Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Pedal in 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Mountain Bike Pedal

Bike pedals are among the most useful accessories in a bicycle. They determine how comfortable your legs are and overall propulsion performance. In fact, the whole pedals system is responsible for turning feet your energy into the rotation motion. With an ideal set of mountain bike pedals, it is possible to ride a bike with high efficiency.

There are varieties of pedals pending on your biking. However, for mountain bikes, they are designed to allow people to ride for a long time. Thus, they need to be sturdy and able to withstand heavy-duty application. Choosing the right pedal always allow maximum performance and smooth riding. The guide and reviews below present top 10 best mountain bike pedals in 2022.

The Best Mountain Bike Pedals Buying Guide

For a successful buying process, it is ideal to have the right information to pick the right ones. Of many considerations here are some of the vital factors to look for:

Flat vs. Clipped vs. Combo

When shopping for the ideal pedal, it is always important to look at the construction. They come in different forms which prompt one to look for the ideal one. Basically, there are varying styles of pedals such as flat, clipped and combines. For the flat pedals, they do not have clips which means you can use them without wearing special shoes. They are common for people who aren’t involved in dangerous mountain biking.

Besides the platform pedals, there are others which are clipped. These have special clips integrated into the pedals. They require especially clipped shoes that anchors into the pedal hence improving the energy transfer. They are normally narrow compared to the flat pedals.

Combo pedals exhibit both characteristics of flat and clipped pedals. They provide clipping mechanism as well as road platform that improves bikers action. Some of the brands offer these pedals with both sides clipped while others come with one side clipping.

Pedal weight

They pedal weight is an important quality as other. The lighter pedal usually are more maneuverable which makes riding quicker and less stressful. However, light construction should be durable to avoid fast wearing and easy damage.

Construction materials

The construction materials are also great determinant on how long your pedals will last. In most cases, they are constructed from tough aluminum or plastic. However, some brands combine metal and plastic to cut weight and improve durability.

Mud shedding

Mountain biking involves riding through various terrains and surfaces. Thereby, pedals need to be perfectly designed to withstand a variety of conditions like mud and rocky grounds. To ensures smooth mud shedding, pedals with large openings are always a good option.

Best Mountain Bike Pedal in 2022


10. TRADE 3 Bearing Platform Pedals Flat Sealed Lubricate Bearing Axle

By: ThinkTop

TRADE 3 Bearing Platform Pedals Flat Sealed Lubricate Bearing Axle

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The Trade platform pedals take your cycling to another level. These pedals are professionally created to keep s rider cycling without experiencing difficulties. Unlike the cheap pedals, these have 5 axes which are perfectly joined to provide exceptional performance. Moreover, the high precision ensures that bearings have 0.005% error for smooth rotation and durable performance. The three bearing are ideal in promoting the pedals smooth running as well as longtime usability.

To fix these pedals is easy due to the smooth screws that are as a result of great artistry. Whether your bike is for leisure or heavy-duty permanence, the pedal s are ideal and reliable. They come with anti-skid nails which won’t hurt your legs. Keeping the pedals running smoothly is easy as they come with sealed ends. In fact, the seal provides waterproof and dustproof cover.


  • Waterproof lube seal
  • Durable seals
  • Ideal for all bikes
  • Long-lasting lubricant


  • Color fades over time

9. Mzyrh Ultra Strong Colorful CNC Machined 9/16″ Cycling Sealed 3 Bearing Pedals

By: Mzyrh

9Mzyrh Ultra Strong Colorful CNC Machined 9:16 Cycling Sealed 3 Bearing Pedals

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The basics of a great ride are strong and reliable pedals. These Mzyrh are colorful and durable. Besides making cycling great, they also add elegance to your bike. Once you have these pedals, there is no struggling to lubricate. They come lubricated with extra durable lube that lasts for a long time. With three sealed bearings, the pedals run smoothly without causing straining to your feet. Moreover, with a sealed design, it helps to protect lube from contamination from dust and water.

The construction of these pedals is great. It features aluminum alloy structure which is great for keeping the pedals light. With strong craftsmanship, they are ideal for all type of bikes such as mountain, road, and BMX among others. Enhanced with anti-skid nails, they make pedaling smooth and comfortable without losing the grip. Installation is easy, and each is labeled whether is for the right or left side.


  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Durable lube
  • Universal bike compatibility
  • Perfect grip


  • None

8. RockBros Sealed Bearing Alloy Flat Pedals 9/16″ Mountain Bike Pedals

By: RockBros

RockBros Sealed Bearing Alloy Flat Pedals 9:16 Mountain Bike Pedals

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With RockBros mountain bike pedals, cycling is now enjoyable. They are sleek and robust pedals that ensure rider get perfect time. The good thing about buying these pedals is they are lubricated and sealed. Thus, even when riding in rough or muddy places, the structure prevents these pedal from getting damaged. The 9/16 spindle is great for the attachment as they can be installed on various bikes without hassle.

Amazingly, the pedals are designed with anti-slip nails which ensure there is a perfect grip. Unlike the cheap ones, the pins are safe and don’t cause strains in your feet. The reliability of these pedals is classic and features aluminum alloy construction. Therefore, they have lightweight to maximize the feet performance. There is no guesswork when fitting these pedals since they have indicated fitting side whether left or right.


  • Safe grip nails
  • Smooth rotation
  • Durable aluminum alloy
  • Sealed bearings


  • Bend when hit by hard objects

7. FOOKER 3 Bearing Nylon Composite 9/16 Non-Slip Mountain Bike Pedals


FOOKER 3 Bearing Nylon Composite 9:16 Non-Slip Mountain Bike Pedals

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Fooker is another brand that knows what cyclists want. With these nylon composite pedals, they are great options in ensuring you have the best riding experience. The material is waterproof, rustproof and extra lightweight to make the overall performance exceptional. Additionally, the axle features steel which is strong to prevent bending while enabling smooth running without friction. The composite is great in cutting weight like with other pedals, which in turn ensures bicycle remains light to maintain high performance.

Sometimes weather conditions can dull your riding experience by affecting the grip. However, with these pedals, they are anti-skid and keeps your feet perfectly anchored. This means even when riding your bike on wet conditions, the pedals grip isn’t compromised. With these pedals, they are r great option for all bikes, whether leisure or high-performance mountain bikes, they are ideally suited.


  • Lightweight nylon composite
  • Extra smooth and strong spindle
  • Dust sealing hub


  • Clicking sound after a while

6. BONMIXC Mountain/ MTB/ BMX Dh Cycling Platform Pedals


BONMIXC Mountain: MTB: BMX Dh Cycling Platform Pedals

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When cycling is in your blood, the best thing is to keep your bike well maintained. For maximum fun, these Bonmixc MBT pedals, they are a great way to have ideal performance. They are slim yet strong which allows them to guarantee exceptional reliability. Boasting full metal construction, even in rough terrain these pedals will perform without risking damage. The 9/16 CrMo steel spindle is sturdy and smooth o facilitate smooth rotation with minimal friction.

For maximum performance, the structure is strongly created from aluminum alloy. Also, the pair comes with24 nails that correctly anchor your shoe for sure grip. With a broad platform, it gives your feet a perfect anchoring surface for comfortable pedaling. Notably, the universally compatible screw threads are great in allowing easy installation in different bikes.


  • Broad platform
  • Tough aluminum alloy
  • Sealed edges


  • Unideal for use with toe clips

5. VP Components VP-Vice Pedals

By: VP components

VP Components VP-Vice Pedals

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VP components bicycle pedals bring all the performance you need in every bike. These accessories and heavy-duty and durable to last for thousands of miles. The crafting entails machined aluminum which gives them outstanding length. This is unlike other assembled ones that create room for defects and weaknesses. On the other hand, aluminum is super light which gives these pedals lightweight and allows maximum performance without straining feet.

The durability of these pedal is not a trial and errors. The designing allows they to have a rigid body as well as great for service. Despite the thick nature, this pair of pedals is extra lightweight weighing only 406 grams. The performance is outstanding, and pedals are resistant to easy damage by obstacles when riding on rocky grounds. With each pedal having 12 pins, they have great ways of ensuring your shoes are correctly held in position.


  • Machine chained aluminum
  • Fully rebuildable
  • Effective anchor pins
  • Safe to shoes


  • A bit heavier than other brands

4. Crank Brothers Stamp

By: Crank Brothers

Crank Brothers Stamp

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Improve your bike capability and elegance by installing new reliable pedals. The Crack Brothers MTB pedals are classic and highly reliable. Measuring 114mm by 111 mm, they are large enough to keep your riding enjoyable. The broad platform also is great in maintaining comfort; hence ideal for riders. With a thin profile, they are less bulky than other brands thus maximizing your pedaling performance. In act, using these pedals allows riders to enjoy improved swiftness, and durability.

The riding experience with these pedals is fantastic. Equipped with LL-glide bearing and enduro cartridge bearing, the ensures you can enjoy smooth pedaling. Moreover, lubricating these pedals is simple and sealed system prevents dust and water from contaminating the lube. In overall, the chromoly finished axle is elegant while solid aluminum construction renders these pedals durable.


  • Elegant style
  • Compatible with cycling shoes
  • Perfect grip


  • None

3. BONMIXC Mountain Bike 9/16 Cycling Bicycle Pedals


BONMIXC Mountain Bike 9:16 Cycling Bicycle Pedals

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Bonmixc is a big brand when it comes to the bicycle pedals. These 4 sealed bearing mountain bike pedals are among the top performing and provides guaranteed performance. Their construction, materials, and artistry is great and ensures you can always ride a bike without inefficiencies. The bearings are efficient in making the pedal run smoothly without making noise or unwanted feet strains. Also, the thin profile is great in reducing weight for maximum riding feel.

Forget about the other pedals that come with fixed nails. With this, it has 16 removable grip pins. This allows riders to manipulate the stepping platform to suit their shoes. For unmatched strength, these pedals have triangular structures with CNC machined parts. The international threading is great in facilitating easy fitting to all bicycles. Moreover, weighing only 0.37 pounds, there is no headache like other heavy bike pedals.


  • Removable nails
  • Strengthened structure
  • Universally fitting threads
  • High strength aluminum body


  • Thin frame

2. RaceFace Chester Mountain Bike Pedal

By: RaceFace

RaceFace Chester Mountain Bike Pedal

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If you are tired of cheap bike pedals, these by Chester gives you a reason to smile again. They are durable and lighter than full metallic ones. Boasting a nylon composite, they have great weight reduction without compromising the strength. The composite is sturdy and offers reliable performance. Apart from the strong structure, the pedals have Chromoly steel axle that is great for a smooth and durable with reduced wears to the ball bearings.

To offer feet great resting surface, the pedals have a broad surface. Enhanced with grip nails, it means there is no slipping or missing your action even under intense cycling. On the other hand, the pins are removable to improve the platform depending on the type of shoes you are wearing. They are outstanding pedals with remarkable structure and reliability.


  • Tough nylon composite
  • Removable pins
  • Fully sealed axle
  • Easy to service bearings


  • Costly than most rivals

1. SHIMANO XT PD-M8040Bike Pedals


SHIMANO XT PD-M8040Bike Pedals

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Shimano is one of the leading bike and their accessories manufacturers in the world. These Shimano XT bicycle pedals are the ultimate choice for cyclists to enjoy unmatched liability and riding experience. In fact, the superior craftsmanship gives it legendary performance compared to the competitors. Boasting full lightweight metals, the pedals allow fitting to any bike.

The concave design is outstanding in providing structural strength to these pedals. Also, with concave design and 10 pins each pedal, they have superior grip compared to the other cheap pedals. Despite the heavy-duty construction, they are light and make your cycling smooth. This model is available in two body size depending on your preferred size.


  • Extra strong and solid
  • Available in two sizes
  • Two optional pin length


  • Highly expensive


Without right pedals, cycling can be stressful. As we have seen, there are different pedals one can choose. Some are exclusively for mountain biking while others are universal. Instead of buying these accessories without surety, these reviewed gives any cyclist absolute confidence.


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