Top 15 Best Huawei P20 Pro Cases and Covers in 2022

Best Huawei P20 Pro Cases

Are you witnessing the world’s first Leica Triple Camera with Huawei P20 Pro? Apart from just the camera, the design and the in-built quality are just one of a kind,promising an elegant experience to the user.

It is heartbreaking, when your favourite smartphone falls on the floor and ends up with a screen break, just after few days of usage. It is common to have threat of breakage or scratch when the phone is not wrapped with a case cover. So, are you planning to keep your Huawei P20 Pro smartphone safe from drops and make it look more beautiful? One best way is trying out case covers. So, before making a decision it is always advisable to know the benefits of using a phone case cover for your sleek smartphone.

Best Huawei P20 Pro cases and Covers in 2022

15. Huawei P20 Pro Case, Snakehive Genuine Leather Wallet

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The Snakehive leather case for Huawei P-20 Pro is artistically designed and intricately detailed. It is made of genuine Nubuck leather and has an authentic snakehive design which is very  trendy. A flip cover with a magnetic clasp  shields the screen. A hand sewn  masterpiece, grooves on the back allow tilt support for different viewing angles to ensure hands-free watching. It has precisely cut out slots for ports and outlets. Furnished and completed with card slots on the flip and available  in 3 colour variants – Navy blue, Brown, and Black, this cover is a sure buy for the professional and stylish.

14. Huawei P20 Pro Case,LUOLNH Slim Shockproof 

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The Luolnh transparent case for Huawei P 20 Pro is an elegant and chic competitor in a market of heavy duty cases. It is a flexible, TPU cover with recherché floral imprints. Even with it’s slim-fit, it provides all-round protection from scratches, flaking and dings. It also comes with a raised bezel to guard the camera against cracks.  This vibrant cover makes sure you leave a mark in the minds of people, wherever you go.

13. Huawei Original P20 Pro Smart View Flip Case 

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Huawei offers a sleek and smart flip cover for the Huawei P 20 Pro. Offered in 2 colours, Pink and Black, this case cushions not only the body of your phone with edge protection but also safeguards the screen with it’s slim glass flip which also facilitates air notification view without unlocking your phone. This sophisticated product adds the missing sheen to your Huawei phone and the missing jazz into your life.

12. EasyAcc Case for Huawei P20 Pro, Soft TPU Crystal Clear Slim

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The Easy Acc crystal clear, TPU cover is a classic. It provides tactile button feel and exact fine cut slots for ports and speakers. It ensures protection with it’s anti-slip grip, raised edges and high quality TPU with zero impact transmission. It is a fits perfectly and is very handy. This classic case is classic for a reason and is a must buy.

11. Orzero TPU + Glass Case For Huawei P20 Pro

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The Orzero dual case for Huawei P 20 Pro is a class apart. It comes has a flexible and durable TPU body with the add on of tempered glass. It is shock proof. In addition to that, it is also scratch and water resistant. Available in 3 variants – Black, Navy Blue and Red this case is a trendsetter and is perfect for the modern user.

10. OtterBox Prefix Series Case for Huawei P20 Pro

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This Otterbox case is a new take on the classic transparent cover. It has ornate, gripped edges which provide extra shock resistance and a new look to the phone. It is made of crystal clear, top quality material and is resistant to all shock, scratches and dents. It has precision slots for the  camera and fingerprint sensor. This cover helps you meet your need to top up your phone with a it’s swami and glamour.

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9. Mishcdea for Huawei P20 Pro Waterproof Case Shockproof Snow

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The Mishcdea case for Huawei P 20 Pro is a heavy duty, high quality case for the outdoor person. You can take your phone out with the Mishcdea cover for cycling, trekking, hiking and camping and leave the worry at home. This case ensures dust, snow and water protection. With a bumper design and white and black colour variations, this case can undergo  rough and tough like a boss. It does not inhibit calling and sound in any way and comes with three different components, all optimised to safeguard your phone.

8. Simicoo Huawei P20 Pro Aluminum Alloy Metal Bumper Silicone

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The Simicoo Case for Huawei P 20 Pro is a blend of style and bulk which ensures fashion and protection simultaneously. This comes with built in Gorilla glass and Silicon body with Aluminium alloy. Endowed with corner protection, Epitaxial button design, raised edges this case also supports wireless charging. All these features make this case the supreme product in the market.

7. Huawei P20 Pro Case, SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style Series Clear Protective

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The Unicorn Beetle Style SUPCASE for Huawei P 20 Pro is a transparent cover with coloured edges. It provides all round safety of your phone with it’s raised bezel, scratch resistance and military tested shock standards. It ensures button responsiveness and has cuts for ports and speakers. This slim fit cover provides dual layer protection and is one of its kind in the market at present, making it a good buy.

6. Spigen Marked Armor Huawei P20 Pro Case

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The Marked Armour is a heavy duty bulky case endowed with superior grip and bolstered lip for camera and screen protection. It is fingerprint resistant with a matte feel. It is shock resistant, and is made with air cushion technology. This strong and flexible TPU cover is extremely stylish and has a bumper design which appeals to the eye and the mind.

5. Huawei P20 Pro Case, SUPCASE Full-Body Rugged Cover 

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The SUPCASE Rugged Cover comes in black and light blue variants and also have a stand for phone support. It is a dual layer cover made up of good quality TPU which controls impact and has built in screen protection. It has heavy duty bumper design with side grip and protection from shock as well as a built in cover for protection of charger port. This phone is unparalleled in its design and protective features and that makes it the ultimate case for this phone.

4. Ringke [Fusion-X] Compatible with Huawei P20 Pro 

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The Ringke Fusion-X cover for Huawei is the durable and protective pick for the sci-fi lover. Its ergonomic design, anti cling dot matrix, and heavy duty performance set it apart from other cases. It is furnished with accurate cut outs, outer corner barriers and lifted bezel, and provides certified with the military grade drop protection. It also comes in colours like Black and Lilac Purple. It has the most urbane design and feel. With it’s high quality, it is definitely not a product many would miss.

3. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Huawei P20 Pro Case with Air Cushion Technology

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Spigen’s great case for the Huawei P 20 Pro is simple yet strong and high quality clear case cover for those who enjoy accentuating the colour of their phone body. It’s raised bezel protects the screen and camera and it’s large cutouts do not obstruct any cables.  It comes in Black and Light Blue colours and  is a durable, strong and protective. This case sets the bar high for the other products in market.

2. EasyAcc Case for Huawei P20 Pro, Black TPU Phone Case

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The TNSO by EasyAcc for Huawei P 20 Pro is the perfect matte black smooth surface phone cover. It’s simplicity shouts out and it allows the unobstructed use of all features of the phone. It has individual camera slots which increase its look and it is made of flexible TPU which has a slim fit, therefore preventing extra bulk. It has precision cuts for charger slots and ports and allows free sound transmission through speakers. It has raised edges around the screen and camera which save them from scratches. This cover creates massive visual appeal in the first look and hence is a must have

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1. Spigen Rugged Armor Huawei P20 Pro Case with Flexible and Durable Shock 

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The Rugged Armour provides single layer, efficient protection with upscale style and fashionable appeal. It is flexible yet tough, shock absorbent, military drop test certified and has air cushioning at the edges. It also serves raised bezel for surface protection. With its carbon fibre design, this sleep case surely defeats all others as far as protection and design are concerned. It guarantees full satisfaction and is recommended.

Benefits of case covers

The best accessory, you might choose to make your phone look lively and protected is by taking a decision to wrap it with a case cover. Let’s look at the reasons why is it recommended  to choose a case cover.

  • Durability
  • Resistance to heat and dust
  • Protection to touch screens
  • Glorious appearance
  • Proper gripping
  • Wallet-cum-Phone Cover


Although many other factors are responsible for the durability of a phone. Now it is about the exterior protection of your smartphone, which we are trying to look at. So, choosing a right case cover for your smartphone can help with longer durability. Well, if you are to decide choosing a case cover based on durability factor then silicon phone case should be your picking choice .

Resistance to heat and dust

Now, if you are someone who works or happens to be mostly travelling in extreme hot temperatures then you should be choosing a case cover which is with low thermal conductivity. One such product available in the market that you may like is carbon fibre phone case.

Because ultimately, it is not just about carrying your smartphone and getting exposed to extreme heat and chemicals but returning back safely with no such reaction that might be harmful to your health.

Protection to touch screens

It is painful when you happen to see your display screen with a crack or sometimes loosing its sensor touch. The screen guards are difinitely a primary source of trust, but having a protective phone case will help your phone from further scratches or breaks almost from all the sides. One such phone case cover is All-side protection non-slip scratch case.

Glorious appearance

Today it is not just about buying a luxurious smartphone or a handy featured phone but it is equally about how well are you showcasing your smartphone with the trendy case covers.

Almost you get everything to make your smartphone more smarter or more beautiful. Starting with the transparent to the fanciest quote or design, everything is out there in the market. It is about your choice to choose from the wide collection of phone cases available.

Proper gripping

If you are someone, who is more conscious about safely protecting your lovely smartphone rather than making it more colourful, then solid gripped phone cases should be your choice of purchase. These cases are with excellent grip quality, which comes with anti-slippery elements and moreover malliable to hold your phone stronger than the other type of cases which are fancy.

Wallet-cum-Phone Cover

Are you somebody, who doesn’t like carrying many things in hand as well as wish to give a grand look to your smartphone?

Presenting you the Wallet-cum-Phone Cover, which will not just give your smartphone a premium look in terms of the leather body but with the added slots for cards takes up the show to reduce your luaggage. Not just that, it also can sport precise cut-outs, thereby giving your camera the required clearance.


Huawei P20 Pro, is one of the best smartphones available in the market today and to make it more beautiful and protective, unmatchable collection of  mobile cases are designed. You just  have to pick from the wide range of collection, match your style and budget. Because time and tide waits for none, be prepared to endeavour your smartphone with care.


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