Top 10 Best Makeup Organizers in 2020

Best Makeup Organizers

Without a proper makeup organizer, finding a makeup accessory can be a challenge. In fact, you will end up wasting so much time as you ransack through the many items. There is also the possibility of some items spilling, smudging, or getting lost in the process. As a smart woman, you should invest in the best organizer as this improves the convenience.

The right product is made from a quality material such as acrylic, comes in several compartments for sorting and organizing different items, and is clear for easy viewing and identification. Furthermore, it will be elegant to complement the stored items and surrounding and will accommodate different products including makeup, cosmetics, and jewelry. We have identified the top 10 best makeup organizers in 2020 that will make life easier and convenient.

Best Makeup Organizers in 2020


10. Boxalls Rotating Makeup Organizer

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This Unique makeup organizer by Boxalls comes in a rotating design for improved functionality and convenience. It can turn at an angle of 360-degrees and this allows a user to easily pick the preferred item. The storage box, just like other top types, comes with several compartments for holding makeup, cosmetics as well as jewelry. It features clear acrylic for easy view and adjustable height for selecting the best position.

Its space-saving design take-up little space without compromising the organization or safety of the stored accessories. people chose it because of its easy assembly, long-lasting nature, easy cleaning, and user friendliness. A few nonetheless say it is not very large.

9. Sorbus Makeup, Jewelry and Cosmetics Storage Case

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The first position goes to this makeup organizer by Sorbus. The multifunctional piece is suitable for cosmetics, makeup, jewelry and more. It’s constructed from top-quality acrylic and is resistant to scratches and cracking.

The functional piece can easily be placed in the bedroom, bathroom, vanity counters, dressers and tabletops without occupying too much space or undermining the elegance. The organizer is suitable for home as well as professional use. The main positives are high quality, professional looking, strong acrylic, and good storage.

8. MaxKim Makeup Jewelry Organizer

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Consisting of 2 drawers and 15 compartments, the MaxKim Organizer will ensure your makeup, cosmetics and jewelry are properly stored for easy access. The unit is made from clear acrylic for easy access and durability and comes with a smooth surface for easy cleaning. The stacked drawers not only save space but also give you clear views of the accessories.

This piece is famed for its elegance and chic design that makes it a popular pick for women and beauty experts. Its key advantages are easy cleaning, good construction, good organization, and multifunctional. The downside is the medium size compartment, which has few separated zones.

7. Cosmopolitan Collection Best Makeup Organizer

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Finding your makeup items or cosmetics should not be an inconvenience especially when you are in a hurry. What you need is a good organizer that not only stores and protects the accessories, but also allows you to easily see them. This makeup organizer will make your life easier thanks to its good construction and simplicity.

The solid piece is made from high-quality acrylic and guarantees you of long life. Its good clarity makes finding a liner, pallet, lip balm, lip-gloss, eyeliner and many other items quick and easy. The organizer’s key positives include clear acrylic, versatile, good size, and scratch-resistant, luxurious and durable. The main negative is the drawers may feel a bit sticky especially when new.

6. MelodySusie Jewelry & Cosmetic Organizer

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Tired of having to rummage through your makeup, cosmetics or jewelry? Or do you misplace or lose your ornaments too often? Well, you can stop this from happening by buying this organizer by MelodySusie. The elegant and stylish piece is crafted from high quality and durable acrylic material.

The clear design simplifies the identification of an item and consists of 10 compartments. The versatile unit can be placed in the bedroom, near the bathroom, in a salon and can accommodate a range of accessories including lipstick, concealers, lip-gloss, brushes, nail polish, makeup palettes, clippers and more. The main pros of this organizer are high quality, good organization, easy to clean, versatile, and durable. The most notable con is its relatively small size.

5. STORi Large Capacity Makeup Organizer

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Measuring 12-3/8 L X 6-7/8, W x 6 H inches, this makeup organizer can be described as large. It features multiple compartments for holding different makeup accessories and is suitable for cosmetics and jewelry. This set is made from quality and clear plastic and looks good on any location whether home, beauty center or salon.

The large compartments are suitable for bigger items while the 2 smaller ones are designed for smaller its. Its positives are large capacity, easy to clean, sturdy, and great look. The negative is its fairly large size which can be an issue in a small space.

4. Sorbus Cosmetics Makeup Organizer

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The Sorbus brand is undoubtedly among the most famous in regard to makeup and cosmetic organizers. This acrylic piece is one of its top products and should help you organize your makeup accessories better and more conveniently. It comes in an 8-in-1 styling for accommodating different sizes and can also be interchanged for convenience.

The clear design allows you to identify what you want before opening and this not only saves time but effort as well. The key advantages of this organizer are sturdy construction, versatility, easy to interchange the drawers, professional-look and easy to clean. A few consumers have complained that it isn’t very clear but rather opaque.

3. Home-it Clear Makeup Organizer

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This Home-it makeup organizer is perfect for the home and can be placed in the bedroom or near the bathroom. It’s crafted from high-quality acrylic and should offer good holding and protection to your liner, lip-gloss, eyeliners, mascara, jewelry and much more. The clear material gives better visibility and improves the time taken to find an item while the smooth opening drawers enhance the convenience.

It features 3 large drawers that can accommodate large accessories. The removable liner protects the items from scratches and unnecessary banging. The key advantages of this unit are impact resistance, high transparency, stronger than glass, and good protection. The disadvantage is that the acrylic can be scratched or damaged by sharp or pointed objects.

2. Sorbus Makeup Cosmetics and Jewelry Organizer

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Also from the Sorbus brand is this makeup organizer. It’s made from premium acrylic for longevity and good protection and comes in clear form for quick and eases access. It consists of 4 large drawers for the large items and 2 smaller ones for the small pieces.

The sleek and stylish accessory boasts of a diamond exterior that augments the décor on the bedroom or bathroom while the practical and well-designed drawers improve functionality. Consumers love this organizer because of its durability, quality construction, proper organization, and resistance to chips and cracks. Many however complain about its description, which may be a bit confusing.

1. Ikee Design Cosmetics & Jewelry Organizer

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With this Ikee Design makeup organizer, the days of having to scatter your makeup accessories will be over. Like other top organizers, it’s made from high-quality acrylic that is revered for strength and reliability. This piece consists of two pieces that improve organization and removable black mesh padding for protecting the contents from scratches and dents.

The accessory comes with a simple design and opening or closing it isn’t a problem. Other than makeup accessories, this set is also ideal for jewelry and cosmetics. Its main advantages are a simple design, completely removable drawers, and smooth sliding drawers, cute, clean and durable. The main disadvantage is that it’s not very big.


Finding the right makeup doesn’t mean going through all your accessories. You don’t need to smudge or spill contents as you rummage through many items. Also, you don’t have to first open the drawer and then start going through the contents.

What you need is a good organizer that stores the makeup accessories in the right manner and allows you to see them before opening the drawer. It will also have different compartments to suit various products and can accommodate jewelry and cosmetics. To find such a product, all what’s required of you is using this top 10 best makeup organizers in 2020 as your guide.


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