Best Large Outdoor Lighted Cross


Are you looking for a large outdoor lighted cross to add to the gravesite of a lost loved one, or in your garden, roadside memorial site, or maybe use it as a wedding, Easter, or Christmas decor yard, as a window decoration, or other?

Large Outdoor Lighted Cross

There are many sizeable LED lighted crosses, which are beautiful symbols of the Christian faith.

Some of them are solar-powered and light up automatically when it gets dark, and others are AC-powered and can be lighted manually.

Here are the best large outdoor light-emitting crosses that money can buy in 2022.

Set of 2 Clear Acrylic Cross Solar Yard Stick Color Change LED Light

This set of two solar-powered crosses comes at a reasonable price. They are a perfect choice if you want to add a lighted cross to a gravesite, a memorial, as a yard Christmas decoration, or as a symbol of your Christian faith in your backyard.


The two crosses have long-lasting LEDs that can light up in white, red, green, or blue color when the sun goes down.

The crosses are maintenance-free and have built-in solar batteries, which can last for up to 8 hours at night when charged via natural sunlight.

The lights of these decorations for Easter, a wedding, for windows, or for other occasions and purposes turn on automatically when the sun sets thanks to the integrated solar cells in the crosses.

The size of each clear acrylic cross is 3.75 (W) x 3.25 (L) x 4.25 (H) inches, and they come with garden stakes. The total height of each of the items is 33.5 inches so that the symbol will be seen clearly from far away in the dark, making it suitable for window decoration as well.

FixtureDisplays Premium Metal & Acrylic Cross Lighted Cross, Lighted Church Sign

The AC powered cross by FixtureDisplays has a height of 39 inches, a width of 20 inches, and is 2.3 inches in depth.


It will stand out and shine brightly at the cemetery, the churchyard, at a memorial, or among your garden flower arrangement and as part of your Easter, wedding, or Christmas decoration yard or windows decorations.

The decoration is constructed of weather-proof and durable acrylic and has a metal frame that will withstand rain, shine, snow, and the test of time.

It can be mounted on a wall, used as a window decoration, or be attached to the ground with the added, removable 16-inch garden spike.

It is 110V AC powered and has long-lasting and bright LED lights. You can purchase this excellent lighted decorative item in red or white color options.

Solar Lighted Jesus by Eternal Light Illuminated Cemetery Decoration Heartfelt Memorial

This beautiful solar-powered lighted Jesus figurine will provide your outdoor space, memorial, or the gravesite of a loved one with eternal light, without any cables, wiring, and maintenance needed.


The solar-powered Jesus figure is made of sturdy acrylic, which is UV resistant and weather-proof.

The built-in LEDs have a long-lasting life of over 75,000 hours, and thanks to the solar-powered batteries, the decoration will light up every night for decades.

The figurine comes with a garden stake. Its height is 15 inches, and it makes a beautiful decorative element for any garden, backyard, plot, as a window decoration, one of your yard Christmas decorations, or for another special place.

ADVPRO Cross Display Home Decor Neon Sign 

This large-sized neon-lighted sign is the perfect decoration for your window, home, or house.


It comes in blue, white, orange, red, purple, green, yellow, or in multicolored options and is made of eco-friendly and safe materials that require no maintenance.

The Christian sign decoration is offered in different size options – 12 x 8.5 inches, 16 x 12 inches, and 24 x 16 inches, and it comes with a 5-foot power cord and AC plug.

It emits minimal amounts of heat, so you can safely leave it indoors or outside.

The Advpro neon sign is among the most impressive and well-built indoor and outdoor lighted crosses you can buy.

CEDAR HOME Solar Windchime Unique Outdoor Wind Chime

This unique lighted cross comes in the form of a beautiful wind chime with intricate detailing.


The wind chime is made of weather-proof and rust-proof metal and glass and will gift you with a beautiful melody and chime every time there is a gust of wind.

The religious symbol which holds the chimes is stunning and has white and blue LEDs that are solar-powered and will light up as soon as the sunsets.

The wind chime size is 32.5 inches in height, 5.5 inches in width, and 3.5 inches in-depth, and it comes with a metal hook, so you can easily attach it to a branch, or anywhere else you decide.

This decoration is an excellent gift idea and a gorgeous decoration for any outside space.

Florals Solar Cross Light, Solar Powered Garden Decor

This color-changing lighted outdoor cross has long-lasting LEDs that are powered via solar power and will light up in white, purple, yellow, green, orange, blue, and more colors as soon as the sun goes down.


The solar-powered 600 mAh AA Ni-Cad batteries will keep the lights on for up to 8 hours every night.

The beautifully made exterior lighted decoration is 6.8 inches in height and 4 inches wide and comes with a double garden pole with a total height of 36.5 inches.

Fixture Displays Solar Lighted Cross

The sunlight-powered outdoor lighted cross by Fixture Displays is one of the best options for a roadside memorial, a grave, a window decoration, or a Christmas decorations yard.


The symbol of Christianity is 10 inches wide, 15 inches high, and 3.1 inches deep and has a solid metal frame that will withstand the elements in all seasons of the year.

The product itself is made of sturdy and weather-resistant acrylic and has built-in solar-powered batteries.

It will light up automatically as soon as dusk comes and will shine brightly all night and be seen by everyone.

The sizeable solar-powered cross has a 6.6-inch long garden spike with a 0.8-inch diameter.


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