Top 10 Best Motorcycle Backpack in 2021 – Purchasing Guide

Best Motorcycle Backpack

You should consider a few things before going out there to purchase a backpack. You must consider Safety, Waterproof Ability, Size and Volume that the pack possesses. They can affect your riding experience. However, a small size backpack is mostly preferred. But, if you require carrying a lot of things with you, a big backpack is preferred. Give us a chance to discuss how you need to classify your choices depending on these aspects.

Motorcycle Backpack Purchasing Guide

Below are the key factors to have a look at before purchasing a motorcycle backpack.

  • Carrying Straps: An ideal motorcycle backpack must be easily carried while cycling a bike. The shoulder straps should hold the backpack tight on your back. You can also choose a backpack that features a chest strap. You should contemplate for thick straps as long as you want to buy motorcycle backpacks. The best motorcycle backpack must be handled easily. The straps assist in carrying your backpack easily.
  • Backpack Stitches: One of the main features of the backpack is its stitches. The stitches need to be sturdy enough to carry different belongings at once. Furthermore, backpack with strong stitches is the most preferable. Go for a trustworthy product to ensure that the stitching is of high-quality.
  • Quality of Fabric: Of course, purchasing a backpack that features a sturdy and durable fabric is a great idea. Backpack durability normally depends on its material. However, you should pick a backpack that features thick but lightweight quality material as this will assist protect your belongings and the backpack component from the elements.
  • Lightweight Material: A lightweight backpack should be the best option for a motorcyclist to purchase because it can hold your possessions while cycling a bike. Numerous companies offer diverse fashionable packs with fasteners that only enhance the weight. Select a backpack that is light to carry everywhere.
  • Backpack Capacity: The backpack capacity should be spacious enough to hold your belongings. The backpack volume of a motorcycle must be very significant if you require moving your stuff around. An ideal backpack must have enough capacity to hold tools, food, some water bottle, etc.
  • Waterproof Motorcycle Backpack: You should consider a water-resistant backpack necessary for carrying your properties especially throughout the rainy season. The most critical aspect for a motorbike backpack is its waterproof property. Having a motorcycle water-resistant backpack is ideal if you are carrying electronics or documents.
  • Lockable Zippers: A pack with lockable zippers can be a superb feature to look for. With lockable zippers, your precious items, cellphones, and keys will be in a safe place.

Best Motorcycle Backpack in 2021


10. Chase Harper 650M Black 9.5 Liters Magnetic Sport-bike Tank Bag 

Chase Harper Magnetic Sport-bike Tank Bag 

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The Chase Harper Bag is a definitive storage solution for adventure and sports bicycles. It’s built with double stitch sewing and durable ballistic nylon. This 450 Chase Harper has no competition in function and quality. The inside volume space permits 4.1 liters of electronics, clothing and more. The rubber treated covering on the base shields the bag from harming the tank while numerous neodymium magnets on each wing safeguard the bag to the tank.

The four corner connector permits the attachment of a guide of tablet/telephone holder on the highest point of the bag. This Chase Harper bags is a Universal fit for hiking.


  • Durable
  • Volume 9.5 Liters
  • Bottom incorporates rubberized covering
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Weather resistant

9. Riding Tribe Luggage Riding Motorcycle Bag Tail Rear Storage Bag

Riding Tribe Luggage Riding Motorcycle Bag

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Do you aspire to have a high capacity, and waterproof motorcycle baggage that’s long-lasting and looks nice? This backpack might be the one which you are searching for. You’ll appreciate the pleasure and newfound freedom of carrying items.

This backpack makes a nice transition from carry-on luggage to tail bag. The spacious 8.3 inches High by 11 inches and Wide 11.8 inches deep main partition will hold an limitless variety of abundant stuff.


  • Multifunctional Usage
  • Water resistant and durable material
  • Lightweight and fashion
  • Modern design and easy installation

8. Arltb Bike Backpack with Motorcycle Helmet Bag

Arltb Bike Backpack with Motorcycle Helmet Bag

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The Arltb Backpack with Helmet Storage is lightweight and durable, created with tough oxford Material that is water-proof hence your backpack will be always dry when there is mild or medium rain. When there are heavy rains, it accompanies a Backpack Rain Cover for you. You can simply put your sleeping pad, rope, shoes, raincoat, jackets, work notes, and your laptop in this camping bag.

It has helmet storage in the front and incorporates 2 adjustable straps on every side to make sure your helmet is secured. Likewise, 2 water bottle holders are set on every side to make great utilization of the Cycling backpack volume.


  • 5 pockets with helmet stocking
  • Water safe oxford fabric with rain cover
  • Easily folded, ultra-light and adjustable straps
  • Multi use outdoor types of gear

7. Badass Motogear Travel Motorcycle Backpack with Helmet Holder

Badass Motogear Travel Motorcycle Backpack

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Badass is glad to offer you a heavy duty motorcycle daypack and backpack. This black bag includes adjustable shoulder lashes for aerodynamic and contoured fit when biking, hiking or riding. The rugged construction and durable design of these backpacks make them perfect for a wide assortment of outdoor activities. This backpack is equipped for carrying a full confront helmet, or half helmet utilizing the durable webbed holder.

This Badass backpack is built with dual storage compartments with secure closing zippers with simple access organizer pockets. The elastic side pockets are ideal for storing snacks and water containers.

  • Lightweight
  • Expandable mesh pockets
  • Full confront face helmet holder
  • Heavy duty riding backpack

6. Seibertron Molle Motorcycle Helmet Holder  Backpack

Seibertron Molle Motorcycle Helmet Holder Backpack

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This Backpack features large expandable central compartment – with internal meshed enclosure used to carry small gear, I like this helmet holder. The backpack has got an inadequate room for a helmet, however making it suitable for strapping the helmet on the external whereas still having space for stuff in the backpack.

This backpack incorporates 9 small partitions for smaller gear, Top and Side cinched down gear safety straps Several Molle Loops. This Backpack is made by water-resistant 900D material, however, closure not waterproof. The zipper/closure utilize High strength condense alloy material.


  • 45 Inch waist belt MAX
  • 900D waterproof fabric
  • Hydration Bladder Backpack
  • High strength condense alloy zipper

5. Advocator Waterproof Backpack for Motorcycle Bike 

Advocator Waterproof Backpack for Motorcycle Bike 

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This waterproof bike backpack is among the best recorded backpack that is sold in shop. It is comprised of strong and durable fabric. It accompanies a rain cover that is built-in which helps you keep your belongings dry and safe. If you want to utilize a motorcycle most of the time, then you should have this Advocator backpack during your travel.

It has a big space to carry your laptop and documents. It additionally allows you to carry an umbrella inside and a water bottle. The 2 side pockets have large space to keep your changing clothes and even your electronic items.


  • Hard Shell padded in the front
  • Weather resistant shaped outside shell
  • Weight: 1.89 Lbs.
  • Rain Cover to avoid water.
  • Capacity: 20 Liter

4. Viking Bags Aero Sissy Bar Bag Medium Expandable Motorcycle

Viking Bags Aero Sissy Bar Bag Medium Expandable Motorcycle

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The Viking Aero Sissy Bar Bag Medium Expandable is crafted with top specifications of the other packs but at a part of the expense. For instance, the Aero features a contractible and an expandable body as well as roll bag which allow for virtually 6 additional inches. These roll bag features detachable property and will enable further storage simply when needed.

Additionally, the Sissy Aero Bar Bag incorporates adjustable and removable shoulder strap making it easy to carry. The Aero also features 3 additional straps and adjustable 100% water proof Velcro mounting system that ensures secure the mounting.


  • Quick release fasteners for easy access.
  • Side pockets are expandable for additional luggage.
  • Incorporate rain cover for convenience
  • Allow 4 inches enlargement on both sides.

3. Viking Bags Moto Backpack for Motorcycle

Viking Bags Moto Backpack for Motorcycle

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There’s property about Viking Moto pack that just captivates an interesting balance between casual, sleek, and aggressive. It also features heavy duty cordura plus its denim-like leather and texture, this pack hints dimly at motorcycle jackets and leather vests. There’s a lot to love here when it comes to technical features as well. Its technical features always make it popular.

Viking Moto bag is the best option motorcycle backpacks for Harley cruisers or lovers. It’s an appealing thing. If you intend to look of heavy denim and worn leather, this is the backpack for you!


  • 15” laptop capacity
  • Large, comfy hip belts
  • Reflective property for safety
  • Exterior motorcycle helmet storage

2. Viking Bags Large Leather Sissy Bar Bag for Motorcycle

Viking Bags Large Leather Sissy Bar Bag for Motorcycle

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The Viking Large Sissy Bar Bag for Motorcycle is made using water resistant combination of Viking Cordura and Leather. This sissy motorcycle bar bag comprises of installation instructions, shoulder strap, a rain cover, back strap, and swift release mounting strap.

The bag features organization of multiple front pockets. The central compartment opens fully as opposed to other top-loading bags, allowing you to get the items from either side of the pack and while mounted.


  • Crafted using heavy-duty Viking Cordura and leather
  • Completely accessible while mounted
  • Mounting hardware is easy to adjust
  • High-quality stitching
  • It maintains shape when empty

1. Seibertron Motorcycle Backpack Motorbike 

Seibertron Motorcycle Backpack Motorbike 

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Seibertron brings you another compact winner with this aerodynamic sleek bag that’s crafted to work well and look good. This Motorbike backpack is made especially for the tech shrewdness commuter. If you require space for every tech goodies and cycling gear for school or work, look no further.

If you’re like me and ride with full protective gear, you know how annoying it is to carry around your casual clothes as well. This backpack has room for riding shoes when you’re at work, or casual shoes when you’re on the bike.


  • 900D waterproof
  • 55 Inch waist belt MAX
  • External dimensions of 19″(H) by 11″(W) by 11″(D)
  • Molle design


Selecting the best backpack is no longer time-consuming anymore. All you need to do is to prepare your requirement of what you anticipate from a motorbike backpack. Compare those properties with these packs and select the ideal one for the long cycles. The motorcycle backpacks should specifically be designed for bike riders.

It may give the impression tough to choose it even after requirement preparation. They comprise of all the features which a motorcycle backpack should have.  Thus, go for a backpack which suits your budget and even specialized in a specific feature. Have a safe and happy ride!


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