Top 10 Best Phone Card Holders in 2022 – Stick on Wallet for Credit Card, Business Card and ID

Best Phone Card Holders

Sometimes it is a good idea to leave your bulky wallet at your house and carry around some valuable cards and small cash with you. Having a phone card holder is a standard solution to this problem. They are going to stick at the back of the phone or case and it will enable you to place some few cards and cash with you. It is not simple to select the best card holder for your phone and with that, check out our list of top 10 best phone card holders that you may like.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Phone Card Holder

  • The Size of the Phone: You should look for a phone card holder that fits perfectly on your phone. If you buy one that is too small or too big, it will not help you.
  • The cost of the Phone Card Holder: Ensure that you look for the one that fits your budget and also it is high quality. Some can be moderately priced however they work perfectly and last for a long period serving you.
  • The Color of the Phone Card Holder: This depends on everyone’s preference. Select a color that will look attractive to you. It is also good to select a color that will match the color of your phone.
  • Adhesive Capability: Whenever you are looking for phone card holder, you must get the one that will attach well to your phone. Look at its adhesive nature and whether it leaves some sticky residue when you remove it.

Best Sellers

1SHANSHUI Phone Card Holder, Silicone Adhesive Stick-on ID Credit Card Wallet Phone Case Pouch Sleeve…$5.99View on Amazon
2Phone Card Holder Stretchy Lycra Wallet Pocket Credit Card ID Case Pouch Sleeve 3M Adhesive Sticker…$6.99View on Amazon
3Phone Card Holder for Phone Back, HUO ZAO Silicone Adhesive Credit Card Pouch with 3M Stick-on Phone…$7.99View on Amazon
4CA+ [Two] Stretch Card Sleeves Stick On Wallet for Cell Phone Card Holder Adhesive Sticker ID Credit…$6.95View on Amazon
5New 5-in-1 Cell Phone Wallet-Stick On Spandex Ring Card Holder Sleeve…$8.99View on Amazon
6BIAJIYA Phone Card Holder RFID Wallet Credit Adhesive Cell Case Stick-on Card Holder for Back of…$9.99View on Amazon
73 Pack Phone Card Holder Stretchy Lycra Stick on Wallet Pocket Credit Card ID Case Pouch Sleeve 3M…$10.99View on Amazon
8Two Pack Phone Card Holder uCOLOR Stretchy Lycra Wallet Pocket Credit Card ID Case Pouch Sleeve 3M…$6.89View on Amazon
9TOPWOOZU Phone Card Holder with Ring Grip for Back of Phone,Adhesive Stick-on Credit Card Wallet…$6.99View on Amazon
10Premium Leather Phone Card Holder Stick On Wallet for iPhone and Android Smartphones Kangaroo (Black…$13.95View on Amazon

Best Phone Card Holder in 2022


10. Sinjimoru Phone Grip Safety Card Holder with Leather Phone Stand

By: Sinjimoru

Sinjimoru Phone Grip Safety Card Holder with Leather Phone Stand

  Check price on Amazon

Turn your smartphone into a wallet by adding this card holder from Sinjimoru. This Phone card holder can store 1 to 5 cards or small business cards or even cash letting you leave heavy wallet or purse at home.  Additionally, it also functions as a phone grip protecting your iPhone from falling down.  This Card Holder is highly compatible with most smartphone and you just need to attach them at the back of the phone.

This high-quality cardholder can also be turned into a Phone Stand as it has a natural leather pad that will support your phone any time.  In this case, this Card Holder is very functional and will keep all your cards inside until you need them.


  • Can store 1 to 5 cards
  • Comes with convenient leather phone stand
  • Used with most smartphones and smartphone cases.
  • Made of stretchy material

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9. Cardly (2) Stretchy smartphones Stick on Wallet Holder

By: Cardly

Cardly (2) Stretchy smartphones Stick on Wallet Holder

  Check price on Amazon

With this fashionable phone holder, you can easily store your cash and cards and it will make sure that they are secure, it is ideal for the Galaxy, iPhone and all kind of smartphones. Just replace your wallet with this phone holder because it will be easy for you to put the credit cards, keys, as well as your cash and you, can easily access them.

With its patented 3M adhesive it ensures that it does not leave any residue on the phone when you remove it, in addition to that, the holder is made with stretchy material that enables it to fir 4 cards securely.


  • Sticks to all smartphones
  • Easily put cash and credit cards
  • Made of stretchy material
  • Easily and securely fit four card

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8. WUOJI RFID Blocking Ultra-Slim Phone Card Wallet – (Golden)


WUOJI RFID Blocking Ultra-Slim Phone Card Wallet - (Golden)

  Check price on Amazon

When you, you don’t want to carry your wallet or you don’t have pockets, this card holder comes to rescue. It is an Ultra-slim Self Adhesive Phone Card Wallet that Stick to your smartphone case.  It will help you to carry your smartphone case, earphones, USB flash drive or even cash and cards.  It will conveniently hold the content without falling even when the holder is upside down.

This Card Wallet made of durable elastic fabric that will ensure that the pocket never loss elasticity or stay open whenever it is not in use. Additionally, this wallet will hold the items firmly giving your cards, cash and other valuable data full protection from hackers and pickpockets.


  • Designed from high-quality elastic fabric
  • Surface safe strong adhesive tape
  • Carries everything you need
  • Ultra-slim self-adhesive credit card
  • Unique 2-sided RFID-blocking secure design

7. Pofesun Adhesive Ultra-Thin Stick Phone Wallet (Black)

By: Pofesun

Pofesun Adhesive Ultra-Thin Stick Phone Wallet (Black)

  Check price on Amazon

The Pofesun phone wallet is one of the best phone card holder you can find in the market; it can fit three cards hence you do not need to carry on the bulky wallet, you only need to slip your ID, credit cards together with some cash and that’s in enough. Furthermore, it is ultra-thin and compact and this makes it convenient to carry your phone.

In addition to that, it will preserve your smartphones beauty as well it will remain slim. It is simple to attach it on the case of the phone and I am sure that it will not come off up to when you remove it.


  • Leave Bulky Wallet At Home
  • Slim and Lightweight
  • 3M Adhesive Tape
  • Tight & Protective Secure
  • More Multiple Uses than Your Expectation

6. Wallaroo- Premium Leather Android Smartphones Credit Card Holder

By: Wallaroo

Wallaroo- Premium Leather Android Smartphones Credit Card Holder

  Check price on Amazon

Do not be stressed again carrying a bulky wallet because the Wallaroo phone Holder is there for you. It is compatible with most phones including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia and many more, in addition to that, it is built to last and with its Sturdy 3M Adhesive enables it to stick on the phone firmly and it will not fall out.

It is usually made with Luxurious 100% real leather that makes it durable and will serve you for a long time. Most importantly, it will keep the cards firmly on it and there is no chance of losing them. You can use it to carry cards like credit card holder, ID as well as your cash.


  • Made with Rich, Luxurious Leather
  • Compatible with nearly every smartphone
  • Built to last
  • Secure fit for your cards
  • Leave the wallet at home

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5. FRIFUN Ultra-Slim Cell Phone Wallet for Credit Cards (Mint)


FRIFUN Ultra-Slim Cell Phone Wallet for Credit Cards (Mint)

  Check price on Amazon

This Cell Phone Wallet is made with a design that makes it stylish and multifunctional, it will stick perfectly on the back of your smartphone or casing and it can be used to carry up to cards together with some cash, and it will ensure total privacy. In addition to that, it is manufactured with polyester cotton and premium leather that makes it durable and nice looking.

It features an extra tall pocket that will make it possible to cover your cash and cards perfectly. Nevertheless, with its Superior PU Gel Adhesive, it will enable it to stick on any material perfectly.


  • Secure Your Card and Cash
  • Premium Leather Card Holder
  • Slim and Convenient Use
  • Easy stick on the phones back

4. AgentWhiteUSA Cell Phone Wallet for cards and cash Grey/Black/White

By: AgentWhiteUSA

AgentWhiteUSA Cell Phone Wallet for cards and cash Grey:Black:White

  Check price on Amazon

This cell phone holder will add more value to your Phone. Whenever you are going to the gym or the town, you require being comfortable without carrying a lot of things. This flexible and convenient Cell Phone Wallet from AgentWhiteUSA will help you to keep the phone and other important documents on one slim configuration.

In addition to that, it will help you to keep earbuds, credit cards, SD card and also the phones charging cable. It will simply attach on your phones back hence reducing items you require to carry on your pockets. It comes with a friendly price thus everyone can afford to purchase it.


  • Made of high quality, anti-slip material
  • Fit up to 5 cards comfortably
  • Supports all smartphones & tablets
  • Perfect to carry ID, credit cards and some cash

3. Cellessentials Card Wallet Pocket Credit Card Back Phone

By: Cellessentials

Cellessentials Card Wallet Pocket Credit Card Back Phone

  Check price on Amazon

If your wallet is bulky and you feel that you need something convenient to carry your cards and cash, get this Cellessentials Card Wallet that will fit on any phone, it has a strong adhesive that makes it attach on the phones or cases. In addition to that, it can hold up to three cards and you will be confident that it will not fall out.

The Cellessentials Card wallet usually comes with different color combinations and you can select the one that you feel it is the best one for you. You can place your business cards, bus pass, driver’s license and more.


  • Redesigned with the strongest adhesive
  • Easy to carry your most vital cards
  • Hold up to 3 cards securely
  • Give your phone a new look
  • Anti-slip silicone

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2. Gecko Adhesive Phone Wallet with Stick-On Cardholder (BLACK)

By: Gecko Travel Tech

Gecko Adhesive Phone Wallet with Stick-On Cardholder (BLACK)

  Check price on Amazon

With this Gecko Adhesive Phone Cardholder, you will be able to hold phone cards, credit cards, ID and more. It is universal and can fit perfectly any kind of a phone or case, on the other hand, it is made with a safety strap that will make the cards secure, and you will never worry about misplacing your valuable items.

It is made with a durable LYCRA material that is stretchable making it hold anything that you need; it also saves more time to get the cards and cash as compared to when they are in a bulky wallet.


  • Fit to almost any phone or case
  • Built-in safety strap
  • Extra tall pocket
  • Light pockets & fast access

1. Sinjimoru Card Black Holder for Back of Phone

By: Sinjimoru

Sinjimoru Card Black Holder for Back of Phone

  Check price on Amazon

The Sinjimoru phones Cardholder is our number one item in this list. It will conveniently attach on your phone since it has 3M removable tapes that are attached strongly on the smartphone, it works perfectly with any smartphone, it will bring convenience as well as great feeling. It is a high-quality phone wallet that will securely store your keys, money, and cards.

Ideally, it is an ultra-slim card wallet that can hold up to 10 cards and there will be no worry of losing your cards, get the Sinjimoru phones Card will work perfectly for you and it is worth to purchase.


  • Securely store cards, keys, and money
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Ultra slim card wallet
  • Highly compatible credit card case
  • Hold up to 10 credit cards


Phone card holders are a perfect way to save more space in your bag, wallet or pockets. They also enable you to carry your essentials securely. The list above will help you to choose one that you feel it is ideal for you. Enjoy your purchase!


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