Top 10 Best iPhone X Tempered Glass Screen Protectors in 2022

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The much anticipated iPhone X is finally here and many people are rushing to own it. And from the look of things, it’s one of the best smartphones from Apple as well as in the market. The phone is full of amazing features and is also very advanced. Unfortunately, like other phones, the screen is always at risk of getting damaged.

It may fall to the ground and break, may be scratched by an object, the screen may be pressed too hard, it may be harmed by oil stains, look dirty because of fingerprints and much more. To avoid such issues, it’s always best to use a glass screen protector, and not just any type but tempered glass since its very strong, scratch-resistant, and very clear. The following are the top 10 best iPhone X tempered glass screen protector in 2022.

Best iPhone X Tempered Glass Screen Protectors in 2022


10. Zeesa Zees iPhone X Screen Protector

This tempered glass screen protector will easily install on your iPhone X screen. It fits perfectly without leaving spaces or gaps on the edge. Also, you won’t see any bubbles between it and the phone’s screen.

It comes in a 2-piece design for easy fitting and maximum protection and has HD retina clarity. The tempered glass praetor is made from Japanese glass that is known for its high quality and reliability. It won’t scratch, leave any halo, get oil stains, or interfere with the phone’s sensitivity.


9. ESR iPhone X Screen Protector, 2-Pack

According to the manufacturer, this screen can withstand a force up to 22 pounds making it amongst the toughest in the market. The shatterproof, scratch proof, oil resistant, and halo-proof screen will perfectly fit in the iPhone X 2018 phone.

It comes with a very thin design for the finest clarity and to ensure the phone’s sensitivity isn’t affected. It also doesn’t leave any bubbles or gaps between it and the phone and this guarantees you of the best service. Fitting is easy and takes a few minutes without needing any special tools.


8. Maxboost iPhone X Screen Protector, Clear, 3 Packs

8. Maxboost iPhone X Screen Protector, Clear, 3 Packs

Why expose your iPhone X’s expensive screen to harm when you can protect and extend its life? With this tempered glass protector, your smartphone will be safeguarded from dust, dirt, oil, fingerprints, bangs, knocks, scratches and much more.

The ultra-thin screen is only 0.25mm thick and arguably the slimmest in the market. However, it provides amazing protecting and will last for a long time. It doesn’t get scratches, stains, become dull, have halos, or live bubbles. It is easy it fit and has 3D Touch.


7. TOCOL iPhone X Tempered Glass Screen Protector, 3-Pack

You didn’t have to keep worrying about your iPhone X aging too fast or developing scratches. With this tempered glass protector, it will look new for a very long time. It’s made of high-grade glass that is resistant to cracking, chipping, stains, or moisture buildup.

Fitting takes a few minutes and it will stay intact for a long time. And thanks to the Oleophobic and Hydrophobic coating, you didn’t have to worry about oil and sweat residue.


6. IQShield iPhone X Screen Protector (3-Pack)

Made from tempered ballistic glass, this screen will protect your iPhone X’s screen from damage without affecting its functionality. It comes in a super slim design that is almost unnoticeable and is quite easy to fit. It’s suited for the 5.8-Inch screen and provides high clarity free of halos, blurs, or distortions.

The shatterproof, scratchproof, oil proof screen is also oleophobic and hydrophic and will prevent fingerprints, smudges, as well as condensation from building up between the two screens. It is available in a 3 pack for added versatility.


5. 2-for-1 from a trusted brand: Spigen iPhone X screen protector 2-Pack

Spigen has been a respected brand in the phone accessory space for a long time, especially where screen protection is concerned. Spigen’s precise cutout for the iPhone X’s camera notch will ensure that all the functionality packed into that small space will work correctly. It lets you unlock your phone with Face ID and take all the Portrait Mode selfies you want! At only 0.3mm thin, typing, scrolling, zooming, and all the other gestures you use on the screen of your iPhone X will work as they usually do.


4. ALLEASA iPhone X Screen Protector (2 Pack)

You shouldn’t operate your iPhone X without first fitting this screen. Made of high-quality tempered glass, this protector will prevent stains, dirt, dust, scratches, knocks, dents, chipping and much more.

It fits very nicely and doesn’t leave air or bubbles between the protectors and iPhones screen. The protector comes with 3D for full coverage from edge to edge and thanks to its 9H hardness, the shatterproof protector will last for a long time.


3. Pulais iPhone X Screen Protector [2-Pack]

Forget screen protectors that make your iPhone X’s screen a little thick, leave some bubbles, or don’t fit exactly right. This one from Pulais not only fits perfectly but almost appears like it came with the phone.

It maintains the same clarity and sensitivity and offers 3D full protection. The piece ensures you can still operate the phone just like it was before the screen. The protector prevents stains, oils, moistures, bangs, scratches and other harmful things. It stays intact even under extreme use and is very easy to clean. Simply wipe with a nice microfiber cloth.


2. Fedirect iPhone X Screen Protector, 3-pack

Help extend the life of your iPhone X by fitting this tempered glass protection on it. The Ultraslim protector fits without leaving any bubbles or gaps and this enhances its clarity.

The accessory feels ultra smooth and also upholds the phone’s sensitivity to ensure you still operate it normally. The shatterproof and scratchproof glass screen has HD retina clarity and provides full 3D protection. This attends the protection to the edges as well.


1. Zhicity iPhone X Screen Protector

Having spent thousands of dollars in your iPhone X, don’t you think it’s wise to help maintain its good looks and functionality? This is what you get with this tempered glass protector.

It is very slim and fit perfectly on the 5.8-inch screen and comes with smooth edges for easy flushing with the phone and is also Oleophobic and hydrophobic. This means that no condensation or moisture will accumulate between the two screens. It is very easy to clean and is resistant to fingerprints, smudges, and oil stains.


You shouldn’t expose your expensive iPhone X’s screen to damage like cracks, dents, stains, or oily substances. You also shouldn’t use a protector that undermines its appeal or makes it look funny or unclear.

What you need is the best tempered glass screen protector. It will offer good protection without affecting its beauty, weight, and functionality. You can find the perfect type by using this top 10 best iPhone X tempered glass screen protector in 2022 review as your guide.


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