Top 10 Best Maternity Support Belts in 2022

Best Maternity Support Belts

Any idea on what the 10 best maternity support belts in 2022 are? Like many other people, you probably don’t know the top picks. While it may appear like a simple or basic accessory, maternity belts are becoming a must-have for pregnant women both first timers and seasoned mothers. They support and protect the growing baby, relive pressure and fatigue around the abdominal, back, hip, and pelvic region, improve mobility and also help in recovery after a surgery.

A good belt will come in the right size & length, it is strong & easy to adjust, comfortable and ergonomically-designed. Wearing the best product not only helps in physical support but also makes the wearer mentally relaxed and this creates the right environment for the unborn child.

It also prevents diseases such as gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, joint pains as well as mood swings. After extensively studying the market, we have identified the top 10 maternity support belts.


10. HYBLOM Maternity Support Belt


Women with small to XXL waists will find the HYBLOM maternity belt a good choice whether in their first, second or third trimester. Made from a highly-elastic and breathable material, this belt provides firm support to the belly, back, pelvic region and serves as a good surgery recovery girdle.

It features Velcro strap that can be adjusted to suit different belly sizes and also providing the desired relief. The Velcro not sticking well and fraying have cost this belt a few stars.


9. Mamus Maternity Belt


Women with weight sizes starting from 37 up to 52 inches should consider this maternity belly by Mamu. It’s famed for being highly elastic, smooth to touch and comfortable courtesy of the cotton, spandex and nylon fabrics.

The lightweight belt measures 6.5 inches in height and can easily be adjusted using the Velcro straps. Key advantages include good ventilation, firm support, and elastic and comfort while its main con is that the instructions aren’t very easy to understand.


8. Enjoy Colorful Life Maternity Support Belt


As the name implies, this maternity belt allows you to continue enjoying life even when pregnant. The double-layered laminate is made from 80% nylon and 20% spandex while the lining is made from soft and comfortable nylon.

Its breathable fabric and unique design provides good air circulation and minimizes sweating whereas the Velcro provides super strong support. While it’s super strong, easy-to-adjust and remains discreet under clothing, this belt unfortunately isn’t ultra comfortable and the Velcro may wear out under heavy usage.


7. ZaryzzA Maternity Support Belt


With the ability to stretch up to 50 inches, this 46-inch long and 2.9-inch wide belt is perfect for waist sizes ranging from 6 to 22 (US). The hand-washable belt keeps the wearer comfortable thanks to the elastic and breathable material while the strong Velcro straps offer full support to the belly and back.

The one-size belt is fit for women in the first, second or third trimester. Consumers love its comfort, strength, ergonomic and user-friendly design. However, it feels stiff when worn for the first time and it tends to dig in a bit.


6. Yosoo Maternity Belt


Designed to support the belly and back from behind, this maternity belt will fit women with waists not exceeding 46 inches. Like most products listed in the 10 best maternity support belts, it’s also made from cotton and spandex.

The easy-to-wear belt relieves fatigue, offers good belly and back support and is smooth to the skin. Other pros include good compression, easy to wash, unnoticeable under clothing and large coverage. Its downsides include difficulty adjusting it once worn, and bulky nature.


5. Zenda Naturals Maternity Belt


Designed for first time and seasoned moms, the Zenda Naturals belt ranks among the top because of its easy-click design and all-day comfort. Though light, soft and elastic, the belt offers adequate support even in the last trimester.

In addition to supporting the back and belly, it also relieves pain and pressure from lower back and pelvic. Some expectant moms however complain of the pack not containing instructions and the Velcro becoming thinner over time.


4. Soft Form Maternity Belt


This maternity belt is intended for pregnant women whose belly size ranges from 6 to 14 inches. The belt is fully adjustable and provides firm support even during the latest trimester. Since it comes in universal size and is fully-adjustable, a woman will only need one belt for the entire pregnancy.

Strong points include good support, ultra-soft material, not visible under clothing and comfortable. The belt’s disadvantage is that wearing it the first time may seem a bit complex especially for first time mums.


3. AZMED Maternity Belt


This one-size maternity belt is perfect for waists up to 46 inches. Made from elastic and breathable material, the belt supports the abdominal and pelvic region and its gentle compression helps alleviate any tiredness, stress, discomfort making the pregnancy more bearable.

Its main advantages include good comfort & support, pain and strain relief, and easy to put on. However, it seems to stretch over time especially when handled badly and it may lose its firmness.


2. NeoTech Care Maternity Support Belt


This maternity belly belt scores highly when it comes to comfort and support. This is attributed to using 60% nylon, 40% polyester and advanced techniques that give it the right elasticity, smoothness and comfort. Its expanding and versatile nature makes it right for different waist sizes and can be adjusted as the pregnancy grows.

It is multi-layered for extra strength and ventilated for good air circulation. The belt however may feel a bit stiff when new and finding the best adjustment also takes some practice.


1. Gabrialla Maternity Belt


Stay comfortable and relaxed at any stage of your pregnancy by wearing the Gabrialla maternity belt. The elastic and soft belt consists of 80% polyester, 20% Lycra and is targeted at any expectant mum.

While the elasticity makes wearing easy and accommodates different waist sizes, the belt is also firm and by compressing the belly and back, it relieves fatique, pain and pressure from the uterus, pelvic region, lower back and hips. The belt unfortunately may be a bit tight for large bellies.


A maternity support belt is more than a belt that you simply wrap around your belly or waist when pregnant. It’s also your companion during the thick of things when your joints, back, hips and pelvic region are feeling exhausted, stressed or in pain.

The belt also gives you relief by compressing and soothing tired muscles and tissues. However, it’s never easy to identify a specific product among the thousands being offered in the market. We have nonetheless examined, verified and listed the top products that are currently available.

Follow the 10 best maternity support belt review and find the right item.


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