10 Best Iron Supplements For Women 2023 (Great Bones and Immunity)

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So you feel tired and weak all the time?

Chances are that you might be suffering from an iron deficiency. Iron deficiency is one of the most common nutritional deficiencies in women as they lose a considerable amount of iron during their menstrual cycles. It is an important nutrient for maintaining bones and immunity and is a carrier of hemoglobin in the blood. Getting your iron levels checked is the first step towards health and the next step is to choose a good iron supplement. We have compiled a list of ten best iron supplements for women which provide the much-needed iron to your body in a safe way:

Editor Pick Best Iron Supplements For Women

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One A Day Women’s Prenatal Multivitamin with DHA and Folic Acid

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Available in 7 sizes to choose from, this iron multivitamin tablet is made especially for pregnant ladies who need iron for the baby’s growth. It contains folic acid, DHA, iron, and calcium for expecting mothers to support their bodies before and after childbirth. The tablets also contain calcium, copper, vitamin A, C, D, and B12 to give a complete nutritional boost to the mother and the baby. Each pack contains 60 soft gel capsules. The price is moderate as compared to other supplements.

What we like about it:This iron supplement is great for pregnant ladies as they need a daily dose of iron for nourishing themselves and the baby. These soft gel capsules are easy to consume and offer multiple benefits at an affordable price.

Pure Micronutrients Iron Plus Supplement

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Made to optimize the iron levels of the body and to enhance physical performance, this supplement is available in three quantities. Each pack contains 120 capsules which contain iron, vitamin C, vitamin B-6, vitamin B-12, and folic acid. It promises to give fast results as it contains an easily absorbable form of iron. The tablets do not have any aftertaste and are suitable for everybody. The price is moderate as compared to the quantity.

What we like about it:The good thing about this supplement is that it contains the chelate form of iron which gets absorbs faster than other iron supplements. Vitamin C also helps the iron to get absorbed into the blood easily.

Nature Made Iron 65 mg Tablets

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If you are looking for a good iron supplement on a budget, this product from Nature Made is the perfect option as it gives all the benefits of an iron supplement at a quarter of the price. They can be used by anybody for keeping their iron levels in check. Each bottle contains 180 capsules which have 325 mg of iron in form of ferrous sulfate. The tablets contain no starch, gluten or yeast. The price is very affordable.

What we like about it:This product gives you the required daily dose of iron without pinching your pocket. Regular consumption keeps your hemoglobin levels healthy and builds immunity.

MegaFood – Blood Builder, Energy Boosting Iron Supplement

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Made with organic oranges, broccoli, and beetroot, this blood-building supplement gives you the required dosage of iron and vitamin C for your body to function healthily. It nourishes and restores your body muscles and gives you a boost of energy with the power-packed formula. The tablets are easy to digest and get absorbed into the body cells quickly to give fast results. It is available in four sizes and two packagings to ensure that you get the desired size. The price is cheaper as compared to other supplements.

What we like about it:The organic formula of this supplement is very safe and healthy for the body and has multiple benefits packed in one tablet. The various size options make it easy to choose the required dosage.

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Solgar Gentle Iron Vegetable Capsules

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Vegetarian and gluten-free, these iron capsules do not cause any gastrointestinal irritation and are very gentle on the body. Each bottle contains 180 capsules which promote red blood cell generation and immunity by giving you 25 mg of iron. They do not cause any constipation or nausea as in the case of other iron supplements. The tablets do not contain any artificial preservatives or colors. The price of the bottle is moderate and you can find it on discount online.

What we like about it:This supplement is a great option for vegetarians who do not take iron supplements because of the gelatine and other animal-based ingredients. The price is great for 180 capsules.

New Chapter Iron Supplement

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Available in two sizes, this non-GMO supplement is made up of whole-food cultured iron which acts faster on the body as compared to other forms. These tablets can be taken on an empty stomach also as they contain a digestive-support blend and stress-relief blend made up of organic aloe vera, peppermint, coriander, cardamom, ginger, turmeric, Maca root, and chamomile. They also contain five blood-bonding vitamins and minerals which provide bone health support and menstruation support.

What we like about it:The price of these tablets is a little high but the organic ingredients support bone health and regularize the menstrual cycle in women to promote reproductive health too.

Gaia Herbs Plantforce Liquid Iron Supplement

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If you do not like tablets, this liquid iron supplement is a good option which provides all the necessary nutrients and has a great taste of organic honey and fruits. It is an herbal vegetarian supplement which is available in two sizes and two packagings. It is safe for pregnant women and supports healthy iron levels in the body. It is very gentle on the stomach and does not cause constipation. The price is moderate and the supplement needs to be taken twice a day.

What we like about it:Liquid supplements get absorbed more easily as compared to tablets and do not leave a sour aftertaste in the mouth. The vegetarian formula is an added advantage.

Nature’s Bounty Iron Tablets

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Another affordable iron supplement, this product from Nature’s Bounty is cheap and effective in promote a healthy rate of production of red blood cells in the body. Each bottle contains 100 tablets which have 65 mg of iron per tablet. The tablets are easy to swallow and have no side-effects like irritable bowel syndrome or constipation and are good for people with a sensitive stomach. The price of the supplement is extremely affordable and this is one of the cheapest iron supplements you can find in the market.

What we like about it:This supplement offers great nutritional benefits at a remarkable price. The iron content in the tablets is good and it does not cause any side-effects.

Enzymatic Therapy – Ultimate Iron

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Made with a synergic blend of various forms of iron, this supplement boosts your stamina and energy significantly and improves immunity when consumed regularly. It also contains chlorophyll and liquid liver fractions which provide heme iron to the body which promotes a healthy growth of red blood cells. Each bottle contains 90 soft gel capsules which are easily broken down in the stomach to release iron into the blood. The price of the supplement is moderate.

What we like about it:The chlorophyll and liquid liver fractions provide heme iron which is absorbed much faster than other forms. The capsules are easy to digest and are smooth on the stomach.

EZ Melts Carbonyl Elemental Iron Tablets

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Aimed to promote general cellular health, these EZ melts tablets melt in your mouth without leaving any aftertaste. The tablets come in zesty orange flavor which tastes much better as compared to traditional tablets. The supplement is made with iron and vitamin C which fight fatigue and boost energy levels.  It also works in reducing symptoms of anemia. Each pack contains 90 tablets and the price is lesser as compared to other supplements available in the market.

What we like about it:These tablets have a great taste and contain equal amounts of iron and vitamin C which provide many health benefits to the body and fight anemia efficiently.


Buying an iron supplement can be a tough decision if you do not know the factors you should consider when buying the supplement. There are thousands of supplements available in the market these days and many of them are not really safe. Not all supplements are good for every person and it is very important to keep all the factors in mind when choosing such supplements. Some of these factors include:

  • Medical History & Deficiencies

It is very important to consult your doctor before incorporating any iron supplements in your diet. Share your medical history with your doctor and do not take an iron supplement if you have a heart condition or liver and kidney disease. Get your blood report to know if you even have a deficiency of iron or not.

  • Iron Content

Check the label to see which form of iron the supplement contains and what the concentration is. Do not buy a supplement which promises a higher dose of iron than recommended daily value as high intake of iron can lead to many health problems. A daily dose of 25-30 mg of iron is sufficient to keep your iron levels in control.

  • Type of supplement

Choose between a liquid supplement and a tablet form depending on your preferences. You can also go for chewable tablets which come in different flavors to choose from. The liquid supplements absorb faster as compared to tablets as they do not need any breaking down as in the case of tablets.

  • Price

Iron supplements are available in different forms in the market and each of the forms cost different. You can get a good-quality iron supplement in around 5$ to 20$ per bottle depending on the ingredients and the formula. There are some good options available in the market which are very affordable and offer the same benefits as an expensive supplement.

  • Customer Reviews

Read what the other customers of the product have to say about the supplement as it gives you valuable insight into the results of the product. You can get an idea of the formula and whether it has any side-effects or not.

Here are some general tips and tricks that you should follow when buying and using iron supplements to get maximum benefits:

  • Do not take any supplements on an empty stomach even if the bottle says otherwise as supplements give the most benefits when taken on a lightly filled stomach.
  • Try and maintain a gap of 2-3 hours between different supplements as they can interfere with each other leading to lesser absorption of both.
  • Avoid some foods like cheese, milk, eggs, spinach, tea, and coffee etc one hour before and after taking the supplement as they reduce the absorption rate of iron in the body.
  • Do not take a double dose in case you miss one dose as this can do more harm than good to the body. Continue your regular routine.
  • Keep your iron supplement tablets out of reach of children as high doses of iron can create fatal health problems in children.
  • Do not take iron supplements with hot food as this can it can reduce the efficiency of the tablets.

So these are ten of the most popular and effective iron supplements available in the market. They are safe and give you the right amount of nutrients to nourish your bones and maintain your hemoglobin levels. These supplements are very easy to incorporate in your diet and some of them offer multiple benefits also in case you do not want to eat separate supplements for each nutrient. Use this buyer guide to find out the right iron supplement for you which will keep your body healthy and active.


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