10 Best Post Hole Diggers Reviews In 2021 — Top Choices


Digging holes for poles and posts is a daunting task, especially if you are performing the exercise manually. It requires lots of effort and time as well. Also, improper grip of a digger or using a poorly crafted piece may lead to unnecessary fatigue or injury. For instance, your finger or hands may develop blisters, or your finger joints may become numb. Did you also know that a good tool deliverers better results? While consumers know the importance of using the light tool, quite a number doesn’t know which is the best. In fact, many have burnt their fingers on items that they believed were good. Fortunately, we have compared different options in the market, and can now reveal the best post hole diggers in 2021.

10 Best Post Hole Diggers List

Truper 32406 Tru Tough Atlas Pattern Post Hole Digger, Fiberglass Handles,…Check It Now
Bully Tools 92384 14-Gauge 7-Inch Post Hole Digger with Fiberglass HandleCheck It Now
The AMES Companies, Inc True Temper Handle Post Hole DiggerCheck It Now
AMES 2701600 Post Hole Digger with Hardwood Measurement Handle, 68-InchCheck It Now
Seymour-Structron PD48 21210 Structron Hercules Post Hole DiggerCheck It Now
Fiskars 60 Inch Steel Posthole DiggerCheck It Now
The AMES Companies, Inc Jackson Kodiak Post Hole Digger –Check It Now
Truper Post Hole Digger / Tamping BarCheck It Now

#10 Truper 32406 Tru Tough Atlas Pattern Post Hole Digger, Fiberglass Handles, 10-Inch

Truper 32406 Tru Tough Atlas Pattern Post Hole Digger, Fiberglass Handles, 10-Inch

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By: Truper

We start by looking at the Truper 32406 Tru Tough Atlas Pattern Post Hole Digger. It’s appropriate for most pole digging operations and can produce holes of different sizes. This is due to the steel head that can penetrate different terrains with minimal ease. To improve the effectiveness, the accessory has a fiberglass handle, which provides a firmer grip in comparison to other materials. Furthermore, it feels nice on the hands and is more resistant to sweat, moisture, dirt and other things.

Thanks to the 48-inch length, this tool works perfectly with users of different heights. It feels well balanced and solid for better performance. Moreover, its compact and lightweight, this allows the user to use it for an extended period before getting too tired. To prevent rust, corrosion or color fade, this tool has a clear coating. And for a good look, it comes in a simple yet stylish gray color.In Short:

  • Fitted with 48 inch-long premium grade fiberglass handle
  • Equipped with clear coated grey steel finished heads
  • Can be spray cleaned easily with garden hose

#9 Bully Tools 92384 14-Gauge 7-Inches Post Hole Digger With Fiberglass Handle

Bully Tools 92384 14-Gauge 7-Inches Post Hole Digger with Fiberglass Handle

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By: Bully Tools

Why struggle digging holes for posts, yet you can have an easier time with this digger from Bully Tools? Coming in a commercial grade, the 92384 digger is renowned for its professional results and easy operation. It has an excellent length to suit people of different heights. Furthermore, the fiberglass handle feels light and smooth on the hands. This prevents numb fingers, blisters, too much sweating, or sore joints. Moreover, the handle’s smooth finish provides a firm grip for the best handling and also to minimize slippage.

The head comprises 14-Gauge steel which can put-up with the impact, stresses, bangs, and exposure to the elements. The good thickness not only extends the tool’s good performance but longevity as well. Consumers love this post digger because is simple its use, has good ergonomics, is suitable for different users, and can dig through different surfaces with ease.In Short:

  • Commercial grade and made in the USA
  • Fitted with high strength fiberglass handle
  • Integrated extra thick steel blade

#8 Seymour Promotional Post Hole Digger With Wood Handle DG-60

Seymour Promotional Post Hole Digger with Wood Handle DG-60

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By: Seymour

Combining reliability and efficiency, the Seymour Promotional Post Hole Digger will make easy work of digging holes for poles, posts and other objects. The professional styled tool is appropriate for domestics and commercial applications. It has an excellent length to suit most individuals and is well balanced for better handling. Moreover, the hardwood handles are resistant to wear and tear, are easy to maintain and also look good on the tool. They provide a nonslip grip even with oily, sweaty and wet hands. And to prevent the handles from coming, lose or off, the handle is bolted to the tool using double bolts.

The tough carbon metal blades can endure the digging, falls, impact and more. It is triple riveted to the yoke for longevity better stability. Chances of the blade coming off or becoming loose over time are less likely. And as you probably know, carbon steel is among the durable and sturdiest materials. It should penetrate the ground better.In Short:

  • Equipped with durable carbon steel blades
  • Double bolted handles for increased strength
  • Clear head color and square cut handles

#7 Union Tools Post Hole Digger – 78002

Union Tools Post Hole Digger - 78002

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By: The AMES Companies, Inc

The 78002 Post Hole Digger by Union Tools is fit for many pole digging works. It has a 5.5-inch spread which okay for most applications. You can use it in many different situations at home, business premises, school, garden, fencing and more. It produces holes of varied sizes and depth depending on the need at hand. The high carbon steel head that easily penetrates the soil/ground helps to achieve this. The tools work great in wet, dry, hard, and muddy grounds.

For better effect and efficiency, the handle is made of hardwood and has a nice comfortable grip. Besides, this tool has a nice feel and will keep your hands and fingers safe. You are less likely to experience any soreness, numbness, excessive sweaty or unnecessary fatigue. Moreover, it has a right balance for better performance and is lightweight for easier handling.In Short:

  • Measures 5.5 inches
  • Equipped with highly durable hardwood handles
  • Features single piece steel blades

#6 Ames Post Hole Digger With Ruler – 2701600

Ames Post Hole Digger with Ruler - 2701600

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By: The AMES Companies, Inc

The Ames Post Hole Digger 2701600 will enhance the hole digging experience. This comes handy when planning to put-up or repairs a fence, install poles or posts, deck supports, posts for the mailbox and other situations. The commercial styled piece feels as tough as it looks. This is the best recipe for digging holes faster, safely and conveniently. The Company is renowned for high-quality products and this is no exception. It boasts of a decent height to serve different consumers. What’s more, the hardwood handle can hold out to the impact, exposure to the elements, sweat, oil, dirt and more.

To minimize the effects like numb fingers, fatigue, blisters, sore joints or excessive sweating, the handle is ergonomically styled and has a smooth comfortable finish. It also has a good texture and oversized cushion grip to stop accidental slippage or bad grasp. Like other good choices on the list and out there, the head is made of tough steel to endure impact, falls, and poor use.In Short:

  • Features oversized cushion for great comfort
  • Hardwood handle for added strength and durability
  • Handle features measuring stick

#5 Seymour Structron Hercules Post Hole Diggers PD48

Seymour Structron Hercules Post Hole Diggers PD48

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By: Seymour

The Seymour post whole digger targets people who want to dig holes in a stress-free manner. And as you may observe, it has a right length to prevent straining the neck or back or having it bend too low. Furthermore, it comes with a 6.25-inch point spread for better coverage. The heavy-duty design can cope with very demanding jobs, daily use, hard surfaces, and bad weather.

Courtesy of the fiberglass materials, the handle is lighter than most diggers in the market. Using and carrying the tool is, therefore easier. At the same time, it is sturdier than other materials and this improves the process. The fiberglass handle feels tough and dependable, thanks to the fiberglass core insight. This also enhances the strength and durability of the tool. Similar to other best post hole diggers, this one feels very comfortable. And this is due to the cushioned grip.In Short:

  • Designed for heavy duty professional use
  • Cushioned grip for great comfort
  • Fiberglas handle with core insert
  • 6-1/4-inch point spread

#4 Posthole Digger Wdhdl7.25 Inch

Posthole Digger Wdhdl7.25 inch

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By: Seymour

This Posthole Digger by Seymour is just what you need to dig holes for poles and posts. It has a spread of 7.5 inches, making it suitable for most applications. You can make use of it at home, office, school, garden, for fencing among other situations. It digs holes of different sizes and it is up to you to choose what works for you. Thanks to the decent length of the handle (48 inches), many users, both short and tall, should find using this tool easy. The smoothly finished hardwood handle enhances this experience.

The steel head easily penetrates the surface and does not need you using too much effort. It is perfect for dirt, rocky, muddy and sandy surfaces. Moreover, the blade has a practical size of 10.5 X 7 inch for scooping a good amount of soil. This digger feels solid yet smooth at the same time. It’s also comfortable, safe and you won’t experience too much sweating in the hand region. It’s well balanced and easy to carry thanks to the moderately lightweight.In Short:

  • Single piece high carbon steel blade
  • Designed for sandy and loose soils
  • Square cut lacquered handles

#3 Fiskars 60 Inch Steel Posthole Digger

Fiskars 60 Inch Steel Posthole Digger

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By: Fiskars

Why fuss about finding the best post hole digger? With the Fiskars digger, you get brutal force to produce any various holes for poles and posts. It has a 60-inch length, which is okay for many people. Additionally, the offset handle helps you to dig deeper holes while using lesser effort. This characteristic also assists in minimizing blisters, discomfort, and injury. The smooth finish not only gives a better grip but also stops the fingers from sweating too much.

The 14-Gauge steel head can endure hard surfaces, impact, bangs, mishandling, and exposure to the elements. It also has a decent thickness to extend the lifespan and reliability of the digger. Unlike other materials, the hardwood handle doesn’t flex as much. This improves the handling and also reduces the possibility of breaking. And with a blade spread of 6.5 inches, you will be done digging holes sooner rather than later.In Short:

  • Fitted with welded 14 gauge steel blades
  • Blade measures 6-1/2 inch diameter
  • Ability to dig holes up to 12 inch deeper

#2 The AMES Companies, Inc Jackson Dig EZ Post Hole Digger – 1715100

The AMES Companies, Inc Jackson Dig EZ Post Hole Digger - 1715100

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By: The AMES Companies, Inc

Blending efficiency and sturdiness, this post hole digger by The AMES Companies, Inc shortens the effort and time you need to dig holes. Like other types, it is very versatile and will provide you will holes of different depths and diameter. The unit has a practical 6.21 -inch spread for faster performance. It is also perfect for different situations in the home and commercial places.

Thanks to its excellent height/length, users with varied heights will find it appropriate. Furthermore, the tool has right balance and is lightweight. The handle is built of sturdy fiberglass to put-up with the impact and frequent use. In comparison to other materials of construction, it is lighter but stronger and flexes a bit for better performance. Moreover, the handle has good ergonomics for better holding as well as to improve comfort. The beveled steel carbon head can take care of tough terrains and lasts longer than other options in the market. And since the blades are pointed and tempered, they have better penetration.In Short:

  • Appointed with beveled steel carbon head
  • Prevents knuckle collision
  • Features pointed, tempered blades
  • Innovative handle design
  • Improved handle travel distance

#1 Truper 32902 Bars Post Hole Digger Tamping Bar, 12-Pound, 48-Inch

Truper 32902 Bars Post Hole Digger Tamping Bar, 12-Pound, 48-Inch

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By: Truper

We end this review by focusing on the Truper 32902 Post Hole Digger.  It is easy to use and has a good spread for quick and effortless digging. Furthermore, it also serves as a great tamping tool and works in sandy, gravely, dirt, and other terrains.  For better operation and to cater to different users, the tool is 48 inches/ 4 feet high. It is a good choice for fencing, gardening, and other operations, both domestic and commercial. The drop-forged steel head penetrates the surface effortlessly and also gives the tool its longevity and reliability.

In addition, this best post hole digger has a black finish that makes it look nice and at the same time provides protection from rust and corrosion. On top of that, the ergonomic design and smooth finish prevent soreness, numbness, slippage, or excessive sweating. Storing and carrying the item is less of a challenge due to its lightweight and slim design.In Short:

  • Features rust resistant black finish
  • Great choice for digging and tamping
  • Drop forged and heat treated for added strength and durability

Final Thoughts

Digging hole for poles shouldn’t be a laborious task. You don’t require wasting time and effort on a poorly made tool. In addition, you should not fall prey to a bad post hole digger. In the above review, we have shown you the very best post hole diggers the market is offering. And as you may have observed, the above pieces are perfect for most needs in the society. They work great in residential and commercial settings and can handle different terrains.

Furthermore, the pieces are made of tough materials to endure the operation, have nice handles for a better grip, and a good ergonomic design to maximize comfort and minimize injury. Other reasons why the above items deserve the “Best” title include durable, easy to use, easy maintenance, good weight, portable, and durable. Owning the best pole hole digger is as convenient as following this review.


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