Top 10 Best Lug Wrenches in 2021 – Reviews

Best Lug Wrenches

Changing tires can be a daunting task if you lack the right tool. In this case we are talking about lug wrenches which many people take for granted. It’s common for people to seek help from mechanics or another motorist simply because they lack a wrench or it doesn’t work properly.Many will also keep replacing the vital tool because it gets worn out too fast , loses its grip or breaks.

A good product will be well-designed for maximum strength, made from strong material that won’t break easily, and is comfortable on the hands. It will also turn the tightest of nuts and bolts without getting damaged and will be portable so as to minimize cluttering the space. There are several good products in the market and each will have some key advantages as well as disadvantages. After comparing different products, we discovered the following to be the top 10 best lug wrenches for 2021.

Best Lug Wrenches in 2021


10. Ken-Tool 35657 Professional Lug Wrench

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Made from topnotch drop-forged steel, this lug wrench is suitable for changing tires on cars, SUVs, light trucks, vans, RVs and many others. It comes in four sides with sockets measuring 3/4, 13/16, 7/8 and 15/16 inches.

The chrome-finished piece is relatively-light weighing 4.5 pounds and is resistant to rust, corrosion, fading and will maintain its aesthetic appeal for a long time.

9. EPAuto Heavy Duty Universal Lug Wrench

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Motorists and mechanics should consider owning the EPAuto lug wrench. This heavy-duty universal piece is made from sturdy and durable forged and heat treated carbon steel that is unlikely to break during use. It will unbolt even the tightest of bolts and nuts with ease.

The 14-inch wrench comes with four socket heads measuring 17 mm( 11 /16 inches), 19mm(3 / 4 inches), 21mm ( 13 /16 inches), and 22mm ( 7 /8 inches). And to protect it from corrosion or rust, the lug wrench is coated with elegant chrome.

8. TEKTON 5975 20-Inch Lug Wrench

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This four-way lug wrench is useful for both individuals and professionals like mechanics. It’s made from deep forged steel that has been treated for added strength and rigidity. The four socket heads will fit on bolts/nuts measuring 3 /4, 7/8, 13/16 and 3/4 inches.

Its innovative design provides firm grip and good hold on the nuts minimizing possibility of slipping whereas the high torque will easily remove very tight nuts. Just like other premium products, this piece also comes with chrome finish.

7. GTE LugStrong Lug Wrench

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This four-way universal lug wrench is suitable for changing tires and other operations. It can be used by inexperienced individuals, professionals, men as well as women. The piece measures 26 inches in length and is used with adapters measuring 17, 19, 21 and 22 mm.

It’s constructed from heavy-duty deep forged steel and has a non-slip finish to offer a firm and safe hold. It weighs approximately 2.0 pounds and comes with chrome finish for protection against rust, corrosion and the elements as well.

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6. Dorman 711-900 Auto Grade Lug Wrench

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Weighing only 2 pounds, the Dorman 711-900 AutoGrade is among the lightest. However, it is quite strong and will tackle even the tightest nuts with minimal ease.

The deep-forged steel wrench is made using high quality motor-grade steel and comes in a single design. It is ideal for both deep and shallow holes and features contoured surface for a firm grasp on the tool. To extend its elegance and appeal, the wrench is coated with chrome.

5. Cartman Universal Anti-Slip Lug Wrench

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Changing tires doesn’t need to be strenuous or a time-consuming activity. With this universal lug wrench from Cartman you can easily remove the lug nuts from your car, RV, SUV, light truck and van.

The 16-inch piece will work on 17, 19, 21 and 22 mm lug nuts and comes with an anti-slip handle to provide the best grip and stop accidental slippage. Its reliability and longevity is never in doubt since it’s made from professional-grade deep forged steel. And with a weight of 3.3 pounds, carrying and storing is fairly easy.

4. Cartman Telescoping Lug Wrench

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This premium lug wrench is suitable for a range of vehicles including small cars, SUVs, light trucks, RVs and many others. It’s made from strong and high-torque deep forged steel.

The piece consists of fours sockets; 17, 19, 21 and 22mm, and features a firm-grip 14-21 inch telescoping handle. It is coated with chrome for added elegance and resistance to corrosion and rust. The angled handle improves handling while the included carry bag provides safe and convenient storage.

3. Gorilla Automotive 1721 Power Wrench

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Meant for standard sockets, the Gorilla Automotive lug wrench is popular with normal users as well as professionals. It comes with a telescoping handle that can reach up to 21 inches and shrink to only 14 inches for easy storage.

The hardened steel tool will grasp the lug nuts fairly while the heavy-duty handle exerts maximum force with minimal effort. It comes with a comfortable contoured nonslip handle and a convenient carry bag.

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2. Powerbuilt 940558 Universal Lug Wrench

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This 14-inch universal lug wrench may be what you need to change those annoying flat/punctured tires. Made from deep forged steel and coated with chrome, this apparatus is not only strong and durable but also attractive.

It fits for 22, 21, 19 and 17mm nuts and is perfect for most vehicles in the market. The corrosion and rust-resistant four-way lug wrench weighs approximately 3.0 pounds and is ergonomically-designed for maximum torque but minimal effort.

1. Performance Tool W7 Lug Wrench

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Days of carrying bulky and heavy or constantly replacing worn out lug wrenches are gone. With the W7 lug wrench by Performance Tools, you can change 7/8 inch (23mm), 13/16 inch (21mm), 3 /4 inch (19mm), and 11/16 inches (17mm) lug nuts with ease.

The deep-forged steel unit has high torque and will loosen and remove stuck nuts and bolts much easily than most of its competing brands. It comes in a foldable four-way design for better versatility, handling and storage while the chrome-plated surface boosts its appearance and also stops rust, fading and corrosion.


Replacing a flat or bad tire doesn’t need calling up the mechanical. You don’t need to injure your fingers or hands while attempting to remove the nuts and bolts. Also, you don’t require using too much effort or damaging the wrench or bolts/nuts.

With the right tool, changing tires will be a breeze. How about going through the top 10 best lug wrenches for 2021 review and becoming a proud owner of a strong, well-designed, durable, portable and proven product?


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