Top 10 Best Kitchen Scales in 2023

Best Kitchen Scales

Kitchen scales are intended to make life in the kitchen less complicated. This simple device allows you to measure precise portions for your recipe or to ensure you stick to your dietary requirement. It also saves you from relying on guesswork which more-often-than-not leads to poor results.

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to find a kitchen scale is selecting a specific item from the many types on offer. Below are the 10 best kitchen scales in 2023 to aid you in making an informed decision.

Tips to Owning a Good Kitchen Scale

Prior to buying a scale, it’s necessary to consider the following features:

  • Capacity: The scales come with varied capacities with some suited for small volumes while others are better in measuring large quantities. Some types can handle as much as 15 pounds.
  • Sensitivity: A good scale is very sensitive and will measure even the smallest weights such as one gram or 0.05 ounces. It should also display the readings instantly without delay.
  • Digital or Analog: Digital or electrical scales are preferred for their easy-read display, precision and sensitivity while analog or mechanical are loved for their simplicity and no need for power or battery.
  • Design: Top scales are well-built and will remain stable when placed on the counter. They come with sturdy feet or bases for stable and firm grip.
  • Easy Reading: Digital scales are much easier to read compared to analog. Nonetheless, the digital display should be large and clear enough even when food ingredients have splashed on it.
  • Platform: Top kitchen scales come with a wide platform that easily accommodates different vessels. Some will include a bowl where the ingredients are introduced.

Other important features include ease of storage, extra features, battery life (digital), and ease of switching from Imperial to Metric or vice versa.

Best Kitchen Scales in 2023


10. Oliver & Kline Best Kitchen Food Scale

The Best Kitchen food scale by Oliver Kline comes in an elegant and easy-to-use design. It’s perfect for the home and commercial applications and is capped at 9lb (5kg). The multifunction electronic scale can be set to display in either Imperial or Metric and the results displayed through the clear LCD screen.

It boasts of a detachable tempered glass platform that is also resistant to stains and water. The lightweight scale features auto Tare function and runs on 2 AA batteries. Unfortunately, the display isn’t backlit and the auto shutoff happens too early.


9. ZERLA Digital Kitchen Scale

This compact and lightweight digital scale is perfect for any domestic or commercial kitchen. It comes in a slim design and is suitable for weighing food ingredients not exceeding 11 pounds/ 5 kgs.

For better accuracy, the graduation is set within 1 gram /0.05 grams and you can switch from Imperial to Metric or vice versa. The precision tare button automatically deducts the current weight from tare weight. First time users claim that the instructions are somewhat vague.


8. Ozeri Zenith Kitchen Scale

This scale by Ozeri is one of the slimmest kitchen scales in the current market. However, it packs quite a punch and can weigh up to 12 pounds (5.75 kg). The digital scale weighs in both Imperial and Metric units and in increments of 1 gram/ 0.05 ounces.

It’s made from stainless steel, features easy-touch button, blue backlit LCD display, fingerprint-resistant coating and runs on 2 lithium batteries. Compared to other scales, the Zenith scale is pretty basic.


7. MIRA Brands Digital Kitchen Scale

The MIRA kitchen scale can weigh ingredients of up to 5 kgs (11 pounds). It comes in a slim profile that fits well on the countertop and is also easy to store. The digital scale comes with tempered glass surface that is four times stronger than normal glass.

Its highly-sensitive sensors provide accurate measurements in Imperial or Metric standard while the lit LCD display relays the figures. Some buyers complain that the auto-shutoff occurs too soon.


6. My Weigh Bakers Math Kitchen Scale

Weighing food ingredients in a precise and hygienic manner is most-certain with this kitchen scale by My Weigh. Capable of weighing up to 8 kgs, the KD8000 scale displays the weight in lbs, ounces, grams and kgs.

It boasts of a sturdy and easy-clean stainless steel platform, brightly-lit LCD display, and gunk shield for minimizing mess. Unfortunately, this unit doesn’t come with AC adapter and its 8kg capacity is a bit on the lower scale.


5. Eatsmart Precision Elite Kitchen Scale

With a weighing capacity of 15 pounds, the Eatsmart Precision Elite is among the sturdiest scales on our list. It is also one of the most precise thanks to the highly-sensitive sensors that weigh in 1 gram / 0.05 oz increments.

The readings are displays on the ultra bright LCD; it runs on 4 AAA batteries and includes auto shutoff to conserve energy. Unfortunately, it’s not the fastest of scales when it comes showing instant results.


4. OXO Good Grips Food Scale

Boasting of a quality stainless steel platform, this digital scale by OXO Grips provides a reliable and hygienic surface. It is rated to weigh up to 11 pounds in increments of 1 gram (1 /8 ounces).

The scale comes with backlit easy-to-read LCD display, convenient indicator that shows the remaining weight capacity and thin profile. It is powered by 4 AAA batteries (included). A number of users nonetheless state that there is slight delay when displaying the reading.


3. Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale

This multifunctional food scale is capped at 11 pounds/ 5 kilograms and comes with a removable 2.15 liter bowl. The digital scale features precise sensors for accurate weighing and temperature sensing.

It displays the results in 1g/0.1oz increments within seconds of weighing while the detachable bowl allows a user to mix and pour the ingredients at a different location. Alarm timer, blue backlit LCD display, overload indicator, auto-zero function and 2 AAA are the other features. This unit however produces a high pitched beep when turned on.


2. Eatsmart Precision Pro Scale

The Eatsmart Precision Pro scale is a good choice for people following specific dietary requirement, bakers, or those who desire accurate and professional results.

The scale can accommodate up to 11 pounds and displays the readings in kgs, grams, lbs and ounces. The 1 gram/0.05 ounce graduation makes weighing small quantities easy whereas the 3-minute auto-shutoff conserves battery power. The stylish scale runs on 2 AAA batteries but is a bit too light according to some consumers.


1. Ozeri Pronto Digital Food Scale

The Ozeri Pronto is among the most-versatile kitchen scales in the market. This scale boasts of newly improved and enlarged weighing platforms for accommodating larger bowls. It can weigh up to 11 lbs/ 5kgs in increments of 1 gram/ 0.05 oz and relays the readings via the decent-sized LCD screen.

The multifunction digital scale also comes with chrome finish, precision tare function, automatic unit button and runs on 2 AAA batteries. Individuals looking for frills and slim profile may be disappointed by this food scale.


Weighing ingredients shouldn’t be a messy affair or rely on guesswork. You also don’t have to depend on bulky scales that not only occupy too much space but also give inaccurate results. We have listed the 10 best kitchen scales in 2023 that will make every cooking experience worthwhile.

These digital scales offer precise reading, come with decently-sized LCD screen, measure in little increments (1 gram/ 0.05/0.01lbs), and have small profile for easy storage. Additionally, they are easy to use thanks to Tare function and conserve battery power courtesy of the auto-shutoff feature. Besides quality and professional results, these digital scales will offer you maximum satisfaction.


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