Top 10 Best Running Belts in 2022 – Keep Your Cell Phone Money & Accessories

Best Running Belts

Most of the potential runners get excited when they cover more miles. However, when you are running, you might notice that you have no room to stow your phone or any other essentials. You cannot run well when holding them too. Thus, you need to make a purchase of the best running belt that will help you to store them safely. However, you might find it hard to get the best out of the many on the market today. We have therefore selected only the best to favor your demands. Get to our selection and get the best running belt that will help you to beat your own records.

Best Running Belts in 2022


10. VonsaL Running Belt Waist Pack

VonsaL Running Belt Waist Pack

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Leave behind all the bulky waist belts and invest in VonsaL Running Belt Waist Pack for the most outstanding services. It is designed into a light design that will help you to twist hands easily and later breaking your records!!! Capacity is highly encouraged, with a big room to keep all your essentials with no limitations. Also, you are able to adjust it according to your size, making it the best for all sized runners.

Versatility is also made optimal, making it the best for men, women and also kids. It is not only limited to running but also bike riding and jogging. You are also going to enjoy the reflective straps that will make it easy to use at night. Lastly, it has a zipper closure system that will make it safe to store your essentials.


  • High holding capacity
  • Highly versatile
  • Anti-abrasion design for safety
  • Reflective straps for night use
  • Zipper closure system

9. Soren Go Running Belt- 3 Pocket Waist Pack

Soren Go Running Belt- 3 Pocket Waist Pack

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Soren Go Running Belt with 3 Pocket Waist Pack is obviously the best running belt to select from the market today. It has a custom design that will make it spacious enough to hold a water bottle and other tools and essentials at the same time. It is therefore spacious with a zipper closure design that will boost safety for your phone and other things.

Additionally, this running belt is designed to last for long and hence prolonged services. It is also free from abrasion and bouncing making it safe and secure to use. Also, you are able to adjust the size and therefore make it the best over competing brands.


  • Designed perfectly to last
  • No abrasion and bouncing and hence safe and secure
  • Spacious and of high volume to hold a water bottle among other essentials
  • Custom design with high versatility

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8. Silexfit Hydration Belt for Running

Silexfit Hydration Belt for Running

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Make sure that you get this running belt to credit you with longtime services. It does not only hold a water bottle but also comes with a bonus water bottle that leaves you effusively hydrated. Additionally, it is bounce free and hence gives a comfortable hike, run or jog with precision. It is also easily adjustable to make it good for all sized users.

Also, it has a visible and clear front that is touch screen enabled to make sure that you are able to use your phone while running. Additionally, it has reflective ends that will enhance visibility and hence good for nights. Lastly, it has a big volume and spacious to keep all your essentials in tacked.


  • Comfortable to use with shock and abrasion resistance
  • Spacious for all your essentials with no limitations
  • Touch screen design that is transparent for picking calls
  • Adjustable design makes it highly versatile to all sized people

7. Sunitra Running Belt Multifunctional Zipper Pockets

Sunitra Running Belt Multifunctional Zipper Pockets

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Get all your desired services by using this running belt from Sunitra. It features a high-quality material that is designed to last for long. You are also able to keep your things in tacked, including money in this waterproof zipper belt. The zipper closure system is also the best to consider for safety and security to your essentials.

Comfort is another factor that makes it superior over its competitors. It has a fitting design that will make it free from shock and abrasion and hence comfortable for the best services. It is not only limited to running and other exercises but will also be the best for travel purposes. Lastly, it is made with reflective strands that make it visible for use during nights.


  • Reflective logo for nights
  • Versatile and comfortable to use
  • Shock and abrasion-free Design
  • Perfect fitting

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6. Build & Fitness Running Belt Adjustable Fitness Waist Belt Key Clip

Build & Fitness Running Belt Adjustable Fitness Waist Belt Key Clip

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The most appealing thing with this running belt is highly evident from the stylish design, thus making it the best for women. It has a fastener strap that makes it the best for all sized. Equally, it is soft elastic and adjustable to ensure that you are able to adjust the size of the waist. Thus, it will prevent abrasion and shock.

Additionally, it has a safe and secure clip that will also act as a zipper closure system for peak safety to your essentials. It also features two openings that will make it the best for air circulation and also make sure that you enjoy using it maximally. Finally, it is made of a stretchy material that will help you to stretch it for perfect fitting easily.


  • Safe and secure clip for your essentials
  • Fastener strap will make it versatile
  • Have two openings for enough air
  • Adjustable and free from shock and abrasion

5. Runtasty Running Belt

Runtasty Running Belt

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Runtasty belts are made for runners who are aspiring to be winners. It features an ergonomic design that enhances comfort and a perfect fit for all runners. It is ideal for hip sizes from 27 to 46 inches and is great for both men and women. It is specially designed to offer a competitive functionality that is exceptional as it has no bounce effect. Now, Runtasty running belt s intended to house every accessory you would require to enjoy the running experience.

It has two pockets and a touchscreen cover to facilitate its effectiveness. So, you can do all the tasks on your phone without disengaging it from the belt housing it. Moreover, you can carry water bottles or your favorable beverages in the pockets. besides, the front pouch features a perfect size that can host even the largest cell phones such as iphone6,7,8 plus and Note 5 and S8 and with the standard cases on.


  • Large phone pockets
  • Sweat-proof material
  • Perfect breathability
  • Lightweight

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4. TIFTAF Athletic Running Belt

TIFTAF Athletic Running Belt

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Do you want to have the best experience with a running belt? Well, you have to invest wisely and choose an ergonomic belt such as this one from TIFTAF. There is no reason to struggle using armbands with your large smartphones. Indeed, running belts supersedes armbands in terms of comfort and functionality. A running belt gives you the confidence you would need to handle all terrain during training.

The best running belts have to fit your hip well regardless of your body shape and have to offer effectiveness of supporting a variety of gadgets. This is what TIFTAF running belt offers precisely. This belt features unique straps that can be adjusted in variations. The first variation allows you to adjust from small to medium while the other allows large to XX size. It features an excellent waterproof zipper pocket. So, keeping your Android won’t be a nagging encounter.


  • Excellent adjustability
  • Specially designed zipper pocket
  • Nice padding to enhance comfort
  • Perfect breathability

3. Sport2People Running Belt (USA Patented) for Hands-Free Workout

Sport2People Running Belt (USA Patented) for Hands-Free Workout

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What do sportspeople do to last longer in the field? Well, they actually equip their bodies with a running belt that helps them train longer and in utmost comfort. The Sport2people Running belt is uniquely designed with premium materials and features for an amazing running experience. This is the best running belt for guys who can imagine running without using their phone. Just give it a try and see how much listening to music while running can change your performance. If you want to invest in a game changer, Sport2people is the brand of your choice.

Featuring the US patented design; you have every reason to utilize the quality features to take your performance to the next level. Quality is top for this belt, yet it supersedes all other pricey belts on the market. If you’re a runner who wants all your favorite accessories at your fingertips, this is the best belt you could have.

Thanks to the two zippered pockets which can accommodate all phones sizes. The straps are easily adjustable so that you can achieve the best flexibility or tension that doesn’t hurt you. Moreover, this belt doesn’t chafe, bounce, jiggle or skid. In addition, it is equipped with three reflective darts that add visibility and protection when exercising at night.


  • Perfectly stretchy
  • Breathable
  • Water resistant
  • Earphone holes

2. Adalid Gear Hydration-Belt for Running

Adalid Gear Hydration-Belt for Running

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Adalid running belt features a state of the art construction, designed to optimize your running experience. It is a hydration belt like no other that will ensure you hit your goals in all running the target. This belt features an incredibly soft neoprene material. It is breathable, doesn’t chafe, doesn’t skid and is very lightweight to facilitate excellent comfort. Although it can handle a lot of accessories, it has been typically made as a hydration belt.

Thanks to the specially designed bottle holders which have the capacity of holding two bottles. The straps are easily adjustable and are made of nylon material, and they feature buckle clip .it is designed for waist sizes from 29 to 40 inches. The included water bottles meet all safety requirements since they are BPA free and leak-proof.


  • Excellent reflectors
  • Includes BIB toggles
  • Extra inner pockets
  • Strong and durable nylon straps

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1. Stashbandz Unisex Travel and Running Belt

Stashbandz Unisex Travel and Running Belt

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Your running shorts have got no pockets? That’s not a problem anymore. Using Stashbandz Unisex running belt gives you the convenience in storing your phone, keys and other accessories. Apart from serving as a reliable running belt, this is also best for traveling. You can put your cash, phone, passport and all other on the go travel accessories.

With this travel belt, you can go across any street since it allows you to carry your vital documents and purse discreetly undercover. It is a perfect thing to have whether you’re in office, sporting or everyday errands. And, women have an added advantage of using this travel belt. They can put some ice or heat pack as a way of managing your menstrual cramps and headaches.

That way you can exercise and do all it pertains to your skills and enjoys the excellent results. It is designed precisely to conform to the shape of your sporting apparel so that you can maintain style. Besides, they are made of soft material which is flexible to maximize space.


  • Decent design
  • Perfect stretchable material
  • Non-chafe material
  • Unisex design


There is nothing healthier than engaging in running exercises. Unlike the gym exercises are usually done indoors, running helps you relieve stresses as you continue with your exercises. Running helps you enjoy nature, listen to music and lots more fun while still maximizing the health benefits. choosing the best-running belt won’t be a hard task anymore because you have the best list ever to make a reference, we have selected what is top rated, durably constructed and those belts that offer more than one function. Moreover, running belts are very cheap in terms of pricing, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t own one. They are versatile, highly functional, easy to use and universally acceptable sporting aids.


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