Top 10 Best Screwdriver Set with Case in 2021 – Reviews

Best Screwdriver Set

Have you ever tried to fix a kids’ toy, your sunglasses, watch, computer, and other small appliances without the right screwdriver set? It is such a frustrating experience, especially when you encounter screws that are so small that you struggle to pick them with your fingers. Today, we have so many devices that are essential for our daily lives. Having a screwdriver set will help you do small fixes quickly and conveniently. Also, you save a lot of time and money in paid-for repairs.

Or are you a craftsman. A craftsman without a right toolset is limited. Go over any limitation with the right screwdriver set for your type of craft.

We have reviewed 10 top screwdriver sets with a case. These sets are suitable for daily appliance, computer repairs, automotive repairs, workshop assembly, and a variety of precision works. Before diving into the reviews, let’s look at some of the things you should consider as you select the best screwdriver set.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Screwdriver Set With Case

  • Number and Size of Pieces in the Set: The number of screwdrivers and bits in a set may vary from as low as 10 to as high as 250 pieces in one storage case. Take time to consider whether the number and sizes of accessories in a particular set is what you are looking for.
  • Bits Material and Construction: Consider screwdriver bits that are made from strong material such as steel. You don’t want bits that bend easily when you apply force.
  • Storage Case: Evaluate the strength and organization of the storage case. A sturdy case will hold accessories inside to prevent loss of bits and screws during transportation. The case should also have properly-arranged sockets and other spaces for each of the appliances.
  • Magnetic Power of Screwdriver Tips and Bits: When working with screws, you will not always be able to hold some with your fingers. Each screwdriver and bit in the set should have reliable magnetic power to allow for easy operation.
  • Additional Features: Some screwdriver sets come with extra features. These features include a magnetic plate for holding small screws so that they don’t get lost, anti-static tweezers, etc. The more functional features a set has, the more capable it is in making your work easier.

Best Screwdriver Set with Case in 2021


10. Amartisan 58-piece Magnetic Screwdriver Set with Case

Amartisan 58-piece Magnetic Screwdriver Set with Case

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This 58-piece screwdriver set provides you with all you need for your repair and precision tasks. You get 5 types of screws – Phillips, Slotted, Hex, Torx, and Pozidriv. The breakdown of the accessories in this magnetic screwdriver set is as follows: seven conventional screwdrivers, ten precision screwdriver, forty screwdriver bits, and one magnetic bit holder. All screwdriver bars feature 6150 chromium vanadium steel. Besides, the bars have chromium plating that prevents corrosion.

No task is too tough for you when you have this professional-grade screwdriver set. The magnetic bit holder (1/4-inch in size) allows you to use the screwdriver bits in complex situations. Amartisan provides a dedicated, easy-to-carry storage case to keep your accessories safe.


  • Wide range of screwdrivers and bits for all kinds of projects
  • Top quality material for the entire set
  • Ergonomic, soft grip makes the screwdriver comfortable to use
  • Precision screwdrivers rotate screws easily
  • The storage case holds everything inside and is easily portable


  • Storage case is made with cheap material
  • Handle doesn’t hold bits firmly

9. XtremepowerUS 16-Piece Multi-Purpose Screwdriver Set w/Carrying Case

XtremepowerUS 16-Piece Multi-Purpose Screwdriver Set Carrying Case

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If you are a mechanic or a carpenter, XtremepowerUS has made this 5-star handy screwdriver set for you. On opening the carrying case, you find well-labeled magnetic screwdrivers and bits arranged beautifully in their appropriate compartments. One of the winning factors about this set is that all magnetic tips are hardened to avoid bending. Also, it is among the few professional-grade screwdriver sets that come with bolster holes.

In addition, this set comes with an improved head magnetic design. The head holds screws easily using its high-quality magnetic tip. An efficient screwdriver head allows you to finish your work quickly. Consequently, your overall efficiency and productivity get a significantly boost. This set is a must have for every at home carpenter or mechanic.


  • Abrasion-resistant magnetic tips
  • Each screwdriver handle has a size label for easy identification
  • Great price for such a high-quality set
  • The set has bolster holes, which provide extra leverage
  • High-efficiency magnetic heads; convenient for quick repairs
  • Strong, chrome-vanadium steel bars


  • Lacks precision bits for micro screws
  • May not fit many applications since the small number of screwdrivers and bits

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8. TECCPO-THTC03H 20-Piece Magnetic Screwdriver Tool Set

TECCPO-THTC03H 20-Piece Magnetic Screwdriver Tool Set

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Are you looking for a reliable screwdriver set for all kinds of electronics repair, jewelry repair, and precision works that involve using micro screws?

You have come to the right place. TECCPO-THTC03H is a magnetic screwdriver set with screwdrivers of varying sizes and strong magnetic tips that will help you meet all your artisan needs. What really gives this screwdriver set an edge over competitors is the quality of its magnetic tips. Unlike other sets with tips that bend or wear off quickly, this TECCPO-THTC03H tool set features non-slip, magnetic, black oxide tips with special treatment for prevention of corrosion. What’s more, the precision kit has a 360-degree, rapid twisting swivel cap. Screwdriver handles are made of highly durable non-skid and soft-grip material (PP+TPR) for comfortable handling.


  • Customized storage case secures every piece so that no equipment slips and falls off
  • Corrosion-resistant 6150 chromium vanadium steel screwdriver
  • Strong magnetic tips design holds screws tightly
  • Ergonomic non-fatigue rubber handle
  • Superior torque operation


  • Small number of screwdrivers and bits compared to other sets

7. TACKLIFE HSS1A 26PCS Slotted/Phillips/Torx Magnetic Screwdriver Set with Case


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You want to have this tool set on hand at the workshop, office, and at home. It consists of a diverse set of frequently used general-purpose and precision screwdrivers. The set provides you with the smallest magnetic tips for working through tight and hard-to-reach places. You could be repairing your vehicle or boat. Or maybe you have an RV project. This screwdriver set will provide you with the right screwdriver and tip to drive screws in and out.

Screwdriver heads and all magnetic tips are designed to high accuracy. One unique feature that you want to check out is the rotatable screwdriver handle. This handle design makes twisting screws easier. The set is highly versatile. It’s suitable for a wide range of repairs for home appliances, smartphones, watches, glasses, cameras, game console, and laptop.


  • 12 precision screwdrivers for micro screws
  • Hard, wear-resistant chromium vanadium steel screwdriver bars
  • Tips are non-slip and precision-machined for exact fit
  • The screwdriver heads have high magnetic absorption, which enables you to find small screws easily
  • Non-skid handle makes twisting screws an easier task


  • Offers limited choices for precision bits
  • Handle sometimes rotates on its own without turning the screw

6. ROADTEC 115 in 1 Mini Precision Screwdriver Set with Case

ROADTEC 115 in 1 Mini Precision Screwdriver Set with Case

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This screwdriver set is probably the most versatile mini precision tool set you’ll find on the market. It comes with 98 types of magnetic precision bits plus other precision tools for multi-functionality. All the bits are replaceable and strongly magnetic. They connect strongly with the handle. An extension shaft is provided to help you when driving screws in/out of deep holes.

Rest assured of hassle-free precision work when you have this ROADTEC screwdriver set. ­­Both the screwdriver handle and bits are highly magnetic. Once you have chosen the screwdriver bit that you should use, you just put it into the handle’s hole. The bit is sucked tightly and doesn’t fall whichever way you hold the screwdriver.


  • The set suits many applications for daily needs as well as occasional home improvement
  • High performance specialty bit design
  • Extension shaft is included to allow easy access to screws in deep, narrow areas
  • Ergonomic, non-slip handle design for great precision and comfort
  • Bits are strong and don’t damage screws


  • Arranging all accessories back into their place in the storage case can take a lot of time

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5. Royace Screwdriver Set; 119-in-1 Computer Repair Kit Electronic Tool kit

Royace Screwdriver Set; 119-in-1 Computer Repair Kit Electronic Tool kit

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A number of features make this screwdriver set different from others. First, it comes with a magnetic plate for collecting screws to avoid losing them. Secondly, the case is shockproof, which helps to keep all accessories intact even during bumpy transport. Thirdly, the set is equipped with antistatic tweezers as well as non-skid silicone handles that suit all occasions. Finally, the accessories are available in hard and soft extensions. Soft extensions allow you to reach for screws in narrow corners.

This tools set comes with satisfaction guaranteed. The screwdrivers heads have a hardness of 55-60HRC, which translates into high precision turning.


  • High quality, professional-grade screwdriver material
  • Durable, shockproof plastic storage case
  • Magnetic pad for holding small screws
  • High-precision operability and good quality assurance
  • Accessories come in hard and soft variations to suit all applications


  • Bits fall off the driver
  • One takes time to arrange all pieces of equipment in their rightful places

4. XOOL 42-PC Professional Screwdriver Set with Case

XOOL 42-PC Professional Screwdriver Set with Case

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XOOL is a leader in the precision equipment market. One of the features that have made this screwdriver set the best choice for many users is the variety and quality of its bits. XOOL has designed these precision bits to suit different domestic applications. The set is a great tool set to have on hand if you frequently deal with products that use small screws. You’ll find 6 precision screwdrivers for the tiniest of screws – such as those found in iPads, iPhones, laptops, glasses, watches, cameras, game consoles, etc.


  • Enjoy XOOL’s excellent workmanship
  • The diverse types of screwdrivers makes the set a good choice for experienced as well as amateur artisans
  • It is a decent gift for a close friend, relative, or colleague
  • Portable, quick-access, well-organized storage case
  • The magnetic tips have a 360-degree smooth-domed end that allows fast spinning


  • Buggers are sharp and may cause injury if not held with care
  • Tweezers look good, but they bend easily if you squeeze hard

3. AmazonBasics Set of 201 Mechanic Screwdrivers

AmazonBasics Set of 201 Mechanic Screwdrivers

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This AmazonBasics screwdriver set is an incredible game changer. It combines the most frequently used sockets, hex keys, and wrenches with the most common bits. With all these accessories, you have a complete range of socket and drive tools for all possible applications. Chrome-vanadium steel makes the screwdriver shafts. This material ensures that the driver is not only strong but also highly durable. Besides, a full polished-chrome finish provides superior anti-corrosion protection for the shaft.

Operating these screwdrivers is super easy thanks to the quick-release switch and reversible rotation mechanism. The socket set has a good display of accessory sizes in both SAE (inches) and metric measurements to help you find what you need easily.


  • The set has the most diverse collection of handy tools
  • Durable design for all accessories
  • The 3-piece drive pear-head ratchet makes it easier to maneuver tight spaces
  • Quick release switch provides unique control and convenience
  • It’s a good starter tool kit for any novice repairman
  • Storage case has neatly organized designated spaces for all accessories


  • It takes time to put all equipment pieces back into their place
  • Case quality is wanting

2. XOOL Screwdriver Set with Heavy Duty Magnetic Tips for Home Improvement, Repair, Craft

XOOL Screwdriver Set with Heavy Duty Magnetic Tips for Home Improvement, Repair, Craft

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The first thing you will like about this XOOL screwdriver set is how conveniently the case is organized. Everything fits perfectly in its place so you quickly find what you are looking for. In addition, the tough case has some shock absorption ability. It holds everything intact even after you let it kick around in your trunk as you drive. Not a single tool will get loose or out of the case.

But this is not all that XOOL offers. You’ll find 5 screw types (Phillips, Torx, Slot, Hex and Pozi) in this 42-piece screwdriver set. XOOL has made sure that you have everything you need to work on washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, stereos, televisions, and other home appliances are there.


  • Ergonomic screwdriver design – the grip is made of soft and comfortable PP and TPR material
  • Diverse, high-quality precision screwdriver bits
  • Very practical and portable carrying case
  • Each screwdriver has an engraved type label for easy identification
  • Accessories are extremely hard, corrosion- and wear-resistant


  • Some screwdriver tips bend
  • Cradle may not survive for long

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1. Crescent CTK170CMP2 170 Pc. General Purpose Tool Set – Closed Case

Crescent CTK170CMP2 170 Pc. General Purpose Tool Set - Closed Case

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The Crescent brand, a true American icon, is synonymous with premium quality and durability. The company offers a wide variety of high-quality tools including grove and tongue pliers, locking pliers, nut drivers, and screwdrivers.

There are many reasons why you want to have Crescent CTK170CMP2. This top-ranking general purpose tool set provides you with up to 170 pieces of wrenches, sockets, and ratchets. These accessories meet new ANSI and ASME specifications, which is evidence for competitive build quality and functionality.

Like other Crescent mechanics tools, all accessories in this set are specially structured with heat-treated chrome vanadium steel alloy for corrosion and abrasion resistance.


  • The set contains a carefully-selected collection of handy tools for consumer, mechanic, and industrial applications
  • Strong bit design for durability
  • All tools meet updated ANSI and ANSE specifications
  • A sturdy folding case keep all contents secure
  • Ratchets have tight recovery, which enables you to work bolts out in areas with limited spaces


  • The clips responsible for holding the case closed easily fall off
  • Plastic pieces that make the case are weak and may break off


Having a portable handy tool set within easy reach helps you to make great crafts and repairs. A screwdriver set is one of the small investments that can save you lots of dollars in repairs. Therefore, it is a worthwhile investment for everyone who has a home, office, or just about any person who likes DIY projects. For professionals such as craftsmen, mechanics, and carpenters, a good screwdriver set is a must-have.


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