Top 10 Best Memory Card Cases in 2022

Best Memory Card Cases

Memory cards have become a key part of our modern lives. In fact, people always have them in their phones, cameras, tablets, portable speakers, laptops and many other accessories. Unfortunately, due to their small nature, they can easily get lost when removed from the device or get damaged due to their fragile nature.

The best way to avoid such issues is by ensuring you invest in the right case. It will be made from a sturdy material to resist breakage, impact or shock, comes in slots to accommodate several cards, and will stay closed to prevent them from falling off. The followings pieces are the top 10 best memory card cases in 2022.

Best Memory Card Cases in 2022


10. Keten Nintendo Switch Games Case

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This carry case is among the most versatile and sturdy cases on this review and in the market also. It is made from a tough material to endure bangs, impacts, regular knocks and the elements. The accessory has 32 slots for accommodating 16 Micro SD cards and 16 switch game cards.

It comes with a nice design for easy carrying and is well-sealed to prevent entry of dust, moisture, dirt and other destructive things. Once closed, it stays this way until you decide to open it.

9. Neewer Memory Card Holder 14 Slots

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Measuring 4.9 x 3.15 x 0.9inches (125 x 80 x 23mm), this high capacity case has 14 slots and can hold 4XD/4SD/2CF card and 10MSD/2 CF/10TF cards. It’s built from a strong material to endure falls, knocks, bangs, and scratches.

The water-resistant unit will stop the entry of water or moisture whereas the airtight seal ensures the interior is free of dust or dirt. The case is very easy and friendly to carry thanks to the compactness and lightweight whereas the shock-resistant material enhances the protection.

8. DIGIANT Memory Card Case Lightweight 

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This black case will make carrying your MicroSD, TF, and Micro-Nano SD Card easy. The lightweight case only weighs 0.48 ounces and comes in a slim and carry-friendly design and will conveniently fit in purse, pocket, or handbag.

It measures 3.3 inches long, 2 inches wide, and 0.3 inches and features 17 slots for handling 10 TF cards, 4 SD card, 1 Pin, and 1 Micro Nano card. The easy-opening holder gives easy access to the stored pieces and is very secure and won’t accidentally.

7. Honsky Memory Card Case

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This black case will safely and conveniently accommodate your Micro SD, CF, SDHC, SDXC and MMC memory cards. It features 22 slots and is made from a robust material that can resist cracking, warping, bending, or breaking. 18 slots are designed for SD card whereas the 4 bigger slots are for CF cards.

It measures 11×6.5x2cm (4.3×2.5×0.7 inches) and is relatively slim to fit in small spaces including pockets, purse, and handbag. For easy access to the cards, it features a zipper whereas the anti-static and water-repellent construction boosts safety.

6. CamKix Premium Memory Card Case

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Constructed from high-grade aluminum, this carrying case will keep your Micro SD, TF, CF cards safe and secure. It has a practical design for easy access to the cards whereas the strong metal construction provides the needed protection to the cards.

The case comprises 2 compartments can hold 1 x SD card, 2 x SD, 2 x CF, and 2 x MS stick and is lined by a smooth EVA foam for protection against shocks and impacts while the faux leather enhances its elegance.

5. Beeway Memory Card Case Holder Waterproof

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Finding the 10 best memory card cases in 2022 shouldn’t be a challenge. Simply choose this case and enjoy reliability, durability, and maximum satisfaction. The Beeway memory card holder is made of a strong polycarbonate material and can bear fall, knocks, impacts, scratches, and much more.

The tough case can hold SD, SDHC, CF, and SDXC cards and features a silicone waterproof seal for keeping moisture, water, and dust at bay. And to ensure the cards are safe and secure at all times, it has a tough resin clamp.

4. Xit XTMCASE Memory Card Carrying Case

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Your memory cards will be well protected from water, moisture, dust, dirt, impact, shocks and vibrations. It’s made out of a sturdy plastic material that won’t warp, fade, break, or come apart easily.

The case comprises of 12 slots to handle 12 cards and has an easy open mechanism for improved convenience. It closes tightly and stops dust, dirt, moisture, and water. The lightweight case is easy to carry around and is also very compact.

3. Kiorafoto Professional Memory Card Case

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You shouldn’t keep misplacing your memory cards or struggle to a find the one you are looking for. With this case, not only are you certain of easy access but maximum protection as well.

It’s very solid but lightweight and will fit in the pocket, purse, handbag and other small spaces. The unit can hold 12 Micro SD and 12 SD cards and includes a convenient carabiner. The case has a rubberized material for absorbing impact, vibration, shock and also preventing dust, dirt, and water.

2. Pelican 0915 SD Memory Card Case, Black

2. Pelican 0915 SD Memory Card Case, Black

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This black colored case by Pelican is designed to hold 12 SD cards, 6 micro, and 6 mini SD cards. It’s one of the lightest items on the list and is perfect for everyday use and traveling. The carrying case is constructed of strong polycarbonate resin that can bear impact, knocks, vibration, scratches, and falls.

It features a smooth inner lining for extra protection and is very easy to open and close. However, it won’t open by accident and this guarantees you of full protection for the memory cards.

1. Eco-Fused Memory Card Carrying Case

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This black memory card case is stylish and very portable. It’s suitable for a range of memory cards including SD and SDHC and has 22 slots and 8 durable plastic pages.

The high-quality unit can hold 18 regular size cards measuring up to 24mm in width and 4 large ones with a maximum width of 43mm.For improved tagging and organization, the case includes a sticker set whereas the microfiber cloth helps to clean the case.


You shouldn’t struggle carrying your memory cards in wallets, purses, or by hand. You don’t have to expose them to the elements, radiation, dust, water, impact, shock, and electromagnetic waves that can damage them. You also shouldn’t risk losing them because the carrier opened accidentally.

What you deserve is a good case for carrying them. In this review, we have featured the top 10 best memory card cases in 2022. They can handle several units, come in a hardy case to resist impact and the elements, features slots for improved organization, and are very secure to prevent accidental opening.


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