Top 10 Best Lightweight Carry-on Luggage in 2022

Best Lightweight Carry-on Luggage

It is always recommended to travel with light weighed luggage. The lightweight luggage helps in carrying luggage in bulk with less weight as it will have low weighted frame, wheels and the body. The lightweight luggage is designed in such a way that the whole body of the luggage has lightweight including the total construction.

The lightweight luggage gives opportunities to pack more things in the same luggage since it will compensate for the weight. It is helpful in the airlines, as the airlines do not allow exceeding of the weight of the luggage from the standard given weight. The standard luggage size will weigh around 5.4 kilos and it is sufficient for the packing of stuff, in short, each individual gets so much more weights to occupy in the bag than the heavy weighed luggage.

Top 10 best lightweight carry-on luggage in 2022

10. Tumi Wheeled Expandable International Carry On Luggage

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This is a bisexual rolling suitcase with four wheels. It is ideal for both domestic and international travel and stands out in its class. It has a stylish design and can be expanded to include more clothes. The bag comes with the exclusive and ingenious Tumi tracer, with which lost bags can be recovered. It is also secured with a dual integrated lock, which locks two compartments at the same time. Tough ballistic nylon is used to manufacture the outer shell of this product. A patented zipper closure system, designed in such a way that the zipper does not break when caught somewhere, adds to its brilliance. Impact resistant caps and double stitching protects the corners of the suitcase from abrasion.

9. SwissGear Travel Gear Spinner Luggage

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This bag comes with multi-directional spinner wheels, which allow it to be pulled in all directions. It also has a telescoping handle system and is made from strong and light material. The outer material is made up of scratch resistant polyester fabric, which is trusted by all manufacturers. An expandable zipper allows more clothes to fit in at times of need. Two front panel pockets give quick access to necessary items and documents, which can be easily retrieved. With a fully lined interior and tie-down straps, its contents can be secured and stay in place. The bag also contains two zippered pockets a removable wet bag. Also featuring a built-in ID tag and a padded outer cover, this product is all about comfort.

8. Samsonite Omni Hardside Spinner Luggage

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This is another strong product with scratch resistant micro diamond polycarbonate material. It comes in a wide range of colors. Samsonite gives a ten-year warranty, which ensures the replacement of the product against any manufacturing defects. Side mounted TSA locks further ensures the protection of the contents of the luggage. Light spinner wheels keep the journey alive with fluid mobility, and the expansion zipper allows more clothes to fit in. This fun suitcase also has a fun push-button locking handle, which is compact and reliable. Interior divider and cross straps help to organize clothes and other items and keep them in place, not allowing them to get mixed up. With this suitcase, the most bitter of climate can be faced without worries, and the eye-catching colors ensure that the bag is the center of attention, no matter where it goes.

7. Samsonite Aspire Xlite Luggage

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This item comes with four special multi-directional in-line skate wheels, which has ball bearings for smooth mobility and to reduce friction. A polyester body gives the bag high durability, without compromising on style. A retractable handle provides easy movement and side carry handles enable it to be carried horizontally. This is a real classic, with a padded top for protection and an expandable interior with pockets for comfortable packing. A fully lined interior with pockets and a wet bag provides an increased level of organization. Front pockets are in place for quick access of necessary items. A zipper pocket accounts for tickets and other small objects. This is your bag for a quick escape from the busy world, for the weekend and roadside trips, etc.. Its simple design is also very effective, giving importance to form and function.

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6. Raden Carry On Luggage

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This suitcase features imported polycarbonate shells, which are flexible and impact resistant at the same time. High quality is ensured with an inbuilt Bluetooth device as a GPS tracker. With this gadget, there is no chance of losing the luggage, as it can always be tracked on a smartphone. We can get the details of all the places that the luggage has visited.  The product also comes with a rechargeable battery with 2 external USB ports, which can be used to charge phones on the go, and a self-weighing instrument, which gives the weight of the contents in the suitcase. This is a new innovative method to assure that the weight of the luggage is below the designated limit at airports so that the traveler does not have to pay any penalty. With these innovative technology incorporated design, this product does stand out from the rest.

5. Incase Travel Hardshell Roller

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This suitcase has a durable polycarbonate hardshell cover which protects the contents from impact. The main compartment expands to hold more garments as suited to the expedition, and butterfly design is incorporated, which opens dead flat for easy airport security checks. There are many organizer pockets, which can account for different electronic gadgets that the owner might be carrying. This is a top shelf product, complying with international standards for lightweight carry-on luggage. It has a neat and smooth form, with catchy wheels to make a great color combination. Mobile wheels and a long handle mean0 that there is no need to bend over or carry the luggage while traveling. This is travel-friendly and can be taken in addition to duffel bags or backpacks.

4. Genius Pack Carry Spinner Luggage

This product is a third generation model, with many new features. It comes with a laundry compression technology that can hold clothes to be sent to the laundry in a detachable pouch. An embedded ID card, a category labeled compartments, and an embedded checklist further adds to its function. These ensure that the traveler does not miss out on any commodity, necessary or otherwise, and allows him/her to organize all the items in place, along with keeping its identity. A 360-degree spinner wheel and an expandable compartment help in maneuverability and space, respectively. A new jacket wrap technology allows the traveler’s jacket to be strapped on the luggage while in the airport.  An optional arrangement to recharge smartphones on the go and a micro-umbrella for protection of the luggage from the rain truly raises the product to a whole new level.

3. Delsey Luggage Spinner Suitcase

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This product is made of nylon and polycarbonate, which is scratch resistant. It is expandable, holding more clothes if necessary and has a comfortable handle system. With four twin spinner wheels, it can be moved about without restraint and does not stress the arm. A one-button locking system with a three-dial lock ensures the safety of its contents. Two fully lined inner compartments with zipper closure lend convenience in packing. Web straps and a zipper divider holds the clothes in place and keeps them firm. A sleek metallic texture outshines other competitors. Adding to this is the impact resistant property, which makes the luggage resist wear and tear, easily making it a rough use product. This suitcase is designed for comfort and strength.

2. Delsey Luggage Expandable Spinner Suitcase

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This bag is fully made of crack resistant polycarbonate with a nice finish. The metallic texture raises the looks of the luggage to a whole new level. Double spinner wheels ensure smooth and easy movement and do not stress the traveler’s arm. Fully lined interior makes the product strong, and an expandable compartment lends more space to the luggage. Multiple pockets and straps help in increased organizational packing. A one-button locking system with a three-dial combination lock ensures the safety of its contents. The luggage has an impressive impact and abrasion resistant property, which enables it to be used for a long time in a harsh environment. With a neat zipper enclosure and imported raw materials, this product is placed one rung above its younger brother.

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1. Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic Expandable Luggage

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This is a product from the famed Briggs & Riley Baseline collection. It is made of ballistic nylon, which is extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear. An aluminum handle gives a light and strong grasp, with 4 height adjustments. A best in class expansion-compression system assures that the suitcase can hold more clothes without compromising on its basic dimensions. A flexible and strong hybrid frame supports it. A fully lined interior with a foam roll bar prevents the wrinkling of garments. Many pockets, on both inside as well as outside, are present for quick and easy access for different objects. It even comes with a hanger hook! Corner guards and cushioned body protect the bag from abrasion and keep it as beautiful as ever. Inline spinner wheels offer smooth movement of the luggage. This is the go-to product for all customers.

Advantages of using lightweight luggage

The lightweight luggage is made up of high-quality plastics or fabricated material or some light metal so that the weight should be as low as possible. This luggage is convenient as they are designed mainly for airline traveling and they fulfill the required specifications of the baggage allowance in the airlines. It is easy to fit those light weighed luggage in the over-head cabins in the airlines than giving it as a checked in baggage.

It will help to save money from paying the airlines for extra baggage charges and one can carry it with themselves and one doesn’t have to worry about the baggage dropping things. These light weighed luggage is easily carried in hand, back or shoulders or one can carry in the arm. It will never cause any strain on the body, will help in the reduction of fatigue as well as strain in traveling with less weight on the body. The attractive features of light weighed luggage provide facilities for easy handling of this baggage. Some of the salient features of such light weighed bags are the handles provided to them, such stuff can be adjusted depending on the height of the users and have other preference of adjustment which will not let one drag the bag but just move it along with oneself. The four-wheel system allows it to roll easily even in the crowded or less spaced area. The wheel system allow the bags to move easily at uneven surfaces. The side, as well as over-head handles, allows the easy carrying of bags in the hand to fit it at some closed or packed space or to move it on elevated area or climbing of stairs. The storage of light weighed luggage is easier than heavy luggage as its material is more friendly and durable, it can be stored within the closet till the next use is demanded. It can also be kept below the bed or any space which will keep it safe, it will not demand much space for its storage. It can be cleaned easily just by wiping by a rug or a dry cloth.

The light weighed luggage are a very organized type of luggage. It provides different pouches to pack things in s synchronized manner and it has elastic band to tie the stuff and keep them intact during the journey and will keep the clothes safe avoiding the wrinkles on the ironed cloth.


It is always recommended to go for investment in light weighed luggage for a good experience of traveling. The baggage will provide security as well as safety against the misplacing or theft, it provides good protection facility of the products stored within and it will also be safe for the protection of the quality of the bag since it is made up of good quality materials. The best facility provided is the mobility issues, it is easy to move the light weighed luggage in any direction, in any type of surface and in any condition, one may drag, pull or carry in hand or any way they want.


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