Top 10 Best Pro Scooter Hardware of 2021

Best Pro Scooter Hardware

Today at MyProScooter, we reviewed hardware from the future! There’s some brilliant parts here you need to check out including conversion kids, extra strong axels and more. Our top pick will surprise you!

1. Apex IHC-HIC Conversion

Apex IHC-HIC Conversion

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If you’re working an IHC setup and wanna convert to HIC to run an outsized bar, then due to Apex, this conversion shim is all it would be best to take motion!

2. LUFA Aluminum Bar Ends Pro Scooters Bar Plugs

LUFA Aluminum Bar Ends Pro Scooters Bar Plugs

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Protecting your handlebar grips is an essential part of owning a scooter or bicycle. The LUFA Aluminum Bar Ends Pro Scooters Bar Plugs are exactly what you need to prevent your grips from sliding right off of the handlebars. They’re also super durable and lightweight, meaning you won’t feel a pull from either side.

Simply screwing them into place is all you need to do. These new aluminum plugs won’t scratch up or rust as long as you take proper care of them after rainy weather. Wiping them down will do just perfectly.

+ Made out of aluminum for durability and reduced weight
+ Install them in only a few seconds
+ Protects your handlebar grips from falling off

Why We Like It – We like these scooter plugs because they’re very reliable and easy to put in place. They’re also as lightweight as they come.

3. Accmor Universal Cup Holder

Accmor Universal Cup Holder

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The Accmor Universal Cup Holder is a unique accessory that lets you carry your drinks with you wherever you go. It clips right onto the handles of a bike, stroller, wheelchair, and other items. Bring your coffee on a morning walk or cruise around on a bike with your water right by your hands.

You can purchase this cupholder in Black, Gray, or a two-pack. The knob on the back adjusts to lock it into place. You’ll never have to worry about it sliding around or tipping your drink over thanks to the lock.

+ Perfect for all sorts of activities like cycling, pushing a stroller, and even lawnmowers
+ Comes in a couple colors
+ Great for coffee, tea, water, and more

Why We Like It – We like this universal cupholder because it frees up space to let you focus on the task at hand.

4. FSA Polycarbonate Headset Spacers – 10mm

FSA Polycarbonate Headset Spacers – 10mm

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FSA 10mm peak polycarbonate spacers- lighter than alloy or carbon. Unique translucent look provides a shade accent to any scooter.

5. Headset Spacer – 20mm

Headset Spacer – 20mm

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20mm off headset spacing goodness!

6. Phoenix Session Pro Scooter Deck

Phoenix Session Pro Scooter Deck

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Are you building a custom scooter at home? The deck is obviously an essential to focus on. The Phoenix Session Pro Scooter Deck is a great example of longevity combined with aesthetic appearance. You can pick from Teal, Tri-Color, Silver & Black, or Neo-Chrome. Each choice comes with a rear brake for quick stopping.

The overall dimensions of this scooter deck come out as 4.5 inches by 20.5 inches, making it ideal for most riders. It’s also only 3.6 pounds, which is fairly lightweight. You’ll be able to fit up to 110mm wheels on this deck.

+ Comes with a rear brake ready to use
+ Lightweight aluminum alloy
+ Perfect size for most scooter riders

Why We Like It – We like this scooter deck because it’s unique looking and it’s lightweight. You can add numerous parts to create the ultimate scooter with an aluminum base.

7. Star Nut

Star Nut

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Starnuts in all sizes!

8. Kutrick Neo Pro Scooter Pegs Set

Kutrick Neo Pro Scooter Pegs Set

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Pegs are a great piece of pro scooter hardware as they will open up a whole new set of tricks to you, as well as making it far easier to grind or do toothpicks. You get a grade 12.9 carbon steel axle, as well as three different lock nuts that come in the following sizes: 2.5 inches, 3 inches, and 3.5 inches.

These are essential pieces of pro scooter hardware for anyone who is interested in freestyle pro scooter riding. They feature a stylish oil snake color, as well as a neo chrome design. You can install them on your pro scooter with great ease too, and they will fit almost all pro scooters that are of a standard size.

+ Perfect for Grinding
+ Will Open Up New Tricks
+ High-Quality Steel
+ Fit Most Pro Scooters
+ Easy to Install

Why We Liked It – Scooter pegs are a great choice for anyone looking for the best pro scooter hardware to open up a new bag of tricks, and also to make grinding much easier.

9. GRAVITI Pro Stunt Scooter Pegs CNC Aluminum Peg

GRAVITI Pro Stunt Scooter Pegs CNC Aluminum Peg

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Graviti is known for manufacturing and selling some of the best pro scooter hardware on the market. These pro stunt scooter pegs are made from high grade 6061 aluminum, which is an incredibly durable and reliable material. It’s also a very lightweight material which makes it a good choice for pro scooter riders who like to grind and ride on the street.

They’ve been produced due to a CNC machine which means that you always are ensured quality every single time from these pro scooter pegs. For the front wheel the strong axle is 1.97 inches, and for the back one it is 2.36 inches, which means they’ll fit almost all pro scooters.

+ Made from 6061 Aluminum
+ Front Strong Axle is 1.97 Inches
+ Rear Strong Axle is 2.36 Inches
+ CNC Machine Design
+ Ideal for Street Riding and Grinding

Why We Liked It – These aluminum pegs are a great piece of pro scooter hardware that is made from an excellent material that makes them perfect for pro scooter riders who love to grind and ride the streets.

10. urbanArtt Compression HIC

2 inches tall. comes with a starnut compression prime cap and bolt.


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