Top 10 Best Rubber Car Mats in 2021 – Reviews

Best Rubber Car Mats

Your vehicles’ interior is only as good as the floor mats used. This is one aspect that most car owners tend to overlook. Rubber car mats are not only useful in improving aesthetics; they also come in handy in trapping debris, spills, snow, and dust. They make it easy to keep your car’s floors clean. Additionally, mats also prevent sliding as you enter or get out of the car.

Rubber car mats are the most popular today. This is because they are affordable and incredibly durable compared to their conventional fiber competitors. While some rubber mats tend to emit bad odors with high temperatures, those in the list below have been engineered to prevent these smells. You also get the advantage of trimming them for a perfect fit for your car’s floors.

Best Rubber Car Mats in 2021


10. oEdRo Floor Mats All Weather Black TPE Mats for Honda Accord Sedan

By: oEdRo

oEdRo Floor Mats All Weather Black TPE Mats for Honda Accord Sedan

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oEdRo Floor Mats will keep your car interior safe from dirt, dust, and dander. It includes 1 rear floor liner and 2 front floor mats that are made with unique precision to protect back and front of your footwell. It has TPE tri-extruded composition construction, which is 100% odorless, 100% safe, and environmentally friendly to all weather, including snow, fog, rain, etc. Moreover, it has 300% better temperature resistance, and the high-density TPE material is not only wear-resistant but also feels nice on your feet.

The mats won’t shed, and it is easy to clean to look nice again. Furthermore, the floor liners will provide a durable and excellent rugged grip, and there will be no slipping. Above all, this item comes with a lifetime warranty.

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9. E-cowlboy Floor Mat Heavy Duty Rubber Front and Rear Car Carpet

By: E-cowlboy

E-cowlboy Floor Mat Heavy Duty Rubber Front and Rear Car Carpet

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These car mats from E-cowlboy are designed for rear and front placements. They are customized to fit the BMW 3 Series, where it will fit the edges of the car, not affecting the use of gas pedal and brake for safe driving. Ideally, the mats are made from healthy odorless rubber materials that are of good elasticity, anti-corrosion, anti-wear, durability, good elasticity, and easy to clean.

Its honeycomb groove frames are designed to carry more debris, liquid, mud, and dust against spills. Besides that, they have an excellent softness that will make your feet feel more comfortable and non-slip. It is very quick and easy to clean and will look new for a long time.

8. ZoneTech All-Weather Floor Mats

By: ZoneTech


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Zone Tech Rubber Mats feature a unique blend of superior quality PVC rubber, NBR, and natural rubber in their construction. As such, they are extremely durable and versatile. If you’re tired of rubber mats that emit sickening rubber odors, then, know that the great engineering in these Zone Tech Floor Mats won’t allow them to produce even the slightest smell.

They are also easily trimmable to fit in most trucks, SUVs, and Vans. Notably, they’re stain resistant and easily washable.

7. BDK Universal Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mat



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These all-weather floor mats by BDK are high scorers regarding durability and efficiency. They all feature a beige aesthetic theme that goes well with most cars’ interiors. The heavy-duty rubber they are made from enables them to withstand all forms of abuse.

Again, the trim lines allow you to customize their shapes for a perfect fit for your vehicle. Measuring 28 by 18 inches for the front mats and 16.5 by 18 inches for the passengers’ mats, BDK Universal Mats are compatible with most Crossovers, SUVs, Sedans, and Trucks.

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6. Motor Trend FlexTough

By: Motor Trend


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Durable and affordable, these mats have been crafted from superior quality rubber with an all-weather finish. They, therefore, come in handy in rain, muddy, and snow times.

One of their most notable features is their bowl design. This helps it to trap all the spills, debris, snow, and soil in one place without spreading it further. The material used in their construction is BPA free and will, therefore, not emit any odor even in high temperatures.

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5. FH Group F11313RED Full Set Red Rubber Floor Mats

By: FH Group

FH Group F11313RED Full Set Red Rubber Floor Mats

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FH Group F11313RED is a set of two rear mats and two front mats that are engineered with ridges that trap dust, mud, dirt, and debris, allowing you to rinse and clean it with ease. These car mats are trimmable to fit in your car for ultimate protection. Furthermore, it is stain resistant and waterproof where the taller outer ridges prevent liquids and fluids from leaking on the car carpet.

The rear car mat measures 17.7 inches x 18 inches, and the front car mat measures 30 inches x 17.7 inches. They have a heavy nibbled backing that usually secures the mat in place. Lastly, it is available in multiple colors to choose from.

4. Husky Liners 99001 Weatherbeater Car Floor Mats

By: Husky Liners

Husky Liners 99001 Weatherbeater Car Floor Mats

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These car floor mats from Husky Liners are designed to fit contours of your car carpeted boards, trunks and cargo areas. The mats have non-skid backings to keep it in place and strong custom fit. In addition to that, it’s tough channel construction and raised lip traps and hold debris, slush, dirt, spills, mud liquid, and other mess assisting to protect your carpet while keeping the car tidy and clean.

These mats are made of odorless and non-toxic TPE material, which is durable and safe. Also, it is built to withstand all weather conditions. It is flexible and tough in hot or cold weather. Finally, it comes with no hassle lifetime guarantee.

3. Armor 78840 Rubber Floor Mat


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With over 50 years of experience, Armor is doubtlessly a big name in the world of car floor accessories. Their 78840 rubber floor mat, for instance, is amongst the most well known by automobile dealers. It has been engineered to withstand all weather.

Its universal cut lines allow you to trim the mats as you wish to fit any vehicle. Moreover, Armor 78840 features a patent-pending anti-slip technology that prevents the mats from curling or bending. Their innovative design also prevents them from cracking or freezing in extreme weathers.

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2. OxGord FMPV01A-BK Rubber Floor Mats

These virtually indestructible rubber floor mats will serve you season after season. They have been designed using the latest computer technology to ensure that they are of the highest quality and offer a superior experience. They are customizable to fit any vehicle, thanks to their international edges.

Additionally, unlike the conventional fiber mats, these don’t soak spills. Therefore, they won’t produce any smell. They also clean and air in a breeze. Their flexibility makes it easy to install and remove them without spilling the debris, mud, or water.  Check price on Amazon

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1. Motor Trend Deep Dish Heavy-Duty Rubber Floor Mats

By: Motor Trend


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The trimmable edges featured in these Motor Trend Deep Dish Floor Mats allow you to cut them according to your vehicle’s floor design. This is a great relief from the hectic calculations you would have been forced to do with other models before you get a perfect match for your car’s floor. Note the deep dish design with these floor mats.

They will trap all the water, mud, and debris awaiting removal. For you who are eco-conscious, then, do know that the material used in this is BPA free and will have no negative impact on the environment. Furthermore, it’s odorless even in extreme weather. They are also available in beige and gray color themes.


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