Best Roofing Nailer: How to Choose It Online

Best Roofing Nailer

Even the professional woodworkers around the world spend a lot of time to find a good roofing nailer. Today I want to make your life a little easier. I believe that some tips about how to choose a roofing nailer will prove useful not only for the beginners but also for people who have some experience. Nowadays, there are many different models to choose from.

On the first side, buying a reliable roof nail gun may look like the easiest thing. But some of the products are provided for specific usage while others are professional and too difficult in application. I think you should know the difference in finding the best tool for you.

Another thing that may complicate a roofing gun choice is the fact that you shop online. You can’t try the instrument by yourself and discover if it is comfortable enough for you. Make your work with wood more pleasant with the best roofing nailer!

Top 7 Best Roofing Nailers

Man works with Metabo

Even if a nailer’s description looks good, it doesn’t mean this product will work perfectly. It’s always hard to predict. Luckily for you, I know quite a lot about roofing nailers. I have written small reviews to show you the most important of the nailers’ features.

3plus Coil Roofing Nailer – Budget Roofing Nailer

3PLUS HCN45SP Coil Roofing Nailer

It’s hard to find a professional instrument at an affordable price that will serve you for a long time. However, 3plus company has managed to create such a roofing nailer. It was manufactured to handle all the possible work in any environment quickly and with no need to put a lot of effort. Three features make a 3plus nailer the best one. First of all, it is a strong performance mechanism thanks to the innovative construction. The minimized recoil and effortless speed help you to sink the nail every time, without any exception. And all these thanks to the interchangeable trigger that is an important aspect of every pneumatic nailer.

You can swap triggers to apply a tool in fuel-sequential mode or the contact fire mode. That means a product can work on a single shot or a bumper fire function, and it is easy to change them. Roofing nailers drive different nails sizes. The range starts with the ¾ inch and ends with the 1-¾ inches full head nails. These are the standards sizes, so you can be sure this roofing nailer will be useful in your work.

Talking about the magazine, it can hold up to 120 coil nails. That’s a great feature because you will be able to continue the working process for a longer time. Besides this, you can regulate the drive`s depth to make the nail fit more smooth and consistent. The nailer exhausts air without additional instruments.

Some people may say it is difficult to use a roofing nail gun if you don’t have strong arms. Well, the product is only about 7 pounds. The handle is constructed for comfortable usage, so you won’t even feel the instrument’s weight. Also, the tool has integrated side skid pads. This feature prevents roofing nailer from sliding off the surface and allows to make an ideal nail fit. Shingle spacing becomes easier with the adjustable shingle guide. As you see, the construction is perfect for woodworking.

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  • Has interchangeable triggers;
  • Two modes;
  • Drives different nail sizes;
  • Comfortable in usage;
  • It has the side skid pads.


  • Too big.

Bostitch Coil Roofing Nailer – Premium Roof Nail Gun

BOSTITCH Coil Roofing Nailer

Bostitch started its production with the staplers. At that time, they didn’t even think about the possibility to develop in another field, so they continued to improve what they had. But when the brand became popular, they got a chance to expand their product line. That’s how the first roofing coil nailer appeared. It was a big success, and they continued to produce other innovative tools. Five decades have passed, and now Bostitch is one of the leaders in providing long-lasting nail guns.

This premium nailer may look huge on the first side, but it is one of the most lightweight roofing nailers. Magnesium housing is not only for the easy application but also for job site durability. Not always, the heavy materials last for the longest time. The roof nail gun also has the carbide inserts that make construction strong and provide smooth performance. Such features make the woodworking more stable and simple.

The technologies provided by Bostitch are quite smart. When the magazine is empty, the tool stops working and indicates that you need to reload new nails. This helps you to avoid dry firing. Another plus is a depth guide – you don’t need additional instrument to use it. You can set the required nail depth in a few seconds and change it whenever you want. The magazine reloading also takes a few minutes thanks to the single-action side load canister.

An important feature in a roofing nailer construction is the protection tools. Bostitch product has the aggressive wear guards and skid pads that prevent damage when you work on abrasive surfaces. The quick shingle spacing is guaranteed. What makes the usage more comfortable is an overmolded grip. Thanks to all these innovations, the woodworking becomes fast.

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  • Lightweight;
  • Durable;
  • Easy to set depth guide;
  • It has protection tools.


  • Not very smooth driving.

MAX Coil Roofing Nailer – Easy-to-Use Electric Roofing Nailer

MAX CN445R3 Coil Roofing Nailer

It’s sometimes hard to gain confidence on the market, but MAX knows the secret. This company keeps close relationships with its customers to understand what they need. MAX is well-known thanks to its high-end tools and office products, which they manufacture using the latest innovations that make their products premium but easy-to-use. The production line is vast and offers all the product types you may need.

A unique feature of this product is the tar resistance that allows resisting tar four times longer than other tools. The product’s nose is explicitly designed for durable use, and you can remove the contact foot for cleaning in one step. That’s an important feature, as well as the adjustable depth control. You don’t need other instruments to regulate the nail fit, and you can easily change it during usage. It’s effortless to drive nails into the hard materials with this instrument. When you try the MAX roofing nailer, you will see how it makes the working process several times faster.

Don’t worry: the nail won’t fall out of the instrument thanks to the two arrangements. The full road head driver blade increases the holding power and provides a smooth nail fit. Sometimes the jamming can be troublesome while working with roof nail guns. MAX took care of this. The tool avoids dry firing because of the nose magnet that keeps the last nail in place. So, you will know when to replace the magazine without any jams.

Imagine a roofing nailer that cleans itself. MAX has not only thought about such a feature but also created it. This coil roofing nailer has a filter and captures substances that can damage the mechanism. When you disconnect an air hose, it cleans itself automatically. I think it’s a great feature. You can be sure that the nailer will work perfectly, even in the rough conditions. And the hose won’t tangle thanks to the free swivel fitting. No matter how you hold a tool, the hose will follow your moves with no complications.

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  • Tar resistant nose;
  • High holding power;
  • Nose magnet prevents jamming;
  • Cleaning feature;
  • Prevents hose from tangling.


  • It is not comfortable to hold.

WEN Pneumatic Coil Roofing Nailer – Best Roof Nail Gun

WEN Pneumatic Coil Roofing Nailer

Every woodworker is an artist, and WEN wants to help the artisans worldwide live out their imaginations. There isn’t a thing they don’t have. Besides the innovative roofing nailers, they provide drill presses, miter saws, hand tools, generators, etc. You can easily pick up a whole kit for the woodworking with WEN. So, let’s start with the qualitative roofing nailer.

WEN roof nail gun is simple in construction to make your job more pleasant. Not always you need a lot of arrangements to have an excellent working result in a little time. This product can drive 11-gange nails from the ¾ inch to 1-¾ inch. You don’t need to regulate the firing when you use different nail sizes – the tool will do it by itself. The only thing you need to control is nail depth. Shingle spacing becomes easy with the adjustable depth guide that doesn’t require any additional instruments. Just a few moves and a nailer is ready for application.

Earlier, the woodworking was an activity that took a lot of time. That’s because people didn’t have the mechanism that held up to 120 nails simultaneously. The tool releases them quickly. This allows not only to make the working process faster but also to avoid unwanted jams. Wen roofing nailer uses the pneumatic operating pressure anywhere you need for more comfortable usage. Also, the kit includes oil, hex wrenches, and blow mold carrying case, so you don’t need to buy them separately.

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  • Drives nails from ¾ inch to 1-¾ inch;
  • Easy depth regulation;
  • Holds up to 120 nails;
  • It includes oil and other arrangements.


  • Heavy.

Metabo HPT Roofing Nailer – Roofing Nailer Top Pick

Metabo HPT Pneumatic Coil Roofing Nails

You have to trust the instruments you are working with to give your best. Metabo is a company that offers professional roofing nailers to meet your highest expectations. They provide new solutions continuously. The reason they are so dynamic is a dialogue with customers. It allows them to understand what people need and what they should improve. Metabo wants you to work safely and without stress.

When you are working on a roof, feeling comfortable is crucial to get good results. Metabo nailer has a rubber grip that gives you the comfort you need. Besides, the material makes the tool more durable. The product is specifically constructed to allow working in the harshest conditions and with the hardest surfaces. It is much easier to use it than you may think.

Before the woodworking, you can set the nail depth you need without using any additional instruments. When the magazine is empty, it takes less than a minute to change it. Due to the construction, side loading technology allows you to do the replacement easily, even during the working process. If you need to take a break, just put a tool on a roof. The rubber pads prevent the nailer from sliding off, so there is no need to come down to make a pause or change the nails.

The roofing nailer works on the pneumatic power feed and return. That’s why it is stable while working with hard materials. I think it is the most significant feature in the roof nail guns because, without them, it’s hard to imagine how long you may drive the nails, especially into the strong roofing. With the Metabo device, you can fit the nail continuously with no effort. Carbide tipped push is manufactured to reduce wear.

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  • Comfortable in usage;
  • Long-lasting;
  • Easy-to-use;
  • Rubber pads prevent sliding.


  • Too expensive.

AeroPro Professional Roofing Nailer – Roofing Air Gun

AeroPro CN45N Professional Roofing Nailer

Roofing nailers are usually massive and may have high recoil. That’s why it’s important to choose lightweight material. And that’s what the AeroPro offers you. Its roofing gun also has a moving cylinder engine that reduces the tool mass and provides the low recoil. These professional features have been developing not one decade. Consequently, now you can buy and apply this nail gun in a few steps.

The two modes are available: sequential or bump. And there is no need to use additional tools to choose the one. You need to press the actuation switch whenever you need it, even if you are at the working process, and decide to change the lead-up. The nail depth is also easy to regulate. A pneumatic roofing nailer is ideal for any case, as it can drive different nail sizes in the right depth.

You don’t want your roof to break in a few days, right? AeroPro has developed an aluminum construction that provides heavy-duty usage and keeps the nail in the roof for years. The magazine includes 120 coil nails. It seems like a lot, but with this fast device, you will use the magazine for up to an hour. It is a big plus of using the roofing nailer!

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  • Two modes;
  • Powerful engine;
  • Low recoil;
  • Easy depth regulator.


  • Heavy;
  • A bit too expensive.

DEWALT Pneumatic Coil Roofing Nailer – Best Roofing Nailer

DEWALT DW45RN Pneumatic Coil Roofing Nailer

Dewalt is one of the leaders among the woodworking manufacturers. And there is nothing to be surprised about because the company provides hundreds of different hand tools and accessories. Dewalt now strives to create lightweight but professional products. That means their instruments are easy-to-use but bring excellent work results with a little effort.

If you need to do the quick reparation, the Dewalt product is what you need. The company has developed an innovative high-speed valve technology. A roofing nailer can drive up to 10 nails per second! It’s truly a professional tool. It also has a robust engine and feed system that make the product durable and reliable. You can use the gun for a long time and don’t think about the overheating.

To make the woodworking easier and less stressful, this coil roofing nailer was manufactured with the ergonomic design. It is lighter than other similar models. Together, these features provide low recoil for sufficient application. This way, your hands won’t hurt after working. The instrument is lightweight yet powerful, so it will easily drive nails in the proper depth, which you can regulate.

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  • Has a high-speed valve technology;
  • Durable;
  • Lightweight material;


  • It has long dimensions.

How to Choose a Roofing Nailer?

I have described the characteristics of many products, but how to choose the best one? For this, you should know what features you need for specific usage, and what you should avoid. So, let’s talk about these aspects.

The material for the roofing nailer should be lightweight. It is better to hold the tool stable in hand if it’s weight is about 5-6 pounds. You rarely will find the lighter nail gun, and this weight is good enough. But try to avoid heavy products. They can also have high recoil, and it will be hard for you to work, especially on the roof. A lightweight instrument will less possibly fall off, and that’s what you need.

Among the products I have described, you won’t find a cordless roofing nail gun. The roofing nailers work on pneumatic power. That means they have a cord that provides the air to the instrument with the standard pressure of about 70-120 psi. It’s enough to drive from the ¾ inch to 1-¾ nails. Usually, you won’t find the nail gun with other nail sizes, but they are good enough for the roof shingles.

When you choose a roofing nailer, you need to consider the material durability and usage comfort. Look at the instrument’s handle. I should have a soft covering for you to feel more comfortable. Also, there should be skid pads to prevent sliding from the roof. Not all the products have these features, but I’m sure they are essential to feel more confident when working on the roof.

How does a roofing nailer work?

Due to the name, the roofing nailer drives the nails into the roof shingles to put them together more tightly. This instrument uses air pressure. You need to connect the nail gun to the air compressor. When you work on the roof, be careful with the cord because it can become entangled. It’s not convenient for the nailer.

When you start working with the roofing nail gun, check if the cord is placed in the right way. Set it tightly to the instrument. Then, put the nail magazine into the nailer and close the canister smoothly. Don’t forget to set the nail depth. It is usually easy to regulate without any additional instrument. Before you turn on the nailer, check whether the push button works properly and softly. Now, your roofing nail gun is ready to use!

What size air compressor for roofing nailer?

The manufacturers usually offer the compressors that are appropriate for the nailer you choose. Roofing mechanisms are so powerful that they can fire up to ten nails per second. It requires a lot of air. The pancake compressor type will not be enough for the roofing nailer. You should look for the portable air compressors with the specific characteristics of the tank capacity, pressure, and CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute).

The tank capacity depends on the work you should do. If you need re-roofing a small part, it’s enough to take up to 4 gallons. But if you construct the new roof, you need up to 6 air gallons for the better nailer application. Talking about the pressure, it should be 70-120 psi. You don’t need more pressure because it can create a high recoil, and the small pressure will decrease the instrument power. An air compressor should be no less than 4 CFM. The 2 or 3 CFM won’t be enough for the roofing nailer.

Besides these characteristics, it’s great when the compressor has an efficient air-cooling system and thermal protection. Firstly, it will work better, and secondly, it will be more durable. The air-cooling system keeps the compressor cool during the working process. But the machine can overheat anyway. There is thermal protection that stops the compressor before it gets overheated. So, if the air compressor doesn’t have an air-cooling system, the thermal protection will prevent the overheating.

How to load a roofing nailer?

Loading a roofing nailer is a straightforward procedure. With innovative technologies, it takes up to one minute. To set the nails into the roof nail gun, you should take a magazine and open the canister for nails. There is usually a button or a trigger that will help you.
After that, you need to place the magazine into the canister and set the first nail right to the nose. Some of the products stop working when the magazine is empty, and some don’t. You need to control this. The dry firing can damage your instrument, so don’t forget to load nails in time!


What the difference between a roofing nailer and a siding nailer?

The main difference between these tools is the type of nails. Roofing and siding nailers may look similar, but the first one is used to put the shingles tightly together, and the second – for siding stuff. That means the nails for siding nailer should be stronger. However, the roofing nails are usually bigger because they need to cover a bigger surface. The length depends on the type of roofing shingles.

What air pressure for a roofing nailer?

Air pressure depends on the product model and manufacturer. A lot of innovative roofing nail guns don’t require significant pressure because of the lightweight material or the technologies that allow working on low power. The standard air pressure is 70-120 psi. It’s hard to say if it is better to use a nailer on a higher power or not, it depends on the type of work you do.

How to use a roofing nailer safely?

First of all, using glasses and gloves is required. Working on the roof may be quite dangerous, so you can also use a rope to protect yourself from falling. Talking about the roofing nailer, always check if the hose is placed right before you start working. Also, look whether the magazine is full. The absence of the nails may lead to jamming. Be attentive during the working process – always keep an eye on the surface.

The Final Tips

Nothing can be better for the artisans than finding their perfect instrument. This task is not that difficult with today’s innovations. The biggest plus of the professional coil roofing nailers is the automated technologies that make the process a lot easier and more comfortable. Though it was hard to imagine such a device several decades ago, it is typical nowadays. However, I still feel a bit amazed when I hold in hands the ideal roof nailer or another instrument. So, the last thing I can advise you in my roofing nailer reviews is to choose the product that will provoke your working inspiration. How do you feel when you find the perfect instrument? Are you happy or feel neutral? It will be interesting to read your comments about this, as well as your opinion on the products described above.


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