The 13 Best Korean Lip Tints That Last Longer 2022


If you are attracted to the increasingly popular Korean Beauty makeup routine and makeup products, you are not alone.

People from around the globe are embracing the idea of using healthy, high-quality beauty products that not only help improve their appearance but also help improve their overall skin health and wellbeing.

A good quality Korean lip tint can do wonders for lips that are chapped, have wrinkles, uneven surfaces, or other problematic areas. But such a product is beneficial for perfectly healthy and young lips too. It will make them look natural and yet better than before.

Read on to find out which are the finest Korean lip tints on the market for 2022.

ETUDE HOUSE Dear Darling Water Gel Tint 

This water gel-based Korean lip tint will make your lips look moist, juicy and will give them a fresh fruity taste and, of course, a lasting vivid color.

With the Etude House Dear Darling water lip tint, your lips will be irresistible.

Plus, this lip tint has a delicious and vitamin-rich taste made of pomegranate and soapberry, which will moisturize your lips and help them, stay shiny and healthy throughout the day.

This top-rated Korean lip tint by Etude House is available in over 12 different red Korean lip tints shades that you can choose from. All of them are strong and long-lasting and will give your lips a satin finish and shine.

The K-beauty Etude House Dear Darling water lip tint comes in a 5 gram bottle and has a tip for easy application.


NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Butter Gloss 0.27 Ounces

With this inexpensive Korean lip tint, you can pamper your lips with luxurious silky and soft, smooth Butter Gloss in delicious tastes and irresistible colors, which will melt on your lips.

This lip gloss will make your lips look juicy and soft, and at the same time won’t leave you with that unpleasant sticky feeling which some other similar cosmetic items have.

The NYX professional Butter Gloss is available in stunning options including éclair, strawberry parfait, merengue, peaches and cream, tiramisu, cherry cheesecake, praline, red velvet, cupcake, raspberry tart, crème Brulee and many more delicious options.

The lip tint is animal cruelty-free, with the entire brand being acknowledged by PETA.

The lip gloss is sold in 0.27 oz. bottles with applicators.


SHIONLE – Paparazzi Velvet Tint Long Lasting Lip Stain with Moisturizing 

The Shionle Korean lip tint is a long-lasting stain which has a moisturizing effect for the lips, and offers a beautiful gradation look, and can help cover uneven areas and small wrinkles.

This high-quality Paparazzi Velvet Tint will make your lips look smooth, silky, and beautifully colored, and the effect will be visible for up to 24 hours.

Thanks to its unique velvety texture, you can experiment and create an attractive gradient look and for fuller lips.

It is a top-rated Korean lip tint that is available in six irresistible color options and shade range, including amaranto, rosso, rosa, marrone, arancio, and cremisi.

This top-rated Korean beauty product has a reasonable price tag and is sold in 4.5g bottles with applicators.


Peripera Ink Airy Velvet Lip Tint High-Pigmentation, Lightweight, Soft 

This high-quality Korean lip tint will help you achieve a long-lasting Korean lip stain for fuller and juicier lips.

One of the best lip tints is easy to apply and will color your lips evenly. You can also use it to create a gentler gradient appearance and a matte finish.

The Ink Airy Velvet lip tint is made of natural contents, including vitamin E, green tea seed oil, mango oil, and cottonseed oil.

Thanks to the silky powders and the oils used for making this lip tint, your lips will feel and look smoother, and any fine wrinkles and curves will be filled for a perfect finish and irresistible look.

It comes with a precision applicator tip, which makes shaping the lips, drawing lines, and creating a gradient look easier.

The lip product is available in 0.14-oz, 0.14 fl.oz. and 3.5g sizes and options.

You can buy the lip tint for a Korean beauty vision in 14 different staining power colors, including selfie orange-brown, hotspot red, pretty pink, cartoon coral, heart grapefruit, and others.


MISSHA Wish Stone Tint (Velvet)-RD01 (LINE FRIENDS Edition)

This cute looking Korean lip tint not only has an adorable and attractive package, but also offers long-lasting tinting, and has a delicious fresh taste of candy.

The Missha Wish Stone Water Gel Lip Tint will allow you to show off a perfect red and soft pout, without the annoying and unsightly staining of your cups and utensils.

You can wear this K-beauty Missha Wish Stone tint by itself, or as a base for your lipstick or lip gloss.

Your lips will look absolutely vibrant if you decide to apply this Korean lip tint.

Plus, you will receive cute stickers so you can customize the case of your lip tint to your liking.



With this high-quality lip oil, your lips will appear shiny and smooth, while at the same time without leaving them feeling heavy or greasy.

It is perfect for those of you with dry lips, or for ladies who want to have silky and smooth lips at all times.

The NYX Professional This Is Everything lip oil is sheer and can be used under lipstick or gloss.

This Korean lip tints has a light taste and discrete smell, so you will look all-natural when wearing it.

You can also buy it in colored options, including sheer red, sheer blush, sheer lavender, and even sheer sky blue.

This is a vegan, cruelty-free product.


3CE Velvet Lip Tint (4g/ea.) 10 colors 

This is another excellent product to buy if you are into the Korean beauty vision.

You can apply this Velvet Lip Tint so that it is gradient, or as a full lip tint, depending on your preferences.

Also, you don’t have to worry about this Korean lip tint transferring on your cups, forks, and other utensils.

The high-quality lip tint comes in several gorgeous color options, including Pink Break, Best Ever, Private, and Taupe.

It comes in a 4g container with an easy to use applicator.


SoltreeBundle Delight Tony Tint

SoltreeBundle is among the top-rated Korean beauty product brands, and this Delight Tony Tint is one of its models with the most positive customer reviews on the market.

The lip tint comes in Red, Cherry Pink and Orange Chacha color options.

It is a lightweight and yet long-lasting lip stain with a unique formula that will help moisturize your lips, stain them and keep the color rich and vibrant all day long.

One of the best lip tints is made of natural ingredients including Argan oil, Jojoba oil and Rosehip oil, which will help protect the lips, moisturize them, make them smoother, improve their elasticity, and protect them.

It will provide you with a beautiful natural look, and will not transfer on cups and when you are eating.


Rom&nd Glasting Water Tint Korean Natural Lip Tint Gloss 

This luxurious and long-lasting Korean beauty lip tint will moisturize your lips permanently and will give them a wet like tint, but without leaving stickiness, or transferring to cups and other objects.

The Rom&nd Glasting Water Lip Tint will add luster and shine to your lips, and they will stay hydrated, smooth, and beautiful all day long.

The Korean lip tint comes in several amazing color options, including brick river, red drop, vintage ocean, rose splash, and purple shower.

The water tint comes in bottles with applicators of 4 grams.


Henné Organics Luxury Lip Tint – Moisturizing, Sheer Natural Color – Intrigue

This premium quality lip tint by Henne Organics will help make your lips more beautiful, full, smooth, and irresistible.

You can apply it as a sheer lip tint or add more than one layer for a more dramatic opaque vision.

The luxurious K-beauty lip tint is made of avocado oil, coconut, jojoba, and castor seed oils, all of which are entirely organic.

The lip tint is cruelty-free and made in the USA, inspired by the popular Korean Beauty regimen and philosophy. It has no artificial or harmful ingredients and will make your lips appear healthier, softer, and more youthful.

You can buy it in different hues, including Bare, Azalea, Intrigue, and Coral.


PONY EFFECT Stayfit Matte Lip Color

The Favorite Fluid Lip Gloss is another high-quality Korean beauty lip tint, lip stain Korean, and care product that will help stain your lips and will keep them moisturized adequately throughout the day.

The liquid lip gloss comes in three vibrant hues, including Come Hither, Fascinating, On Point, and Staring.

It is easy to apply, and over time, as the color starts fading, your lips will look all-natural but better than ever.

The lip color gloss includes Aqua-4 Complex, which will hydrate and feed your lips to restore their elasticity and smoothen any wrinkles for better lip care.

You can apply it as a sheer gloss, or create a more opaque vision by adding more than one layer.


The SAEM Saemmul Real Tint 9.6ml

With this beautiful Real Tint, your lips will appear fuller, moister, and even more beautiful.

It comes in a Pink tint, and you can use it to create the popular Korean beauty gradient appearance, as well as to ensure that your lips are properly moisturized, smooth and healthy all day long.

It is easy to apply, will not stay sticky or dry your lips, and you can experiment with the vision you want to achieve by applying a different number of layers,

It is reasonably priced and is long-lasting too.


Why use a Korean lip tint?

Korean beauty cosmetics and the entire regimen originating in the Asian country have become increasingly popular not only in the rest of Asia but around the world as well.

The Korean beauty philosophy includes gentle care for the face and body, without the use of harmful ingredients, and has a goal of improving the appearance and health over time.

The best Korean lip tint will not only bring color to your lips, but will also help moisturize them, straighten all of those tiny wrinkles and creases, and give them a fuller and yet natural look.

Korean lip tints are beneficial for the skin of the lips, they are long-lasting, and over time will improve the appearance and the health of your lips.

Also, the best Korean lip tints are made of healthy contents, many of them natural, which will help nourish and protect your lips as well.

There are various ways to apply and use Korean lip tint, including using it alone, using it as a base for your lipstick or lip gloss, or to create the popular Korean gradient effect.

Overall, these cosmetic items are healthy, durable, and will help give your lips a moister, smoother, and softer appearance and feel.

It is essential to understand that the philosophy behind the K-beauty regimen is to focus on your own skin and lips and use only products that work well for you and make you feel well, without any adverse effects.

Many of the Korean beauty makeups, like the lip tints from our list, are designed and made to be customizable, buildable, and flexible, so you can use the tint or other lip care products as you prefer and in a way that makes you feel and look better.

Many of the ingredients used for making these products are inspired by the traditional ones which were used for centuries.

They are based on the idea of providing regular self-care and using only the products which work on your skin and body well without adverse effects.

So, good luck with your purchase, and feel free to experiment with your new Korean lip tint until you find the right way to apply it, which works for your particular lips.


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