Top 7 Best Laptops for Live Streaming Videos in 2021 Reviews

Best Laptops for Live Streaming

Today, electronic sports are becoming more and more popular in the world. Therefore, internet users are also gradually choosing laptops for gaming and streaming. Many laptop manufacturers have launched devices with reasonable size and reasonable thickness, providing a relatively interesting experience without affecting the convenience of carrying. Besides, modern laptop screens have been upgraded to 4K resolution. However, many technology experts encourage customers to use only 1080 HD resolution to make the motion smoother because it is both cheap and suitable for the performance of these laptops. Equally important, the keyboard for a gaming laptop is of utmost importance. Nobody wants a sluggish keyboard with high latency to bring into gaming. So, when you can try directly the sensitivity of the keyboard when buying in the store, thereby giving the best feel when playing.

Like the trackpad, the current types of laptop ports for streaming are available in sufficient quantities and standard ports and connectors. So almost you don’t have to worry about this. For these laptops, experts recommend models equipped with Intel 4-core CPUs, while any more advanced models are not necessary. In fact, with gaming and streaming hardware in general, the quad-core CPU at the moment is more than enough for every function. You should also keep in mind that graphics card memory with 4GB is recommended, but if you are a perfectionist, the GTX 1060 is also not bad, allowing the highest graphics settings available. Keep reading our unbiased reviews below so you can buy a laptop that fits your live streaming videos.

Table Best Laptops for Live Streaming Videos

Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop PC, 15.6″ Full HD 144Hz 3ms IPS Display, Intel i7-9750H,…$959.00Buy on Amazon
MSI GS65 Stealth-432 15.6″ Gaming Laptop, 240Hz Display, Thin Bezel, Intel Core i7-9750H, NVIDIA…$3,999.11Buy on Amazon
ASUS ROG Zephyrus M Ultra Slim Gaming Laptop, 15.6” Full HD 144Hz IPS-Type G-SYNC, GeForce GTX…$1,449.99Buy on Amazon
Dell Gaming Laptop G5587-5859BLK-PUS G5 – 15.6″ LED Anti-Glare Display – 8th Gen Intel i5 Processor…$999.00Buy on Amazon
Omen by HP 2019 15-Inch Gaming Laptop, Intel i7-8750H Processor, NVIDIA RTX 2060 6 GB, 16 GB RAM,…$1,999.11Buy on Amazon
2019 Lenovo Legion Y540 15.6″ FHD Gaming Laptop Computer, 9th Gen Intel Hexa-Core i7-9750H Up to…$1,340.00Buy on Amazon
Sager NP7856 15.6-Inch Thin Bezel FHD 144Hz Gaming Laptop, Intel i7-9750H, RTX 2060 6GB, 16GB RAM,…Buy on Amazon

1.Acer Predator Full HD Helios 300 Intel i7 IPS Display Gaming Backlit Keyboard Laptop

1. Acer Predator Full HD Helios 300 Intel i7 IPS Display Gaming Backlit Keyboard Laptop


The first laptop on this list is Acer’s Predator product line for gaming. It has been described as a vehicle to get you ready in every battle in the exciting game world. Plus, the parts have been upgraded relatively much to suit the latest game titles on the market today. The 9th generation Intel Core i7 processor together with the 4th generation 3D fan technology further enhances the great experience for you every time you use it. In addition, the versatile panel and fast response time will help you dispel the annoying feeling of lag. These parts also provide high accuracy, good visibility, and sharp images as well as smooth motion.

On top of that, full HD mode is considered very compatible with other parameters of this laptop from Acer. The laptop’s full HD display has just saved you a lot of money because you don’t need to spend too much on 2K or 4K configurations. Not only that, but it also provides great support for saving battery and saving power energy. Therefore, you can fully enjoy the moments of gaming outdoors without having to worry too much about charging.

In addition to the features mentioned above, this laptop from Acer also has other outstanding features that make many customers pay more attention. It has an ergonomic design so you can sit comfortably and control the actions on the keyboard and mouse. Thanks to this unique structure, your gaming and streaming experiences will be perfect without making any noise that affects other family members.

What is more, with a specially designed shortcut, you can use it to quickly customize parameters such as lighting, fan speed, game configuration, and overclocking. If you want to upgrade your gaming and streaming experience to a new level, this Acer-made laptop will help you get the most out of VR. Moreover, the Waves MAXXAudio technology delivers vivid sound during use. Last but not least, the keyboard with the LED light system will make your space more brilliant.Specifications

  • Powerful 6 core processor
  • Intel Core i7 9th generation
  • Window 10 operating system
  • Home 64 bit
  • 16GB memory
  • Full HD 144Hz refresh rate


  • New generation chip for fast and smooth processing
  • The price is relatively good for laptops for gaming and streaming
  • Many special and multi-function keys
  • The sound and light system has been significantly improved
  • Laptop VR experience is provided


  • The screen is not as good as competing products

2.MSI GS65 Gaming Laptop Stealth-432 NVIDIA GeForce Thin Bezel Core i7 240Hz Display

2. MSI GS65 Gaming Laptop Stealth-432 NVIDIA GeForce Thin Bezel Core i7 240Hz Display


The laptop for the next stream on this list comes from MSI, a manufacturer that pioneers gaming consoles and always aims to bring satisfaction to all gamers who share the same passion for the game. True to being a gaming legend, MSI has always upheld its tradition to always provide the latest and exclusive gaming features to meet the wishes of the player. This MSI GS65 laptop has an extremely compact design with golden borders and especially the new logo has been reworked in color, consistent with the overall machine.

With a new logo and distinctive diamond-cut edges, this device tends to closely resemble an elegant, business-class laptop but possesses a powerful internal power and optimized fan system for heat dissipation. Besides, it is equipped with IPS panels for impressive colors and viewing angles. This is considered one of MSI’s greatest efforts for this product. Therefore, many technology experts commented that this laptop is aimed at a design that is both balanced for gaming, watching movies and targeting professional functions such as graphics, video making.

Equally important, users can customize each key and get in-game parameters in real-time via keyboard backlight effects. What is more, the borders surrounding the Touchpad are also complemented with only gold for the tone to match the whole body. The spacious design makes it easier to manipulate. In addition, it is equipped with the most modern ports. In addition, the backlighting makes these ports more shimmering. The left side with the design of the secondary heat sink is framed by a series of beautiful and luxurious gold-plated metal.

Moreover, the underside of the laptop from this MSI with nearly half of the area is a grid that allows more airflow to the inside of the machine, helping the heat sink to be better but in return will have more dust into the machine than the previous design of the GS series. Lastly, because of its thin and light design, when you play games for a long time, there will be a hot but not significant phenomenon. So, if you are looking for a high-quality yet affordable laptop for live streaming videos, then this model should be taken into consideration.Specifications

  • 6 core processor
  • Intel Core i7 9th generation
  • Thin bezel design
  • 32GB memory
  • 1TB SSD for data
  • Full HD 240Hz refresh rate


  • Elegant design with a unique color scheme
  • The keyboard and ports are equipped with bright, eye-catching lighting
  • Lightweight and compact for a gaming laptop
  • Easy and convenient to carry around
  • Suitable for many different spaces


  • The price is quite high

3.ASUS ROG Ultra Slim Zephyrus M GeForce GTX1070 Full HD IPS Type G-SYNC Gaming Laptop

3. ASUS ROG Ultra Slim Zephyrus M GeForce GTX1070 Full HD IPS Type G-SYNC Gaming Laptop


With this ROG Zephyrus M, Asus’ high-end gaming laptop series is still equipped with a unique design and high configuration, but the price is not as difficult to access as the first Zephyrus version. In terms of configuration, many other details of Zephyrus M are even more attractive than the previous generation: the new generation CPU with more cores, the screen with a higher refresh rate, the keyboard is also adjusted, and use regular GPU, not the Max-Q version. In terms of design, Zephyrus M retains many attractive features in the design of this specialized product line.

Plus, it is made of aluminum alloy material, the top cover has scratches and interesting cross cut, the ROG logo is misaligned and glowing red. In addition, the camera’s corners are quite square, combined with the copper color in the diamond-cut edges to create an elegant feeling, not as strong and colorful as normal gaming laptops. Equally important, it owns a design that’s thin and light enough to carry around, even for laptop buyers to do office work.

Another outstanding advantage of this laptop cannot be ignored is the extremely unique thermal design. Asus has invested in a unique lift that can be opened when opening the lid, which automatically elevates the device slightly, creating a gap of about 9mm on the bottom of the device to increase space for air circulation, and helps better heat dissipation during the operation of the machine. According to Asus, a metal plate is installed inside the laptop to prevent insects and foreign objects from entering the device so you can rest assured.

It is also equipped with NVidia G-SYNC technology to minimize stuttering, reduce input lag and eliminate screen tearing without affecting system performance. It gives you the ultimate, smoothest, fastest and immersive visual experience in a variety of games. With NVIDIA G-SYNC via HDMI and Thunderbolt 3, you can connect it to an external monitor for a better gaming experience. You can use this model for different tasks and purposes, both personal and professional.Specifications

  • Intel Core i7 8th Generation
  • 16GB memory
  • 256GB SSD
  • 12V fans
  • IPS-Type AHVA panel
  • Full HD 144Hz refresh rate


  • The heat sink is optimized
  • Equipped with multiple connectors and ports
  • Additional 1TB hybrid drive
  • Lightweight and compact design for easy carrying
  • Premium materials for advanced durability


  • It is not equipped with new generation chip

4.Dell 8th Gen LED NVIDIA GeForce Anti-Glare Display Licorice Gaming Laptop

4. Dell 8th Gen LED NVIDIA GeForce Anti-Glare Display Licorice Gaming Laptop


This gaming laptop from Dell uses the same design languages as the Inspiron 15 series, in which the most prominent is the smooth outer shell that easily leaves fingerprints and the front edges are quite sharp. In terms of stability, it leaves a very good impression. Due to the hinge placed in the center, the screen becomes very solid. You can open the screen with one hand without any problems. The screen is kept in a very good position, so you will have no problems during your use.

Plus, the webcam part is gradually being improved. The image obtained is quite bright, with accurate details. The colors look quite real and vibrant. Besides, the keyboard of this laptop is presented reasonably. Although the size is not too large, but still almost enough for users. You can type at a high speed when using this keyboard. Equally important, the amount of key pressure is moderate, and the response is good. Another advantage of this Dell laptop is that the trackpad is quite spacious for users. The trackpad surface is smooth, featuring red borders around and separating the sides.

What is more, this unit will give you a good swipe experience. And yet, the response of the sound when clicking is clearly audible. On top of that, thanks to the IPS panel, the viewing angles of the screen are as good as expected. You can still see images that do not change color significantly even at very inclined viewing angles.

Additionally, this laptop from Dell placed two speakers below the armrest to point towards the user. The mids and highs are good, and they are relatively balanced. Last but not least, when running the machine at heavy loads, the maximum temperature is measured up to 57 degrees C in some areas. This is quite a high temperature. So when gaming, you should put the laptop on the table and on the cooling fan.Specifications

  • Intel i5 8th Generation
  • 8GB memory
  • 128GB SSD
  • 2-in-1 card reader
  • 3 USB ports
  • Full HD 60Hz


  • Very affordable price
  • The images are shown sharp and vivid
  • Sound technology is significantly upgraded
  • Lightweight and portable for convenient carrying around
  • The color scheme is unique


  • The processor is not as powerful as similar products

5.HP 2019 Omen Gaming Laptop VR Ready NVIDIA RTX for Live Streaming Videos

5. HP 2019 Omen Gaming Laptop VR Ready NVIDIA RTX for Live Streaming Videos


In terms of the overall design, as a product in the gaming segment, the design language of HP OMEN 2019 has an angular look and color gamut that shows the same strength as other gaming laptops. Considered to be a strong flagship product in its gaming laptop segment, there is no reason that HP does not equip the sides of the device with high-grade aluminum alloy. The top of the machine will have scratched milling lines divided into 3 separate areas in the middle that will be smoothed to stand out on the OMEN logo printed on the surface of the case to honor the high-end of the product.

In addition, the use of aluminum also contributes greatly to the laptop can improve the heat dissipation as well as enhance the sturdiness than plastic materials. Plus, the screen with ultra-thin edges on both sides increases the screen-to-body ratio as well as reducing the size compared to previous traditional gaming laptops.

However, the upper and lower bezels are quite thick, giving a less minimalist look compared to other products in the same segment. On top of that, this Hi-end product will be equipped with an anti-IPS IPS panel with an ultra-high refresh rate of up to 240Hz with Nvidia G-Sync technology but will still be limited to full HD resolution as well reduce production costs as well as the selling price of the machine.

Moreover, the amount of power consumed by the laptop’s CPU from this HP will not be too high or too low. This means that the chip will bring a good processing performance, but the heat generated plus the heat dissipation will give an extremely ideal temperature. Plus, it is fully equipped with almost the necessary input and output ports for users, especially for gamers who often use external peripherals such as external monitors, mice, keyboards, and headphones.Specifications

  • Intel i7-8750H processor
  • 16GB memory
  • 128GB SSD
  • 1TB HDD
  • VR Ready technology
  • Full HD 60Hz refresh rate


  • Easy to control and adjust parameters
  • Suitable for both gaming and graphic design
  • Optimized battery capacity
  • Unique design with trendy colors
  • Lots of USB ports to support the included accessories


  • Relatively high price when compared to competing products

6.Lenovo Legion FHD 2019 9th Gen Windows 10 Core i7-9750H GeForce GTX Gaming Laptop

6. Lenovo Legion FHD 2019 9th Gen Windows 10 Core i7-9750H GeForce GTX Gaming Laptop


It can be said that the design of this Lenovo Legion Y540 laptop is a breakthrough in the products that it has ever brought to users. With a fairly thin bezel and a relatively lightweight structure, you can take it wherever you want and unleash work or even entertainment. When placed on a table, the screen has a thin border and high durability will be what gives you the best experience.

With the keyboard-equipped on this gaming and streaming laptop, users will find it extremely interesting to know its unique features. It is even built with white backlighting, giving gamers the freedom to play at night or in low light conditions. Besides, it is equipped with a 15.6-inch IPS screen with full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels with anti-glare capability. Your favorite games will be displayed best with the most vibrant colors, the array of colors that array.

And yet, this laptop also has a very good cooling capacity with 2 fans, 4 vents for both the CPU and GPU. These parts are powered by individual fans on each side, so the noise it emits is insignificant. In addition, the auxiliary tools automatically adjust and overclock the hardware to provide the highest gaming performance and lowest temperature.

Besides, the Dolby Audio system will enhance the quality of your entertainment with powerful, vivid sound. Another advantage that cannot be ignored is that the device has all the convenient ports and connectors to support you enthusiastically anytime, anywhere. Overall, this is a versatile and powerful laptop that everyone should have for their personal or professional tasks.Specifications

  • Intel Core i7-9750H
  • 24GB memory
  • 512GB SSD
  • FHD IPS anti-glare screen
  • 6 Cores & 12M Cache
  • Camera 720p HD


  • The battery capacity is quite large compared to competing products
  • Relatively affordable price
  • The LED lighting system is uniquely designed
  • Lightweight and compact to carry around
  • Large memory capacity


  • The color scheme is a bit monotonous

7. Sager NP7856 Intel Core i7-9750H 15.6 Inches Gaming Thin Bezel RTX 2060 Laptop

7. Sager NP7856 Intel Core i7-9750H 15.6 Inches Gaming Thin Bezel RTX 2060 Laptop


The final product on this list is a gaming and streaming laptop made by Sager. In terms of graphics, this laptop uses one of NVIDIA’s high-end products for laptops, built on a powerful, high-clocked chip. In addition, the device is equipped with memory and hard drive with relatively large capacity so that you can store a lot of data and information for your work or personal purposes.

With some such basic equipment, the device can be ready for gamers to conquer the best games today. In addition, Optimus technology allows switching between Intel HD 3000 graphics core and GT 525M will help you save power. Plus, the device has an exhaust fan on the underside of the device and two heat sinks on the rear edge. Thus, the heat dissipation slot inconvenient for users when connecting peripherals will no longer exist.

Good heat dissipation is always a strong point of Sager and completely outperformed its rivals. Along with the exhaust fan on the underside, when the machine must be operating at full capacity, heat is still released on both the heat sink and aluminum surface.

What is more, the chassis structure is relatively good, sturdy and not rickety. This ensures that the laptop can be with you for years without a single sign of damage. Its screen is a very sophisticated design, so you can even remove the frame of the screen easily with your hand. The built-in LED light unit will blink according to the sound of the speaker, including music, film, or game to give users the most interesting and fun experience.Specifications

  • Full HD 144Hz
  • Intel Core i7-9750H
  • 16GB RAM
  • 500GB SSD
  • Thin bezel design


  • Neutral design suitable for many different spaces
  • LED lighting system provides vibrant and eye-catching colors
  • Affordable price compared to other options
  • Equipped with multiple ports
  • New generation chip


  • It is a bit bulky for some people


Owning a laptop for live streaming videos will help you have great moments of relaxation. In addition, it also supports you actively at work. We hope the above reviews can help you choose a laptop that best suits your needs.


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