Best Macerating (Upflush) Toilets: Choosing the Right Item


The type of toilet system to install has been a dilemma for many people. From my professional point of view, macerating toilet systems are of superior quality and demonstrate top-level performance compared to traditional flush toilets. It is because of the unmatched advantages that come with macerating toilets, which include:

  • Water efficiency;
  • Ease of installation as there’s no need of breaking floors;
  • Compatibility with existing piping lines;
  • Variety of design options;
  • Efficient pumping.

Although upflushing toilet systems are generally of great quality, there are brands that I’ve developed a preference over the years thanks to their incredible performance. Some pump up toilet systems are more reliable and efficient than others. It is for this reason that I saw it good to put together detailed macerating toilet reviews of the best upflush toilets on the market.

Below, I will be looking into the design specifications of each toilet system, the advantages and the downsides associated with each item. Additionally, I will highlight some of the aspects to consider when buying a toilet that flushes up.

6 Best Macerating (Upflush) Toilet Models to Choose From

Upflush Toilet

The superior features and high-quality performance of each kit have been the metrics for shortlisting these six best upflush toilet systems. Macerating toilets are by far advantageous in regards to eco-friendliness, sanitation, and compactness that traditional flashing systems. They don’t consume much water, as once the waste has been macerated, it can be easily washed away by a less amount of water. With that said, below, you can find macerating toilet system reviews highlighting detailed design specifications of each item.

Saniflo 023 Self-Contained Toilet – The Best Macerating Toilet System

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Saniflo is a brand that has made a name for itself over the years. It stands as a preferred choice for many thanks to the high-quality products manufactured by the company. The Saniflo 023 Sanicompact pump up toilet is a best-seller as the system exhibits exemplary efficiency and performance.

One of the features I like about this system is that one can link it with the current plumbing lines. This Saniflo toilet can be connected to a sink and other water systems with the inlets and outlets designed for this purpose.

Also, this model is among the best macerating toilets because of its water efficiency. Unlike traditional toilets, which use gallons of water for a single flash, the Saniflo 023 Sanicompact item requires a single gallon only.

The toilet’s seat has a cool stylish design that offers comfort and goes well with most bathrooms’ designs. Its powerful basement toilet system can pump vertically up to nine feet and up to one hundred feet in distance. When it comes to durability, this toilet has strong hinges, which can’t be broken easily.

This self-contained toilet is easy to install and maintain. Its compactness makes for space efficiency, and, therefore, one wouldn’t need much space to install it. Saniflo 023 Sanicompact self-contained toilet is my favorite single piece toilet system. I would recommend purchasing it any time someone asks for advice. Below is a summary of the pros and cons associated with this upflush system:

the system allows linking with a sink;uses a one gallon per flush only;the seat has a stylish modern design for maximum comfort;facilitates vertical pumping up to a height of nine feet and a plane distance of up to one hundred feet;fitted with strong hinges, making it durable.a bit expensive.

Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-ESW – Best Macerator Toilet with RazorCut Technology

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Liberty Pumps is a well-known manufacturer of top-quality plumbing systems and some of the best upflush macerating toilet systems. This model is one of the top-quality toilet systems available on the market, as it is designed with the RazorCut technology, which fosters efficiency during waste maceration. Also, it has all the necessary hardware components for installation, including a pump, a tank, and a seat. I also like this system because it is easy to maintain.

If one of the components wears out, say the pump, it can be easily detached and changed. You can make refitting and replacement of any part of the kit without having to change the entire system. Moreover, the toilet has a service panel, which makes maintaining even more convenient. The aesthetics haven’t been left behind as the seat is stylish, sturdy, and well-built.

This toilet system uses water sparingly when flushing. You wouldn’t make a wrong choice picking Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-ESW macerating toilet for your home or office. I would commend this model to everyone looking for a top-quality toilet system. Let’s take a look at a summary of the pros and pitfalls of this item:

the RazorCut technology used fosters optimal maceration of waste;the set comes with a toilet seat;fitted with a removable service panel for easier and convenient maintenance;both water- and energy-efficient.expensive.

Saniflo SaniBest Pro

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The SaniBest Pro is another noteworthy upflush toilet system that I like for its outstanding functioning. It comes as a complete kit, which comprises a tank, a pump, and a bowl. One of the aspects I love about this item is that you can choose from various designs depending on the installation position you need. If you want to install the system behind the wall, there is a custom design available that’s ideal for such a placement.

Unlike with many other mediocre flush toilets, the SaniBest Pro model has strong hinges and, therefore, the seat and the lid are not likely to break soon after installation. One of the essential aspects of a good upflush toilet is its ability to minimize water consumption, and this attribute makes Saniflo SaniBest Pro stand among the best macerating toilet systems.

With its convenient blade design, this toilet kit is not only efficient in macerating waste but also in pumping. Though it is retailed at a somewhat high price, this product is worth the cost. I would endorse it for its great performance and durability. The table below summarizes the merits and detriments of the item:

includes a holding tank;comes in various design options depending on the selected installation position;has sturdy, durable hinges;water-efficient compared to traditional flush toilets;demonstrates unparalleled efficiency in pumping.retailed at a considerably high price point.

Saniflo SaniAccess 3 – A Top-Quality Pump Up Toilet

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Saniflo is, without a doubt, a dominant player on the plumbing systems market. It is a favorite brand of many homeowners around the globe. The Saniflo Saniaccess 3 model is a toilet bundle that includes a macerator pump and an elongated toilet bowl. I have made several installations of this toilet system, and I have never received any complaints from my clients in regards to significant malfunctions of the item.

Noteworthy, this toilet kit is both power- and water-efficient. There is no need to replace the batteries frequently as they store power for long periods. Also, this model is a perfect toilet system that can be effortlessly installed in the basement or bathroom. If one wishes to connect it to the already existing piping system, the design of the SaniAccess 3 model conveniently allows linking to it.

The toilet has a sizable seat with an elongated design, and it makes for comfortability for people of all sizes. Worth mentioning that this toilet has a powerful pumping system. Thanks to the compact design, this product saves on space and can fit any bathroom. I would recommend this compact toilet because of its incredible functioning and longevity. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this toilet kit.

both water- and power-efficient;comes with a tank;can be installed in the basement;the seat has a cool extended design;a powerful toilet system when it comes to pumping waste.the flushing may be too loud for some people.

Saniflo SaniPlus – A Perfect Basement Toilet System

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The SaniPlus upflush toilet kit is an accurate representation of quality and durability. It is among the best macerating toilet systems, as I have never experienced any significant trouble with it. Its installation procedure is simple, and the assembly differs if one intends to install it behind the wall. However, the specifics can be clarified when you make a purchase. The kit comprises of a powerful pump and a tank.

Typical of most Saniflo toilet systems, this SaniPlus kit is water-efficient as it uses water sparingly in a single flash. Although the kit is not silent, it is significantly less noisy than other toilet systems.

It can be conveniently installed in the basement or the bathroom. This product is a macerating toilet system that I have recommended to a number of my clients and never seen any dissatisfaction with it. If you are looking for the best macerator toilet, Saniflo SaniPlus won’t disappoint you.

different design options are available for individuals with a behind-wall installation need;features a quality pump and a holding tank;does not require floor-breaking for installation;designed to use water sparingly with each flush;considerably less noisy compared to traditional flushing toilets.this toilet system is costly in comparison to traditional flush toilets;may need an additional hose clamp for installation. 

Bathroom Anywhere Kit – Among Best Macerating Toilets with Waste Water Transfer

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Installing a permanent flushing toilet can be tedious, and the Thetford macerating elongated toilet kit is one of the superior toilet systems on the market designed to solve this issue. One of the many cool things about this model is that it can be connected to your house’s plumbing system. It is pretty convenient as there is no need for installing an independent piping system just for the upflush toilet kit.

Also, one doesn’t have to break the floor when installing the Thetford Bathroom elongated toilet kit. It only requires assembling the components and placing the unit on the desired location. It is worth noting that the kit has an advanced pumping system, which goes a long way in fostering efficient performance of the system.

With a sturdy blade, the system effectively macerates waste and minimizes chances of clogging, thus, reducing maintenance costs. It fosters the reliability of the toilet system. I recommend going for a model that has several blades for efficient waste washing and protection against clogging.

The kit is made with scratch-resistant materials, and, therefore, the toilet will always be neat and presentable on the surface. Based on whether one intends to install it in front of or behind the wall, the kit comes in two designs, and the selected one can be specified upon purchase. I would recommend this toilet system to everyone concerned about water waste. Here is a brief overview of the merits and failings of this toilet system.

can be linked to the current existing plumbing line;easy to install as there’s no need of breaking the floor;has a stylish design;built clog-resistant to minimize maintenance and increase durability;comes with two design options depending on the installation position.pricey.

The Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Right Macerating Toilet System

upflush toilet system

You may ask how one determines which upflush toilet system to purchase? Some models may look to your liking, as there are different upflush toilet models available on the market. However, there are important features you should pay attention to when choosing a toilet system for your home or office. Here are specifics to look out for:

  • Included hardware components;
  • Single or two-piece design;
  • Rear discharge or a standard toilet model;
  • Number of macerating blades.

Some brands sell the bowl only, and it can appear a huge inconvenience if one does not have the other components, such as a pump and a seat. If you are making the first installation, check that the toilet system you have selected has all the needed hardware components for efficient functioning.

Some cheap upflush toilet systems have bowls only, and these are ideal for replacements but not for the initial installation and further use.

There is a huge difference between single and two-piece toilet designs, as two-piece toilets are easier to maintain. In case a single component fails to work, for instance, the pump, it is easy to remove and replace it without having to purchase a new set of the bowl and seat.

As for single design toilets, if one component fails, you will have to replace the entire system as the components are inseparable.

Another design factor to consider is the number of macerating blades. While most upflush toilets feature single blades, some models have multiple blades. Such products are more efficient when it comes to macerating waste. Additionally, toilet systems with multiple blades are less prone to clogging. With these aspects in mind, it should now feel easy to choose a good toilet system that will match your needs.

How Much Does a Macerating Toilet Cost?

Macerating toilet systems are quite pricy as they offer many benefits. The price depends on the manufacturer brand, assemblage quality, noise level, and type. The average price for a standalone macerating unit fluctuates from $280 to $400, but some may cost up to $820.

The average price for toilets with built-in macerating systems is around $600, but you can also find options for $300-$400. If you need one for a commercial place, give your preference to expensive heavy-duty toilets.

What Is Your Preferred Macerating Toilet System?

upflush toilet in the blue bathroom

Having looked at the upflush toilet reviews above, now you have an idea of how to identify a good macerating upflush toilet system. When making a purchase, the most important thing is to get value for your money, and I am sure that with the models described in this post, you can make an informed choice.

Ensure that you go for trusted brands, which provide guarantees and are known for high-quality products, such as the Liberty Pumps, Saniflo, and Thetford. Their products have warranty policies, and one can easily contact customer service in case of uncertainties and assistance needed.

Also, ensure to check the specifications of the selected toilet kit based on your preferences and needs before purchasing a tool. If you have ample space, two-piece systems are much better as they are easier to maintain. However, if you want to install the system behind the wall, it is essential to check out if a particular model can be mounted this way. You can also check for inlets and outlets, as these come in handy when connecting the system to your house’s piping system.

Which is your favorite macerating toilet model? What was your experience with upflush toilets so far? Have you used any of the mentioned toilet systems? Share your thoughts in the comment section below, and I will be happy to answer questions on macerating toilet systems if you have one.


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