Top 10 Best Pool Loungers in 2021

Best Pool Loungers

Pool loungers offer one of the most comfortable and stylish ways to unwind at the pool. During the hot summer days, you’ll find them amazingly irresistible especially those with a canopy to protect you from direct sunlight. When buying a pool lounger, you should consider, first, the material used for its construction and the design. These 2 will help in determining whether the float is worth the stated bucks or not. Most of the floaters are quite expensive, as such, that quality should be depicted in the pricing.

Secondly, consider the different features with each pool lounger. For instance, most tools come with a reclining backrest. Others offer an armrest, head support and drink holder among other features. Most importantly, the lounger should be easy to inflate and deflate. Furthermore, it should be easy to fold it, store, or carry. Consider the list below as a guide towards the best-floating loungers we have on the market today.

Best Pool Loungers in 2021


10. EFFUN Swimming Lounge Water Lightweight Floating Chair


EFFUN Swimming Lounge Water Lightweight Floating Chair

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The EFFUN Swimming Pool lounge chair gives you a comfortable and relaxing spot when you take on your pool adventures. It is a well-constructed all-weather Water Hammock made using 30% high-strength Polyester Yarn and 70% PVC, making it soft, durable, and super-fast to dry. In addition to that, the Floating Chair has Ergonomic design offering plenty of support as well as the abundance of comfort, allowing you to float on water, feel the cool world or luxuriate in the sunshine.

It is easy to inflate and deflate this floating chair and rolls up for convenient storage and carry. What’s more, it can support the weight of up to 265 pounds, thus recommended for adults and kids under the guardianship of adults. It is included with inflatable drink holders, inflator pump, inflatable footrest pillow, and an inflatable headrest pillow.

9. SPORTSSTUFF 54-1602 Siesta Lounge

By: SportsStuff

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You’ll be the King of Pool with this Sports Stuff 54-1602. You must admit that this inflatable lounger looks awesome. It’s made of heavy-gauge PVC. This means that it’ll be your pool pal for a long, long time. This lounger has easy to inflate backrest, headrest and armrests. Its footrest is also inflatable and folds easily for compact storage. You’ll find its built-in handle extremely handy when you need to pull it out of the water. This lounger comes with a zippered storage bag too.

8. SwimWays Spring Float Recliner Canopy

By: SwimWays


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Swim Ways isn’t a visitor in this market niche. This brand is highly respected for its superior pool accessories. Their Spring Float Recliner with Canopy is one of the best ways to relax and enjoy all the goodness of your pool. This float is easy to inflate and deflate. It’s made of a high quality material that won’t fade even with regular use in water. Swim Ways has a backrest, headrest, and feet rest. It also offers a cup holder. It’s again covered with a comfortable fabric. Besides, it includes a removable canopy to shield you from the sun.

7. Intex Canopy Island Lounge, 78″ X 59″

By: Intex


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It’s time you created your island right by the pool or beach. This is a luxurious way to stay over the water when socializing, relaxing, or enjoying some beach or pool basketball. This inflatable lounge has been made to last. It features 2 air chambers that improve its buoyancy. It also has a sunshade that protects you from direct sun and 2 cup holders to hold your drinks.

6. SwimWays (Palm Tree) Spring Float

By: SwimWays


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This lounge with a weight capacity of 250 lbs will make you feel like you’re out of this world. It features a versatile construction design with all efforts put to see that you have some quality time in your pool. It has a patented spring design sewn from the inside-out for stability and comfort. Again, Palm tree is fitted with jet valves that makes inflating and deflating the lounge a breeze. In fact, you don’t require a pump to inflate it. If you’re wondering, be informed that the eye-catching graphics doesn’t fade.

5. Aqua Fabric Recliner Water Lounge

By: Aqua

Aqua Fabric Recliner Water Lounge

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For you who spend quite some time in the pool, Aqua Fabric Recliner Pool Float offers one fun way to unwind in style. This lounge is lightweight and portable. It has head support and a leg rest both of which are inflatable. The weave mesh fabric is luxurious, strong, and durable. This lounge allows you to have fun in several ways. You can opt just to lie there and relax, straddle it or do just anything that makes you feel relaxed. Previous users confirm that the inflatable head support and feet rest are made of high-quality material and won’t leak.

4. Intex River Run II Lounge 95″ X 52″

By: Intex


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It’s hard to find the quality and the design in this lounge chair at the price it comes with. This lounge has been designed to last while adding some style to your pool experience. While most loungers have 2 air chambers, Intex River Run II has 5 for unrivaled stability and safety. It has 2 compartments for 2 pool-lovers and 2 onboard drink holders. It also has connectors with which you can connect to other Intex River Runs and handles for easy portability.

3. Intex King Kool Inflatable Lounge

By: Intex

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Intex King Kool Lounge is just what most people have been looking for. It’s amongst the cheapest yet sturdily built lounges there is today. In fact, this lounge has been able to secure the tag ‘’#1 Best Seller’’ on Amazon. It comes in 2 colors blue or gold vinyl. It’s extremely easy to inflate, and its arm and backrests will give you all the rest you need as you sip your cold drink from the cup holder. Intex King Kool also comes with a repair patch for the rainy day.

2. Kelsyus Floating Chair

By: Kelsyus


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Are you in need of a pool lounge but you’re not ready to spend a hundred bucks? Fine, Kelsyus has one. This floating chair has all the features in Intex Canopy and Sports Stuff at an extremely low price. This water float has superior craftsmanship and supreme comfort. The material used is of high quality and has a double layer of soft fabric material that when backed by the cool water will slowly soothe you to sleep. It blows up in a snap and deflates just as easy when you need to store it. Again, it folds easily for easy portability or storage.

1. Intex Floating Inflatable Lounge, 71 X 53-Inch

By: Intex


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No matter how huge you are, Intex has made sure that you get a float of your size without costing you an arm and a leg. This recliner lounge is sumptuously comfortable and stable. Its reclining chair design is what makes it unique. It has 2 chambers for increased security and stability. It also has 2 handles for pulling along the water. Once deflated, it folds up easily, and it’s lightweight for carrying.


Lounges come in all sizes and prices. If you don’t mind burning some money provided you get the best there is, Sports Stuff Siesta Lounge, Swim Ways Spring Float, and Ultimate Float are for you. If you’re caught in between quality and budget, Campania Lounge and Intex King Kool are way cheaper and has excellent value.


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