Top 9 Best Kneeboards in 2020- Reviews

Best Kneeboards

Kneeboarding is one of the fun tow sports. Therefore, a kneeboard is the main requirement that one needs to have. In fact, the sports are very popular that, statistics indicate that over 100,000 kneeboards are sold per year. If you love the game, it’s time to join millions who also enjoy the sport. However, don’t be a victim of poor quality boards only to complement your performance.

These days, with stores shifting their muscles online, it gives you a chance to get the best products. Same happens to kneeboards; you can compare hundreds of brands while in your home. Getting best board always depend on your ability to examine features and quality. However, for beginners, it can be tricky.

Well, as you plan to buy a kneeboard, keep in mind there are available in different types. There are recreational and competitive. Also, styles differ depending on your Kneeboarding experience. Materials are also vital when it comes to the quality of boards. While taking all the aspects, we have reviewed top 9 best kneeboards in 2020. This gives everyone to have a fair chance of getting the best.

Best Kneeboards in 2020


9. Rave New Defy Kneeboard

Rave New Defy Kneeboard

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The Rave new defy is one of the premium quality kneeboards that are perfect for everyone. Especially, for newbies and intermediate riders, it offers all the qualities to sharpen their skills. Unlike the heavy boards, this one is classic and lightweight to enable easy maneuvering.

The construction is durable to withstand heavy utilization without breaking. The shell features LLDPE and PU foam inside. This combination creates a premium and lightweight board. Apart from the premium construction, it’s sleek and inspiring. With a glossy surface and matte bottom, it keeps riders inspired.

For comfort, the kneepad features a flexible sponge that ensures no hard spots. Even when water is rough, there is no hard landing as it excellently cushions your knee. With fitted Velcro straps, the keep your knees in position and allows precise board control.

• Easy to fit Velcro straps
• Extra thick knee padding
• Sleek style and finish
• Great customer care

• Unsuitable for expert riders

8. O’Brien Black Magic Kneeboard with Hook

O'Brien Black Magic Kneeboard with Hook

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When you need to train your children about Kneeboarding, a proper board will let you do it in style. A premium board like O’Brien black magic is the perfect choice for any beginner as well as medium riders. Its low profile design allows it to give learners stable riding. Also, the dual tip shape enhances stability hence great for deep-water training.

Apart from a low profile, the board is extra high performing. Depending on the user experience, it has retractable fins. It is these fins that enable it to improve stability hence allowing high-speed training. Also, the flat knee pad is impressive since it enables comfortable riding.

Regardless of weight, the board is highly durable and robust. It features rotomolded plastic base that enjoys great sturdiness. To ensure the rider has full control, knee pads offer a snug fit for comfortable and perfect board maneuvering. Together with padded 3-inch strap, they ensure your knees are perfectly locked.

• Low profile board style
• Classic twin tip design
• Safe for teaching small children
• Retractable fins and aquatic hook

• None

7. Leader Accessories Kneeboard with Hook

Leader Accessories Kneeboard with Hook

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Everyone deserves to have the best kneeboards. However, some are only ideal for use by experts. To cater for any level rider, Leader Accessories created this kneeboard that helps everyone achieve their Kneeboarding dreams. Unlike the cheap quality boards, this one is sturdy and extremely durable.
Besides boasting remarkable crafting, the board offers outstanding comfort. Featuring thick ¾ -inch foam padding, it cushion knees from impacts. Additionally, the thick 3-inch straps provide comfort and knee stabilization. Thereby, even when water is rough, the board doesn’t move even a millimeter. The economically designed knee pads keeps the rider enjoying maximum control.

When you think about safety, the kneeboard provides excellent measures. The edges are beveled which allows it to cut smoothly with less resistance. Moreover, with great cut, it achieves low profile riding hence delivering great stability. Having an integrated hook, this kneeboard is excellent beginners’ choice as well as veterans.

• Ergonomic knee pads
• Thick padding
• Easy to stand
• Cheaper than most rivals

• Unideal for heavy riders

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6. Driftsun Crush Kneeboard – 2018

Driftsun Crush Kneeboard – 2018

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If you want to get a kneeboard that is usable by the whole family, Driftsun Crush is the answer. Whether it’s for adult or kids use, the board is highly versatile. Designed to allow you to teach your kids, safety and performance are exceptionally enhanced. To keep it stable, it comes enjoying twin tip design that let it cut through water perfectly.

Every user enjoys riding this board. It fits all people whether kids or adults while cushioning their knees. In fact, the knee pads are extra deep and have generous EVA flex foam. Besides, the foam allows soft landing even when Kneeboarding is rough due to big water waves.

Regardless of the tricks, you want to perform; the board is excellent. Due to its sturdy and hard shell, it is hard to break or get damaged easily. Amazingly, the Rotomolded shell and EPS core give the exceptional kneeboard strength. To keep your knees correctly positioned, the board features reinforced and padded straps.

• Versatile construction and design
• Reinforced knee straps
• Deep knee pads

• Weaker than fiberglass boards

5. Hydroslide Magna Thin Profile Kneeboard

Hydroslide Magna Thin Profile Kneeboard

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Why suffer at the hands of cheap quality kneeboards. It’s time to get the high-quality boards that will keep your Kneeboarding thrilling. The Hydroslide Magna board is among the highly aspired by riders. Its sleek and patented low profile lets everyone ride like a pro. As a result, it allows riders to enjoy fast action as well as different styles.

The designing of this kneeboard focuses on high –performance and durability. That is why the manufacturer has used premium materials, and patented design. Interestingly, the board comes with a new and patented hydro hook. Therefore, even for starters, they have an easy time when getting up on their first ride.

The combination of heavy-duty construction materials enables this kneeboard to enjoy unlimited durability. With a hard outer shell, there are no worries when performing your tricks. Also, the ergonomic and comfortable full-size EVA foam makes it super comfortable. Complementing the soft foam is a padded strap that also improves the board control.

• Heavy-duty EVA padding
• Patented hydro hook and slim profile
• Beautiful finish
• Great for tricks

• Have no fins

4. Hydroslide Havoc 52-Inch Kneeboard

 Hydroslide Havoc 52-Inch Kneeboard

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Hydroslide makes incredible kneeboards for any level riders. This 52-inch board for adults is a marvelous product. It’s large which give it the ability to accommodate even large individuals. This is unlike the universally designed kneeboards which aren’t suitable for tall and heavy people. Despite its large design, the board boasts excellent speed and stability due to patented thin profile.

Any adult whether in training level or expert can comfortably use this kneeboard. To enable it to achieve this, the board is fitted with a hydro hook, which allows easy towing. On the other hand, the AVA foam padding lets your knees have a comfortable landing point. There are no strains due to hard spots like with some cheap kneeboards.

Besides heavy-duty padding, the knee wells are extra deep to fit precisely. To ensure knees rest properly without movements, the board has thick and padded straps. The textures knee wells further improve grip that lets you perform tricks with high confidence.

• Textured knee wells
• Heavyweight support
• Stable patented thin profile

• Padding feels a bit hard

3. SereneLife Kids & Adults Water Sport Kneeboard

SereneLife Kids & Adults Water Sport Kneeboard

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Summer allows people to have great fun, especially in water. If you are planning to enjoy aqua sports with family, then this Serene Life versatile kneeboard makes a great option. Suited for kid and adults, there is no need to buy several as with other brands. Its versatility doesn’t end on universal utilization, but, it’s also ideal for a variety of water sports. You can use it for knee surfing, water boating, and others.
Forget the stressful boards that are bulky to carry. This one is extra lightweight weighing less than 9 pounds. Therefore, even small kids can carry it easily. Besides, it’s compact enough which let it fit in your cab easily. In fact, it only measures 50-inch long and 2-inch wide.

Safety, durability, and high-performance is what you get when you acquire this board. It is made from marine grade materials that resist even by salt water. The outer shell features reinforced polyurethane which is robust and lightweight. Also, the soft and comfortable kneel wells offer ergonomic and snug fit. The adjustable padded strap is ideal for improving the riders comfort.

• Tough materials construction
• Universal kneel board design
• Lightweight and easy to carry

• Lack fins

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2. Hydroslide Revolution Kneeboard – 2103

Hydroslide Revolution Kneeboard – 2103

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When it is time to enjoy water sports, nothing is fulfilling like waterboarding. Especially, when you have a reliable and comfortable board, it keeps you riding like a pro. The Hydroslide revolution board is one of their top performing and investing. With unique spoon shape design, it offers an exceptionally smooth ride.

Performing trick and maneuvering this board is now simple and at your fingertips. The way it’s designed, it allows smooth water cutting and eliminates resistance. Also, with thick padding and deep knee wells’, controlling the board becomes a piece of cake. To improve the board control ability, the knee pads are textures which prevent sliding even when wet.

The patented hydro hook is an excellent feature that ensures beginners enjoys their first ride. Additionally, the slim profile is great for stabilizing board which keeps it rolling smoothly. Due to added stability, it reduces chances of toppling when water is rough.

• Spoon-shaped body
• Improved maneuver
• Firm grip knee pads
• Good for all levels

• A bit stiff padding

1. Driftsun 2018 Kneeboard

Driftsun 2018 Kneeboard

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This 2018 kneeboard by Driftsun is all you need and make your summer water sports unforgettable. The board is purposely designed to give beginners and experts unlimited fun. With an intergraded pull hook in the front, it ensures starters have an easy time when taking off. Therefore, it provides everyone easy time to learn different water sports.

The durability and comfort are unmatched when it comes to this waterboard. It has thick and contoured foam padding that give your feet perfect hugging. Whether water is rough, there is no hard landing, and also knees stay free from excessive pressure and impact. The padded strap holds knees into the board hence great unmatched control ability.

The stability is also pronounced in this waterboard. It has beveled edges that cut smoothly with less resistance. The smooth ride helps to stabilize and keep this kneeboard balanced. Generally, this board is worth having whether beginner or veteran rider.

• Contoured knee pads
• Improved board stability
• Smooth maneuvering

• Weak strap


For water sports lovers, there is every reason to get a kneeboard. They are versatile and ideal for use by all people at all levels of experience. Especially, if you are looking for a quality kneeboard, this list gives you the best selection. Therefore, don’t let unreliable quality boards ruin your family fun.


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