Best Mosquito Traps to Buy and Save Yourself from Bites


Mosquitoes are a severe problem that usually causes many inconveniences for people. Moreover, these insects transmit a variety of diseases, which can be pretty dangerous, and mosquitoes are a health hazard.

I bet everyone has tried to cope with this issue using various traps, sprays, and other items that are supposed to eliminate mosquitoes. If you are reading this article, I believe that none of them has worked out for you. Luckily for you, this article is going to change your life.

Despite the fact that I am an entomologist, it’s a big challenge – to fight mosquitoes, even for me. I have explored lots of traps available on the market, and through trial and error, I have come up with a list of mosquito trap products that you should consider purchasing as these are the most effective among those that you can find online.

In the article below, you will find my top picks as well as a brief user’s guide that will give you a better understanding of the product, how to choose and how to use it properly. Start reading as you are going to find out so much useful information that will be your lifesaver in the battle against mosquitoes.

Top 10 Best Mosquito Traps to Consider Purchasing

Below you will find mosquito trap reviews on top 9 products that I have used myself to prevent mosquito bites and that have gained enormous popularity among users. Keep reading in order to discover the detailed trap description as well as the main pros and cons list to make a well-informed decision.

1. Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat: Beast Among Mosquito Control Devices

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This model, created by a famous manufacturer, is a premium one. The price is much higher than on average, but this zapper shows extreme efficiency in the fight against mosquitoes.

The model covers large areas up to 1,200 square feet that will be perfect for house owners with a large territory. It’s possible to place the trap horizontally and vertically according to your preferences.

The trap is a great choice for private outdoor use as well as for commercial indoor use. There is a convenient removable collection tray that allows you to get rid of dead insects and keep the item clean. The UV bulb is also replaceable, so it won’t be a problem to change it. There is a glow-tube that helps to catch a bigger number of insects. The model is made of durable plastic as well as a chrome-plated grid for better weather resistance.

premium quality;highly effective;covers large areas;replaceable bulb;removable collection tray.very expensive.

2. Flowtron BK-80D: 80-Watt Electronic Mosquito Trapper

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Here is the best mosquito zapper that you should also consider for outdoor use. The price is very reasonable, and it can be a perfect choice for every household. This model will also help you get rid of annoying insects and mosquitoes in particular.

The trap won’t contaminate the environment as it doesn’t use any pesticides, and a dead insect won’t harm the ecosystem. The construction is waterproof, and you can leave the lantern outside as the rain cannot damage it.

In order to enhance the effect of the mosquito killer, it’s possible to add Octenol and achieve even better and faster results. The model is energy efficient, and it’s hardly going to cost a thing to maintain the trap. The killing grid doesn’t get clogged, and you can easily clean it up just in case.

affordable price;easy to replace a bulb;doesn’t get clogged;effective protection;waterproof construction.not suitable for indoor use.

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3. DynaTrap: Best Mosquito Trap for Patio

DynaTrap: Outdoor Best Mosquito Trap

Taking into account that the insects can cause all the variety of dangerous mosquito borne diseases, it has to be your top priority to choose a product that will help protect your house from these deadly creatures. This is the first and the best mosquito trap available on the market. I use this one myself for my backyard, and I am very satisfied with the results; therefore, I can easily recommend this model to anyone.

This is a renowned manufacturer that offers its customers all the variety of indoor and outdoor traps against insects. The particular model can effectively protect the land of 3/4 acres. It takes about three weeks to minimize the number of mosquitoes, and approximately six weeks are required to fully stop the breeding process around and eliminate these dangerous insects to create a fully safe outdoor space.

great protection;works without propane or chemicals;lightweight;energy-efficient;very quiet.a little bit pricey.

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4. Dynatrap Insect Trap: 1/2 Acre Pole Mount With Water Tray Mosquito Trapping System

Dyntrap Insect Trap: 1/2 Acre Pole Mount With Water Tray Mosquito Trapping System

This particular model is among my favorite items because it’s made of the highest quality durable materials that will stay safe during any weather conditions. A special construction will save the model from rain and water impact.


There is an additional pole that will place the trap on the right height above the ground. It’s a perfect solution for a family with kids as they won’t be able to reach a mosquito killer.

I can easily recommend this model. The UV light will attract insects, while water will attract mosquitoes. This trap will effectively protect a large territory of ½ acre. This model doesn’t need propane or pesticides to attract mosquitoes.

There is a convenient water tray that you can clear of dead insects. The item is very quiet, and it doesn’t produce annoying buzzing.

convenient pole;highly protective;durable construction;free of odors and pesticides;pretty quiet.for outdoor use only.

5. MOSQUITO MAGNET: Patriot Plus Mosquito Catchers

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This particular model is created by a renowned brand and is extremely effective for outdoor use. Keep in mind that it’s not going to be suitable for use inside the house, but it will effectively eliminate all the mosquitoes around the house and can even stop the breeding cycle in a few weeks. Just plug the model in, and you will see tangible results in only one week. I would love to purchase this model for myself.

This model uses carbon dioxide emissions as well as heat and moisture, which works perfectly in combination and provide highly effective results in reducing the population of mosquitoes. The trap will cover the large territory of one acre.
The mosquito killer is completely odorless and won’t interrupt your resting time. Keep in mind that a propane tank is not included and you will have to purchase it separately.

very quiet;highly effective;carbon dioxide technology;can stop the breeding cycle;covers 1 acre.very costly.

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6. Crioxen Indoor Plug-in Bug Zapper: Small Yet Effective Fly Killer

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Traditionally, bug zappers are quite large devices that take up a lot of space and buzz quite loudly. But not the Crioxen Indoor Plug-in Bug Zapper. It works the same way as full-size appliances but is much more compact and can even be plugged into the outlet next to your bed. If you are tired of fighting flies and mosquitoes, this model will be a real godsend for you.

The device is compatible with any 50-60Hz / 100-120V power outlet. One unit is sufficient for use in areas up to 300 square feet. It is not the highest for bug zappers, but good enough for a tool of this size. If you need to kill insects in several rooms at once, it is better to buy several devices. It is very quiet and has a night mode so that its bright light does not irritate you.

It uses an LED lamp that emits ultraviolet light to attract insects and an electric charge to kill them. As it kills on direct contact, it is indeed effective against many flying insects. It is non-toxic and safe for pets and humans. The upper grill reliably protects against accidental contact and electric shock. This product is easy to use: you just need to plug it into an outlet where you want it and press its power button. But it should be regularly cleaned of insects that accumulate in a special compartment. The item comes with a brush for easy cleaning of a grill from flies and mosquitoes.

compact design;quiet;eco-friendly;a brush is included.small coverage area;cannot be used outdoors.

7. BLACK+DECKER: Electric Best Indoor Mosquito Trap

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This is the UV mosquito trap that will be perfect for indoors. It’s possible to place the bulb in the house or on a porch. This model is bulb-shaped and can be placed as a regular bulb in any room you want. It will be effective not just for fighting mosquitoes but also for fighting other insects: bugs, gnats, wasps, bees. The trap won’t cover much of territory, but it’s still pretty effective.

The UV bulb is very quiet; it will attract insects and trap them inside, thus eliminating annoying mosquitoes and bugs in your living space. The removable tray allows easy cleaning.

This model is non-toxic as it doesn’t require any chemicals to attract insects and effectively kill them. The trap will be safe for families with kids and pets, as it’s completely safe and highly effective. I would recommend this one.

very affordable;convent in placement;highly effective;no chemicals needed;portable device.covers smaller territory.

8. Mega-Catch Pro 900 Ultra: Commercial Mosquito Trap

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Here is the best commercial mosquitoes killing machine that will also be suitable for outdoor use on the large territory. This model kills all mosquitoes and needs only from six to eight weeks to significantly reduce the population of mosquitoes around. There is a special multi-functional timer that makes the use even more convenient and easy.

The item can target even specific mosquito species. I will certainly recommend this one as it is extremely effective and can provide you with a safe and insect-free environment.

Mega Catch trap can produce carbon dioxide that will kill mosquitoes and will increase the effectiveness of this trap multiple times. Make sure never to use this model indoors when the CO2 release system is on as it can be pretty dangerous. The trap can interrupt the breeding cycle around and help you get rid of annoying insects with ease.

perfect for commercial use;produces CO2;effectively kills mosquitoes;multi-functional timer.bulky and costly.

9. Magnet Octenol Biting Insect Attractant

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If you have already chosen a perfect mosquito trap for your household, you need to find the best attractant that will lure mosquitoes and will help you reduce its population. This one is the best attractant to use with mosquito traps in north and central states.

This attractant imitates human breath, which can effectively attract insects and mosquitoes, in particular, to kill them and reduce the population. You will protect your family from annoying insects with ease.

You should replace the attractant every three weeks in order to achieve the highest level of protection. This one will attract the most popular mosquito species and will help you fight them. I recommend using this item together with mosquito traps to increase the catch rate by several times.

can be effective for other insects;perfect for northern states;reasonable price;enhances trap results.none detected.

10. Mosquito Magnet 3-Pack Lurex3: Best Outdoor Mosquito Trap Attractant for Southern States

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Here is another mosquito attractant that will be extremely effective for indoor and outdoor use. This is the best mosquito attractant for southern states (like Hawaii) that will keep you protected from insects. This one can easily beat the majority of mosquito species as well as the Asian Tiger that is considered to be one of the most dangerous ones.

This attractant imitates the human skin scent; it will effectively attract mosquitoes right into a trap to cleaк your living space of these insects. You should replace the attractant every 3 weeks to get the most tangible results. Use it with your mosquito killing device, and you will significantly reduce the insect population around for safe and peaceful rest.

highly effective;great price;suitable for southern states.none detected.

Everything You Need to Know About Top Rated Mosquito Traps

Best Mosquito Traps

Every day I receive plenty of questions regarding mosquito traps: what are the best, how to use them, and so on. Therefore, I have decided to gather the most commonly asked questions and answer all of them to make your life a little bit easier. Check it out right now, and you will find everything you need to know about mosquito killers: what the main types are, how you should choose the perfect one and how it works.

What Is a Mosquito Trap?

A mosquito trap is a special device that is made to attract bugs and mosquitoes in particular that will lock them inside. After some time, mosquitoes will die from dehydration, or they will drown in a water container.

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What Are the Main Types of Mosquito Traps?

There are several types of mosquito killer that are based on what they are most attracted to. The first type of trap is a heat or light trap. Usually, such killers use LED or UV light and have the same temperature as mammals, and, respectively, insects get attracted to it.

This one will be suitable for use indoors. The second type of trap is carbon dioxide attractant. In this case, CO2 is used to appeal to bugs.

This type will be perfect for outdoor, and it will be great for long distances. There are also homemade traps that are made of sugar and yeasts that also generate CO2, but the emission is quite low, and this kind of killer is not as effective as commercial traps. I also don’t recommend homemade killers as I have checked their effectiveness, which is, unfortunately, pretty low.

Do Mosquito Traps Work?

People tend to use insect repellent sprays that are not effective at all and usually protect the skin only for a few hours. Moreover, the sprays only keep bugs away from your skin.

Unlike repellents, mosquito traps work around the clock and kill all mosquitoes that get into a trap. As I have just mentioned, homemade killers have shown minimal results, and I can admit they are not working.

Speaking of commercial killers, these work pretty well both indoor and outdoor. There are all the variety of manufacturers and types of mosquito attractants that will eliminate this annoying problem.

Each trap has something that lures insects and then locks bugs inside. It can be heat and light or carbon dioxide emission – all show great results in the fight against mosquitoes.

dead mosquitoes

How to Use an Indoor Trap?

Make sure that you choose a killer that doesn’t emit carbon dioxide inside of your house or apartment. It can be pretty dangerous, especially if there are kids in the house. In this case, light or heat trap will be just perfect. One trap will be enough for a room, not more than 20 square meters.

If you have a large apartment or house, you should buy more traps to ensure the full protection from annoying bugs. If you want to use it for your bedroom, then it’s recommended to use it 3 hours before bedtime and leave the room. You shouldn’t be there when the trap starts attracting all the mosquitoes in the house. Stay in a living room to have the safest and most peaceful sleep.

How to Use an Outdoor Trap?

If you are planning to use a trap outdoors, then the one with CO2 emission will be a perfect choice as it can work on pretty long distances and provide you the safe rest in your backyard. Stagnant water is the main place where mosquitoes are concentrated. If you have such an area near your house, it’s recommended to place a trap near that location as it will be the most effective way to protect yourself.

Even if you cannot spot the breeding area, it’s recommended to place the killer a little bit away from you as mosquitoes will attack you first. In this case, there are diverse wireless traps that will be the most convenient solution.

Place the trap 1 meter above the ground and never put it near the barbecue area. Also, it’s better to build a little shelter that will protect the killer from rain.

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How to Choose a Mosquito Trap?

Before you choose an insect killer, you have to define the main purpose of its usage. If you spend a lot of time in your backyard and want to enjoy your rest peacefully, then a CO2 trap will be perfect as it will work constantly and will ensure the long-lasting results that will eliminate mosquitoes around.

If mosquitoes are bothering you during bedtime, then choose a UV trap that you can put in your bedroom. The main thing to consider while choosing a trap is your budget. Indoor mosquito trapsare pretty cost-effective, and the price is reasonable. I have provided you with different choices so you can pick the most convenient product that will do the job and will protect you from insects.

meg catch mosquito trap

Are Mosquitoes Attracted to UV Light?

Insects use natural light as a way to find the right direction. Artificial light can just distract them. Mosquitoes are not attracted to UV light, but as I previously said, they are attracted to the temperature that a light trap makes that imitates the temperature of mammals.

Also, mosquitoes are most attracted to carbon dioxide; these traps are the most effective ones available on the market.

How Does Propane Mosquito Trap Work?

Once you know more about mosquito killers, let’s find out in-depth how a propane mosquito trap works. These killers are among the most popular nowadays as they can significantly reduce the mosquito population near the place you live in.

This kind of traps uses propane that produces carbon dioxide that attracts mosquitoes the most. Propane gets the needed amount of fresh air to burn itself and emit CO2.

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Like this, mosquitoes will gather in the trap, and they will be locked inside until they die from dehydration. These killers are considered to be the best among all systems that will provide you with quality and long-lasting results. It will easily control the insect population and ensure you can rest in a safe and peaceful environment. Place it near your house to draw out all pests and bugs.

Final Thoughts

Mosquitoes are an annoying problem that bothers everyone. It’s pretty challenging to fight these insects, and you have to get only the best traps that will help you eliminate them and spend your time safely and in a pleasant way.

I have also suffered from mosquitoes, and I have tried out all the variety of traps and products. I decided to share my experience and facilitate the process for you so you can easily choose the trap that will work and will kill the mosquitoes.

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In the article, I stayed pretty precise and provided not just the list of the best working traps with the detailed descriptions of each product’s pros and cons. I have answered the most commonly asked questions regarding mosquito traps.

Now, I would love to hear from you. Leave your comments below and share your experience about fighting mosquitoes. What traps have you used, and what were the results? Were you satisfied? What trap from the list above you would love to purchase for yourself? Let’s discuss it together!


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