an improved organization; it features several tiers. Some are perfect for small shoes and another for large ones. The nice height makes seating on the unit or placing the legs/feet convenient.Reasons To Buy This:

  • 100% natural bamboo for strength bad eco-friendliness
  • 2 tiers rack and storage bench for use in the bedroom, entryway, hallway, bathroom, and closet among other places
  • Versatile design to hold boots, shoes, bags, toiletries, plants, and baskets
  • Rounded corners for protection against scratches and knocks
  • Product size of 44 1/8″L x 11 1/8″W x 17 3/4″H inched for saving spacer
  • Slim figure for easy placing in a wardrobe, cubby closet, cabinet, garage, foyer, entrance, and other areas

#1 Haotian FSR27-W Shoe Cabinet, White

Haotian FSR27-W Shoe Cabinet, White

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By: SoBuy

This modern-looking shoe bench is suitable for the living room, entryway, hallway, bedroom and other places. It comes with a top compartment and 3 storage spaces. It’s further separated into a right side for large shoes like boots while the left side suited for smaller shoes. The top compartment is much smaller and is suited for smaller items like shoe brush, shoe polish, rags, and keys, among others. The padded seat provides a beautiful seating area when putting on or taking off the shoes.Reasons To Buy This:

  • Dimensions of 31.50(W) x 11.81(D) x 18.50(H) inches for adequate storage space
  • Flat pack for saving space
  • Padded seat for maximum comfort
  • Four solid feet for stability and good support
  • Chipboard in white finish for elegance


As the common saying goes, “You can never have one too many shoes.” Too stay abreast with fashion or look trendy; people always invest in new shoes. Some will be for special occasions, others for casual wear, while some are more versatile and serve both purposes. Over time, the shoes increase, and this may make the place look messy. The best way of organizing the place is through using a shoe bench. It provides decent space for holding all the shoes and also gives quick and easy access. You may also sit on it when removing or put-on the shoes. To own the best shoe bench, all you need is following this review then picking an item.


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