The Best Mattresses For Couples (2021 Reviews)


Finding the right mattress for even one person can be tough. There are a lot of factors to consider, and even a single person may need to compromise on some preferences to suit their needs. The right mattress offers a balance of comfort, support, heat regulation, motion isolation, and quietness—among other things.

The difficulty of finding the right mattress is magnified for couples, who often have different needs from each other. This can make finding a compromise tough. When couples are of different weights or have different sleeping habits, the choice becomes even more difficult. Even having a wide range of options is no guarantee that you’ll be able to settle on one together. The best way to solve this problem is to understand what makes a good mattress for couples.

In this guide, we look at what couples will need to consider when they buy a mattress and the pros and cons of different mattress types for couples. We also give you our top choices for the best mattresses for couples of 2023.

The Best Mattresses for Couples: Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Brooklyn Bedding Aurora

Best Luxury: Brooklyn Bedding Aurora

An ideal compromise between firmness and support for couples.

Why We Picked It

The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora is a 13 ½-inch hybrid mattress. Its top layers are a luxury weave featuring proprietary “TitanCool” phase change material and a “CopperFlex” hyper-elastic foam that together help to keep sleepers cool. The copper infusion also has antibacterial properties. Beneath these are two layers of memory foam on a base layer of individually wrapped coils.

The Aurora is an excellent hybrid bed and offers a strong compromise on firmness and support for couples. It can accommodate sleepers of various weights and preferred sleep positions. It also sleeps cool and provides decent motion isolation, which can keep couples comfortable.

The Aurora mattress comes with a 120-night trial and a 10-year warranty.

Keep in Mind

Hybrid mattresses can be on the heavy side thanks to their coils, but this isn’t unique to the Aurora.

In a Nutshell

  • Soft, medium, and firm options available
  • Individually encased coils create natural zones of support
  • 10-year warranty

Best Value: Nectar Mattress

Nectar Mattress

Affordable quality with a generous warranty.

Why We Picked It

The Nectar mattress is a 4-layer, 11-inch memory foam bed. The quilted gel memory foam top layer provides comfort, with the deeper memory foam layers providing strong support. The mattress is of medium firmness.

The materials used in the Nectar are impressive at this price point, and you aren’t likely to find similar materials available at a cheaper price.

We picked the Nectar for its combination of quality and cost. The many, deep layers of memory foam ensure a comfortable night’s sleep with excellent pressure point relief, meaning you’ll wake up ache-free. The Nectar offers unparalleled quality no matter how you sleep, which should help couples strike a good compromise. What truly makes the Nectar shine is its “Forever” warranty. There aren’t many brands that offer a similar level of coverage. Nectar also offers free delivery within the contiguous US.

Keep in Mind

The Nectar does lack some of the hug factor usually associated with memory foam mattresses, but it’s hard to hold that against it when it’s such a complete package.

In a Nutshell

  • Great motion isolation and nearly silent; suitable for couples
  • Extraordinary value for money
  • “Forever” warranty

Best Luxury: WinkBed Mattress

WinkBed Mattress

Luxury materials with the perfect level of edge support for couples.

Why We Picked It

The WinkBed is a luxury hybrid mattress with complex construction, including a Euro-pillow layer on top of a layer of Micro Airsprings. Beneath that is a base layer of individually-wrapped coils, separated into 7 support zones.

The WinkBed comes in an array of firmness options, so couples should be able to find the right compromise to suit both partners.

The WinkBed employs a proprietary system to encourage spine alignment while sleeping, and motion isolation technology to promote a good night’s sleep. It also boasts Extra-Edge anti-sag support, which increases the sleepable area by 15 percent—perfect for couples who move around in their sleep.

The WinkBed comes with a Full Replacement Lifetime Warranty, a 120-night trial period, and free shipping & returns.

Keep in Mind

Generous sleep trial but with a mandatory 30-day break-in period.

In a Nutshell

  • Four firmness options to suit couples looking for a compromise
  • Strong edge support increases sleepable area
  • Lifetime warranty

Best for Different Weight Couples: Solaire Mattress

Solaire Mattress

Fully adaptable firmness for both sleepers plus FLT readers get $75 off!

Why We Picked It

Finding the right bed for couples of different weights can be tough, as each partner tends to have different needs. That’s why we’ve chosen the Solaire for different weight couples. With 50 firmness settings per side, both partners can tailor their bed to their needs with incredible precision.

The Solaire is a hybrid air mattress, with cotton pillow top, Talalay latex, and gel-infused memory foam for its upper layers. A moisture barrier separates these from the air chambers that provide the bed’s adjustability. The mattress also features enhanced edge support technology, which increases the effective sleepable area.

The two halves of the bed can be independently adjusted for position and firmness, giving each partner complete control over their sleeping experience.

The Solaire comes with free white glove delivery and a 25-year limited warranty.

Keep in Mind

Air mattresses can be noisy during adjustment, though the Solaire is not louder than average.

In a Nutshell

  • 50 adjustable firmness options
  • Sleeping experience can be adjusted for each side of the bed
  • Power Edge Enclosure provides excellent edge support

How We Chose the Best Mattresses for Couples

To choose our top mattress picks, we look at the key categories that help us put together an overall rating for the mattress. Here’s a quick look at the categories we use—you can find out more about our process here:

  • Material Quality
  • Durability
  • Conforming
  • Edge Support
  • Temperature Neutrality
  • Off-gassing
  • Motion Isolation

Special Considerations for Couples

Couples have a few unique considerations to think about when choosing a mattress. In this section, we’ll take a look at most of them—and the importance of compromise.

Motion Isolation

It’s a common struggle for couples: we can typically tolerate our own motion as we sleep, but adding another body creates an unpredictable external disturbance. For light sleepers, having a partner who moves even a small amount during sleep can lead to frequent wake-up calls throughout the night. Over time, this can lead to poor quality sleep and even a state of ongoing sleep deprivation. If both partners are light sleepers, the problem becomes even worse. A mattress with good motion isolation can help with this problem, dampening motion so that it doesn’t carry through the whole mattress.


Couples may have to compromise on a few key points when they buy a mattress. One of the most common compromises is in firmness. Preferred mattress firmness depends on a few factors, such as weight and sleep position, so couples who don’t share the same needs can struggle to find the right balance. For instance, a heavier sleeper may need a firmer mattress, but this won’t suit a lighter partner, who will find the mattress uncomfortable. Some beds offer dual-firmness models suited for couples with mixed firmness needs, but this does limit overall choice.


Alongside motion, noise is one of the other big contributors to a disturbed night’s sleep. As with motion, a simple case of one partner turning over in the night can disturb the other, and this can happen many times in a single night. Traditional innerspring mattresses are typically the worst for this. Springs can be squeaky and only get worse with age. Couples can deal with excess noise by switching to another type of mattress. Latex and memory foam mattresses, in particular, are nearly silent.


Sex can often slip the mind when it comes to choosing a mattress, but it’s important that your mattress doesn’t distract from those intimate moments. Some mattress types are better than others for sex. Traditional innersprings and hybrid mattresses have good bounce and responsiveness, for example, while a dense memory foam mattress can distract from the fun by offering too much resistance.


One of the core functions of a mattress is to support your body as you sleep. Back pains and muscle stiffness are the typical outcomes of sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t offer the right level of support. Over the long term, these can develop into chronic conditions.

For couples, choosing a supportive mattress means factoring in the extra weight of having two bodies in the bed. This may mean upgrading your level of support or finding beds with zoned support designed to accommodate two sleepers.


As we’ve touched on already, a mattress is quite a personal thing. We all have different needs from a mattress, but also different wants. It can be hard for couples to agree, particularly on the general “feel” of a mattress. Some people prefer a mattress that remains flat and even, while others may prefer a surface that deforms, creating a conforming “hug.” Some of the other items on this list also reinforce these preferences. For instance, people who sleep hot tend to prefer a mattress that doesn’t conform too much. Couples will typically need to find a compromise and choose a mattress that suits both partners.


Having two bodies in a bed naturally leads to more heat and some individuals sleep so hot that their body heat can actually disturb their partners. Many mattress materials can make this problem worse by trapping heat, especially when combined with a heavy duvet or comforter. Some bed types, such as memory foam, sleep particularly hot, so you may need to pay special attention to whether the mattress you choose incorporates heat-regulation technology.

What Mattress Size is Best for Couples?

Couples have a range of mattress sizes to choose from, and mattresses from full up to California king may work for couples. The choice you make will depend on your individual sleep styles and your personal preferences.

We break down the sizes on offer in the table below. You can also find out more here in our mattress size guide.

Mattress SizeDimensionsWho It’s Good For
Full54” x 75”Couples who like to sleep close
Couples without pets or children
Heavy sleepers who won’t be disturbed by their partner
Small/slim couples who don’t need much space
Couples who share the same sleep preferences
Queen60” x 80”Couples who like to sleep close but like to have the option to spread out
Couples without pets or children
King76” x 80”Couples who want room to spread out
Couples with pets or children
Light sleepers who might be disturbed by partner’s movement/noise
California King72” x 84”Couples who love space to move
Couples with multiple pets or children
Super light sleepers who can’t risk being disturbed
Tall or heavy couples

The Best Mattress Types for Couples

Choosing the right mattress for a couple isn’t easy. It often means balancing out the pros and cons and finding a compromise that works for both partners. You’ll need to refer back to some of the considerations we’ve outlined to make the most informed decision.

To summarize, here’s a few pros and cons of each mattress type to keep in mind when finding a new bed for you and your partner.

InnerspringSpringy for sex
Commonplace; most people are used to innersprings
Bad motion isolation
Offsets some cons of innerspring
Retains many cons of innerspring beds
Memory foam hybrids can sleep too hot
LatexGreat motion isolation
Nearly silent
Very comfortable
Lack of springiness for sex
Lack of edge support, reducing sleepable area
Memory FoamGreat motion isolation
Nearly silent
Very comfortable
Sleeps hot
Lack of edge support, reducing sleepable area

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