Top 10 Best Natural Gas Grills in 2021 – Reviews

Best Natural Gas Grills

Enjoying barbecues with your family or friends is a good way to spend your free time. When you have Gas grills they will make all things much easier. With the backyard barbecue, it is significant you get the best natural gas grill that will serve you well and also serve you long enough. Buying a new natural gas grill can be tricky. We have researched and come up with the best top 10 best natural gas grills in 2021

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Natural Gas Grill

Stable Construction

Stable construction is one of the important things that you should look when you are buying a natural gas grill. A decent grill should be well balanced, irrespective of whether it has wheels for easy carriage. A lot of natural gas grills are made to be mounted and they will remain stationary. Whenever you are searching for a convertible model, ensure that it is durable and has a stable 4-legged design.

Multiple Burners

For a proper cookout, you should ensure that your grill should have has at least 2 burners. It is important to note that to have even heat distribution; the grill should have a minimum of 2 burners. If it has a lot of burners the more you have more heat distribution.


Whenever you are searching for sized grills, you need to make sure that it is safe to handle. The stronger it is the low chance of tipping over. You should not go for grills that contain sharp metal edges or corners. Likewise look at the handles and make sure that your knuckles or fingers are far from the lid.

The Price

You must set a budget before going to purchase for one. However, you also need to know that features if the products go directly proportional to the price. For example, the one that has a big cooking surface is somehow expensive.

Best Natural Gas Grills in 2021


10. Napoleon LEX730RSBINSS Natural Gas Grill

Napoleon LEX730RSBINSS Natural Gas Grill

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The Napoleon LEX730RSBINSS has grilling area of 730 square inches that can cook up to 40 burgers. It is made with a side shelf that contains an integrated ice bucket, Surprise your family and friends with this high-quality stainless steel grill makes you a professional chef. Comes with affordable price and on top of that, it cooks delicious food.

It can bake anything from cakes to roast; it has a double walled lid that will keep the heat in. It also has a cutting board that will enable you to prep whenever you are cooking. There are also integrated hooks that act as holders.


  • Double walled stainless steel lid
  • Jet fire ignition system
  • Easy slide center drawers
  • I-glow backlit control knobs
  • Integrated ice bucket
  • Stainless steel side shelves

9. Napoleon Grills Pro 500 Stainless Steel Natural Gas Grill

Napoleon Grills Pro 500 Stainless Steel Natural Gas Grill

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This Napoleon Gas grill is professionally made from bottom to top and is made to make your cooking experience to be much easy and also impressive. You are required to only start the bottom and Roll the locking casters in order to position and relocate smoothly. The doors inside has been included with extra shelf and also a bottle opener.

The steel side shelves have a cutting board, marinade bucket and also towel holders. The control knobs illuminate light during the night lights ensuring cool and vibrant cooking.  It has a total of 6 burners and the grill is made with marine-grade 304-stainless steel


  • Stainless steel 9.5mm cooking grids
  • Easy set control knobs
  • Heavy duty rotisserie kit included
  • Jetfire ignition system
  • ACCU-PROBE Temperature Gage incorporated

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8. Weber 68014001 Genesis II Natural Gas Grill

Weber 68014001 Genesis II Natural Gas Grill

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Weber 68014001 is a class on its own; it is uniquely designed for simple-of-use and gives great satisfaction for your courtyard grilling experience, it has burners that ignite all time and it will grill consistently and evenly whenever you are cooking.  It has 7mm stainless steel cooking grates and also has a cooking space of 770 square inches

Its Infinity Ignition is certain that it will ignite all time. It also has a powerful LED that will lighten the whole cooking place of the grill in order for you to know when the food is ready particularly during the night, to save power; the light will turn off automatically whenever you close the lid.


  • has 6 stainless steel burners
  • Flush-mounted side burner
  • 7mm stainless steel cooking grates
  • Side Tables that have Integrated Tool Hooks
  • Infinity Ignition

7. Lion Premium 40″ Grills 90823 Gas Grill

Lion Premium 4-Inch Grills 90823 Gas Grill

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This gas grill has a large cooking surface that measures 1030 square inches, it also features five stainless steel burners that usually produces heat of around 90,000 BTUs, the warming rack is fully adjustable and you can place to the position that you feel it’s the best.  The unit has two interior lights that will illuminate the lights during the night whenever you are cooking

This Natural Gas grill features XL commercial temperature gauge and also stainless steel construction. It also has six commercial knobs that are used to regulate the heat and also a Bottle Opener


  • 1030 square inches of cooking surface
  • Five cast stainless steel burners
  • Size: 40 inches
  • Infrared rotisserie backburner
  • XL commercial temperature gauge

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6. Broil King Regal S490 Pro Natural Gas Grill l

Broil King Regal S490 Pro Natural Gas Grill l

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The Broil King gas grill is one of the systems that are made to offer unparalleled cooking flexibility. It’s made with a PGT technology that enables you to cook at the style that you need. Each and every part of this system is engineered with a particular purpose, it enables you to bake, rotisserie and even cook poultry.

The whole system is made with a cast aluminum that will give great heat retention and also it is durable serving you for a long time without having any issues.  The side burners have a heat of 10,000 BTU that enables you to cook anything that you want.


  • Powerful Side Burner
  • Patented Dual Burners
  • Slide out Tank Holder
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 500 sq. in primary cooking surface

5. Broil King 921557 Baron S320 Gas Grill

Broil King 921557 Baron S320 Gas Grill

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This gas grill is created with a long lasting cast iron that will give brilliant searing power to lock in flavor and juices and also excellent warmth retention. This system will give even warmth distribution to the whole surface of the grill and it will always protect the burners. The drippings that usually fall on the Flav-R-Wave will be rapidly vaporized.

It is furnished with Flow valves that have control knobs that can be turned up to 180º and it will enable you set the grill on the right temperature whenever you are roasting, searing or cooking slowly. The system is made with steel side shelves that are durable and it can be folded to ensure convenient storage


  • Three stainless steel Dual burners
  • Deliver up to 30,000 btus heating
  • 440-sq in entire cooking area
  • 180-degree Sensi-Touch control knobs
  • Long-lasting stainless steel side shelves

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4. Weber 65010001 E-210 Genesis II Gas Grill

Weber 65010001 E-210 Genesis II Gas Grill

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This Gas Grill will enable you to even cook the more creative dish, the cooking grate on the side is thin and this makes it perfect for you to cook delicate food, for example, shrimp and fish, the wider side will help you to flavor of the food. If a feature hooks that you can use to hang grilling tools making your backyard organized.

The sleek open-cart design will give you extra room for your grilling tools. There are also side tables that you can keep the tools and platters for arm’s reach, it also has a Tuck-Away warming rack that will keep the food warm.


  • has 2 high-performance stainless steel burners
  • Infinity Ignition
  • Porcelain-enameled iron cooking grates
  • 100 Percent Weber Guarantee
  • Stainless steel side work-spaces

3.​​ Weber 49010001 E-310 Spirit II Gas Grill

Weber 49010001 E-310 Spirit II Gas Grill

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As your friends or family sit for a dinner, this 3 burner grill is perfect for you in your grilling experience; it has a spacious cooking area that you are able to sear steaks on one particular side while the other one you are grilling an appetizer. The rack will keep the food warm. It comes with 4 stylish lid hues, striking sapphire to the classic black

The fuel gauge is easy to read and it’s situated close to the gas tank in order for you to see the fuel that is left on your tank. The Infinity Ignition is assured to ignite each time. The system is usually backed with a 10-year warranty


  • Boasts the Gs4 grilling system
  • Porcelain-enameled cooking grates
  • Improved infinity ignition
  • 529 Square inches of cooking space
  • Six tool hooks
  • Open cart design

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2. Weber Summit 7270001 S-470 Natural-Gas Grill

Weber Summit 7270001 S-470 Natural-Gas Grill

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The Weber Summit Gas Grill is made with cast aluminum and this makes it efficient and durable, it also requires little maintenance and also cares. It can bear with the heat that is required to grill at any temperature. On top of that, if combined with shroud, it will enable proper heat circulation on the food.

The sear burner is designed to increase the heat depending on what is required for searing; the system features 6 tool hooks that you can use them to hang your grilling tools. It also comes with a five-year limited warranty


  • Front-mounted controls
  • Snap-Jet individual burner ignition system.
  • 4 stainless-steel burner
  • 2 work areas
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • 10-foot flexible hose included
  • 6 tool hooks

1. Weber 67010001 E-410 Genesis II Gas Grill

Weber 67010001 E-410 Genesis II Gas Grill

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This grilling system is one of the best performing Gas Grill that you can find in the market; it is made with porcelain-enameled Flavorizer bars and also stainless steel burners. Infinity Ignition makes sure that when you turn the knob, the gas will easily ignite and every burner in the system will start with an ease.

It has a cooking space of 646 square inches and it is also furnished with storage hooks that you can easily hang your barbecue tools. When it is fully assembled it has a height of 61 inches. Get this Gas Grill and you will have an easy time when cooking your food.


  • Four high-performance stainless steel burner
  • Infinity Ignition
  • Stainless steel side prep workspaces
  • integrated hanging storage hooks
  • Porcelain-enameled cast iron
  • Assembled Height-61 inch.


The decent natural gas grill is the one that is safe and should not overheat, it must be easy to ignite and have a good temperature control. The above lists of Top 10 Best Natural Gas Grills are ideal and easy to use. Just choose the one that is meeting your needs.  Enjoy your grilling!


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