55 Best Party Games for Adults in 2022

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Some may think that playing games at parties and gatherings is a privilege for children only, but the fact is many of us continue playing games with each other as we grow up and get older.

There are so many card, board, drinking, and other games for adults to choose from that chances are you will never have a dull moment again.

Many of the games are great ice breakers, and others are fun-filled games to share with your closest friends and to bond and enjoy yourselves together.

While some are quite naughty and a tad vulgar, others remain tasteful and suitable for older and younger family members as well.

Adult Games

This is the ultimate list of the greatest adult games for 2022.

You can play them on game night, at all kinds of parties, while traveling, or anywhere you like.

Now that the Holiday season is coming, hopefully, you will be able to get the perfect adult games to play with your friends next time you get together from this list divided into card, boards, and other games for grownups.

These games involve playing with words, guessing, drawing, acting, and all other activities to keep you all laughing and having fun.

Card adult games

BAD PEOPLE – The Adult Party Game You Probably Shouldn’t Play

If you don’t take criticism too well and feel too self-conscious, you probably shouldn’t play Bad People.

BAD PEOPLE - The Adult Party Game You Probably Shouldn’t Play

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This card game for adults consists of 290 fun-filled cards, including 10 identity cards for the players, 170 question cards with questions ranging from “Most likely to secretly run a meth lab” to “Whose funeral will have the smallest attendance?” and 100 voting cards plus 10 double down cards.

It’s a great game for people with open minds and a sense of humor. Up to 10 people can participate.

Never Have I Ever NSFW Edition

If you are not afraid to admit your mistakes and have a laugh about some of the poor decisions you have made, then Never Have I Ever is a great adult game to enjoy with your friends.


Keep in mind that the NSFW version of this card game can get pretty descriptive and even embarrassing.

The good news is – the more bad decisions you have made in your life (which you are willing to admit) – the bigger the chance that you win this fun party game.

These Cards Will Get You Drunk

This drinking card game for adults can really get you drunk. It includes over 100 different cards prompting the players to do something, answer a question or others, and also include the instructions about who drinks.


You can play it with the beverage of your choice, but keep in mind that this card game can really get you drunk, so play and drink responsibly!

The Voting Game

This is another adult card game that will test your friendship and help you learn even more about your friends.


It includes 200 “who is most likely to…?” questions and a voting procedure among all players.

This is another game which is suitable for people who are open-minded and don’t mind laughing at themselves.

In the end, you will end up finding out even more interesting stories about your friend that you were already aware of.

Funemployed Card Game

This card game will allow you and your friends to be placed in the hot seat and be interviewed by the others for 89 different job positions.


The players can use 359 qualification cards, some of them pretty weird and funny for this improvised job interview.

Your job is to try to convince all others that you are absolutely perfect for this particular job.

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Badmoji Emoji Card Game

If you and your friends love emojis and think you understand them perfectly, then this fun game for adults will keep you all laughing.


The pack includes more than 200 emoji cards, depicting various indecent emoji phrases, which the players or teams should rush to interpret correctly.

Keep in mind that this is one of those adult games which are definitely not safe for work and suits people with open and a bit filthy minds.

Anyway, it is a hilarious way to spend the evening with friends.

 New Phone, Who Dis?

This phone texting card game is definitely for adults only.

It may remind you of Cards Against Humanity, but it includes interpreting text messages and finding the best and funniest response among the cards.


The pack includes 240 inbox cards and 300 other quick reply cards, and can be played by 3 to 20 players.

One player picks an inbox card, and the others compete to find the best possible response card to the text message.


This game is perfect for adults who love memes.

It includes a total of 435 cards, of which 75 are photo cards, and the rest are text caption cards.


You and your friends will compete to find the most suitable caption for the particular photo picked.

This is another fun-filled card game for adults, which will keep everyone entertained and laughing all evening or night long.

Hasbro Midnight Taboo Game

This is a game with cards and a buzzer. One player picks a card with a word they need to describe, as well as the most common descriptions for it. The goal is to race against time and help your teammates guess the word without using any of the words included in the card.


It includes 264 fun cards with some adult content, and a buzzer. If you accidentally mention one of the forbidden words on your card, you get the buzzer, and the other team gets a point.

The game also has a 1-minute timer, which makes it even faster-paced, exciting, and in most cases, pretty hilarious.

In the regular Taboo game, players draw cards and must describe their chosen word or phrase for others to guess, without using its most common descriptors.

If You Had To…

This card game includes 250 cards depicting a horrible or hilarious scenario. Each player gets five of these cards and needs to choose the one he or she thinks is the most unsavory.


A judge decided which one of the players has managed to gross the others the most and gives them a point.

Imagine choosing between scenarios like “have Martha Steward baste you like a turkey” and “maintain eye contact with your best friend while they are having sex?”

This is definitely a game that will keep everyone interested, laughing, and in most cases – grossed out.

Exploding Kittens: NSFW Edition

This is the explicit version suitable for adults only of the famous Exploding Kittens game, which remains the most backed-up project on Kickstarter in history.


It is a fast-paced competition of constant card drawing, in which each player receives ammunition to use against the others.

The goal is to avoid the Exploding Kitten card.

It is advertised as a card game for people who are into explosions and kittens. It may sound absurd, but it is an addictive Russian roulette style card game for adults.

Cards Against Humanity

This is probably the most famous of all tactless and insensitive card games for adults.

This, though, is version 2. It includes over 150 new cards, and a total of 500 white cards and 100 black cards, which means that you and your friends can keep playing it over and over again and still enjoy it.


A player picks a black card, which includes a fill in the blank phrase, and the rest pick the white card, which best completes the sentence. A judge decides whose response is the grossest, and he or she gets a point.

Cards Against Humanity is one of those games for adults who will keep you playing and loving it all night long.

Unstable Unicorns Base Game

This is another famous Kickstarter backed project, and is a unique way to challenge your friends.


The goal is to establish your own army of 7 unstable unicorns.

Each of the cards depicts a cute but disturbed unicorn as well as directions for you and for the other players to follow.

This is an excellent way to destroy your friendship with others but in a good and fun way.

This is the base Unstable Unicorn game, but if you want something more dirty and fun – you can buy the NSFW Expansion, which includes instructions involving drinking, stripping, and others.

That’s What She Said 

If you are looking for an adult card game like Cards against humanity, but with a dirty and naughty twist, then this is the right game for you.


It is a fast-paced and absolutely hilarious game in which the players compete to give the dirtiest and funniest response to a phrase.

The game includes 400 white phrase cards and 58 red setup cards, so the options and combinations of phrases are endless and absolutely inappropriate every time.

It is the perfect game to play at a bachelorette or bachelor party, or at a ladies’ night out.

Freedom Of Speech Adult Board Game:

This is another timed word guessing game with a lot of inappropriate and dirty words involved.


It is a perfect game to enjoy with your equally twisted friends. It is suitable for 2 to 10 players.

The card game consists of 400 hilarious cards and comes with a buzzer timer, that will get faster and faster as you play.

You can turn this adult game into a drinking game by following the bonus rules in the instructions.

Pick Your Poison Adult Card Game – NSFW Edition

This NSFW Edition of the Pick Your Poison adult card game will have you and your friends laughing, cringing, and having loads of fun.


It is from the type “what would you rather do?” but includes some pretty dirty and shocking scenarios to pick from.

This version includes 350 cards, but you can also combine it with the regular version to get even more options and replay it, again and again, to see who is the most messed up of all among your friends.

F**k. The Game – Hilariously Social Adult Party Game

This is another entertaining and fun game to play with friends at a party when traveling, or when out drinking. It Kickstarted in Australia in 2015 and has been gaining popularity ever since.


It can be expanded with DIY words and images. Plus, you can adjust the rules depending on whether you want it to be an easy or a hard game to play.

It includes a lot of swear words, shouting, but is designed to play with your mind too, so you will be exercising your brain while you are playing.

Drunk Stoned or Stupid

This is yet another “Most likely to…” card game for adults. As the makers of this fun party game, there are no winners in it…just losers.


Each player will get to draw a card with a “Most likely to…” premise and to decide which one of the players is the likeliest to do it. This answer, though, needs to be backed with personal histories, and facts, in order for the judge to rule out that the answer is right.

It is definitely a game that you and your buddies will be playing and replaying over and over again without getting tired of it.

CADS Against ADULTING. A Party Game for People Who Refuse to Adult.

This card game is designed for 21st-century adults who simply refuse to adult.

It consists of 100 scenario cards, and 350 answer cards, and follows the fill-in-the-blank principle of other adult card games.


You and your friends will get to complete sentences with hilarious responses, and there are even 50 blank cards where you can add your own jokes and lame responses to phrases like “I know I am good at adulting when I am regularly ….” as well.

Some of the top responses include “Fantasizing more about sleep than sex,” “calling the cops on my own party because I am tired,” as well as other dirty and quite absurd responses.

Board adult games

PlayMonster The Game of Nasty Things

The Nasty Things board game for adults will allow you and your friends to expand your imagination and show off your sense of humor, your quick thinking and witty responses to more than 250 hilarious and inappropriate topics.


The game consists of the 256 topic cards, as well as a response pad and pencils, which the player will use to write their responses on topics like “Thins the First lady won’t let the president do” or “Things a proctologist nicknames his finger” for example.

The response options are infinite, so you can replay this game over and over forever.

Telestrations After Dark Adult Party Game

This board game for adults is the PG-rated version of Telestration. The game includes 1200 total phrases and words to sketch, 8 coiled erasable sketchbooks, 8 dry erase markers, clean up clothes, and a 1-minute timer.


You don’t need to be Leonardo Da Vinci to play this game. You can use any drawing skills you have to try to describe the NSFW phrase or word on your card to the other players.

Although it is not a wildly inappropriate board game, it does have some vulgar and poop jokes in it.

Overall, it is an excellent way to spend time together with friends or to break the ice when meeting new people.

Draw What?! – Epic Party Board Game

If you and your friends enjoy crude jokes and R-rated games, then this board and card game is a perfect option for you.


We couldn’t describe this game better than that given by the manufacturers “imagine Pictionary and Cards of Humanity having an affair with Candy Land and Charades.

The game features 375 twisted phrases and words, which the player needs to draw on a whiteboard. If the team wins, you can move ahead on the board.

This is a superb adult game full of swear words and some naughty drawings, and a lot of fun.

Speak Out Game (with 10 Mouthpieces)

This is a goofy game which you can enjoy both with your friends as well as with your family.


It includes 10 mouthpieces, which the players stick in their mouths and read out the absurd phrases written on the cards like “Prickly pine trees turn brown” or “Slow down you careless clown”. If the other players manage to guess what you are saying – your team gets a point.

Needless to say, there will be a lot of ridiculousness and laughing going on with the Speak Out Game.

Joking Hazard

Created by the people behind the twisted comic “Cyanide and happiness”, Joking hazard is most definitely not suitable for kids.


This game comes with 350 panel cards and another 10 which you can use to add your own words.

The players compete to create the funniest or the most terrible comics story about sex, friendship, violence, and other similar themes.

You will end up with millions of horrible stories and endings, and rarely with some nice ones too.

It is a perfect party game for friends with a twisted sense of humor. It is so brilliantly created that the stories you come up with will have you all laughing uncontrollably until the wee hours.

Sinonyms – Best New Adult Party Board Game/Card Game – Raunchy Rowdy & Rapid-Fire Fun

If you have a twisted mind and are a true living and walking thesaurus, then Sinonyms is one of the greatest adult card and board games you can choose.


It can be played as either a board or a card game, and includes 200 playing cards with words, half of which are red and are extra naughty.

The players need to shout out synonyms for the word quickly – the dirtier, the better.

The more synonyms – nice or not so nice you can find – the better your chances of winning this game in which the sinners become the winners.

Drawing Without Dignity – an Adult Party Game

This is a Pictionary style party game but an uncensored one. Its rules consist of all of your friends racing against one another to draw a number of NSFW and unconventional clues and guess what they actually depict.


The game comes with 670 dirty things to draw, as well as a timer, drawing pad, pencils, and a die.

This is a perfect game to play with your adult friends on game night. Get ready to die laughing when trying to draw and to guess these words and phrases that you would never have dared drawing or even thinking.

Adult Loaded Questions-A Rousing Adult Party Game

This is yet another hilarious adult-themed party “who said what” game. It is suitable for 4 to 6 players and includes 308 classic and new Adult Loaded Question cards.


Players will need to write down their witty answers to questions like “what word sounds dirty but isn’t?”, “what wouldn’t you want to find on your partner’s bedside drawer?” or “what TV show would you watch if it contained full nudity?” and then all of them have to guess who answered what.

You’re An Idiot – an Adult Party Game

If you and your friends enjoy laughing at each other and at yourselves, then You’re an Idiot is the perfect adult game for you.


The judge spins the spinner, and the players get to either pass, trade cards or play blindly. After determining how the idiot for the round is, the judge plays the first card with a sentence that needs to be completed and which is meant to make fun of the idiot, while the others choose opposite-colored cards to respond. The best of the responses about the “Idiot” wins.

This is definitely not a game for kids, but adults with a sense of humor will be absolutely enthralled by the hilarious sentences and combinations which are created during the gameplay.

Smart Ass Trivia Game

If the adult-themed party games are a little too much for your taste, and you happen to be a trivia fan, Smart Ass is a game that you can play with your friends and test your trivia skills and knowledge.


It is suitable for people aged 12 and up and comes with a board, 411 question cards, dice, and 6 playing pieces.

This edition includes all-new questions so Smart Ass will still be challenging no matter how many times you have played the original one.

This is a fast-paced, fun, and challenging game that you can enjoy playing both with friends and with family.

PlayMonster 5 Second Rule Uncensored Game

The 5 Second Rule uncensored game is an adult-friendly version of the popular original party game.


It requires the players to name 3 things in 5 seconds. The problem is that most of the cards contain some pretty risqué topics which will have your tongues twisted and all of you laughing.

Imagine having to name 3 ways to hide a fart in 5 seconds? If you love this idea, then the Uncensored version of the 5 Second Rule is the perfect adult game for you!

The game comes with 150 double-sided cards and a timer.

Free adult games

Great Minds Think Alike

This is an adult game that prompts players to choose what they think will be the most popular answer to a question.

You can download and print out this free game with 10 questions for starters, and if you like the idea, you can add some of your own questions as you go.

Murder Mystery Games

If you love reading and watching murder mystery books and movies and shows, then you will definitely enjoy trying to solve the various different murder mystery games for adults which are available online for free.

The Not So Newlywed Game

Whether you are going to an engagement party, a bachelorette party, a wedding anniversary, or any other event celebrating a couple, the free Not So Newlywed game, which includes lists of different questions about the couple, is a great way to keep everyone entertained.

Who Am I?

This is another free adult game, which is a great icebreaker and a wonderful way to spend a fun time with your friends. It is a guessing game that involves drawing or imitating the person on your slip of paper.

Never Have I Ever

Here is a completely free downloadable list of over 400 questions to ask during a Never Have I Ever game with your friends.

It can even be played as a drinking game, but there is also a kid-friendly version available.

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is something we have all played when we were young. It can still be an enjoyable game when we are adults too.

This is a huge free list of dares to give you ideas for your next game night party.

Have You Ever?

Have You Ever is a great way to find out more about your guests. Here you can find different versions of this game – funny, party, or naughty for free.


This is an entertaining card game that requires a deck of cards and spoons. It is suitable for 3 to 13 players.

Movie ID

If you and your friends like movies, then Movie ID is the perfect adult game for you.

All you will need is to prepare note cards with movie titles, and a pack of buzzers.

Split into two teams and ask members of each team to bid for the fewest words they will need to help their teammates guess the movie.

The player who wins with the lowest bid gets a chance to explain the movie in the number of words declared.


You can make your own cards so you and your friends can enjoy a game of Pictionary without the need to buy it.

This free option includes themed, partner, family, traditional, and education versions.

The wooden spoon

This game consists of players trying to figure out the term or word which does not belong in a list of 5 or more options. Here are some sample lists with ideas to get you started.

As the name of the game suggests, you will need a wooden spoon too.

The game is played by two teams with the wooden spoon set in between them. The first one to run to the spoon and have the correct answer wins.

Famous People Kiss Marry Kill

Use celebrities and famous people to play Kiss, Marry and Kill with your friends. Here is a free list of Kiss Marry Kill ideas that will have you all your friends wondering who to choose to kiss, who to marry, and who to kill from these unimaginable choices like Putin, Trump, or Kim Jong-Un for example.

Two Truths and a Lie

This is a superb adult game for a party of people who do not know each other very well.

You can use the achievements from this free online list, and of course, add more of your own.

Drop a Hint

The idea behind Drop a Hint is having 3 people from a team trying to get a 4th one to guess a certain word. Each of the team members can say only one word at a time.

The guesser gets only one guess when he or she is ready, or when 2 minutes are up.

You can find a sample list of phrases and words and write them on index cards or slips of paper.

You will also need a countdown timer.


The game is played by two teams. One member of the team draws the name of a famous celebrity written on an index card or piece of paper and tries to help his or her teammates guess who the famous person is in less than 2 minutes.

The game can be played in 3 rounds – the first one requiring that the player uses only words, the second requiring the player to act out without words, and the third one – to use a single word.

The team that manages to guess the most celebrities during the 3 rounds wins.

Reverse Charades

While you can buy Reverse Charades, you can also make up your own party game too.

You will need cards with random words from another party or family game like PictionaryGuesstures, or Taboo, as well as a countdown timer.

The group needs to split up into two teams. For every round, the team will choose a guesser, and the others will be acting out the clues all together.

All rounds should be timed at 2 minutes. The team which gets more words guessed per round gets a point.

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

This is an amazingly entertaining game for adults, but it does require some preparation ahead of time.

The idea is to ask an expert in any field or trick to show the rest how something is done, and then have the teams of people complete it.

You will need a few “experts” who can show the rest of your guests different tasks like these. You will also need the supplies for completing the task and a timer.

Each round should be timed for the same time as the tutorial by the “expert,”

And in the end, he or she will have to decide who has completed the task better.

The team with the most points wins at the end.

How Do You Doo?

This is a musical game for adults, in which each team needs to guess a certain song sung by a member of the team using only the world “doo”.

Although it sounds easy, it is actually not that simple.

It is a funny game which all of your friends will enjoy.

You can pick all kinds of songs like the ones on this list, or choose your own tunes based on your preferences or on the theme of the party. Here is a Christmas song list for the Holidays.

You will also need a timer that you will use to time the rounds of the game.

One team member picks a song and then sings it to their team using only “doo” instead of the actual lyrics. The remaining players can make as many guesses as they want for the 5 minute round. They win a point for every song they guess correctly.

Name That Tune

This is one of the greatest music-related adult games which you can enjoy with your friends.

All you need for this party game is a music playlist with songs, as well as a list of the artists and the names of the songs on it.

Once again, you can choose any kind of songs from all genres, as well as theme songs if the party has a theme.

You need to split up the group into two teams.

As the song starts playing, both teams need to guess what the song is called and who the performer is. The first one who gets it right – gets a point for the team.

You can split points if one team guesses the song, and the other – the artist.

You can also play songs from movie soundtracks, and have your friends guess the movie title or the Broadway musical where it comes from as well.

The typical point system is two points for guessing the artist, one point for the song’s name, and one point for the name of the movie, show, or musical.

Don’t Say Yes

If you have played a Taboo game, you know the idea of this game for adults. This one though prohibits the players from saying the word “yes”. You can play it throughout the party or gathering, and keep score of how many slip-ups each of the guests has throughout the evening or night.

You can even assign stickers or other signs for those who say the word “yes” during the game, and have fun counting the decorations on each guest at the end.

Press Conference

This is another entertaining game to play with your friends. It includes one guest having to give an improvised “press conference” and answer all of the questions which the other players ask.

The fun part of the game is that the person giving the press conference doesn’t know who the other players are pretending to address.

It is fun to see whether the player assigned to answer the questions manages to guess who he or she has been assigned to pretend to be.

React and Act

This is an excellent ice breaker game for adults. It includes the players having to react to various different situations such as getting fired, falling in love, winning the lottery, and others. While several members of the team are reacting to the situation they have selected, the others have to try and guess what exactly has happened.

Read the link above for detailed instructions, and ways to make React and Act even more interesting for you and your friends.

Bite the Bag

This is a simple drinking game that involves players attempting to pick up a paper bag using their mouths only.

Every player who fails needs to take a drink.

As the game progresses, Bite the Bag will become even funnier as people start getting tipsy.

Conversation Cards

This is a great way to break the ice at parties where people do not really know each other too well.

You can use these free conversation starter ideas, print them out, cut them up, and place them in a basket or jar.

Every time a guest picks a topic, they need to start a conversation about it.

It is a fun way to keep the conversation going and the dinner party fun.

The Sticker Stalker Game

This is a simple game for adults that requires some cleverness and fast movement.

Each player is assigned with stickers in a different color or of a different type and tries to get as many of them on the other guests as possible.

You can also use labels with the guest’s names on them.

At the end of the game, or night, all you need to do is count the stickers on each person to find out who managed to stick most of theirs on others.


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