Top 13 Best Pocket Notebooks in 2022

Best Pocket Notebooks

Jotting down notes or the ‘things to do’ may not be for everyone. But having this kind of habit will actually give some benefits and advantages. Not everyone likes or has the urge to write the things that they want to do or even their plans in life or just for the day. But in case you happen to be one of these few people who would prefer writing the checklist of the ‘things to do’, well we have great news for you – we have the best pocket notebooks to choose from.

When it comes to style and designs, our pocket notebooks have the best designs and styles that would meet the need of the market demand. Now, if you are looking for the best pocket notebook in 2022, let me share to you our top 13 best pocket notebooks in 2022 that you can check and choose from.

I hope that these lists can help you find what you have been looking for because for people like you who make sure that things are get done, owning an exceptional pocket notebook that provides the ease and handiness is very important. So let’s get started.

Maxdot 4 Pieces Kraft Paper Steno Pocket Business Notebook Spiral Lined Notepad Set with Pen in…$14.99Buy on Amazon
Five Star Spiral Notebook, Fat Lil’ Pocket Personal Notebook, College Ruled Paper, 200 Sheets,…$19.99Buy on Amazon
Pocket Notebook Set pack of 2 Super Mini Pocket Smiley Diary Notebooks Memo Note Book 5×3 Inch PU…$6.99Buy on Amazon
Moleskine Classic Notebook, Hard Cover, Pocket (3.5″ x 5.5″) Ruled/Lined, Black, 192 Pages$12.75Buy on Amazon
Portage Field Notebook Tactical Sized Pocket Notepad – Top Bound Notebook with Lined Paper Lies Flat…$9.49Buy on Amazon
Pocket Travelers Notebook, Refillable Leather Travel Journal for Men & Women, Notebook Cover for…$11.95Buy on Amazon
2-Pack Pocket Notebook 3.5″ x 5.5″, Small Notebook Notepad Dotted Grid Mini Hardcover Journal,…Buy on Amazon
Softcover Pocket Notebook Set – 3.5″ x 5.5″ – 6 Pack – 30 Sheets – 60 Lined Pages – Perfect for the…$9.48Buy on Amazon
All Weather Spiral Notebooks, MALEDEN Waterproof Steno Notepad Memo Scratch Pads for Outdoor…$9.98Buy on Amazon
Field Notebook/Pocket Journal – 3.5″x5.5″ – Assorted Patterns – Lined Memo Book – Pack of 5$8.23Buy on Amazon
Small Pocket Notebook, Black Leather Bound, Hardcover Bound Many Page Journal, Mini Premium Paper…$8.95Buy on Amazon
(2-Pack) Pocket Notebook 3.5″ x 5.5″, Small Hardcover Journal with Pen Holder, Inner Pockets, 100gsm…$9.95Buy on Amazon

13. Maxdot 4 Pieces Kraft Paper Steno Pocket Business Notebook

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Have you ever thought of a pocket notebook that comes with a lot of purpose? The Maxdot pocket business notebook has at least 4 different purposes aside from just a pocket notebook. You can actually use it as journal, diary, jotting down business appointment to different business deals, and so on… Here are the different features and benefits that I’m sure you will enjoy while using it:

The content of the notebook include 4 pack spiral notebooks with 300 sheets of white lined paper. Then it also comes with 3 pieces of different colored pens that include blue, black, and red. Just in case you might need more space or separate space for other notes, you can use the 100 pieces yellow sticky note that goes with it plus the 5 colors sticky page markers index tab flags to help you easily find the pages.

As mentioned above, there are 4 different spiral notebooks packed in one and each one has different color cover including red, black, blue, and brown. These colors can help you differentiate each purpose like differentiate your business notes from your personal notes. The size of the notebook obviously was designed for pocket size which means you can easily slip them to your pockets or bags as you go. The size is approximately 12.7 x 9 cm/5 x 3.5 inch.

The uses of the notebook is not only isolated for jotting down notes but you can also use it as journal, memo, business meetings, class notes, diary, page marker, and so on… which can be perfect for various of people such as student, doctor, business people, and others. This type of pocket notebook package is perfect for office and school supplies.


  • 4 Different Packed Notebook
  • Comes with Sticky Notes, Sticky Page Markers & Pens
  • Perfect Size for Pockets

12. Five Star Spiral Notebook, Fat Lil’ Pocket Notebook

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When to durability, this pocket notebook can last all year round. It’s easy to carry because it’s very handy and can perfectly fit to your pockets and pockets in your backpack. This pocket notebook has a 200 college ruled sheets with neat sheet perforation for clean and easy tear-out which won’t damage other pages. The paper is made from high quality white that is ink resistant which will make your writing easy and convenient.

As mentioned above that the notebook has a spiral wire that comes with spiral lock that prevents coil snags in the wire. The size of these pockets notebooks is approximately 5.5” x 4”. It comes in 6 packs package in assorted colors – black, red, lime, cobalt blue, teal, and yellow.


  • Can Last All Year Guaranteed
  • Very Handy & Easy To Carry
  • Ink Resistant paper
  • Comes In 6 Pack In Assorted Colors

11. Pocket Notebook Set pack of 2 Super Mini Pocket

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Mini Smiley Pocket Notebooks can be a perfect choice for those people who are always on-the-go and want handy, durable, and reliable pocket notebooks. These notebooks are made of high quality paper and the cover is made from faux leather for durable and reliable protection. For better protection and make sure that everything stays intact, the notebook is bind with rubberized band closure.

The package comes with two pieces in random colors with sizes (L x W x H) 125mm x 77.8mm x 11.2mm/5” x 3” x 0.44”. The pages are approximately ranges from 90-100 a mix of lined and colored paper. Because of its eye-catching random colors, this can be great as decoration for your office table or desktop. Or, this can also be a perfect gift for your colleagues, friends, and for your children.

The notebook is made from lightweight materials that make it very handy. You can easily carry it with your wherever you go.


  • Durable & Reliable Materials
  • Perfect Size & Very Handy
  • Perfect for On-The-Go People
  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Comes with Rubberize Band

10. Moleskine Classic Hard Cover Notebook

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For exceptional on-the-go notebook, you can check the Classic Moleskine notebooks that are best designed for writing journal, diary, for college classes, and for business meetings. Moleskine notebooks are most beloved by many travelers and journalists simply because of its slim design that makes it easy to carry when traveling.

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Let me tell you why this is most beloved by many people because of its durable materials. The cover is made from leather-like classic Moleskine that comes with inner pocket storage and elastic closure band. Its paper is made from thick ivory paper which is suitable for fountain pens.

Because of its high quality materials, Moleskine notebooks, planners, and journals can be perfect as gift. They come both in hardcover & softcover. You also choose in variety of colors which include black, red, blue, green, and brown. To secure everything inside the notebook since it comes with inner pockets, the binding and cover have durable finish.

With regards to quality of the paper of Moleskine notebook, it’s made from thick ivory paper that makes it perfect from ballpoint pen, fountain pen, and pencil. There is a reason why Moleskine notebook and planners are loved by many like writers, students, artists, professionals, travelers, and others, if you want to understand the passion I urge you to get one for yourself.


  • Durable Cover & Elastic Closure
  • Quality Paper (made from Ivory)
  • Loved By Many People

9 Portage Field Notebook Tactical Sized Pocket Notepad

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A Portage Field Notebook is a space-friendly pocket notebook that is measured 4.6” x 2.8”. With this size, it can perfectly fit your small pockets and it won’t take too much room when you put it in your bag. Because of its very handy size it makes writing so easy even if you are on the field walking and taking notes. It doesn’t mean that this pocket notebook are small in size you can write other things. In fact, you write almost anything from journal writing, travelogue, planning, jotting notes, and more.

Now, for the durability, the cover comes with kraft cover made from durable materials to make it more flexible and can last for long. It also suit the budget and can make your save money since they are sold in packs. One pack has 6 pocket notebooks with 64 pages each.


  • Tactical Size
  • Easy To take Notes
  • Made from Durable Materials
  • Money Saver

8 Field Notes Cover – Dotted Leather Journal

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This pocket notebook is made from premium genuine leather cover in dark brown to make it more durable and protected. The brown genuine leather cover is thick and agile to make it long lasting. It has an ideal size for pockets 3.5” x 5.5” with 64 pages with dot grid paper. To ensure its closure and to keep things tight and close it has a durable stretchy band closure which is also great as pen holder.

In case your notebook ran out, you can always refill it with any pocket size notebooks. With September Leather, enjoy a risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Premium Genuine leather Cover
  • Very handy
  • Refillable
  • With Durable & Stretchy Band Closure

7. 2-Pack Pocket Notebooks, Little Hardcover Journal

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Have you been searching for a high quality durable handy pocket notebook? You are on the right place because what you are reading can be the one you have been looking for. This pocket notebook is best designed for professional people like you. It comes with high quality paper, very handy pocket size, and very reliable.

The size is so perfect that is very easy to carry around wherever you go – 3.5” x 5.5”. You can easily caryy them with you in your pockets. The paper is made from premium 120Gsm thick acid-free ivory ruled paper with 0.24” line space in between. The drawback is that the paper may have a very minimal licking through. You can also enjoy other features that go with this pocket notebook like the PU leather cover that comes with pen holder, book mark, and flexible closure band. For easy note taking, the notebook opens up to 180°. It also has an inside back pocket where you can put your calling cards, business cards, and other notes. Its durability will ensure a long-term use.

Because of all its features, it can actually cater diverse types of work field from business, office, home, school, research work, and other fields that may require jotting notes and keeping records. You can easily jot down notes and inspiration and keep the schedule up-to-date. There’s no need to worry in case of displeasure for we offer a 100% money back guarantee.


  • Very Handy Size
  • Perfect for Diverse Field of Work
  • Multi-Purpose & Journal Feature

6. Softcover Pocket Notebook Set – 90 millimeters by 140 millimeters

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This pocket notebook is perfectly designed for jotting down notes and ideas while you are on the go. It has 30 sheets of paper for you to have enough space to write down thoughts, inspiration, and insights that flashes from your mind while you do your job or activities for the day. Perfectly fits your pockets where you can easily access in case you need to write down something.

The materials are made to last for long period of time. You can get two color covers with durable spine and quality paper to write on.


  • Durable & Lightweight
  • Perfect Size for Pockets
  • 30 Sheet Page

5. All Weather Spiral Notebooks, MALEDEN Waterproof Steno Notepad

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One of the drawbacks of many pocket notebooks when you are always on-the-go is when the weather is bad or in short when it’s wet or raining. Of course you can jot down notes when everything around you is wet. To help you get through with your work, you can take advantage of this MALEDEN Waterproof Steno Notepad where it is designed for all weather use. This pocket notebook is waterproof or water resistant.

The reason why it is waterproof is because the cover is made from polyethylene material. This is perfect for outdoor use and protecting your records. This is also very handy and can easily fit your pockets. The size is 5 x 3 inch.

You can buy them in packs and in each pack has 5 pieces all-weather notepads with 50 sheets each. The MALEDEN brand is known for outdoor products and they are a trusted brand that promises a quality designed outdoor products.


  • Waterproof (Polyethylene Cover)
  • Lightweight & Convenient
  • Brand Guaranteed

4. Pocket Notebook/Pocket Journal – Assorted Patterns

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Are you looking for a pocket notebook that suits your budget? Well we have the best offer that perfectly suits the budget of those who wants to save money but still get it in good quality pocket notebook. We have a 5-pack set of field pocket notebooks. Each notebook has 24 sheets of paper which in total will give you a whopping 240 pages.

Of course they are pocket size meaning that they can perfectly fit into pockets with a size of 3.5 x 5.5 inches with acid-free paper lined and ruled pattern.

The product is reliable because they are sold by a trusted brand called ELAN PUBLISHING which are known to be a leader in Field Notebooks for the past 50 years.


  • Budget-Friendly Value Pack
  • Pocket Size with Lined & Ruled Pattern
  • Published by Trusted Brand for Over 50 years

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3. Small Pocket Notebook, Black Leather Bound

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For best quality pocket notebook or journal products, make sure that you choose those that are top of the line quality and design so you won’t be wasting your money on something unsatisfying.  The Hardcover Bound Many Page Journal could the one you have been looking for all this time. This product is made from highest quality paper on the market. The 192 pages will give you enough space to jot down as many notes as you want and you don’t’ need to worry of bleeding or feathering because the paper is made of classy 100gsm thick, acid-free, and 25-42% heavier than normal paper. Each page has a cream colored paper to avoid that glare appearance in the paper.

The 3.5 W x 5.5 H size of the pocket journal notebook is perfect for school and work. It also fits different types of pockets it can be in your purse, backpack, any types of bag, and even those medium-size pockets. This is perfect for everybody all genders and ages. Then enjoy the labeling stickers to label your notes to easily remember them.

Now, other features to enjoy with Hardcover Bound Many Page Journal are the journal features which include the hardcover high-grade PU leather bound in black color that goes with thread binding to keep the notebook fastened when it’s moving around your bag or pocket when you are on the move. Then, to easily find the page that you want, you can use the black ribbon bookmark to mark the page you want to find immediately. At the back part, there is a accordion pocket where you can put your pocket cards (business card, credit card, ID, receipt, notes, and etc.)

Aside from all the features mentioned above, the pocket notebook are perfect for diverse field of work either for student use, business executive, kids, office works, for science work, or other fields. It doesn’t matter what field of work you are in the idea is the Hardcover Bound Many Page Journal is made to make our life easier and convenient. You can use either pen or pencil it doesn’t matter.

A 100% lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee is offered in case you are not satisfied with the product.


  • High Quality Paper
  • Pocket Size & Lightweight
  • Journal Features
  • Suitable for Diverse Field of Work
  • 100% Lifetime Warranty & Money-back Guarantee

2. (2-Pack) Pocket Notebook 3.5″ x 5.5″

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This pocket notebook comes in two packs. Each notebook has 96 sheets of paper which in total is 192 pages and both notebooks has total of 192 sheets of paper or 384 pages. It is very handy and easy to carry since it only has 3.5” x 5.5” in size and has a perfect EDC notepad.

This notebook can fit to your shirt pocket and back pockets where you can have an easy access when you need to jot down something. You can use this pocket notebook as a mini bullet journal, field notepad, or a memo pad. You can jot down any thoughts or ideas that come to your mind as you work or study.


  • Pocket Size & Handy
  • Multi-use for Field Work

1. Moleskine Cahier Soft Cover Journal, Set of 3

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Are you the type of person who loves to write journals, daily diaries, or likes to jot down notes during your school classes? If you are looking for a perfect notebook where you can keep everything that you want to write, Moleskine Cahier Soft Cover Journal is the right one for you. Have you ever tried this kind of notebook? If not, then I urge you to get one. Moleskine notebooks are adored by many travelers and bullet journalist because of its slender shape.

Moleskine notebooks are made from durable materials like the cardboard cover to keep your notes protected and intact. You can also keep other important things in its inner storage pockets. The notebook has detachable pages where you can easily remove it from the body and use it. The pages are thick and they are made from ivory paper which is perfect for fountain pens.

Other features that you can enjoy is they comes both in soft and hard cover, it comes in different colors including (black, red, blue, green, and brown), and it also has binding cover to help keep your notes fastened.

Both the soft and hard cover Moleskine notebook, cahier or Volant journal, and Moleskine planner has a perfect quality paper that is perfect from ball point pens, fountain pens, and even pencils. Many professionals and students love to use Moleskine Cahier Soft Cover Journal to keep their notes. If you want to understand why these people love using this type of notebook, I would suggest you get one and experience it yourself.


  • Durable Cover & Storage Pocket
  • High Quality Paper
  • Suitable for Students & Professionals

Why should you buy pocket notebooks?

At this point, you now have an idea about the advantages of using pocket notebooks and the top 13 list I gave you hopefully have helped you find the best pocket notebook that you have been looking for. You may not appreciate the benefits of a pocket notebook until you get to use them and experience its convenience.

Many people use pocket notebooks simply to keep records, help them remember things, and also to keep things in order. Our minds have the capacity to forget things even important things. Our memory can’t be reliable all the time that’s why we need to jot down notes to help us remember and keep things in order and avoid any possible conflicts in the future. Keeping records and notes has been very helpful for years now, we were able to know and understand our history because of people who kept the records. So, if you haven’t tried using pocket notebooks or pocket journal, it’s not yet too late to get started. Help yourself remember by jotting down notes and ideas and keep them as your personal records.

Final Words

Jotting down notes can be fun because you get to back read them in case you forget some important things like business meeting, schedule of exams, important occasions, and so on… what I’m trying to say here is most people that are successful in life are those people who write down the things that they want to achieve. These are the people who even write their plans and goals in life and keep track of them from time to time. They make sure that they are doing the right things to get things done.

I haven’t seen successful people who don’t have pocket notebooks in them. They always do because that’s where they jot down ideas, insights, impressions, and some words of wisdom that might be helpful for them and maybe for others as well.


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