Top 10 Best Inflatable Water Slides in 2020 – Reviews with Guide for Buyers

Best Inflatable Water Slides

During summer, most guardians often find it very challenging to have their kids entertained and happy. With an Inflatable Water Slides, Your children can have a perfect way to have an enjoyable time and stay away from hot weather condition at the same time.

This inflatable water slide review is intended to assist you to select the best water slide, so as to maximize family’s water fun. Below is the list of top 10 best Inflatable water slides in 2020, but let us first look at the buyer’s guide.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Inflatable Water Slides

  • Size: You must select the product depending on the available space and number of users. If you have more users, you must consider the larger one. Children inflatables are much smaller compared to those that are designed for both adults and kids.
  • Material: Every time go for the item that is made from a strong and rough material that is able to bear the rugged places, impact, frequent movement, and they are easy to carry.
  • Area of Use: Before purchasing an inflatable water slide, you require to examine the place of use. An item that will be put on a coarse surface such as gravel, sandy soil or pebbles require a harder base compared to the one that can be positioned on a soft surface, for example, grass.
  • Inflation Ease: You must select a water slide that is simple to deflate and inflate. The best type features a great pump that can inflate the slide pool very fast. They also have a nozzle or valve for simple deflating.
  • Portability: A good unit is the one that you can carry it easy around and likewise store. Hence, it must be compact and lightweight and also folds to a small size for storage. The material will not get damaged because of regular movement and folding.
  • Price: It’s significant to balance quality and cost. The most costly unit will not be necessarily the best and also cheap unit does not mean that it’s of low quality.

Best Inflatable Water Slides in 2020


10. Costzon Moonwalk Inflatable Water Slide Pool

Costzon Moonwalk Inflatable Water Slide Pool

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This is great pool bouncer produced by Costzon, It has great features making ideal bounce house for indoors, sleepovers, backyards and more. What a great gift for your little kids to bounce around.480 Watt is needed for use. It comes with an Oxford transporting bag that is convenient to take on-the-go.

This item lets your kids jump freely. The Tall mesh dividers surrounding the jumping space will ensure your children are safe when jumping and permit maximum ventilation. But it is always good to keep an eye on your children on all the action.


  • Quick and easy to blows up
  • Easy to setup
  • Fire-resistant guaranteeing safety
  • Large mesh windows
  • Heavy duty and big in size

9. Kahuna Twin Peaks Kids Water Slide Park

Kahuna Twin Peaks Kids Water Slide Park

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You can always bounce in your own home water park. The Kahuna Water Slide Park contains two slides; hence you can contest with your companion to the bottom. Blast your playmate away with a fire hydrant water cannon or stay cool and nice as numerous water sprayers assist cool you down when you go down the slides.

Score some more points this season with two basketball hoops. Doubtlessly, your companions will continuously want to come at your backyard to spend time with them. It is included with blower inflates that allow you to slide in just two minutes. So have endless water enjoyment with the Kahuna Water Slide Park.


  • Two long curved slides
  • Land in the big splash pool
  • Created of high-quality PVC fabric
  • Double tube walls for added durability

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8. Blast Zone Inflatable Shark Park Water Park Bouncer

Blast Zone Inflatable Shark Park Water Park Bouncer

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The Play Park provides you with a new level of entertainment to your home. Children can jump in this bounce room and slide down on the mouth of the shark and then relax on the lagoon. You can set up this pack with less than 2 minutes and can be used by 8 children or utmost 800 lbs.

This shark park is created with Polyester Oxford fabric and contains vinyl commercial impact surface and protection netting for safety. It also comes with a sprayer, a fan, and repair kit and instructions booklet. It is also included with a case for easy storage.


  • Ideal for big backyards
  • Takes only 2 minutes to inflate
  • Constructed with strong Polyester Oxford fabric
  • Activities: bounce room, slide and a pool
  • Safety netting for safety

7. Toys & Child Blast Zone Inflatable Pirate Blaster Water Park

Toys & Child Blast Zone Inflatable Pirate Blaster Water Park

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It is reconfigured to ensure that it gives extra fun and it is easy to keep clean! Its bounce space has great protective dividers hence little jumpers will stay safe inside the park. The version contains a return path that is inside this park hence there is no foot bringing grass on the pool zone. Your children will love the modernized theme with multiple flags and fun new graphics.

With giant pool area, a bounce house, tunnel, slide and climbing wall, your children and their companions will have a lot of space to pretend they are having fun the seas. The strong climbing wall stretches to the highest point of this slide.


  • Fully Enclosed Safety Netting for Safety
  • Dual Water Cannons
  • Water Slide
  • Mini Bouncer W/Safety Netting
  • Oversize Splash Area
  • Crawl Tunnel

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6. Blast Zone Spray and Splash two Inflatable Water Park

Blast Zone Spray and Splash two Inflatable Water Park

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This park has a new slide design and has an inside-return route on the bottom of this slide when they are going back to the climbing wall, your children will relish staying cool on splash pool and they will love a cleaner play place free of debris and grass.

To set up this water slide is really quick and simple.  After taking away this water park from the box, you will simply unfold and lay it on your backyard.  You will need only 2 minutes to infiltrate the pack.


  • 20.5L x 8H x 7.5W
  • Commercial Vinyl Slide Surface
  • Includes UL Blower
  • Hose and sprayer attachment included

5. Banzai Slide ‘N Soak Splash Air Water Slide Park

Banzai Slide ‘N Soak Splash Air Water Slide Park

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This water slide is a great item that comes with a pocket-friendly cost. It delivers all what you need for satisfactory services. Its elegant design ensures entertaining moments on it. Imagine having a water park and having the comfort within your patio? Banzai water slide will do that very well. It contains a big sprinkler to enhance your experience.

The Dura-Tech production usually makes this water slide long-lasting. Obviously, it can be utilized at any surface. You can utilize it every day, and still have a high performance consistently. 120V power outlet can be used to power the blower motor of this water slide.


  • Has a water slide, splash pool, spraying hose and a sprinkler
  • Has two water bags for maximum stability
  • Splash into the big lagoon-style pool
  • It measures 95H x 114D x 184W-Inches

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4. Blast Zone Inflatable Hydro Rush Water Park

Blast Zone Inflatable Hydro Rush Water Park

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This is one of the cheapest options for you, which is endorsed for children with more than 3 years and can hold at most six kids at once. What makes the Blast Zone water park so much enjoyable are the water cannon that usually rests on the sides, permitting children’s to shoot their brothers, friends or sisters with water.

On the top of this slide, you will discover 2 spouts of water that retain the slide wet. Similar to most Blast Zone items, it is made with a quality construction. It measures 18′ ′ x 8′ x 11.


  • Measures 18’L x 8’H x 11’W
  • Capacity six Kids
  • Sprayer and Waterslide included
  • Quality Construction
  • Used by children Aging 3 +

3. Little Tikes Rocky Mountain Inflatable River Race Slide Bouncer

Little Tikes Rocky Mountain Inflatable River Race Slide Bouncer

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This Slide Bouncer has 2 slides, a splash pool, and a rock climbing wall. What makes this slider unique is because it contains a random water dump bucket which pours water at the climbing wall at any time.

It also has an elevated rest area in order for your children can take a breather whereas keeping the feet inside the water. This slider has a maximum capacity of four children or and a maximum weight of 350 pounds. It’s perfect for children of 5 years and older.


  • Easy and quick set-up.
  • It includes 2 slides, climbing wall and splash pool
  • Can be used by at most 4 kids
  • Curved water slide into raised splash pool

2. Blast Zone Inflatable Combo Pirate Bay Water Park

Blast Zone Inflatable Combo Pirate Bay Water Park

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This water pack is ideal for you. It only takes 2 minutes or less to inflate and setup this Blast Zone water slide. Actually, it’s one of the most reliable and convenient items to have.

You can easily roll it into a small size for simple transportation and storage. This pack can be used by 5 users at once. It is made of a strong material that is durable and can withstand all the impact. The water slide combines a bouncer and a water pack.


  • It measures 20 x 8 x 12 inches
  • The blower ensures fast and smooth inflation process.
  • Can occupy 5 users
  • Deflated size: rolled sleeping bag
  • Blower included

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1. Intex Surf ‘N Inflatable Slide Play Center, for Ages 6+

Intex Surf 'N Inflatable Slide Play Center

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Have fun with the INTEX Surf ’N at a great cost. This water slide has 2 surf riders included. It has a design that includes a landing mat below for more padding and pleasant inflatable wave at the lowermost of the slide to catch your kid before they slide off at the bottom.

This slider takes two minutes to set up and it is not complicated, it has a maximum weight limit of 176 pounds and you can spend hours of fun with your family. Once it is inflated, just attach the garden hose on the sprayers and let your children have fun.


  • Landing mat beneath for extra padding
  • Maximum weight limit 176-Pound
  • Comes with repair patch
  • Less costly


Before you purchase any inflated pool slide, ensure that you have learned the tricks to maintain them in order to stay for the long duration. Also, observing the children when they are inside the pool is very important. Select your pick from this list of top 10 inflatable water slides and get your summer rolling. Wishing you a fun-filled summer with your family and friends! Your children will definitely love this.


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