10 Best Shampoos For Dry Damaged Hair 2023 (Restore Your Hair)

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Finding the right shampoo for dry and damaged hair can be tough as not many products work effectively on such type of hair. The key is to find a restoring and hydrating shampoo which moisturizes the hair and reverses the damage with regular use. A shampoo is a very important part of hair care routine as the first step to maintaining your hair is to cleanse them without stripping away their natural oils. If you are looking for a good shampoo which works on dry and damaged hair, here is the list of 10 shampoos which are work for such type of hair:

Editor Pick Best Shampoos For Dry Damaged Hair

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Maple Holistics Argan Oil Shampoo

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Argan oil is known for its restoring properties for dry hair and it enhances the strength of the hair also. This shampoo from Maple Holistics is made up of argan oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, and peach kernel. It is also enriched with vitamins A, B1, B2, D, & E which nourish the hair and repair the damage. The formula is hypoallergenic and prevents hair loss and further drying of hair. Regular use makes the hair healthy and shiny. The price is moderate as compared to the quantity.

What we like about it:The formula of this shampoo is nourishing and repairing for damaged hair. The natural ingredients make the hair soft and shiny.If you have oily hair check this best Shampoos for Oily Hair or have a problem with gray hair check this article best Shampoos for Gray Hair

Maple Holistics Hydrate Moisture control shampoo

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Suitable for damaged hair, this shampoo moisturizes the hair and works on an itchy scalp to calm it down. The formula is hypoallergenic and free of parabens and silicones which can clog the hair follicles. Made with carrot oil, almond oil, silk protein and lavender and jojoba extracts, the shampoo cleans the scalp and hair effectively. It also controls frizz and makes the hair look voluminous. The fragrance of this product is very mild and soothes the scalp with its therapeutic properties.

What we like about it:This shampoo improves the blood circulation in the scalp and stimulates the hair follicles to make the hair healthy, clean, and shiny. The price is also low as compared to other shampoos.

Arvazallia Advanced Hair Repair Shampoo and Conditioner Set

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Enriched with macadamia oil and argan oil, this sulphate-free and paraben-free shampoo set makes the hair healthy and moisturized with just a few uses. It makes the hair softer and works on chemically-treated hair also. It reduces hair fall and strengthens the hair from the root. It also enhances the elasticity and texture of the hair to reveal healthier and manageable hair. The price is a little high but the complete hair care set gives you manageable and healthy hair with continuous use.  

What we like about it:The hair care set gives you healthy and shiny hair with its organic ingredients which nourish the hair. The price is high but the set gives you the complete hair routine to try before buying full sizes.

Nexxus Emergencée Shampoo

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Available in two sizes and three styles, this marine collagen-based shampoo is formulated for very dry and damaged hair. It is enriched with collagen and elastin proteins which reconstruct the hair from the damage and improve its texture. It makes the hair strong and glossy and takes care of the dullness. It also keeps the split ends at bay. The quantity is great as compared to the price and the salon-like effects make this shampoo a great home treatment for dry and damaged hair. You can use it with the conditioner and mask from the same line for added benefits.

What we like about it:Marine collagen and elastin make this shampoo great for rebuilding the hair from the root.

Andre Lorent Argan Oil Crazy Beautiful Shine Shampoo

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If you are looking for a shampoo which restores the health of the hair and reduces hair fall, this shampoo is a great option. Made up of aloe vera extracts, argan oil, and hydrolyzed rice protein, the shampoo makes the hair healthier and longer with just a few uses. It tames frizzy hair and reduces split ends which make the hair look damaged. It provides moisture to the hair and conditions them. The consistency of the shampoo is perfect for daily use. The price is very high but the salon-like results of this shampoo are completely worth it.

What we like about it:The formula of this shampoo is gentle enough for daily use and the nourishing ingredients bring health and shine back to the dull and dry hair.

TIGI Bed Head Urban Anti-dote Recovery Shampoo

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Made to protect the hair from daily exposure to dust and pollution, the recovery shampoo from TIGI boosts the moisture levels of the hair and repairs the hair from the root. The shampoo comes with a conditioner from the same range. It smoothes frizzy hair and prevents split ends. The shampoo comes in a simple packaging which makes it convenient to use it. The formula is gentle enough to be used daily or once every two days. The price is also moderate.

What we like about it:This gentle shampoo is great for cleansing your hair and giving it a dose of moisture. Regular use makes the hair clean and glossy.

Kerastase Nutritive Bain Satin 2 Complete Nutrition Shampoo

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Formulated with proteins, lipids, and glucose, this shampoo is cruelty-free and completely safe for the hair. It provides all the nutrition to the hair without weighing it down or making it greasy. Your hair will be healthier, shinier and stronger if you use this shampoo regularly. It is available in a simple bottle with a screw-open cap and can be bought in two sizes so you can choose the size depending on your usage. The price is high but Kerastase in known for making quality hair care products.

What we like about it:The quality of this shampoo is great and the nutritional formula bathes the hair in luxury with its moisturizing ingredients.

Dove Advanced Hair Series Shampoo

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Using a unique 3-step system, this shampoo works on the inner structure of the hair to nourish it from the inside. Formulated with red algae and keratin complex, the shampoo brings life to dull hair. Available in 6 sizes and 12 styles, the product is great for hair that demands care and nourishment. It reduces frizz and controls breakage. The shampoo comes in a compact and convenient tube packaging which is easy to use. The quantity is great as compared to the price.

What we like about it:The price of this shampoo makes it a great budget find for dry hair. It strengthens the hair from the root and gives them a healthy look.

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Aveeno Nourish+ Strengthen Shampoo

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Made with wheat protein and wheat germ oil, the moisturizing formula of this shampoo gives a boost to dry hair and make it look glossy and healthy. It also contains fruit oil which hydrates the hair and provides a healthy sheen to it. The shampoo repairs the hair and reduces breakage in just three washes. The product comes in an easy to use bottle which is also travel-friendly. The shampoo is available in three sizes and the price is very less for such a quality product.

What we like about it:Aveeno is known for creating gentle hair care products which work on the damage of the hair and improve the texture with just one wash.

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L’Occitane Aromachologie Repairing Shampoo

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If you are looking for a shampoo which gives salon-like results, this product from L’Occitane is what dreams are made up of. It provides the ultimate luxury hair care experience with its unique blend of essential oils like angelica, lavender, ylang-ylang, patchouli, and geranium. It also contains amino acids which work on the core structure of the hair. The shampoo is available in two sizes and the price is moderate.

What we like about it:The formula of this shampoo defines luxury and the essential oils condition the hair to repair the damage.

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Tips to Select Shampoo for Dry & Damaged Hair:

It is very important to select the right type of shampoo for your hair type since all formulas are made especially for one or the other type of hair. This becomes all the more important when you have dry and damaged hair as it becomes very difficult to get the hair back to its original health. Keeping the following factors in mind will help you find a great shampoo for cleaning your hair and bringing it back to its original glory:

  • Hair type and concern

First of all, it is essential to determine what type of hair you have and what your hair concerns are. Hair can be of many types and just if your hair looks rough or uneven, it does not mean that the hair is dry or damaged. Your haircut might solve this problem. Regular cleansing of hair can bring a major difference to the health of the hair and a proper hair care routine should be followed. Only if your hair is dry and damaged that you should go for shampoos which are designed to treat such hair. Using creamier formulas on oily hair can make the condition of the hair worse.

  • Ingredients

Use a shampoo which has moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera, essential oils, proteins, and fruit extracts etc which nourish the hair and give it a healthy and glossy look. Stay away from shampoos which contain parabens, phthalates and artificial dyes which can irritate the scalp and clog pores. Go for gentle formulas which can be used every day for effective cleansing. Choose a fragrance-free product if you have an itchy or sensitive scalp.

  • Price

Shampoos are to be used every day and an expensive shampoo can burn a big hole in your pocket. There are many good budget shampoos which provide the same or even better results as compared to high-end shampoos. Use the formula which suits your hair and you can go online to get the best discounts in your favorite shampoo. You can also alternate between a budget shampoo for daily use and a special shampoo for weekly cleansing to save some money.

  • Customer reviews

Read what other customers who have used the product have to say about it as they are the ones who offer the most genuine reviews. Do not just make a decision on what the brand has to say about its products.

Here are some general tips and tricks you should follow while buying and using a shampoo for dry and damaged hair to get healthy and shiny hair:

  • Do not let residue build up in your hair as it can clog the pores and make the hair greasy. Always rinse the shampoo completely with water before applying conditioner.
  • Keep a small bottle of shampoo for traveling so that you do not have to carry the bigger bottle all around. It also has a chance of spilling on your clothes if closed improperly.
  • When it comes to dry and damaged hair, never skip the conditioner as it is the key product which seals in the moisture and makes the hair look shiny.
  • Avoid chemical-laden shampoos which can harm the hair in the long run. Switch to organic shampoos which nourish the hair from the roots.
  • Protecting the hair from sun exposure goes a long way in keeping the hair moisturized and shiny.

So these are some of the most popular shampoos available in the market for treating dry and damaged hair. These products work well on such type of hair and strengthen the hair while repairing the inner core structure. This shampoo buyer guide will help you to find the ideal shampoo for your hair type. Choose a shampoo which works for your dry and damaged hair and brings back the healthy and bouncy hair.

Do you have dry and damaged hair? Which is your favorite shampoo?


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