5 Best Overnight Diapers 2023 (Make As happy As dry)


Diapers are the best friend of a new mother and her baby because a baby is only as happy as dry he or she is. Overnight diapers are different from regular diapers in terms of size and absorbing power so that your baby sleeps peacefully all night long without any discomfort. Generally Overnight diapers are a size bigger than regular diapers. If you are looking for some of the most preferable baby diapers, here are 5 of the popular choices loved by mothers all over the world. We have also created a buyer’s guide for you to go through to help you make the best decision when it comes to buying diapers for your baby:

Editor Pick Best Overnight Diapers

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Seventh Generation Baby Free & Clear Overnight Diapers

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These cloth like diapers come with extra absorbent material padding to ensure that your little one sleeps and wakes up dry. They are free of latex, chlorine, and other skin irritants which can harm the baby’s skin. The diaper is made up of wood pulp and other natural absorbent materials which are biodegradable in nature. The diaper is designed to fit snugly on the baby to avoid any leaks while sleeping. The size of the diaper is what makes it a great overnight diaper which lasts for 8-9 hours comfortably. The diaper set weighs around 2 pounds and is soft on the baby’s skin also. The color of the diapers is beige in color to denote the eco-friendly nature of the brand. Check the stage of the diaper on the pack to see which stage will suit your baby according to his or her age and requirements.

Why we like it:

The most unique thing about these diapers is that the company is committed to contribute to the planet by making clear and premium diapers made up of sustainably harvested natural products. This makes the diapers extremely comfortable apart from being good for the earth too. The eco-friendly nature of these diapers is the unique selling point of these diapers and anyone who cares for their baby will know how much harm the petroleum products can cause to the environment.

Pampers Swaddlers Overnights Diapers

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The blankie-soft nature of these diapers is the reason why your baby’s skin will love these diapers. They are designed to control wetness for up to 12 hours with absolutely no leakage. The liner in these diapers pulls the wetness away from the skin and keeps your baby comfortably dry all night long. The texture of the diaper is thicker as compared to other diapers from different brands but it helps in absorbing all fluids easily. The aloe extract in the diapers helps in keeping the baby’s skin moisturized and soft. This ingredient of the diaper also reduces any diaper rashes your baby might experience. The channels inside the diaper help distribute the liquid evenly throughout the diaper to keep it lightweight so that it does on the sag while sleeping and cause distress.

Why we like it:

The wetness indicator that comes with these diapers is the best tool to know if your baby is experiencing any discomfort. It changes its color when the wetness increases in the diaper and lets you know when to change the diaper. Another good thing about this diaper is the really soft nature of the material which keeps the baby’s skin protected.

Huggies Overnites Diapers

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A perfect diaper for night time, this diaper has 25% more absorbing power as compared to other diapers which ensures that the wetness is controlled during the night. It has a double grip which fastens the diaper at four points to keep it snug and tightly fitted all night. You will need only one diaper to last the entire night and the need to change diapers all night can be eliminated if you choose this product. Another good thing about this diaper is that it comes in an exhaustive range of sizes to suit all kinds of ages and requirements. An adorable Mickey Mouse design from Disney adorns the diaper so that the babies love the product even more. The diaper is one of the most popular overnight diapers because of its absorbing power and soft texture. Babies love the snug fit as they sleep peacefully without any wet feeling.

Why we like it:

The 25% more absorbing power is the key point of this product as it gives it an edge over other normal diapers. The leak lock system is what separates it from other diapers which do not provide a spill-roof experience. Night time requires a thicker diaper as the baby urinates more as compared to the day time and this diaper lasts all night up to 14 hours to help the baby and the mother sleep peacefully.

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Bambo Nature Maxi Baby Diapers

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If you are looking for an eco-friendly disposable diaper which loves your baby as much it loves the planet, these Bambo diapers are free of all kinds of harmful chemicals which harm the baby’s skin in the long run. They are unscented and made up of sustainable materials which offer the best comfort to the baby. If your baby suffers from asthma or allergies, these diapers are certified to be used for such conditions as they are free of all allergens. They can be used for newborns also as the softness of the material is comparable to cloth diapers. The super absorbent nature and dry core keeps the baby happy and comforted in the sleep. Many mothers also claim that their babies sleep a lot more peacefully with these diapers and they give no rashes as well. The price is a little on the higher side but the sustainable nature of these diapers is what makes them the preferred choice for conscious mothers who want to contribute to the environment.

Why we like it:

The eco-friendly soft material of this diaper is loved all across the world as it does not compromise on the absorbing power but lessens the weight of the diaper considerably.  The unscented nature also adds to the pros list as many babies develop allergies to the fragrances added in the products.

Pampers Baby Dry Diapers

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These diapers are three times drier as compared to other regular diapers which increase their efficiency in controlling night time leaks. They are available in size N to 6 for suiting all ages. The inner layer of the diaper has three layers as compared to regular two layers in other diapers. The wetness indicator is available in sizes N to 2 to let you know the level of wetness inside the diaper at any point of time. It changes its color as the wetness increases which is a great feature. You can use one or two diapers in the night depending upon the frequency of urination of your baby. These diapers are loved for their soft and snug fit with a super dry absorbent core. The soft gel beads that are filled inside the diaper are great for absorbing all kinds of explosions inside the diaper but keep the skin of the baby dry throughout the night.

Why we like it:

The diaper has three layers of absorbing material as compared to two layers which provide the best absorbing power when it comes to the brands available in the market. It also weighs less after three wettings when compared to other diapers which offer the same kind of absorbing power.

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Overnight Diapers Buyer Guide:

Diapers come in variety of sizes and brands and it is important to select the right product from the many available in the market. When you look for an overnight diaper for your baby, here are some of the features you should check before finalising the perfect absorbent diaper for a good night’s sleep for you and your baby. Look for this information when you go for buying overnight diapers as these factors largely affect the buying decisions of parents. These features include:

Size of the diaper

The size of the diaper is a very important factor when it comes to choosing the right diaper for your baby’s age. A small diaper will cause rashes on the skin and will not be able to contain any liquids for long periods. Extra large diapers will not fit the body properly and will keep sagging and irrigate the baby. Check the size of the diaper which will suit your baby’s age and weight. It is mostly written on the packaging and you can easily see which size will suit which ages. Choosing the correct size also reduces any product wastage and additional cost that might be incurred on buying the wrong size. Increase the size when you feel that the current size is getting smaller for your baby. Check the fit of the diaper with a sample before buying in bulk to check if the size is comfortable for the baby or not.


Since diapers are a bulk purchase, the price is another factor you should consider before selecting the best brand for your baby. After you have chosen the right size, look for deals and discounts or wholesale stores which can offer you a better price for the same quantity. You can also check online for discounts which can save a lot of your money. Another thing to keep in mind is that do not overspend when you see a good deal. Chances are that your baby will soon outgrow the size and you will need to buy new diapers again. Always check the fit of the diaper with a sample pack to confirm the size before purchasing larger packaging of the diapers.


More layers means better absorption and most diapers contain the basic three layers which include the top sheet, absorbent core and waterproof shell. Look for soft layers which do not make the diaper feel bulky or thick. Cushioned layers prevent rashes and keep the baby comfortable also. Gel absorbent beads are also preferred as they offer better and faster absorption but there have been incidents where the beads have exploded when they absorbed more liquids than they are supposed to handle. Too many layers can also make the diaper thick and uncomfortable for the baby and can ruin his or her sleep. Standard layers offer the same protection so go for diapers which offer a basic set of layers.

Any other special features

Special features like wetness indicators which change color when the diaper becomes wet are a great way to know when to change the diaper. Pull away top sheets are another feature which allows you to remove the disposable top sheet easily. Eco-friendly or sustainable diapers are being preferred these days as more and more people raise their concern over the harmful chemicals being used in the diapers. Use of petroleum derivatives, fragrances, and chemicals which cause harm to the skin in the long run are not preferred these days as they are not safe for the baby or the planet. Check out all the features and choose the ones which offer genuine help and improve your baby’s experience. All diapers have the same purpose and extra features which add to the cost of the diaper but do not offer any functionality should be avoided.

So these are some of the most popular diaper brands preferred by mothers all over the world for keeping their babies dry at night. This buyer guide and product comparison will help you choose the best overnight diapers among the hundreds of brands available in the market. Choose the correct size and keep your baby happy and peaceful all night long with a soft and dry feeling.

Have you tried overnight diapers for your baby? Which is your favorite brand and how is your experience with overnight diapers? Do you feel that these diapers offer a better comfort as compared to regular diapers?


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