Top 10 Best Ladders in 2022 – Reviews

Best Ladders

Everyone needs a ladder at some point in their lives to aid them in their day to day activities whether in the office or at home. If you have activities around you that have hard to reach areas, whether you are cleaning high shelves, repainting or remodeling your home or even picking items from top cabinets or drawers you will be in need of a safe and reliable ladder. However, what should one look out for when selecting a ladder? Mostly, safety comes first when it comes to choosing the best ladder for your everyday activities. A reliable ladder that is robust and can support all kinds of weight is another factor to consider when selecting a ladder. The list below is going to review the Top 10 Best Ladders that will guide you in making a decision on which ladders are suitable for home or office use.

Best Ladders in 2022


10. Best Choice Products Scaffold Multi-Purpose Folding Step Ladder


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This multi-purpose ladder by Best Choice products can be used for all kinds of tasks within your home and worksites. It can be used as a telescoping ladder, scaffolding ladder, extension ladder, or even a twin or stairway ladder. It’s constructed using a strong aluminum alloy which gives it the advantage of being rustproof. The ladder is considered a very safe ladder due to its safety locks and rubber protected bottom. It is easy to store and carry. This ladder is very versatile as it can hold up to 330lbs of weight.
For house painting, decoration, roof access, or even general cleaning for hard to reach windows, this is the best ladder for you.

9. Xtend and Climb 785P Telescoping Ladder


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The Xtend and Climb Telescoping Ladder is a brand that is made especially for professional contractors and builders that seek to work on very high, unreachable levels. This heavy duty ladder has been used as a great substitute to the extension ladder as it is known to be very adjustable and lightweight and is easily stored due to its flexible nature.

This aluminum made ladder has an integrated handle that makes it easy to carry and for transportation. Anyone that has used an extension ladder will most definitely switch to this telescoping type of ladder because of its durability and traction features.

8. Little Giant 10104 375-Pound Ladder


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Another brand of Little Giant Systems, this ladder is exceptional as it has a broad surface that can carry weights of up to 375lbs. It also has an extensive surface for standing that makes it very safe and stable and you are assured of not falling over as your body balance is maintained. The ladder also comes with a second platform that is used to store or hold your tools or any other materials you may need to use to finish your tasks.
If you are looking for an all in one package, this is the ladder to use as it gives you the convenience and use of extension ladders and step ladders.

7. Little Giant 14016 Type 1 Alta Ladder


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When looking for a reliable, safe and stable ladder that has excellent versatility, then this is the ideal ladder for you. With a triple-locking hinge, this lightweight ladder is a 24 in 1 type of ladder. Because it is made from aluminum, this ladder makes it portable to carry to different work areas. It is perfect for medium sized jobs as it can hold up to 250 lbs.
In addition to the mentioned feature, this ladder is also adjustable, and it can be used on uneven surfaces and staircases, and its gliding wells are used to move around with minimal effort.

6. Cosco Three-Step Max Steel Platform


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This Cosco product is an aluminum made step ladder, which is used for different types of home projects whether big or small. It is a very versatile and durable platform and provides one with a long time of use. The Cosco Three-Step platform has a slip-resistant tread design that makes it stable and secure to use.
It is convenient to use as it has slots for storage of work tools that makes work easier for someone. The skid resistant gliding legs protect your floors from marring. The step ladder can hold up to 225lbs of weight thus it can handle a medium amount of household related work.

5. Little Giants Systems Flip-N-Lite Step Ladder with Platform


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The Flip-N-Lite ladder is a safe yet budget friendly step ladder manufactured by Little Giants Systems. Despite its industrial rated construction, this ladder is very lightweight making it easy to carry. Its slim shape makes it convenient for transportation and storage. The Flip-N-lite ladder has a huge platform that makes it very comfortable and stable to stand on while performing your tasks. Due to its new duty construction, this step ladder can accommodate up to 300lbs of weight making it the perfect solution for construction workers.

4. Little Giants 15422 Multi-Use Velocity Ladder.


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If you want a ladder that takes a faster time to set up and take down, light weighted and at the same time durable and safe, then the Little Giants multi-use velocity ladder is the best fit for you. This ladder has a Rock Lock system that makes it easy for set up and take down of the ladder by just releasing the lock to adjust ladder and tap to close. Also, its wide flared legs and double hinge makes it safe for one to work on. The ladder can hold up to 300lbs of weight and has gliding wheels that make it easy to move from one job to another.

3. Kidde Two-Storey Escape Ladders


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These are safety ladders that offer a quick and safe way to escape in case of emergencies from buildings as-as high as two-storey. These ladders are light in weight and have a compact design that makes storage easy and convenient. It has anti-slip rungs and is assembled and is ready to use. This sturdy ladder can hold up to 1000lbs of weight.

2. Rubbermaid Folding 3-Step Steel Frame Stool


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This steel step stool is made to be used to reach for items in high places. The step stool is light weighted and can be folded to fit in thin spaces. It has a large platform making it stable and safe and can hold up to 200lbs of weight.

1. Werner Telescoping Multi-Purpose Ladder


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This aluminum multi-purpose ladder is designed to adjust to different heights to gain maximum versatility. It has adjustable locks that help in the adjustments of the ladder’s height. Also, this ladder can be converted into a 2-person ladder or extension ladder making it easy to work with at different heights and positions.


There are many various types of ladders all over the market and selecting one that best fits you can be a daunting task. The above-reviewed ladders have been carefully selected, looking into their most desirable features that everyone searches in a ladder. The reviews will guide make a wise choice on which is best for your lifestyle and taste.


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