Top 8 Best Portable Oxygen Concentrators You Should Own

Portable Oxygen Concentrators

If you have a respiratory disease, using the best portable oxygen concentrator can improve your breathing. It is a machine that helps purify the outside air during oxygen therapy. This, in turn, helps asthmatic people to breathe in much better. Not only that, but it also aids in cystic fibrosis and sleep apnea conditions. If you are looking for this device, we have the top products available in the market. Some are lightweight, while others are made from quality material. The following article has the best portable oxygen concentrators in 2022.

Best Portable Oxygen Concentrators Review List

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#8. Caredaily 3L 30% Portable Oxygen Concentrator Generator

Caredaily 3L 30% Portable Oxygen Concentrator Generator

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By: Caredaily

Whether you have asthma or another lung disease, the Caredaily machine is here for you. It is among the best portable oxygen concentrator with a lightweight design weighing 4.4 pounds to ease movement. Plus, the blue carrying bag allows comfortable shoulder transporting to any place that meets your needs. Note that the pouch is made from durable material to minimize quick wear. Another thing is the simple structure that supports a straightforward operation. Featuring two buttons, press the set or power dial depending on your application. You can time the working time in 15-minute intervals up to 60 minutes or for four full hours after pressing the SET button.

Additionally, this gadget is a good back up when you are at home and need better breathing. Its universal voltage works well with an AC 110 to 220V of power for easy operation in 220-volt version countries. When you travel with it, you have fewer worries about the power source compatibility. Moreover, the included battery comes in handy in case of power outages. Connect this tool to your car’s cigarette lighter during travels.In Short:

  • Its 4.4-pound design weighs 4.4 pounds to ease movement
  • Comfortable and durable blue carrying bag
  • 2-buttons structure gives you a smooth operation
  • 15-minute working intervals
  • Works well with a car’s cigarette lighter during travels

#7. DEDAKJ DDT-1L Portable Homecare Oxy-Gen Machines

DEDAKJ DDT-1L Portable Homecare Oxy-gen Machines

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The DEDAKJ machine supplies continuous oxygen flow at 1-6liter per minute. Its adjustability also provides 93% of stable and pure oxygen. You can carry this product during travels thanks to its portable structure. Not only does it improve your blood circulation, but also memory and alertness. Your immune system gets a boost to defend against chronic fatigue syndrome as it helps relax your body. We take note of the high definition LCD screen suitable for the elderly. They can read with ease even under poorly-lit conditions. Plus, it enhances the working life while delivering excellent oxygen absorption data viewing.

Another function that makes this among the best portable oxygen concentrator is the timing feature. It automatically turns off after the maximum time has been reached. Note that you can turn the timing off if you prefer a continuous operation between 15 to 180 minutes. This gadget has an improved construction with a Nebulizer, which has less running noise than the rest up to 45 decibels. Also, the touch screen control lets you pick your preferred settings easily. You can now record the oxygen time quickly and comfortably at home.In Short:

  • It supplies continuous oxygen flow at a fast rate
  • With a portable design, movement is a breeze
  • The oxygen improves alertness and blood circulation
  • A large LCD screen allows quick viewing and reading
  • The running noise is less than 45 decibels

#6. YangK Portable O2 Generator Machine, 1-5L/Min Home Travel Air Purifier

YangK Portable O2 Generator Machine, 1-5L:min Home Travel Air Purifier

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By: YangKang

The YangKang is suitable for memory decline in the elderly, busy work. Its versatile design allows different people to use it, such as pregnant women, the elderly, and even students, to boost their alertness in school or work. Boasting a stylish design, the green color stands out from the typical white and grey tones. Not only to improve the room’s decor but also give you elegant use. Made from premium material, the body is tough and challenging to break. Whether you move it numerous times, it maintains its original structure.

This machine has an oxygen concentration between 30 to 90 percent. What this means is in every 5 liters, it uses 30% and a maximum of 90% for 1L. Moreover, the large display is a convenient function that supports a simple setting and reading. Even an elderly with eye problems can pick a setting with maximum ease. With a French molecular sieve and remote control, the operation is a breeze. Simply open the water container panel, remove the included EWT cup, and add pure water. Then, place your water containers and wet cup to your best portable oxygen concentrator.In Short:

  • Suitable for memory decline in the elderly
  • Stylish and durable green finish for beauty
  • Designed from high-quality materials for durability
  • Large display improves reading and setting selection
  • Easy to use thanks to a simple style

#5. SQYYKY Home Portable 1-5L/Min Adjustable O^Xygen Concentration

SQYYKY Home Portable 1-5L:min Adjustable O^xygen Concentration

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This is another best portable oxygen concentrator by the renown brand, SQYYKY, that supports continuous O2 flow all day to give you a comfortable use. You can use it for 24 hours as the inbuilt negative ion generator provides high frequency. Note that the power failure alarm comes in handy to improve the use and prevent damage to your machine. In addition, you can monitor the temp more easily thanks to the temperature alarm that beeps when the ideal heating is not reached. With modern technology, you don’t need to replace the filters, unlike the previous models.

An added advantage is excellent oxygen concentration of 1L flow rate per 90%, 2 L/70% ± 2%, 3L/50% ± 2%, 4L/40%, and 5L per 30%. This AC 110-Volt 60Hz machine uses only the needed power to minimize high electricity bills. Whether you use it for a few minutes or the whole day, the energy consumption is low. Another unique function is the time setting that allows setting from 10 minutes to 5hrs. Not only that, but it also operates using with or without water. That means no need for refilling during the night. Measuring 325mm long x 198mm wide x 323mm tall, this machine is compact. It weighs only 6kg/set for convenient transport.In Short:

  • Supports continuous 24-hour oxygen flow
  • Improved safety with power failure and temperature alarms
  • Its modern structure eliminates filter replacements
  • Low energy consumption for lesser electricity bills
  • Its 198mm width and lightweight ease movement

#4. Vuiluyy Home O2 Concentrator Generator, Adjustable Portable Machine

Vuiluyy Home O2 Concentrator Generator, Adjustable Portable Machine

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By: Vuiluyy

The Vuiluyy measures 12.6 inches long x 6.7 inches wide, x11.4 inches tall. Also, it weighs under 15 pounds with a convenient handle to ease carrying and portability. You don’t need assistance when you set it to your ideal location. Another thing is the immediate oxygen adjustment of 1-5L per minute for an efficient O2 flow. You can enjoy a fantastic air purity from 30% up to 90% depending on the liters in use.

This best portable oxygen concentrator is easy to read and operate, thanks to the user-friendly design. Turn it on and set the humidifier to start functioning. Alternatively, you can use the remote control by pressing some buttons to smooth the action. We take note of the full LCD that shows the accumulation time, volume, and soft volume.In Short:

  • It weighs under 15 pounds to ease lifting and carrying
  • The immediate oxygen adjustment delivers efficient O2 flow
  • Easy to read the wide LCD
  • A convenient remote control has easy to use buttons
  • The display panel shows the accumulation time and volume

#3. Oxy-Gen Concen-Trator,Portable Oxygen Machine

Oxy-gen Concen-trator,Portable Oxygen Machine

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By: zorvo

The benefits of the Zorvo best portable oxygen concentrator are numerous than other brands. Its -ve ion function lets you experience a pure natural air. Also, its O2 absorption releases these ions while purifying the atmosphere. You can use it as a natural remedy for hangover, migraines, and headaches, depending on your conditions. Not only that, but it also increases heighten concentration for better memory and alertness.

With a convenient remote control, you can pick a setting without the need for standing. Plus, the Voice broadcast and vehicle-mounted features add more user convenience. The adjustable oxygen concentration provides a large floe between 1-6-liter adjustment. You can enjoy a consistent 93%±3%, one-liter, pure oxy-gen flow at the comfort of your home. Boasting of an 8-filtration system, you have a guarantee of excellent oxygen purification. Both children and the elderly can use it as the low noise design improves operator comfort.In Short:

  • The negative ion function delivers pure oxygen
  • It helps in improving hangovers, migraines, and headaches
  • A convenient remote control enhances a comfortable use
  • Provides safe oxygen purification with the 8-filtration system
  • Its ergonomic design allows use by a kid or the elderly

#2. COXTOD Portable Oxygen Concentrator Oxygen Bar

COXTOD Portable Oxygen Concentrator Oxygen bar

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The COXTOD has come up with this best portable oxygen concentrator for travel and home use. With a lightweight design, it weighs only 13.3 pounds for ease of carrying. Not only that, but it measures 31cm long x 16.5cm wide x 31cm tall for compact storage. Place it in almost any place such as office, nursery, home, or bedroom that supports your oxygen therapy. In addition, the stainless steel mouth is durable and stylish. It does not discolor or rust after extended use. Its non-oil compressor is made from all copper for excellent overheat protection.

With an improved design, it features a power-saving mode. You can operate this tool for long hours for maximum comfort thanks to the low 45 decibel sound production. Another feature is the wide touch screen for easy function selection and reading. Make sure you don’t add too much water into the tank that exceeds the watermark. Usually, the water level lasts up to one week, suitable for more convenience. Two people can absorb oxygen at the same time. Its white finish is appealing and blends in well in most enclosed spaces.In Short:

  • Portable design is suitable for travel and home use
  • It weighs only 13.3 pounds to support comfortable lifting
  • The ergonomic structure allows use in a nursery, bedroom and other places
  • Low noise operation reaches up to 45 decibels
  • Convenient watermark to improve water filling

#1. HUKOER Portable Concentrator, Pure O2 Outlet

HUKOER Portable Concentrator, Pure O2 Outlet

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This is an easy to use the best portable oxygen concentrator available in the market. With a simplified concise control technology, it is encased in an intensive design. The one-button start ensures both beginner and expert users have easy managing. Simply connect the supplied charger to enjoy a non-stop oxygen supply with no time limit. Note that the recommendation of use has 4-hour breaks to improve this machine’s lifespan. The timing settings are divided into 20-minute intervals. Press the big blue button once to set this range and twice for a 40-minute use. You can also trigger it three times to lass up to one hour or press it continuously for non-stop action.

This unit automatically shuts down to prevent overheating. Plus, the 2200Mah battery has a high capacity that runs for 2 hours and charges for about the same time. You can use it in a car thanks to the supplied car adapter. Plus, the handgrip and 7.27-pound lightweight design encourage a comfortable carrying. What’s more, it works with either a110V or 220V power source to meet various power applications. Priding on an airflow outlet, it delivers 3 liters per minute to reach 30% pure O2. Now, you can use it for outdoor or family health care.In Short:

  • Easy to use thanks to its intensive design
  • The recommended time use is 4-hour breaks
  • Convenient blue button for quick time setting
  • A shut-off function prevents machine overheating
  • The 2200mah battery lasts up to 2 hours


If you have asthma, the best portable oxygen concentrators help improves your breathing. The newer designs not only ficus on respiratory conditions but go a step further in other areas. For instance, you can use it to enhance blood circulation, skincare, increasing memory and alertness, and also boost the immune system. The intake of pure oxygen leads to fewer chronic fatigue syndrome. Check out the items above and pick the best portable oxygen concentrator available in the market.


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