Top 10 Best Pro Scooter Stunt Pegs of 2021

Best Pro Scooter Stunt Pegs

Today at reviewed the top 10 best pro scooter pegs that you should run on your stunt scooter. Stunt pegs are for all riders who want a little extra stability when riding rails, ledges or stalling on coping on a ramp.

They can really help out with pulling that difficult trick off and can also assist with hang-5s and manuals. Running pegs with a Flatland set up is also very popular. So we have reviewed the best scooter pegs money can buy below. See also the Top 10 Best Pro Scooter Decks of 2021 here.

1. Apex Barnaynay Peg Set

Apex Barnaynay Peg Set

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Where deck clearance is often an issue, the Barnaynay pegs from Apex is just the issue you want!Coming in at nearly half of the dimensions (37mm) of the bowie and the grind pegs these will not hit the deck when throwing bars. Made from 7000 Series Aircraft Aluminium, These pegs are strong, sturdy & lightweight all on the same time. The Barnaynay pegs have been designed and examined by Kiall Barnes himself. These pegs are widespread pegs that works on every street & park. These Pegs will match a whole lot of the decks out there available on the market.

2. Apex Bowie Pegs

Apex Bowie Pegs

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Apex is know for his or her top quality merchandise and the Apex Bowie Scooter pegs will not be any stranger. Made from 7000 Series Aircraft Aluminum to make these sweet pegs strong, sturdy, and light-weight.

3. Z-FIRST Pro Scooter Pegs

Z-FIRST Pro Scooter Pegs

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Finding the right pair of pegs for your stunt scooter can help you do all sorts of fun tricks. The Z-First Pro Scooter Pegs are heavy-duty enough to last for years on end, but they’re still fairly lightweight thanks to the aluminum construction. Choose between 7 colors such as Gold, Blue, Red, and Purple, as well as a few others.

These pegs stick out 3.54 inches once they’re fully installed. The actual installation process takes less than a minute for most people. They also work well for the vast majority of known brands.

+ Comes in quite a large color selection
+ Compatible with most major brands
+ Made out of durable aluminum

Why We Like It – We like these scooter pegs because they’re heavy-duty, reliable, and easy to install. The color selection is also a nice touch, as is the fact that they work well with almost any scooter.

4. Elite Concave Pegs

Elite Concave Pegs

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The Elite Concave pegs are shaped to easily lock onto coping and rails for less complicated grind ideas. They perform a singular laser-etch design on a black, silver, or neochrome finish.

5. Envy Aluminum Pegs

Envy Aluminum Pegs

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These pegs are good for any park trend driving that requiers you to grind on coping or rails. The are composed of 6061 aircraft aluminum in order that they’re super lightweight and actually sturdy! These pegs do not embrace axles.

6. Envy Chromo Pegs

Envy Chromo Pegs

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These pegs are made out of sturdy 4130 chromolly so that they might stand as much as every park and street trend driving. The pegs do not embrace axles.

7. LUFA Polish Pro Scooter Pegs

LUFA Polish Pro Scooter Pegs

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Another great set of scooter pegs are made from LUFA. The LUFA Polish Pro Scooter Pegs are designed with a chrome finish for a flashy appearance. They’re made out of aluminum to reduce the overall weight while maintaining durability. It should be noted that they work with almost any known scooter brand.

Installing these scooter pegs can be done in a few minutes, but they last through years of heavy use. They come in a two-pack to cover the front or rear, so you may need two 2-packs to fit both.

+ Made out of aluminum to last longer
+ Only 5 ounces
+ Comes in a pack of two

Why We Like It – We like these pro scooter pegs by LUFA because they’re simple and to the point. Install them quickly for long-lasting results that you can depend on. At 5 ounces, you can’t find anything lighter!

8. Lucky Lug Pegs

Lucky Lug Pegs

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The Lucky Lug Pegs are a lot greater in diameter to permit the rider to correctly lock onto ledges or rails with out the deck getting in the best way. The pegs are machined out of strong blocks of aluminum. Designed to be light-weight and sturdy.

9. MGP Integrated Extreme Pegs

MGP Integrated Extreme Pegs

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MGP has finnally include the long-awaited Pegs of the newest era. They are made for the excessive calls for of probably the most skilled riders on the market all the best way right down to beginer shredders! – particularly in fact for riders who’re additionally on cool design in addition to simply sturdy materials. They combine to the scooter simply superbly!

10. TiLT Chromo Pegs

TiLT Chromo Pegs

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Engineered to interrupt the ledge and never your pegs. Heat-treated 4140 chromoly metal type lengthy lasting pegs. The distinctive design permits pegs to suit on each side, and the interior butting considerably reduces weight.


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