Top 10 Best Rabbit Water Bottles in 2021 – Reviews

Best Rabbit Water Bottles

Proper hydration is very vital for rabbits as much it is to people. To keep your pet hydrated, water bottles are preferable than bowls in terms of hygiene and convenience. Moreover, they provide them with constant access to fresh and clean water. Rabbit water bottles function as a tamper-proof water source for your small friends and are easy to carry out.

There are different rabbit water bottles in the market and vary based on the features, prices, and models. Therefore, you need to be careful about making the final decision. However, in this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best Rabbit Water Bottles in 2021.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Rabbit Water Bottles

  • Materials: A pet water bottle usually has 2 main parts, the water bottle itself and the nozzle. The water bottle should be made of BPA-free and non-toxic materials such as plastic, ceramic, or even glass. The nozzle should be made of stainless steel with smooth edges at this is the pat in which the rabbit directly drinks the water.
  • Leak-Proof Design: Cheap rabbit water bottles are notorious for being leaky. This makes water run out quickly, thus leaving your pet home damp and wet. Therefore, it is necessary to search for water bottles with nozzles equipped with a ball to stop water from leaking or dripping when your pet is not drinking.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: To make life easier, you need to look for a water bottle that is almost effortless to maintain and clean. It is crucial to clean the water bottle to avoid possible contamination regularly. It possible, go for a dishwasher-safe water bottle.

Best Rabbit Water Bottles In 2021


10. Vannon Rabbit/Ferret Water Bottle BPA Free No Drip Water

By: Vannon

Vannon Rabbit:Ferret Water Bottle BPA Free No Drip Water 

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The Cannon water bottle is small in size, and it is very useful when it comes to sipping water. It is a 25oz/750ml capacity that is leak-proof, and it is ideal for chinchilla, Totoro, rabbit, and bunny. Ideally, this rabbit water bottle has a one-piece nozzle design that is hard to break off and features a rollerball; hence no worry to hurt the pet. In addition to that, the silicone seal interior and double stainless-steel balls provide better leakage protection while its double anti-slip design locks this bottle in place.

The bottle is made from 100% food-grade plastic and silicone, making it durable and safe. Its flip-lid design enables you to fill the water on the top easily, and there is no need to take off the bottle. The flat bottle body structure and Detachable clamp mount bottom allow you to mount it inside or outside the cage.Features

  • 750ml capacity rabbit water bottle
  • Silicone seal interior for better leakage protection
  • Detachable clamp mount bottom
  • Made of 100 percent food-grade plastic and silicone
  • Top flip lid design for easy filling of water

9. kathson 17oz Rabbit Water Bottle Automatic Dispenser

By: kathson

kathson 17oz Rabbit Water Bottle Automatic Dispenser 

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If you are searching for a Water Bottle for your small loving animal, you can order it. Compared to traditional water bowls and bowls, this Water Bottle by kathson can control the amount of water to stop the overflow. Other than that, it does not make any annoying noises when your small pet is drinking water. This water bottle will provide your pet with a more hygienic and comfortable drinking experience.

You can attack this pet water bottle inside or outside the cage according to your own needs. Moreover, you can easily snap the water feeder off or on for refilling or cleaning. The sealing design prevents the water from leaking and any dust from entering inside.Features

  • 500ml rabbit water bottle
  • Can be used inside and outside the cage
  • Dustproof and leak-proof
  • Doesn’t make annoying noises when the pet is drinking water
  • Provides pet a comfortable and hygienic drinking experience

8. Newweic Hamster Small Animal Water Bottle No Drip Bottle

By: Newweic

Newweic Hamster Small Animal Water Bottle No Drip Bottle

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If you have a small pet such as a guinea pig, rats, gerbil, dwarf hamster, or hamster, you can definitely consider this water bottle as an excellent option for you to purchase. It is a three in one Water Bottle with a Holder where it includes a small food dish, a stand with a hideout base, and a water bottle. Subsequently, this bottle is made of Stainless Steel and friendly Plastic materials that are durable, non-toxic, and has no smell for a pet using.

This hamster water bottle can be used as a hanging water bottle or can stand up on its base. It is designed to keep your cage clean, and you need not worry about spilling out of the water. Above all, the leak-proof and fire-proof stainless steel pipe and ball design support this automatic water dispenser.Features

  • 3 in 1 hamster water bottle with holder
  • Made of friendly plastic and stainless steel materials
  • Keep the cage clean without water spillage
  • Can be hanged or stand up on its base
  • Offered with 90 days free replacement

7. Choco Nose H258 Portable Water Bottle

By: Choco Nose

Choco Nose H258 Portable Water Bottle 

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When you have a small Pet, it is challenging to help them drink some water. Using regular water bottles is not right for them. However, you can solve this problem with this Choco Nose Portable Water Bottle. This water feeder has a patented leak-proof nozzle that allows your pet to enjoy fresh and clean water all the time. It is also a portable and lightweight water bottle that is ideal for outdoor activities.

This Water Bottle has a water lock design that offers you security for water control. It has a nozzle diameter of 16mm and has a capacity of 8 fl. Oz. Other than that, it is made of BPA free materials for the safety of your pets. Lastly, it is a stylish yet practical small animal water feeder.Features

  • Lightweight making it ideal for outdoor activities
  • Stylish yet practical pet water feeder
  • Patented leak-proof nozzle
  • Water lock design gives you water control security
  • Nozzle diameter: 16mm

6. RentACoop 1L Small No-Drip Animal Drinking Bottle

By: RentACoop

RentACoop 1L Small No-Drip Animal Drinking Bottle

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This is another excellent Drinking Bottle for hydrating your small pets, including mice, rats, hamsters, chinchillas, hedgehogs, pigs, guinea, ferrets, and rabbits. It features a drinking cup that automatically replenishes itself with water and always remains full of encouraging pets to drink more naturally, just like drinking from a bowl or pond. Moreover, the drinking bottle is viewable from outside and has a flip-cover on the top that enables you to refill with water easily

The kit includes a spring clip, metal clip, metal drinking cup, flip-cap cover, and 32oz plastic water bottle. Another thing, this Animal Drinking Bottle, easily attaches to the outside of the cage. Using the clips included.Features

  • BPA-free food-grade plastic water bottle
  • Chew-proof making it suitable for small animals
  • Easily attaches to the outside of the cage
  • Water level is viewable from outside
  • Flip-cap cover for an easy water refill

5. Lixit 32oz Rabbits Ferrets Water Bottles (Frosted)

By: Lixit

Lixit 32oz Rabbits Ferrets Water Bottles (Frosted)

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If you have some really small pets, who are just starting to get their own food and water, consider getting this Water Bottle. It is a 32oz bottle that is ideal for cats, rabbits, and other small animals. This unit has a deluxe hanger that prevents the bottle from being moved, and it is suitable for aggressive small animals. Other than that, this bottle is weather resistant making it perfect for outdoor and indoor cages.

This Water Bottle ensures that your pet has an ample supply of fresh water. Moreover, it is brightly colored and has fun graphics to lighten up your pet cage. The bottle comes with a wire holder and features a stainless steel drinking tube that is Chew Proof.Features

  • Securing mounting, making it perfect for aggressive small animals
  • Weather-resistant ideal for indoor and outdoor cages
  • Has fun graphics to lighten up your pet cage
  • 32oz bottle capacity perfect for small animals
  • Stainless steel drinking tube

4. Flammi Pet Water Bottle Automatically Feeding Water bottle

By: Flammi

Flammi Pet Water Bottle Automatically Feeding Water bottle

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Do you want to satisfy your pet with never-ending water? Then Flammi is definitely what you are searching for! This water bottle is made of PP plastic materials, which is harmless and healthy for your pets. Moreover, it has 2 top clips o hooks for hanging on a cage. The nozzle is designed with a built-in spring ball-point tube that allows your pet to drink water conveniently by themselves. It is perfect for your grown rabbit, cat, grown rabbit, and puppy.

The tube length is about 1.4 inches and has a tube diameter of 0.4 inches. You can add water to this leak-proof water bottle by twisting off the bottom lid with the nozzle tube. This water bottle can be easily hung from outside of the cage so that your small animal will not be able to pull it down.Features

  • It’s healthy and harmless for your pets
  • The bottle body is made of PP plastic materials
  • Has 2 top clips and hooks for hanging on a cage
  • The nozzle has a ball-point tube built-in spring
  • Bottle mouth about 0.9″ in diameter

3. Depets 8.45 oz 2PCS No Drip Water Bottle

By: Depets

Depets 8.45 oz 2PCS No Drip Water Bottle 

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Depets introduces this drip-less pet Water Bottle that comes at an affordable price without compromising its construction quality. It is made of Stainless Steel and friendly Plastic materials that are durable, healthy for pet use. This Water Bottle is ideal for mice, gerbil, hedgehog, ferret, guinea pig, dwarf hamsters, and other small animals. It is very easy and simple to install as it comes with a user-friendly screw-on bracket that can be attached to your pet’s cage or crate.
The stainless steel drinking head has a smaller roller ball that makes it simple for your rabbit to drink without too much effort. Moreover, this 8.45 oz sipper ensures that your pet stays hydrated while preventing any mess in their large enclosure.Features

  • Made from friendly plastic and stainless steel
  • Simple and easy to install
  • 0.3 inches nozzle size is ideal for small animals
  • 8.45 oz. water bottle that ensures your rabbit stays hydrated
  • Drinking head has a small roller ball for the pet to drink water easily

2. Choco Nose H528 Leak-Proof Nozzle 11.2Oz Rabbit Water Bottle

By: Choco Nose

Choco Nose H528 Leak-Proof Nozzle 11.2Oz Rabbit Water Bottle

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Next up in our list is this Rabbit Water Bottle by Choco. It is a leak-proof and patented Rabbit Water Bottle with 11.2 oz. Capacity. This water bottle allows your pet to enjoy fresh and clean water while keeping your home dry and clean. Subsequently, it has a small-sized nozzle recommended for small animals such as cat, chinchilla, rabbit, toy breed, and small sized puppy.

Installing this Water Bottle is very easy as it comes with user-friendly screws on the bracket. You can easily snap the water bottle for easy, refilling water or cleaning. This modern water feeder comes with a leak-proof stainless-steel nozzle, and can it can hold up to 11.2 oz. of water.Features

  • Simple and easy installation needed
  • 11.2 OZ capacity no-drip rabbit water bottle
  • Made of BPA free materials
  • Allows pets to enjoy fresh and clean water
  • Leak-proof nozzle to keep your home dry and clean

1. MidWest Homes Rabbits Water Bottle

By: MidWest

MidWest Homes Rabbits Water Bottle

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The MidWest Homes water bottle is just what you need when your little pet friend is thirsty. It is 10.14 oz. Animal water bottle that attaches to your pet’s cage using the included user-friendly plastic screw. In addition to that, it keeps your pet’s bottle filled with water without the need to remove it regularly. You just need to lift it up and fill it with water. No matter what kind of habitat you have- glass or wire, this water bottle will work perfectly for you.

The nozzle is constructed from stainless steel material to ensure healthy water drinking to your pet will withstand tiny teeth, and repeated use. It is also compatible with all Ferret nation cages, critter nation, midwest guinea pig, and medium animal playpens.Features

  • Comes with simple lift-top cap for easy water refills
  • 10.14 oz. Medium animal water bottle
  • Has user-friendly plastic screw to attach it to the cage
  • Stainless-steel sip spout that is BPA free
  • Includes 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


These are some of the best rabbit water bottles that you can find in the market. They are best in terms of simplicity of use, durability, security, and simplicity of setup. We are sure that this listing helped you discover the water bottle to the pet.


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