Top 10 Best Portable Toddler Bed in 2022 – Reviews

Best Portable Toddler Bed

While traveling, providing your kids with a comfortable sleeping bed is excellent. It allows them to enjoy comfort and convenience whether visiting grandma or camping. With many designs of baby portable beds, it’s always right to have the premium and reliable one. Generally, having a portable kid bed gives any parent peace of mind. They are highly versatile which eases your work. In this guide, we are reviewing the best portable toddler beds ideal for all parents.

The Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Portable Toddler Bed

For the best travel toddler bed, this guide highlights some of the tips to check.

  • Type of The Bed: The kind of bed is an important thing that every buyer should have in mind. On this context, one should look at what is used in the making of the bed. Decide whether you want plastic, wood, inflatable or convertibles. Depending on the nature of traveling, one should pick one with the least hassle when it comes to portability.
  • Weight Limit: The weight limit is essential when you are buying a toddler bed. Whether its a crib or a portable one, you should be keen. Having a bed with highest weight limit without compromising portability is a good step. It means that even as the baby grows; they will use the bed continently.
  • Safety Rating: When it comes to safety, it means a lot. You can think about it regarding physical or healthwise. For the physical part, ensure your bed can protect your kids from falling. Therefore, every bed should have guard rails. On the other hand, ensure it is certified and free from toxins such as lead, phthalate, and others. Also, the materials should free from strong odors that can cause discomforts.
  • Ease of Cleaning Covers: Most of the travel beds come with removable or non –removable covers. Checking for one with ease of cleaning is ideal to ensure the baby sleeps in a clean environment. Ideally, removable covers are recommendable since one can clean and fix without any issue.

Best Portable Toddler Bed in 2022


10. HOMCA Portable Twin Size Inflatable Toddler Bed Firm Airbed Blow Up Mattress for Kids


HOMCA Portable Twin Size Inflatable Toddler Bed Firm Airbed Blow Up Mattress for Kids

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The HOMCA is a good option mattress that every parent needs to look for. Unlike other beds, this is inflatable which means you can carry it easily. It’s made of PVC material which ensures it lasts for a long time. Also, the materials are free from odor and other toxic materials. The upper side is extra plush which enables the kid to have extra comfort relaxation. Without squeaky noises, it means smooth sleeping sessions.

The bed has a twin size mattress which is large than rivals. This means it can accommodate shorter adults without any issue. On the other hand, it comes with detachable backrest which keeps your baby adequately supported. Accompanied by an electric pump, inflating is simple as well as deflating.


  • Simple to inflate and deflate
  • Large sized than rivals
  • Environmentally friendly PVC
  • Noise-free top surface


  • Pump requires wall plugging

9. Milliard Toddler Tri-Folding Mattress with Soft Removable Cover

By: Milliard

Milliard Toddler Tri-Folding Mattress with Soft Removable Cover

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Millard toddler tri-folding mattress is a good option when traveling. This toddler bed eliminates hassles associated with portability. Designed to fold three times, it renders the mattress simple to carry. Besides, it has high application as it can be used at homes, daycares among other places. Kids can also use it for other tricks.

Despite its compact nature, the mattress is thick and perfectly supportive. This allows kids to sleep without experiencing discomforts. Assembling is quick and simple hence ideal even in emergencies. The cool bamboo cover is removable, high moisture wicking and washable. With CertiPur certified memory foam, it doesn’t have bad odors and other toxic particles.


  • Plush and certified memory foam
  • Easy to collapse and assemble
  • Simple to clean bamboo cover


  • Not spill and waterproof

8. Leachco BumpZZZ Portable Toddler Travel Bed

By: Leachco

Leachco BumpZZZ Portable Toddler Travel Bed

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It’s time to give your kids perfect sleep wherever you are. Whether you are camping or for use at home, this bed by Leachco is a superb product. Made from a combination of materials, it ensures exceptional comfort; this means you can always be sure kids are enjoying the unmatched sleeping experience. Unlike other beds, this needs nothing to inflate; thereby, its always ready to be used.

To give the exceptional bed support, the center is padded using foam. Additionally, the outer part enjoys bumpers which ensure proper safety. Measuring 58 x 39 x 7 inches, it offers easy time when traveling. This is because it perfectly fits in provided bed bag. The cover is removable to enable washing hence keeping the bed hygienic.


  • Comfortable feeling cover
  • Supportive foam pad and head support
  • Large sized for big kids
  • Easy to fit in the bag


  • Pad not machine washable

7. BetterHabitat Sleep-Ready Portable Floor Mattress Pad

By: Better

BetterHabitat Sleep-Ready Portable Floor Mattress Pad

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As the name implies, this portable bed provides better sleeping habitat. It is one of the best rated portable mattresses. Its versatility surpasses even that of a sleeping bag. So, it is an ideal sleeping habitat next time you go camping. It comes with a fitted waterproof cotton terry sheet. The design is gender neutral and is perfect for both boys and girls.

The solid memory foam material makes it quite durable compared with the rest. It boasts superior quality regarding comfort and support. Featuring a hypoallergenic cover, the mattress is resistant to allergens, dust, mites and other elements which bring sleep discomfort. It rolls easily for backpacking so that you can have an easy time when going for a hike. The package of the product also includes a storage case.


  • Solidly designed
  • Easy to remove covers
  • Purely hypoallergenic
    • Easy to pack


  • Pricey

6. Milliard Portable –Foldable Toddler Bumper Bed

By: Milliard

Milliard Portable –Foldable Toddler Bumper Bed

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Among the best-rated manufacturers of toddler accessories, Milliard uses a state of the art technology. This is one of the best toddler beds. Well, its versatility and portable surpass all other factors. It folds easily for hassle-free travel. Also, it offers ample storage space for all your baby accessories. The design feature bumpers which aids in child’s safety. Well, the bed features high-quality material on the outside.

The interior is also classy. It features soft and cozy velour which creates a super-comfortable sleep habitat. The mattress cover is hypoallergenic, and it is safe for kids. Moreover, it includes a bonus sheet to make your life a little easier. Well, the cover and the sheet are machines washable. So, keeping the bed in a sanitary condition is easy.


  • Stylish design
  • A perfect décor boost
  • Sheets are Easy to wash by machine
  • Extremely portable


  • Pad not washable by machine

5. Intex Travel Bed Set for Kids

By: Intex

Intex Travel Bed Set for Kids

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You don’t have to be worried when planning for a vacation. You can now go for a camping trip with your kids without worrying about sleeping arrangements. With Intex Travel Bed Set, you have an excellent opportunity to make the camping experience more fulfilling. It features a unique frame design that ensures the kid doesn’t roll out of bed.

Besides, you can separate the airbed from the frame and make an extra sleeping surface. Equally, you can put them together to allow convenient tucking of the sheet. Thus, it provides an excellent combination of versatility, comfort, and convenience. It is made of breathable and hypoallergenic cover material. It boasts premium memory foam to ensure durability and comfort. The sheet and covers are washable by machine.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy to fold
  • Easy to wash covers and sheets
  • Hypoallergenic construction materials


  • Feels a bit bulky

4. Butterfly Craze Kid’s-Toddler Bed, Floor Pillow Bed Cover

By: Butterfly Craze

Butterfly Craze Kid's-Toddler Bed, Floor Pillow Bed Cover

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Comfort is the number one factor people seem to consider when buying toddlers beds. Well, to enjoy it in full scale, you need the Butterfly Craze Kid’s Bed. It is among the best toddler bed that offers exceptional comfort, versatility, and convenience. Moreover, it features super soft fabric which is friendly to the skin. It features high-quality foam and hypo-allergic cover. Thus, it is one of the best mattress or people with sensitive skins. It is better than the air mattress or the inflatable bed. It is comfy, fun and adorable.

Thus, you can let your kids enjoy heaven comfort and satisfying sleep. Moreover, it is easy to maneuver, and you can change the sleeping style in seconds. Also, you can position the mattress at the right angle to allow kid sleep, watch, read or play games. Plus, the design is fantastic and adds décor to a star themed playroom or bedroom. However, it is weatherproof. Thus, this toddler bed is great for camping expeditions.


  • Allow great maneuverability
  • Beautiful construction
  • Extremely soft interior materials
  • Hypoallergenic materials


  • Less durable than some other top-rated toddler beds

3. Hiccapop Toddler Travel Bed- Inflatable and Built-In Safety Bumpers

By: Hiccapop

Hiccapop Toddler Travel Bed- Inflatable and Built-In Safety Bumpers

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Are you searching for an ideal solution for all your sleep arrangements at home? Well, the Hiccapop Toddler bed is a perfect recommendation for you. It features an impressive design that is quite practical for your loved ones. The design utilizes high-quality vinyl fabric. This is tough and highly durable. It is about 40 percent thicker, and double reinforced seams make it extremely durable. Unlike other toddler beds, with this, you will never experience leaks, puncture and other hassles.

Since safety is a great concern for parents, the design features extra-large rail bumpers. So, your kid won’t roll out of bed. When compared with other cribs, this one features bumpers 2 inches taller. In addition, it uses a unique vinyl material. It is free of phthalates, BPA and other pollutant compounds. Inflating the bed only takes 30 seconds using an electric pump. So, versatility, safety, and durability are the leading factors that make it be among the best portable toddler beds of today.


  • Easy assembly
  • Inflates easily
  • Uniquely designed bed rails


  • A bit pricier than others

2. Etekcity Twin Queen Size Air Mattress Blow Up Raised Airbed

By: Etekcity

Etekcity Twin Queen Size Air Mattress Blow Up Raised Airbed

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Give your kids a perfect gift that will impact their lives. The Etekcity twin queen mattress is a great option to ensure they sleep and enjoy comfort. It’s a unique and highly designed bed dedicated to keeping kids safe and comfortable. The good thing about this bed is inflatable and come with an inbuilt air pump. Thereby, there are no hassles when inflating it.

The construction enjoys puncture resistant materials which also allow it to support heavy weight. The humanized design is classic and ideal when compared to rivals. With sleeping surface made of multiple layers of soft materials, there are no hard spots. The bottom is skid free which allows the sleeper to get the best experience. The large design ensures it can fit kids as well as adults.


  • Large sized for kids and adults
  • Extra thick; 18 inches high
  • Bed sheets friendly
  • Firm and skid free base


  • The pump is not rechargeable

1. The Shrunks Portable Toddler Travel Bed Inflatable Air Mattress Bed

By: The Shrunks

The Shrunks Portable Toddler Travel Bed Inflatable Air Mattress Bed

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The Shrunks travel bed for toddlers is a good option to solve any inconvenience while traveling. Unlike the other designs which are stress to carry, this has no hard frame. This makes folding and transporting is stress-free. Despite this, it has a sturdy guard rail that protects kids from rolling off the bed. With crib size design, it ensures kids can use it at home, sleepovers and even outdoor events.

Unlike the mattresses, this bed is inflatable which increases structural support. Additionally, the 9 inches height eliminates the need to have cribbed. To inflate fast, a powerful Jetaire pump accompanies this toddler bed. It’s safe and ideal for all kids since there is no bad odors, phthalates, and other harmful particles.


  • Fast inflating pump
  • Convenient carry bag
  • Sturdy bed guard rail


  • None


Having a reliable portable toddler bed is great for any occasions. They relieve parents from the pressure of sharing a bed which can be awful especially for kids comfort. With these reviewed beds, every parent can now enjoy great traveling.


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