5 Best Primers For Oily Skin 2023 (Powerful oil control)


Do you get tired of your makeup slipping off your oily skin by the end of the day?

Using a makeup primer can solve this problem to a great extent by sealing the makeup and controlling excess oil. Primers can also make the makeup look fresh and bring out the colors beautifully. There are many types of primers available in the market but an oily skin needs some specialized products which cater to the demands of such type of skin. This skin type is the most prone to makeup slippage as the oil does not let the makeup stay in place. We have compiled a list of five primers which are good for oily skin:

Editor Pick Best Primers For Oily Skin

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SMASHBOX Photo Finish Foundation Primer

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If you are looking for a transparent primer which suits all skin tones, this clear primer from Smashbox is a great product to consider. It illuminates the skin and creates an even finish for the foundation. The gel-like consistency glides very easily on the skin and helps the makeup to adhere to the skin. It enhances the staying power of the makeup by 3-4 hours and reduces the excess oil on the skin. It is especially great for oily skin as it is oil-free and does not make the skin feel greasy. The primer also moisturizes the skin to an extent but it is always advisable to wear a good moisturizer underneath the primer to keep the skin looking fresh and healthy. If you want color correction, there are different versions of this primer which address different skin concerns like redness, dullness, spots etc. Those versions are colored while this version is clear so it works universally. The price of the primer is a little high but only a small quantity is needed for every use so one tube will last a really long time.

What we like about it:This clear primer is good for all skin tones as it is transparent in color. It controls excess oil and makes the skin look fresh and hydrated for long hours. The price is good for the quantity is offers.

REVLON Photoready Perfecting Primer

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Good primers can be expensive but this primer is a great budget-friendly option as it has all the good features of a great primer at a much lesser price. The pump packaging is easy to use and the bottle will last for a really long time. The primer is oil-free and does not contain any talc, fragrance, or parabens. The primer has photochromatic pigments which reflect the light to hide the flaws of the skin. It has a slight pink tint which brightens the skin and adds freshness to it. The primer enhances the staying power of makeup and keeps the face dry and matte. It also makes your pores look smaller with its soft and smooth formula which sets on the skin in just a few minutes. This primer is perfect for special occasions when you know you are going to be photographed with flash. You can also use just the primer and skip the foundation as it makes the skin look even and smooth with minimized flaws. The price is great for people who want a good primer within a budget.

What we like about it:Go for this inexpensive primer if you need a product which can control the oil and some redness and make the makeup last longer than usual. This pink tint makes the skin look even and bright.

L’Oreal Magic Lumi Primer

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Available in two sizes, this primer from L’Oreal has light-reflecting particles which add a luminous sheen to your skin. It absorbs easily into the skin and blends well with all makeup products. The smooth texture makes the skin look refined and hides pores and wrinkles. You can also use it in the under eye area to minimize the darkness under the eyes. The primer can also be mixed with a foundation for a subtle highlighting effect. It does not make the face oily and adds radiance without making the face look greasy. The primer comes in one universal shade and suits all skin tones. The shimmery texture is not for creating a matte look but you can always use a matte foundation over the primer for such look. You can just use this primer with some translucent powder over it for normal daily makeup. Perk it up with some blush and a lipstick for a more sophisticated look. This primer extends the staying power of your makeup by 4-5 hours. It is a good alternative to the famous MAC strobe cream as it offers the same finish at 1/4th of the price.

What we like about it:This primer cum highlighter is a great product for oily skin as it adds radiance to the skin without making it oily or greasy. It is a must-have product for creating a dewy subtle makeup look.

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E.L.F Studio mineral infused face primer

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With 4 colors and 3 sizes to choose from, this mineral primer from E.L.F is a budget-friendly primer which keeps your face dry and matte all day. It comes in a portable pump packing which is travel-friendly. It controls oil and does not dry out the skin like other primers. This primer is used by makeup artists for celebrity makeup looks as it sets the makeup very smoothly without any imperfections. This is one of the cheapest primers available in the market which is good in terms of quality and quantity. Use a very small quantity of primer for the whole face as the light and smooth texture covers the whole face. Use the primer only in the areas where your makeup slides due to the oiliness. Apply it around the nose, on the forehead, and on the cheeks to hide pores and control oil.

What we like about it:E.L.F is one brand which makes quality products at an affordable price. This primer gives an even look to your face and keeps the makeup in its place for the whole day.

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COVERGIRL+Olay Simply Ageless Makeup Primer

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Makeup and skincare go hand in hand and this product combines both of them to give you a primer which has anti-aging benefits also. The pump packaging is easy to use and carry. It is a primer with serum in it and it is oil-free. The primer does not clog pores. It contains green tea extracts which work on the signs of aging to give you a healthy and younger looking skin. It is hydrating enough for all skin types. The texture of the primer is very creamy and smooth which glides easily on the skin irregularities to give a smooth flawless canvas for the makeup. It makes your makeup last all day without any fading or slipping. It also prevents the products from caking up on the skin as it holds the products in their place. The primer makes the skin look so smooth and perfect that it can be worn just on its own. The price is moderate but you can get this primer on a good discount online.

What we like about it:If you have a matured skin which needs a product to take care of the lines and wrinkles, this primer is a great product to include in your makeup routine. The serum offers anti-aging benefits while the primer works on holding the makeup in place.

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Including a primer in your daily routine helps to keep your makeup in place the whole day and makes your skin look polished. These primers are great for oily skin as they are oil-free and prevent the skin from looking greasy. They do not break out the skin which is a common problem with using primers on oily skin. The following factors must be kept in mind when buying a primer for oily skin to get the right product:

  • Skin Type & Concerns

Even an oily skin can have many different concerns and every skin type needs a different type of product to work on these concerns. Identify your skin type and concerns before buying the primer to get the most benefits. Use different primers in different seasons as your skin is oily in the harsh summer months but can be dry in winters. If you have a matured skin, use a primer which offers anti-aging benefits.

  • Formula & Consistency

The formula of the primer should not contain artificial fillers and synthetic dyes which can aggravate the oil glands of the skin further. Use an oil-free primer which is non-comedogenic to keep your skin look fresh and dry. The texture of the primer should be smooth and comfortable on the skin and not cause acne. Work with the primer so see which type of application gives the desired results.

  • Staying Power

The basic function of a primer is to enhance the staying power of your makeup as the makeup slides off after a few hours on an oily skin. Check the primer to see if it extends the staying power considerably and makes your makeup last longer than usual. Try different brands before you get the one which gives you maximum staying power. Primers are all the more necessary during the harsh summer months and it is important that you check this feature during those months only to see the true effect.

  • Price

Primers are products in which you should invest carefully as a wrong product can not only not give you the desired results but also damages your skin with the harmful ingredients. Primers can generally cost anywhere between 8$ to 25$ depending on the brand and the formula. Invest in a good primer which suits your skin and controls oil to give you a natural base for makeup. Look online for deals on primers for oily skin to get the lowest price.

  • Customer Reviews

Read what other users have to say about the primer you are considering buying as this will give you an idea about the pros and cons of the product. Look for people with similar skin type and see how the primer works on their skin. You can also get a sample from the store to see how it works for you before purchasing a large bottle. You can also share your questions and concerns with the online community to solve your doubts regarding the product.

Here are some general tips and tricks you should follow when buying and using a primer for oily skin to get a flawless base for your makeup:

  • Do not use a primer on a dirty skin as this can lead to acne and breakouts. Cleanse your face with a cleanser before applying a primer to get the maximum benefits.
  • Blot the excess oil from the face before using a primer to keep the skin dry. If you are applying a moisturizer, give some time to it to dry and then continue with the primer.
  • Primers with silicones can clog the pores and make the skin look dull and tired after prolonged use. Give your skin a break once in a while and let it breathe naturally to restore its health.
  • Look for primers which have multiple benefits and act like moisturizer, SPF, and highlighter in one to avoid using multiple products every morning.
  • Remove the primer every night before you sleep with a good makeup remover as the skin cell renewal process is at its highest rate at night.
  • Do not buy cheap primers which use fillers and synthetic chemicals to mimic the texture of high-quality primers. These products can damage your skin and lead to many other skin diseases.
  • Carry a small bottle with your favorite primer in it when you travel to keep your skin look young and fresh always. You can either buy a small tube of your favorite primer or fill one of those refillable makeup tubs to carry the primer.

So these are some of the most popular makeup primers for oily skin which make your makeup stay for long and keep it bright. These primers are great for everyday use as they are quite gentle on the skin. You can use them for any special occasions to be the talk of the party because of your makeup. Use this buyer guide to choose the right primer for your skin which will enhance the staying power of your makeup considerably. Choose a primer which keeps your skin look prepped and primed and makes your makeup stay longer without any greasiness on the face.


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