Top 10 Best Monitor Stands in 2022 – Reviews

Best Monitor Stands

A monitor stand is a profoundly selected and acknowledged item that raises your monitor so that you are looking at it at a comfortable eye level. It is must-have for individuals with back pain as it will enable them to work comfortably for more extended periods of time. A monitor mount also gives you more real estate on your desk to work with.

This post aims to provide you with a superior approach when sorting out the best from the infinite number of monitor stands in the market. Because you merit the best, purchase the best from the alternatives below.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Monitor Stand

  • Size and Capacity: The capacity entails the number and total weight of the monitors that the stand can hold. The capacity can be single, dual, triple, quad, and hex monitor stands running up to at 18 monitors. The monitor mount should offer flexibility. If your computer allows, consider opting for dual or more monitor stands, they provide easy viewing, so you won’t need to toggle between applications. Some monitor stands have a broader base and may not be compatible if you have a smaller desk. Ensure the dimensions can work with your tabletop.
  • Flexibility: You need to purchase a dual monitor mount stand that offers maximum flexibility. The ideal flexible mount should be able to move right, left, or any direction, and meet your demands not sacrificing comfort. It shouldn’t demand another set of hand to adjust and install.
  • Price: It makes no sense spending more on a monitor mount/stand than the monitor itself. Consider a price tag won’t hurt your pockets and meets all your demands.
  • Design and Material: It is crucial that your stand looks great even if it’s flexible and durable. The material should be the first rate for it directly contributes to the monitor stand’s sustainability. For ultimate durability and longevity, the material should be high-grade.

Best Monitor Stands in 2022


10. AmazonBasics Computer Riser Wood Monitor Stand, Black

By: AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics Computer Riser Wood Monitor Stand, Black

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This is a smart and multifunctional Computer Riser stand that can support PC screens, TV monitors and laptops.  It’s made of wood and has a black Woodgrain surface smooth finish. Ideally, this Monitor Stand will help you to reduce back, neck and eye strains related to computer work.  In addition to that, this handy desk will elevate eye-level while promoting healthy alignment and posture. The Monitor Stand is perfect to use it at home or office assisting you to create a great environment for watching media, video games, and work.

Featuring a modern design and classic woodgrain finish, this will add beauty in your home décor. Moreover, it saves space as you can place your accessories and keyboard underneath when not in use.

9. Husky Mounts- 2 Pack Premium Black Metal Construction Laptop PC Monitor Stand

By: Husky Mounts

Husky Mounts- 2 Pack Premium Black Metal Construction Laptop PC Monitor Stand

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The Husky Mounts PC monitor stand is an eco-friendly choice constructed using a sturdy bamboo boa Premium Black Metal to serve you for a long time. The unit has a fashionable, sleek and elegant design and this makes it a great addition to your office and desk. The top surface is very smooth and feels great and can hold monitors up to 44 pounds.  In addition, the stand just measures 14.5 x 9.3 Inches thus has a compact size with plenty of storage space to keep your books papers, game controllers and other items.

The stand will not vibrate, shake or slide as it is made with a non-skid rubber underneath to keep it on the place. It also protects the surface of your desk from scratches.

8. Allsop Metal Art Ergo 3 TV/Laptop Riser Adjustable Monitor Stand

By: Allsop

Allsop Metal Art Ergo 3 TV:Laptop Riser Adjustable Monitor Stand

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This is another versatile monitor stand that can be able to accommodate, laptops, monitors and fax machines. This adjustable TV and monitor Monitor Stand allows you to choose ergonomic and comfortable height. The stand support up to 35 lbs. and has a platform that measures 15 inches W x 10 inches D.  Other than that, it features a storage Storage room underneath that allow you to store Playstation 4, Xbox One, Cable Box, Apple TV, laptop, keyboard and more.

The height can be adjusted in three height 6 inches, 7 inches, and 8 inches in seconds and the micro-adjustment feet will eliminate wobbling on uneven surfaces.

7. FITUEYES Computer Monitor Stand


FITUEYES Computer monitor riser 21.3 inch Monitor Stand with keyboard Storage Space, DT105401WB-G

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This is one of the best monitor stands available out there that befits all budgets, styles, and spaces. The design is basic with simple a built that is still effective in helping to prevent the risk of back and neck problems.

After erection, the bottom creates sufficient space for your laptop, mobile phone and other extras in your possession. It’s a weight-bearing device that can as well be used as a TV stand. You need not be techy to get this thing up and running; the assembly is simple and straightforward. Its multi-functionality makes it a necessity in work environments. It is a fair bargain considering how much it costs.

6. SONGMICS Bamboo 2-Tier Monitor Stand


SONGMICS Bamboo Monitor Stand Riser

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Usefulness meets style with this 100% bamboo stand that is simply a hit in this specialty. This offering adds a reasonable amount of height to monitors of all sorts and sizes and lets you sit comfortably at your desk and not experience fatigue and neck, eye, and back strain.

Each side offers good compatibility options to adjust your monitor, with it, you also get adequate adjustable space for storing all your office supplies and two slots for your cell phones. It is designed for a comfortable hold of up to 80 lbs. of a monitor and to provide stability. If you fancy style and are keen to go green, then this is right monitor stand for your workstation.

5. FITUEYES Clear Computer Monitor Riser

FITUEYES Clear Computer Monitor Riser Save Space Desktop Stand for Xbox One/component/flat Screen TV,DT103801GC

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From FITUEYES, this is another top monitor stand. The simple construction significantly improves the quality of the work you do on your computer. The upper has carefully constructed from clear tempered glass that is elegantly stylish yet strong enough to withstand loads of up to 55 lbs. Small items you need to keep handy while working or gaming are positioned lower with the monitor elevated on the stand to make back and neck pains are a thing of the past.

The base, in particular, has four legs that allow you to adjust the height by between 0 – 12 mm to suit your comfort. This pick is an excellent selection for gamers and those who spend lots of time behind the screen watching.

4. Mind Reader ‘ Perch’ Pc Laptop iMac Monitor Stand

By: Mind Reader

Mind Reader ' Perch' Pc Laptop IMac Monitor Stand And Desk Organizer, Black

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Who wouldn’t want such a stylish, practical and efficient way to elevate their monitor that will last even longer than the computer components? You have, not 5 or 6, but ten storage compartment you can store anything you need to keep close by while you work or game. It takes only a simple and few steps to get it set up, and you have removable legs to opt for depending on your height demands.

You will also find a space below this monitor stand for storing the keyboard. The base has been built sturdy and robust and is no-scratch, no-slip keeping your desktop safe from scratches and marks. A limitless capacity means it can be used for pretty much any monitor size.

3. Mind Reader ‘Raise’ Metal Monitor Stand

By: Mind Reader

Mind Reader 'Raise' Metal Mesh Monitor Stand with Drawer, Black

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Another of the smash hit items in this corner is this mesh stand from Mind Reader. This ideally functional and dynamic stand perfectly anchors your monitor securely making it stand firmly without shaking. Without a doubt, they have a certain appeal for their excellent build quality thanks to the high-grade metallic material used to craft it.

We also appreciate the important design with a pull-out drawer can hold phones, notebooks, and pens while you work. Another thing is that your keyboard can merely slide underneath the stand when you don’t need it. Reduce eye fatigue, neck, and back strain with a simple click to add this adorable unit to your cart.

2. VonHaus Large Curved Glass Monitor Stand

By: VonHaus

VonHaus Large Curved Glass Monitor Stand - Adjustable Height Multiple Screen Riser for PC Monitors, Computers, Laptops & TVs - 27.5 x 9.5 inches - Black

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A monitor stand is considered a purely functional item. But thanks to today’s endless styles, it’s been modified to add to your office or home décor significantly. The black tempered glass used for the top is sturdy enough for a 66 lbs monitor and still ensure years of trouble-free use.

For the fit, the manufacturer chose to use brightly-finished aluminum tubes that allow height adjustments of between 3.5 – 4.3 inches giving this pick flexibility advantages. Another cool feature is the curved out design that takes care of the stubborn snakes of cables if the stand is placed flush against a wall.

1. 3M Adjustable 3 Leg Segments Silver/Black Monitor Stand (MS80B)

By: 3M

3M Adjustable 3 Leg Segments Silver:Black Monitor Stand (MS80B)

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3M Adjustable Monitor Stand has a simple design perfect for modern offices and homes. It allows you to set your computer monitor to the correct height that you are comfortable with. It’s perfect for monitors, printers, laptops up to 80 lbs. the platform measures 11.5” by 16” by 3.5” with silver columns and contemporary black design. Besides that, the stand allows you to change the angle to reduce pains and aches that are associated with long working hours.

The stand features 11 inches of storage space located underneath that is going to maximize the desk space. With its non-skid column base, it will assist to ensure that the stand stay firm in place


If you regularly spend long hours on your computer in your office or playing games in your free time, give one of the above monitors’ stands a shot. We are hopeful that this guide has fed you with the essential information on the consideration you should make when buying them.

The listed are easily some of the best available in the market and are efficient in eliminating clutter and reclaiming your work space.


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