Top 10 Best Phone Armband in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Phone Armband

In this generation where most people are now engaging in sporting activities, phone armbands have come in handy. The market has very many products to choose from. In fact, buying an armband can be very hectic and challenging at the same time, especially, when one does know what features they need to look at. In this review, we will walk you through the best brands on the market.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Phone Armbands

  • Size: Phone accessories come in different sizes due to the different types of phone models available. Companies make different sizes to satisfy their diverse customers’ needs. Therefore, when buying, one needs to consider this. You should pick the correct size that will fit your phone type.
  • Material: Most gadgets are made up of the best quality of materials. They are waterproof. They are also sweat resistant. This enables it to efficiently protect the phone during vigorous activities and sports.
  • Design: A good number of these products are designed differently to make them work efficiently. In this case, one has to be aware of the key features they need in one sports band. The weight of the gadget should not be heavy. A good band must have side pockets like the sim card slot. One should also have headphones holes and a key holder for the keys too.

Why you need a Phone Armband?

  • It’s affordable: Phone armbands are highly affordable and durable at the same time. One can purchase another phone and still retain their armband. This makes it very convenient.
  • Wide Color Selection: These gadgets come in different colors, and one can select what they like.
  • It Is Versatile: Most of the handset bands play more than one role. Other than protecting ones’ phone from water, sweat or scratches during a sports activity, one can also carry their wallets and ID cards. Also, you can listen to music at the same time.

Best Phone Armband in 2020


10. QUANFUN Armband 

QUANFUN Armband 

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This is the phone armband recommended for sporty people; anyone who takes part in any workout activity either in the gym or even when jogging or running. It is designed for various types of phones ranging from iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy s8, LG, and others. And yes, it boasts an extended strap with a key holder attached to it. This helps in keeping one’s keys safe when running. This one also has a simcard slot and the manufacturer made it in different colors, i.e., Black and Rosy pink to suit the different color preferences by different people. The above-named product can fit both small phones up to 5.2″ phones.

Any person looking for a colorful sports armband, this is the best design for them. The reason being it comes in four different colors. It’s adjustable to fit any person whether you are slim or have biceps. The quanfun armband is big with various slots to carry different things. Some of the things portable using it includes a wallet, cards or cash. Likewise, it has a headphone holder.

9. SIMPTECH Running Phone Forearm Armband 

9. SIMPTECH Running Phone Forearm Armband 

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This armband rotates 180 degrees which allows one to rotate their phone in whichever direction they want to. The gadget is compatible with iPhone 7/7plus/6/6plus, Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus/S7/S7 Edge and any other mobile phone that is below 6 inches. This one is available in black which is the best color for sporting activities.

It fits the phone plus its case. Something else about this device is that it stretches a lot to enable one fit in their arms. The device is also easy to use and comfortable. The gadget comes with one year warranty and also prevent one’s phone from getting wet either from the rain or sweat.

8. MOSICA Sports Armband

MOSICA Sports Armband

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Another alternative for protecting ones phone at the gym is the Mosica band. This one is very opportune when one is carrying out their exercise. In addition to this, it fits well. The armband is designed in a way that it has an HD sensitive screen. The screen facilitates the operation on the phone during workouts. I recommend this device because it has a fingerprint support system that prevents anyone else from accessing your phone. Mosica products are made up of stretch resistant neoprene material and high-quality anti-sweat fabric. This fabric absorbs sweat so as to reduce slippage.

Moreover, it has some three holes for headphones to keep one entertained as they exercise and also to enable one use the USB cable for easy access to their phones. The product is also premeditated in a way that it can support fingerprint identification even though this is only for the iPhone 8/7/6s/6/6 Plus. The armband enables one to carry their credit card or ID card or students’ card.

7. SENBOR Sports Armband

SENBOR Sports Armband

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Some people would prefer a product that enables them to use their phones without taking it out of the device. This Senbor sports accessory is the perfect type for such because of its design. It is made up of a screen well-matched for receiving phone calls. While using this device one can change music while the phone is still intact held up in the device. This product comes in three beautiful colors: Black, Gray, and Pink. In addition to all its features, it has free shipping on all the orders made. Contains a headphone hole in it too.

The product is designed in that it has a three-step sweat resistance ability. This is possible because it has a reduced headset hole and the entrance of the armband is well covered with a piece of cloth. Comprises of an extra fabric layer for the purpose of filtering sweat. All of these properties combines are what makes this gadget one of the very best available in the market today.

6. REVERE SPORT Universal Exercise Armband 

6. REVERE SPORT Universal Exercise Armband 

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Any person looking for something just to keep their phone safe without accessing it during sporting activities then this armband from River sport is perfect. It is accustomed to all sizes of phones, spacious and is very comfortable. And yes, one can use it to carry their snack, keys and credit cards. Besides holding your phone safely, it is very light. The lightweight material used to make this device has made it be very comfortable while I use. Furthermore, this product comes all in all sizes. The sizes range as follows; small size: 9″-11.6″, Medium size: 11.6″-14.2″ and Large size: 14.2″-16.5″

Something else, the product comes with a manual on how it is used and how one measures their arm size. Rivere sport devices are compatible with both slim phone cases and large phone cases hence one need not worry if their phone will be able to fit in with their cases or not. It is also very harmonious with all the phones from iPhone, HTC, Samsung, LG, and Sony to Nokia. The discreet, stylish design makes it perfect in holding the phone when one is working out. Any person doing all the gym activities like weight lifting, hiking, just gardening at home or even when jogging or running can use this effective device.

5. VUP Running Phone Armband 

VUP Running Phone Armband 

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People who like hiking, taking long walks or cyclists are effective consumers for this device. Like the Simptech armband, this product is rotatable at 180 degrees. This feature allows it to be used in any direction one might feel like. One can also use it to watch videos from their phones and read some eBooks. It is a hands-free band. The device is available in three different but awesome colors making ones sporting life or activity very colorful. People with smartphones whether an iPhone or Android as long as the size ranges up to 6 inches can use this device.

In addition to the above features, this VUP armband comes with a user guide to enable one fix it. Besides it is very affordable but of high quality. It fits any smartphone from 4″ to 6″. The device is made up of a premium material that is stretch resistant silicone. Plus it is adjustable to be able to fit any person regardless of their arm size. This product is the single best phone accessory that one can come across because of its universal nature. Besides, it fits the phone very well.

4. MÜV365 Ultimate Comfort iPhone Arm Holder

MÜV365 Ultimate Comfort iPhone Arm Holder

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Some companies make very heavy and bulky devices. This makes one uncomfortable working out with them. However, MÜV365 is the best product because it is simple but effective. The device is mostly made of 84% Nylon and 16% Lycra. It has a soft texture on one’s arm. Furthermore, the device stretches enough for one to put it on and fits very well on the arm retaining its shape. This product from Make your own luck is one of the best because it accommodates all phone sizes from slim up to 7″.Like most of the products listed above, this MUV365 has enough space for one to keep their cash, passport, keys, phone, and cards.

In addition, it is very easy to use and comes with a user manual. Unlike most of the Velcro and Plastic holders, this gadget is comfortable. It does not pinch the skin and is very light.

3 .i2 GEAR Running & Exercise Armband

i2 GEAR Running & Exercise Armband

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The next best and very compatible product is from Cost Brothers. This one is effective with different phones up to 5.65×3×.35 inches. Having been designed for Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6/6S phones, the i2 Gear is hands-free and very opportune for one to easily access their phones. This one keeps the phone close and accessible. Some of the key features is the inbuilt screen protector for easy access to the phone.

There is also a reflective border for increased visibility when one is in a low light place. Entails a neoprene shell to keep it waterproof. The i2 Gear is also designed with a soft touch, but it is very strong. One can use it to carry their keys and listen to music using the earphones. The product comes in a small size that can be very effective with ladies who are usually less masculine to men.

2. TRIANIUM Armband 


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If one really treasure their mobile phone and is looking for quality, then this is the best armband for them. This device from Trianium direct is the best-selling at the moment. Thanks to its features that make it suitable. You will find that some products cannot accommodate the phone and their cases, but this device from Trianium can. It is large enough so that it can work with most of the phone cases to enhance two-layer protection to your phone.

The main reason I recommend one to buy this gadget is due to its sizing. The band is made of Neoprene that is stretch resistant. This device also easily turns, folds and winds without damage. Something good about it is that it has a multi-slot adjustable Velcro band that enables it to fit any arm size up to 14 inches. This product is touch screen compatible. Additionally, it comes with a rubberlike texture making it comfortable to the user and it comes fully packaged with everything well placed. It’s best for outdoor activities.

1. TRIBE Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband:

TRIBE Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband

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This is the best armband of all the above-named products. This product is very secure with reflective borders. There is no other gadget that comes in a variety of ten good different colors other than this one. It is made up of the best quality soft Neoprene designed to flex. The device bends or twists and still maintain its original shape. Tribe fitness has ensured that this kind of device is suitable for any type of activity. Moreover it is also environmentally friendly. Some of the colors available are Red, Gray, Black, Purple, Dark blue and many others.

Having been rated as the best phone accessory, this product is waterproof. Once more it offers full-screen coverage to the user. This product has got an HD headphone jack support for both Apple and Android phones thus it works for any kind of phones. Apart from the quality materials used and its compatibility, this armband also comes in handy with more benefits. Besides, it comes with a bundled iPhone 6/6s screen protector. Also, there is a 100% manufacturer money back guarantee just in case one does not love the product they have received. All these exceptional features are what makes this device to be the best.

Final Thoughts

There are very many armbands in the market, and each and every manufacturer has got their own description that slightly varies from each other. In this review, we have mostly listed the best-known armbands and their specification to enable you to choose one which is of good quality and perfectly suits you. All the above products have been tested and proven to be effective in protecting the various types of phones as listed above.


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