10 Best Long Johns in 2022

Best Long Johns

Staying warm in the winter can be tough, and sometimes it isn’t enough with warm clothes and winter gloves, as your legs are usually left unprotected. The solution for this is to use comfortable long johns under your regular clothing. These thermal pairs help you keep in body heat, naturally warming you up over time.

To find the best long johns available these days, you can’t settle for any ordinary pair. There are quite literally hundreds to thousands of choices for you to pick out, but only a select few are worth their price point.

We went ahead and searched through customer reviews and various social media platforms to find long johns that should be put on our list. If you’re in the market for a new pair, or you’re simply looking for a way to stay warmer this year, check out our list below.

With different materials, sizes, and brands to choose from, it can be a challenging task. Let us take some of the heat off the situation to help you find the right pair today!

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1. Thermajohn Men’s Ultra Soft Long Johns

Thermajohn Men's Ultra Soft Thermal Long Johns

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If you want a lightweight pair of long johns that’ll last you years, the Thermajohn Men’s Ultra Soft Thermal Long Johns is an excellent place to start. They’re made out of 92% polyester for maximum heat retention and moisture-wicking properties to keep sweat from building up. The remaining 8% is stretchy spandex to flex with your every move.

Just because they’re underneath your clothes doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about the colorful design option of your long johns! These ones come in Charcoal, Black, Grey, Navy, and White. They fit all the way down to the ends of your ankles, with the long sleeve shirt going down to the ends of your wrists.

Using their sizing chart, you can determine whether you need Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2X-Large, or 3X-Large. One of the features we like the most about these long johns is that they double as pajamas for a relaxing day at home. If you have to go out, you can throw your clothes on top of them without having to change.

+ Made out of polyester and spandex
+ Comes with a top and bottom piece
+ Choose from a variety of colors and sizes

Why We Like It – We like these long johns because they’re comfortable and they work well for virtually any cold-weather scenario. There’s no need to find a pair of long johns that you have to change in and out of all the time!

2. Fruit of the Loom Men’s Classics

Fruit of the Loom Men's Classics Midweight Waffle Thermal

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Fruit of the Loom is a worldwide company known for comfort and affordability. Their Men’s Classics Midweight Waffle Thermal long johns are semi-snug fitting, but they’re very breathable. This combination lets you stay warm without sweating constantly, which is just one of the multitude of benefits.

Similar to the previous pair on the list, you’ll be able to choose between a handful of color combinations. These combos include Black Soot, Natural & Black Soot, Light Grey Heather, and a few mixtures of these colors. When you’re ready to pick out the size, check out their chart to fit between Small and 5X-Large.

These thermal long johns are made with cotton and polyester, both of which are known to provide a cozy, soft feeling. You can wear them as pajamas around the house or throw on some pants over them to stay warm throughout the day. Or why not wear them under your ski pants? The waistband is designed to stretch while letting it fit tightly at the same time.

+ Comes in a handful of colors and sizes
+ Made by a very well-known company in the industry
+ Designed using polyester and cotton to retain heat

Why We Like It – We like these long johns by Fruit of the Loom because they’re an unmatched example of the brand’s comfort. Long johns are all about softness and warmth, both of which you get with these.

3. Duofold Men’s Mid-Weight Wicking Pants

Duofold Men's Mid-Weight Wicking Pants

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The Duofold Men’s Mid-Weight Wicking Pants are some of the most budget-friendly long johns on our list. Not only are they easy on the wallet, but you can wash them in your laundry machine without having to worry about them bunching up or losing their tightly-woven polyester and cotton fibers.

It’s always nice to stay cool and comfortable, but it seems like so many long johns are too warm these days. However, the special C Vapor technology used in these Duofold pants is designed to keep your legs feeling cooled off without being too chilly. It’s double-ply, which keeps body heat in and frigid air out.

Choose from Navy, Bordeaux Red, Winter White, and Black to fit your wardrobe. The flexible waistband is much softer than the competition, which usually causes irritation after multiple uses. The sizes you can pick out with these pants include Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large, and 2X-Large. They fit snug, so keep an eye on their sizing chart pre-purchase.

+ Comes in multiple unique colors
+ Uses a soft blend for the flexible waistband
+ Designed to provide a cooling comfort from waist to ankle

Why We Like It – We like these pants because there are more than enough colors and sizes for everyone, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re incredibly soft to the touch either!

4. UNIQUEBELLA Men’s Thermal Underwear

UNIQUEBELLA Men's Thermal Underwear Sets

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It’s not too often that you find a set of thermal underwear designed to be stylish, but somehow, we managed to find exactly that. The UNIQUEBELLA Men’s Thermal Underwear Sets are crafted for all-day wear, letting you go about your daily activities without being too cold or too warm from clothing that usually heats you up.

Although there aren’t many color options, you’ll still be able to pick out from two types of sets. Should you go with these long johns, your choices are Blue or Army Green. Once you’ve chosen the style, it’s time to pick from Medium, Large, or Extra-Large. Try their detailed sizing guide to figure out exactly what you need.

This underwear set dries quickly, and you can wash them by hand or in a machine. They’re ultra-stretchy, which prevents any movement restrictions that you might experience with other brands. The fact that it comes as a pair of pants and a long sleeve shirt is a huge bonus as well since you’ll stay twice as dry.

+ Comes in two colors and three sizes
+ Includes a pair of pants and a shirt
+ Dries incredibly quickly with or without a drying machine

Why We Like It – We like this set of long johns because they’re much more breathable than many of the options that we came across during our research. They’re also visually appealing thanks to the designs as well, and they go great together with a pair of cozy wool socks or slippers, for indoor use.

5. Thermajane Women’s Ultra Soft

Thermajane Women's Ultra Soft Thermal Underwear Long Johns

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Finding a good pair of long johns that aren’t too loose or oversized can be challenging. However, when we found the Thermajane Women’s Ultra Soft Thermal Underwear Long Johns, we knew they’d be worth putting on the list. They’re made of mostly polyester with a small percentage of spandex for flexibility.

These simplistic long johns are all solid colors, which hides much better under clothing without bleeding through thin fibers. Choose from colors like Navy Blue, Purple, Grey, Pink, and quite a few others. The sizes range from 2X-Small, X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, all the way up to 3X-Large in women’s sizes.

When you’re about to go outside but it’s a little bit too cold for just a couple layers of clothing, these snug-fitting long johns are some of the best that you can wear. They’re not too warming, but they provide just enough softness and body heat retention that you won’t feel the cold air nearly as much.

+ Comes in a plethora of stylish colors and many sizes
+ Made with polyester and flexible spandex
+ Breathable but great for raising exterior warmth

Why We Like It – We like these Thermajane long johns because they’re the perfect fit for cold winter outings. The skin-soft touch is a must for all-day trips and errands.

6. Rocky Women’s Thermal Underwear

Rocky Women’s Thermal Underwear Set

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Another great pair of women’s long johns are the Rocky Women’s Thermal Underwear Set. It’s incredibly lightweight, which is absolutely necessary if you’re going hunting, hiking, or doing any other strenuous outdoor activity. The loosely stitched fabric is very breathable, keeping you cooled off while being coated in a soft layer of clothing.

The two main components used in this underwear set are polyester and cotton. This mixture has been known for warming up quickly thanks to the cotton, while polyester does its job at wicking away the moisture. The combination is also fairly flexible, so you don’t have to feel held back in your regular movements.

Now that you’ve seen what it’s made of, you’re probably searching for style tips. This pair of long johns actually has more options than most of our list, with colors like Yellow, Rust, Hot Pink, Teal, and several others worth checking out. Consult their sizing chart to choose between Extra-Small all the way up to 3X-Large.

+ Uses a combination of cotton and polyester
+ Choose from numerous sizes and unique colors
+ Super lightweight for all-day wearing

Why We Like It – We like this set of women’s long johns because they’re exactly what we were looking for in our search. Finding a pair that’s comfortable, breathable, and long-lasting is precisely what you need to feel warm whenever you need it the most.

7. HEROBIKER Men Thermal Underwear Set

HEROBIKER Men Thermal Underwear Set

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There are certain long johns that are intended for three seasons of the year, and then there are those that are designed to withstand harsh winters. The HEROBIKER Men Thermal Underwear Set falls into the latter category, as the incredibly warm heat retention is unlike anything you’ve felt before. It’s soft, but it’s just enough to help you feel comfortable in the cold.

Don’t let the heat fool you though, as these long johns are actually very breathable. While it lets moisture and cool air out, the warmth stays in. It also allows for a nice breeze, which prevents you from sweating. You can use this set under your snowboarding pants, for skiing, and for all sorts of other winter sports, or for simple trips down to the store.

The double stitching throughout these long johns helps it stay put together instead of fraying like other cheap brands tend to. Coming at an incredibly budget-friendly price, you won’t believe the durability and longevity you’ll get from them. Choose from either Black, Blue, or Grey, and pick out your size match for optimal comfort.

+ Comes with both a top and bottom
+ Meant for the coldest winter situations
+ Double-stitched for a high level of durability

Why We Like It – We like these winter long johns because they last so much longer than some of the other pairs we saw on the market. The breathable materials are also a nice added touch.

8. Hanes Men’s Red Label X-Temp

Hanes Men's Red Label X-Temp Thermal Pants

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Hanes is another very well-trusted brand in the clothing industry due to their company’s longevity in the field paired with unwavering comfort. The Hanes Men’s Red Label X-Temp Thermal Pants are designed to breathe excellently, similar to their underwear, shirts, and outdoor- and ski socks with the same X-Temp technology.

Made out of cotton and polyester, you’ll get the best of both worlds. They’re machine washable, and the colors don’t bleed so you can throw them in with the rest of your clothing. Speaking of colors, your choices with these long johns include Black, Heather Grey, Natural, and Red, with sizes from Small to 4X-Large.

The cuffs on the bottom near the ankle of these thermal pants are snug to prevent heat from escaping, but they’re soft to stop chafing from occurring. You can also forget about having to order a larger size to account for shrinking, as these pants come pre-shrunk. However, the company recommends that you buy a size larger if you want a looser fit.

+ Comes in several colors and sizes
+ Made with special X-Temp technology for breathability
+ Crafted by Hanes

Why We Like It – We like these Hanes thermal long johns because they’re ultra-soft and comfortable for wearing as either underwear for an outing or indoor pajama pants.

9. Rocky Thermal Underwear for Men

Rocky Thermal Underwear for Men

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Sometimes you just want to stay indoors and relax while the weather outside is rainy, snowy, or just outright freezing. You might not have the right pair of pajamas for lounging, that is until now. The Rocky Thermal Underwear for Men is perfect for relaxing around the house in a comfortable, breathable set of clothing.

We all have our preferences for pajama colors, so try out one from the list of Royal Blue, Navy, Grey, Charcoal, White, or Black. Their sizing chart helps you pick out the perfect match ranging from Small through 6X-Large as one of the biggest size ranges available on the market. Each choice comes with both a top and a bottom.

The unique thermal stitching is designed to retain heat, which is made even better by the cotton used throughout the pants and shirt. They also have polyester for moisture-wicking capabilities and a little bit of added flexibility. All in all, these are some of the softest, most comfortable pajamas you’ll ever wear!

+ Crafted with polyester and cotton
+ Unique thermal stitching for heat retention
+ Perfect for lounging around at home during cold weather

Why We Like It – Everyone loves a good pair of pajamas that keeps you warm anytime you want to use them. They’re even great for summer when you don’t feel like leaving the house!


10. Rocky Boy’s Ultra Soft Fleece Lined

Rocky Boy's Ultra-Soft Fleece Lined Thermal Underwear

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It’s always great to find that perfect pair of pajamas, but our kids need to stay warm too! These Rocky Boy’s Ultra-Soft Fleece Lined Thermal Underwear are the top choice for children’s long johns during our internet search. People loved the snug-fitting polyester and spandex combination, as it maintains body heat perfectly.

If you decide to go through with this set, ask your kid which color they’d prefer from the 8 options to choose from. These 8 choices include Red, Jade, Grey, Charcoal, White, and a few others. The sizes they come in are Extra-Small, Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large. These are, of course, kid’s sizes and not adults.

Do you and your family have a snow trip coming up? These are definitely worth looking into, as they breathe well without letting warmth escape. Since it comes with a long sleeve shirt as well as pants down to a cuffed ankle, your kid will stay warm wherever they go. These long johns also serve as a good set of pajamas.

+ Comes in 8 different colors across several sizes
+ Perfect for kids looking to stay warm in the winter
+ Made out of polyester and spandex

Why We Like It – We like these children’s long johns because it can be tough to find the right pair that has everything you’d want for your kids, but this is it! Choose their size and favorite color, and they’ll be wearing these long johns all season long.

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Long Johns Buyers Guide

Now that you’ve seen the best long johns on our list, you’re one step closer to staying warm this season. However, although we managed to narrow it down to just ten choices, you might be on the fence between a few.

You might even have a few questions about long johns in general, so we made a buyer’s guide and breakdown to help you figure it all out. Enjoy!

What materials should long johns be made out of?

Generally speaking, there are two combinations of materials used in most modern long johns. You’ll be able to choose from either spandex and polyester or polyester and cotton. Spandex and polyester is a great combination for people who want the moisture-wicking properties paired with stretchiness and flexibility to prevent your movements from being restricted.

On the other hand, cotton and polyester is a much better combination for overall warmth in super cold environments. Ultimately, the choice is yours. The real question is; What combination best suits your activities and local weather?

What are long johns used for?

Long johns were originally just a second pair of clothing to wear underneath everything else for warmth purposes. However, these days they serve two purposes. While many people still prefer the spandex and polyester options for underwear in cold weather climates, there are also plenty of options that double as a pair of pajamas.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have long johns that you could dress up over without having to change every time you got home or went out with friends? Depending on which set on our list that you pick, you could wear them for either or!

Expert Tip

If you’re heading out into any area that’s extra cold, tuck the long johns’ shirt into the pants that came with them. This will further prevent body heat from escaping, which will keep you even warmer.

Did You Know?

Long johns are named after a man who wore similar clothing to what we see today way back in the 19th century. After decades of name changes and different variations, they were settled as long johns. The overall appearance might not have changed too much, but the fabric used, and the pattern designs have evolved to a level that most clothing hasn’t.

If you’re looking for a comfortable, affordable, multi-purpose pair of clothes to stay warm any time of the year, then your best bet is to try out a pair of long johns.

Out of the countless reviews that we looked through, the options that you see above-reigned supreme. Let us know what you think of our picks, and which ones you decided to go with. Don’t forget to consult the buyer’s guide for some help if you get stuck between two pairs!


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