Top 9 Best Levitating Bluetooth Speakers in 2021 Reviews

Best Levitating Bluetooth Speakers

Experience inexpensive and stylish music listening with the best levitating Bluetooth speaker. It is a compact device with an inbuilt sound system suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Most designs are small and easy to control due to user-friendly construction. That means a beginner, elderly, or a kid can operate it with maximum ease.

Another benefit this product offers is a unique floating mechanism over its bottom. For more information and functions of this handy little gadget, read through this review that has the high-performing products. We look at the top 9 best levitating Bluetooth speakers in the market that we’ve mentioned in this article.

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#9 UPPEL Levitating Bluetooth Speaker Black (UP-SCS26B)

UPPEL Levitating Bluetooth Speaker Black (UP-SCS26B)

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We love the touch screen style of this best levitating Bluetooth speaker. You can pick a specific function quickly by a simple press of a button. Also, its fashionable design with a floating mechanism is lightweight and attractive. Carry and stage it on a reliable platform inside your bedroom, living room, or gaming center for personalized music experience. Not only that, but the sleek and shiny black finish improves current decor to add an advanced and elegant aesthetic. This device has a magnetic base that supports the orb speaker for a safe floating action.

Pair your tablet or smartphone easily using the inbuilt NFC feather. No need to use your hands to control the music after connecting to a compatible device. Play, pause and stop a song comfortably in your seat or bed. The included rechargeable 1000mAh battery runs continuously up to 5 hours. That means uninterrupted playback suitable for parties, events, or personal entertainment. After use, reload using a USB cable that doubles as a component charger for smartphones. Note that this speaker has a 10mm ground clearance as the orb floats in the air.

#8 Levitating Speaker, Floating Art Floating Speaker with Bluetooth 4.0

Levitating Speaker, Floating Art Floating Speaker with Bluetooth 4.0

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Other compact speakers rotate at a slight angle leading to reduced sound coverage. For the Floating Art, it has a great 360-degree rotation that improves audio coverage suitable for the office, shop, restaurant, or home. The music range and stylish black finish make it the ideal gift for any occasion such as birthday, Thanksgiving, or for someone who loves traveling. This item spins silently with electric power, unlike the other noisy designs that cause disturbances in an area. The base of this product is stable and at the same time good looking. You can set the highest volume and experience a vibration-free session.

Additionally, its excellent surround sound and 8W speaker, spin easily to send fantastic audio in every direction. Place it on a table, desk, or stable platform to enjoy a rich and immersive sound. A bonus functionality is the decorative LED lights that illuminate a room with soft lighting. This allows you to experience fave music before you sleep or after a long day at school or work. Charge your smartphone, iPod, or tablet using the USB port and a USB cable. It has more convenience in case you are in bed, and your phone needs a boost.

#7 ICE 7 Arc Star Floating Bluetooth Speaker

ICE 7 Arc Star Floating Bluetooth Speaker

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The 7 Arc Star best levitating Bluetooth speaker fuses style with technology. It brings you both of these two worlds perfect for home or outdoor use. Not only that, but its compact structure allows simple carry to different locations smoothly. Place it inside a reliable and dry storage bag and enjoy comfortable portability. In case you want to enjoy quality Bluetooth during a drive, turn it on and connect to a smartphone for personalized music experience. Besides, this gadget boasts of a galactic theme that blends in well in most rooms, such as a bedroom or dorm room.

We love the simple connectivity via NFC and Bluetooth to give you a straightforward operation. Turn on your device’s Bluetooth technology and pair it with this item to enjoy the saved playlist. For better visual aesthetics, there is an illumination of attractive green light. Its fantastic sound delivery is made possible with the quality speaker. Another function that makes this among the best levitating Bluetooth speaker is its magnetic base. The speaker floats above it for extra appeal and advanced music listening. Detach the bottom to use the orb as a portable speaker for more convenience.

#6 B4M ORB-Ice Silver Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.1…

B4M ORB-Ice Silver Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.1

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The B4M orb has a sleek ice-silver finish to integrate seamlessly into any indoor or outdoor location. It spins smoothly in the air to offer captivating music listening at home with friends or loved ones. Also, this item uses modern Bluetooth 4.1 technology to connect to other devices such as a smartphone to support a personalized music experience. With an inbuilt 1500mAh battery, it encourages an on-the-go action. You can recharge it quickly using the supplied USB cable to run up to 8 hours per charge before reloading the cell again. Note the cord can as well charge your tablet, smartphone, and more components.

Boasting of a 1-meter Bluetooth range, this accessory is suitable for outdoor use. You can change the settings like playing or pausing the music at the comfort of your sofa, seat, or recliner. This speaker uses only 5 watts of power to produce up to 85 decibels. That means low energy consumption and loud sound output. With NFC support and 40-Hz to 20KHz frequency range, it is safer than similar-priced units. Not only that, but it has low distortion audio of <0.5%) to provide amazing sound clarity.

#5 Levitating Speaker, ESOTICA Floating Speaker with Bluetooth 4.1

Levitating Speaker, ESOTICA Floating Speaker with Bluetooth 4.1

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Safety and ease of use are what this best levitating Bluetooth speaker provides. With innovative levitation technology, it is more secure and dependable than most brands. That means you can use it for continuous-time without experiencing harmful effects as well as the environment. As a bonus, it comes with one-touch dials that require a gentle finger press to activate your preferred setting. You can play or pause a song, accept or reject a call, turn the LED light on/off, and more functionalities using your fingertips.

Thanks to a 360-degree rotation, this speaker delivers a full surround stereo with amazing music rhythms. The spinning makes it more appealing, and even children can enjoy classic melodies saved on your smartphone. We take note of the colorful lamp ideal for a bedside location. It has seven LED colors like blue, green, orange, red, purple, cyan, and white, that beautify your room’s environment. This magic-themed device floats above the base and atmosphere with a bottom clearance of 10mm. You can set it in your bedroom, living room, or outside ding a party, birthday, and other gatherings to enjoy quality music.

#4 Infinity Orb Magnetic Levitating Speaker Bluetooth 4.0

Infinity Orb Magnetic Levitating Speaker Bluetooth 4.0

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What makes this best levitating Bluetooth speaker stand out from other brands is its 3D surround effect. This feature, together with sound guide cone, provides a distinctive timbre. That makes the music output more powerful than similar-sized units. Priding on a black tone, it is stylish, shiny, and easily coordinates with existing appliances. Place it on a flat platform such as a table or desk to enjoy amazing music clarity. Besides, this gadget comes with innovative LED visual effects as the base illuminates various color LED lights. Not only for beauty purposes, but it also improves the current ambiance and makes it more lively.

The orb is multifunctional and doubles as a standalone speaker after detaching the bottom. We understand some music device lag when connecting to compatible devices. For this one, it uses the latest Bluetooth 4.0  that quickly links to Bluetooth-enabled components such as a tablet, iPhone, or iPad. It remains stable up to a wireless field range of 10 meters. The presence of touch buttons gives you a smooth operation as you select your preferred function. Also, it is lightweight and sleek, making it a reliable on-the-go gift to family, loved ones, or friends.

#3 JAM Levity Wireless Levitating Speaker, Built-In Speakerphone

JAM Levity Wireless Levitating Speaker, Built-In Speakerphone

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Get clear and soaring sound with JAM’s best levitating Bluetooth speaker. Using a new floating mechanism, it levitates above its bottom while playing music. The innovative technology plus a compact structure makes it perfect for small rooms. It works well in your bedroom, dorm room, living room, and more places. Moreover, this device wirelessly connects to other Bluetooth-compatible components to expand your entertainment at home, birthdays, or parties up to 30ft. That means the perfect go-to music accessory you can carry for all your road trips. With a convenient Speakerphone, you can receive calls and have a clear conversation.

In addition, this gadget has a fast Bluetooth connectivity that saves time while adding convenience. Its flexibility allows you to detach it from its base to support a travel-friendly action and carry. An added advantage is the USB charging port for charging other media tools such as a smartphone. Plugin your USB cable and leave your device to load, suitable for areas with frequent blackouts or on the road. This item offers up to 6 hours of continuous playtime per charge. After battery drain, reload it quickly and safely for another ongoing music session.

#2 COWIN Swimmer IPX7 Floating Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

COWIN Swimmer IPX7 Floating Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

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We love the waterproof design of this Cowin floating speaker suitable for home, office, or travel use. The construction can also withstand damage from foreign elements, including dust and water, for more durability. With a rugged rubberized exterior, this item has excellent impact resistance. Whether it falls accidentally, the surface retains its original beauty. Another advantage is the use of 10 watts that helps to deliver better bass and loud sound. The audio is still clear even in the highest setting to support home entertainment.

With 3 passive radiators, they are an excellent addition to provide you rich bass. Also, this gadget used advanced Bluetooth 4.0, which is an optimized version of any wireless connection that uses less energy. At the same time, it offers clear sound as the LED display illuminates birthday to improve the current ambiance. In addition, this device comes with 32 three-color RGB lights with 5 color modes for beauty aspects suitable for kids’ rooms. Carry this music tool comfortably to your preferred location, thanks to its low profile.

#1 Atrend OFS1 Magnetic Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Atrend OFS1 Magnetic Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

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Atrend is another best levitating Bluetooth speaker that has a sleek and functional design. With a wide and stable, you get maximum stability as you listen to fave music. Also, it rotates 10mm from the bottom for the best performance. The included LED lighting selectable for more flexibility. You can choose to turn it off or on depending on preference. Another feature is a lightweight and ergonomic structure. Pick it up and place it in a reliable place to enjoy clear audio. Even a young child can move it quickly without assistance. The frequency response range is between 40Hz to 20kHz  for the best music reproduction.

In addition, this item has a Levitate Assist tool to help with balancing over the center base. It keeps the pressure uniform, whether in the lowest or highest volume. This best levitating Bluetooth speaker features top-mount controls that are soft on the touch and allow easy access to various settings. With a single diaphragm and a dual voice coil, they work seamlessly to deliver accurate music reproduction leading to high bass output. Enjoying indoor music has never been this easy as you select the desired function. If you want a continuous playback, the integrated 100mAh battery runs up to 5 hours.

To Sum Up

Why not change the way you listen to music by using the best levitating Bluetooth speaker? It is a handy little device built to withstand constant operation no matter the location. You can set it up in your bedroom, bedroom, or outside on your patio. Apart from a friendly design, it comes with a floating orb supported by a magnetic base. Not only to improve style but deliver amazing sound clarity. Choose the best levitating Bluetooth speaker above to experience an upgraded music experience.


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