Top 10 Best Portable Camping Showers in 2022 – Reviews

Best Portable Camping Showers

You may not be used to dipping yourself in the stream to take a shower. But, this is what’s going to happen if you don’t have clean water for bathing. More so, you may be used to using a shower head and not dipping yourself in a bathtub. But, does it mean that you aren’t going to clean your body when you are in a camp. Of course, you must bath, and one of the convenient ways is to use a portable camping shower. It is a pocketable device and hence great for on -the- go use.

This device features a shower head at one end and a pump device on the other end. You just dip the pump in a bucket or a pool and then direct the shower head over you to take a shower. Besides, this device features a suction cup or hook system for easy installation. It is just a simple device but provides a fundamental function when you are out there in the jungle.

So, this portable sower is powered by a rechargeable battery. The design features a water-resistant design that allows the pump to operate normally without destroying the battery electrical system. So, this review focuses on top rated and best-selling portable camping shower in 2022 reviews.

Best Portable Camping Showers in 2022


10. YPS Portable Camping Shower, with a Rechargeable Battery


YPS Portable Camping Shower, with a Rechargeable Battery

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While at the camp, you won’t have the showing system you are used to. Having with tremendous research portable showers has been invented. One of the top rated camping showers is the YPS camping shower. It uses a rechargeable battery to run a specialized pumping device which then transforms your bucket or sink into a perfect shower stream.

Besides, the battery can be recharged using a cable connected to a laptop, car adapter, computer, power bank among other adapters. Once on a full charge, you can use the device for one hour continuously. It uses a powerful suction cup to hang on any flat surface. Also, the water flows in a pleasing and comfortable pressure to give you a soothing bathing experience.

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9. RISEPRO Portable USB Charging Line Shower Head With1.8 Meters Hose


RISEPRO Portable USB Charging Line Shower Head With1.8 Meters Hose

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Few portable showers on the market are as lightweight and compact as the RISEPRO camping shower.  It features a Water flows of about 2 liters per minute and allows 5-7 minutes shower time with 2.5 gallons of water. In addition to that, it comes with three modes of charging that includes USB output from the car, USB output from a laptop and mobile phone charger and works up to 60 min when fully charged after continuous use.

This portable shower is ideal for both indoor and outdoor for kids bathing, pet’s cleaning, plants watering, BBQ, camping, hiking, etc. In addition to that, it is easy to operate and it is included with hook and suction cup.

8. Perfect Life Ideas Handheld Indoor and Camping Travel Portable Shower

By: Perfect Life Ideas

Perfect Life Ideas Handheld Indoor and Camping Travel Portable Shower

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For camping fans looking for a way to minimize the weight and bulk of their equipment, this Camping portable shower from Perfect Life Ideas truly lives up to its name. It’s a compact and handheld shower that is going to transform water from bucket, tub or sink into a steady shower stream to shower kids, pets, teenagers, seniors, adults when they are away from home.  The shower includes a mounting suction cup and a hanging hook for convenient usage at outdoor.

The shower comes with a 6.5 feet long hose that can be folded to make the whole system kit compact in size and it will fit in your car auto, backpack, bag, and vehicle trunk easily.

7. Iron Hammer Portable Shower Outdoor Shower

Electric, Hand-held Shower

By: Iron Hammer

Iron Hammer Portable Shower Outdoor Shower Electric, Hand-held Shower

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This is a portable camping shower that is incredibly powerful which as managed to outdoor a lot of competing brands. It features a powerful rechargeable battery rated 4800MAH which means that it is twice as powerful as ordinary rechargeable batteries.

it boasts IPX7 certification for waterproofing. Thus, the battery component is incredibly shielded against water penetration. The intelligent design of this shower features two water flows, conversion buttons.

It is effortless to use since it supports the handheld application. Moreover, it has a built-in filtration system to allow you to use the river water directly. It has a discharge protection features and a charging indicator light so that the electrical components can function well.

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6. KEDSUM Camping Shower, Upgraded Design


KEDSUM Camping Shower, Upgraded design

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KEDSUM portable shower features an upgraded design that offers smooth functionality and extends the durability. It uses two detachable batteries each rated 2200MAH to give it a longer working time. With a full charge, these two batteries can offer a two-hour service.

And, water flow is excellent and human- friendly. Precisely, the water flows at a rate of one gallon in a minute. It makes bathing easy, fun and more fruitful. It includes a suction cup and S hook for proper installation on walls or trees to give you the best bathing comfort. The shower device weighs 25.2 ounces only and hence offers great portability.

5. ProduTrend Portable Outdoor Camping Shower

By: ProduTrend

ProduTrend Portable Outdoor Camping Shower

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Featuring an ergonomic and lightweight design, Produtrend camping shower is the best shower whenever you are spending your vacation in the jungle. It can fit well in a backpack alongside other equipments. Equally, you can decide to pocket this device to ease your mobility during travels. However, this small design doesn’t mean that it is necessarily less powerful.

Amazingly, this is one of the strongest portable showers on the market. It uses a powerful and water protected battery that can run the device for one hour. The design is also ideal for enhancing remarkable versatility. You can use it on the beach, in the RV, in the garden or any other place. Besides, it is great for pets because taking a pet to a shower room is close to impossible.

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4. Suaoki Battery Powered and Handheld, Camping Shower

By: Suaoki

Suaoki Battery Powered and Handheld, Camping Shower

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Weighing just 1.1lbs and a compact design, Suaoki battery-powered camping shower is one of the best for no the go use. It boasts quick and easy use since it can be powered by a cigar plug and within no time turns a pool of water into the shower like streams.

This device is ideal for indoor and outdoor use and can be applied in a wide range of situations. The versatile design is great for pets, car washing, and backyard cleaning among other applications. Besides, S-hook together with suction cup makes this device great for indoor and all kind of outdoor environments.

3. Anglink Upgraded Camping Shower, Battery Powered Portable

By: Anglink

Anglink Upgraded Camping Shower, Battery powered Portable

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Featuring an upgraded design, Anglink features a separate pump and battery compartment. Thus, the designed in incredibly waterproof and the machines electrical component won’t be at any risk no matter how rigorous you shower. it uses a powerful battery rated 200 MAH which deliver an operation of 1 hour on a full charge.

Also, the water flow pressure has been upgraded by about 0.5 liters a minute. And, because the battery system is separable from the pump, it is pretty easy recharging it using USB enabled devices. Moreover, this shower system features an integrated filtration system to remove all the impurities.

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2. Pure Clean Upgraded Design Portable Camping Shower

By: Pure Clean

Pure Clean Upgraded Design Portable Camping Shower

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Are you searching for the ideal shower for hikers? Pure clean portable shower should in your list of priorities. It features an innovative design that is energy and water efficient to comply with the demands of life at the jungle. The design is 100 percent waterproof and includes a USB charging system.

Thanks to the marine grade waterproof design that supports over two hours of complete immersion. The hose is quite long to accommodate taller users. Besides, you can use either hook or suction up attachment depending on the anchors available at the camping site. It is suitable for car washing, pet cleaning among other applications.

1. Ivation Portable Shower for Outdoor, Battery-Powered

By: Ivation

Ivation Portable Shower for Outdoor, Battery-Powered

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At the top number of the review, the Ivation portable shower comes in to represent. It features a powerful shower head that sticks firmly on any flat surface. Thanks to the integrated suction cups. The showerhead features a soft flow rate that is ideal for an incredible bathing experience.

Plus, the bonus S hook allows you to hand the shower overhead from trees or other objects. The pumps powered by a rechargeable battery. It supports USB charging thereby giving fewer hassles so that you can bath for a long time. Moreover, it can support a total of five people to bath comfortably without recharging the device.


We’ve just adjourned review in the top 10 best camping showers. You have every reason to go out for camping and be able to take a bath anytime you want. These portable camping showers are simple devices with no portability hassles. Moreover, they are energy efficient and require the use of one or two rechargeable batteries to deliver excellent service.

The products featured in our review are reasonably priced though some are a bit pricier due to the addition of some advanced features. Choose one and be ready to go hiking like you never did, knowing that all your bathing needs are taken care of.


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