Best Portable Keyboards for you to use on the go in 2022


It can be a real headache to find the right portable keyboard which will satisfy your needs. This is mainly because people have their definition of what a portable keyboard is and how it works.

Someone might want a specific keyboard that could turn a tablet into a virtual laptop while others wish to as many functions the keyboard could provide on the go, desiring a heavy-duty keyboard. Then we know some keyboards increase portability by folding and taking place in your pocket while others are rigid.

Here, we will have a look at the best keyboard options available, which will help a broad range of users as we will go into mechanical keyboards that will undoubtedly appeal to gamers and then there are foldable keyboards that are best for people who want to reserve space while they are on the move.

Logitech K780

Logitech K780

Logitech has been residing in the Gaming Mouse and Keyboard market for quite a while, having loads of experience, which perfectly reflects in the K780.

It has an elegant design and full compatibility, as it can work with almost any device. It also features an angled slot that can house one of the most prominent tablets, like the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. It also comes with a Logitech Unifying USB, which will help it connect to devices without Bluetooth. For devices with Bluetooth, it can connect with up to 3 Bluetooth enabled devices.

The keys have space between them, which can be compared to a full-sized keyboard and has an extensive design and a wedge shape that provides comfort in typing.

Omoton Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

Omoton Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

If you are looking to buy a portable keyboard on a budget, then what you are looking for is the Omoton Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard.

It comes with a battery life of 30 days, along with being lightweight and compact. It connects with a single device and has connectivity problems with some accessories like the MacBook Pro, but for a price of $16, you really can’t complain.

The cost can sometimes go as low as $11, so this is a worthy buy especially if you are seeking a lightweight, compact keyboard.

iClever BK03 Bluetooth Keyboard

iClever BK03 Bluetooth Keyboard

iClever has been known to several keyboards with designs that have a wide range of variety, but the product the company sells like the fire is trifold, which is perfected by the company in terms of simplicity and price. iClever has more expensive options too, as there is a LED-backlit mode for an additional $10 but for most of us, this keyboard shall be the one.

The keyboard is really small as it is only 10 inches across and has the size of an iPhone 6s when its folded. There is an added functionality where the keyboard ‘wakes up’ when it is unfolded and goes back to sleep when it’s closed.

So, that was all from us! You can use any of these keyboards and they will fit perfectly in any bag! Do let us know if you have purchased any of the above and share your experience with it!


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