Top 10 Best Home Weather Station in 2020 Reviews

Best Home Weather Station

Home weather stations are products used to measure climate information such as temperature, cloud pressure, and wind. Thereby, they support you and your family members to make accurate predictions about the weather in the near future. Moreover, a home weather station is commonly designed to be sophisticated, compact and impressive.

From there, you can simply adjust the conditions and environment inside your home to ensure the development and health of children. The following objective reviews can assist you effectively in buying a home weather station that suits your needs.

Table Best Home Weather Station

La Crosse Technology 308-1414B-INT, Black 308-1414B Wireless Atomic Digital Color Forecast Station…$51.95Buy on Amazon
AcuRite 02064 5-in-1 Color Station with Weather Ticker and Future Forecast, White, Black$169.99Buy on Amazon
Netatmo Weather Station Indoor Outdoor with Wireless Outdoor Sensor – Compatible with Amazon Alexa &…$137.00Buy on Amazon
Davis Instruments 6250 Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station with LCD Console$305.98Buy on Amazon
Wittime Latest 2078 Wireless Weather Forecast Station, Indoor Outdoor Thermometer, Digital…$43.74Buy on Amazon
SMARTRO SC62 Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer, Weather Station Color Large Display, Room…Buy on Amazon
ALLOMN Wireless Weather Station Digital Colorful Weather Forecast Clock with Outdoor Sensor Indoor…Buy on Amazon
Oritronic Weather Station, Indoor Outdoor Thermometer with Forecast, Temperature, Clock, Moon Phase,…Buy on Amazon
Weather Station Wireless Indoor Outdoor Weather Instruments with Color LCD Screen Thermometer and…$38.98Buy on Amazon
DIGOO Weather Stations Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Digital Hygrometer with Wireless Sensor,…$35.99Buy on Amazon

1.La Crosse Technology Black Wireless Forecast Atomic Digital Weather Station


The first home weather station on this list is a full-color display from La Crosse Technology. The product is equipped with a modern LCD screen, so the display of parameters becomes more vivid, eye-catching, and much more intuitive. On top of that, distinct colors show distinct metrics to minimize confusion for users and help them differentiate better. Plus, the innovative technology system makes it possible to automatically adjust time-related parameters extremely accurately. And yet, it is equipped with a warning function whenever the environmental conditions in your home are bad. Finally, its use of a wireless link makes it easier and more convenient to use and customize.Key Features

  • Wireless line: for convenience and easy transportation
  • Color forecast: for better animation
  • Self-setting: time is always accurate


  • Automation system has been significantly improved
  • A lot of vibrant and vivid colors
  • The visibility is optimized
  • Help users better understand
  • Compact and ergonomic design


  • It is a bit hard to install at first

2.AcuRite Weather 5-in-1 Ticker White Black Future Forecast Color Station

2. AcuRite Weather 5-in-1 Ticker White Black Future Forecast Color Station


The second home weather station on the list is manufactured by AcuRite with a unique 5 in 1 design to give you extremely accurate parameters. The information that this product displays includes temperature, wind speed, wind direction, humidity, and precipitation. The relatively large display size helps you track better and more clearly. Plus, the special structure of this device from AcuRite assists you effectively in installing the device in any space in your house. Therefore, you have the methods of tracking parameters in the most comfortable and convenient way. Equally important, when buying the product, you are given a bracket to keep it firmly in place.Key Features

  • Rainfall history: give exact data from time to time
  • The bracket: ensure the sturdy frame
  • Illuminated color: for vivid and visual display


  • Unique frame for sturdiness
  • Integrating multiple colors to support the tracking
  • Provide parameters suitable for indoor conditions
  • Easy to install and move
  • Display lots of information at the same time


  • The price is slightly high

3.Netatmo Indoor Wireless Outdoor Weather Sensor Apple HomeKit Station

3. Netatmo Indoor Wireless Outdoor Weather Sensor Apple HomeKit Station


This device is a home weather station designed by Netatmo to provide measurements of parameters for your family such as indoor temperature, outdoor temperature, noise level, air quality, atmospheric pressure, and humidity. The best advantage of this product is that it has optimal visibility on your smartphone, especially the Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit applications. Just by installing those applications on your mobile devices, you can easily and conveniently whenever you want to track the weather conditions in the fastest way. You can even simply access these applications through your voice. Plus, the home weather station from Netatmo has quite a large memory and relatively stable data analysis capabilities.Key Features

  • Past reading: review your home data history
  • Smartphone apps: receive information
  • Forecast future: provide you with predictions


  • Integrated with many technological improvements
  • Elegant design with neutral colors
  • Easy to track remotely
  • More convenient with smartphone apps
  • Can forecast the weather


  • It is a bit more expensive than competing products

4.Davis Instruments Vantage Vue Weather Wireless LCD Console Station

4. Davis Instruments Vantage Vue Weather Wireless LCD Console Station


The home weather station is manufactured by Davis Instruments and is equipped with a closed system that includes outstanding features such as an integrated sensor, LCD control panel, and rugged reinforced chassis. Besides, the LCD screen and the keyboard are able to glow with the lights in the dark, making your space more colorful and unique. In addition, this product supports your family as much as it provides information such as outdoor temperature, indoor, wind direction, wind speed, precipitation, and dew thickness. Such information will help you and your family members to better prepare for your health before different weather conditions.Key Features

  • LCD Display: easy to read
  • Weather Center: provide additional information
  • Vantage Vue: radio compatible


  • Unique design to fit many different spaces
  • Provide data quickly and accurately
  • Display multiple metrics at the same time
  • Support reading metrics ability for users
  • Easy to use and control


  • The display board is relatively monotonous

5.Wittime Latest Indoor Wireless Weather Outdoor Forecast Station Sensor Digital Hygrometer

5. Wittime Latest Indoor Wireless Weather Outdoor Forecast Station Sensor Digital Hygrometer


This product is a Wittime home weather station designed as a tablet to fit every space of your home. Not only that, but this design also brings convenience when it can be carried with you at all times. Therefore, observing and tracking weather conditions will become much simpler and easier. Plus, the device’s battery capacity is relatively large, and can quickly find a replacement whenever it runs out of battery. Besides the variety of parameters displayed, the device also gives you the freedom to customize and adjust the language, thereby supporting you to the utmost in understanding the numbers, functions, and information that it provides.Key Features

  • Adjustable screen: to increase and decrease the brightness
  • Future forecast: give forecasts, reminders, and alarms for bad weather
  • Touch button: for smooth operation


  • Versatile and flexible with many features
  • Easy to set up and adjust
  • Suitable for many different spaces
  • Simple and convenient to carry around
  • Very affordable price


  • It is not equipped with the frame as other competing products

6.SMARTRO Room Hygrometer Wireless Indoor Home Weather Station Outdoor Thermometer

6. SMARTRO Room Hygrometer Wireless Indoor Home Weather Station Outdoor Thermometer


This is a home weather station built by SMARTRO with a compact and ergonomic design so you can place it anywhere in your home. It gives exact statistics for the past 12 hours as well as provides detailed forecasts for the next 12 hours. Plus, the colors change with the change of atmospheric pressure giving you a unique experience using this device. Besides, you can easily identify the weather conditions clearly and specifically through the vivid and interesting icons that appear on the screen. In addition, this product also features warning of bad weather conditions so that you and your family can prepare the best for your health.Key Features

  • Dual alarms: make it an effective alarm device
  • Large touchscreen: show full information and details
  • Wide application: Easy to install in many different rooms


  • Compact and ergonomic design for convenient carrying around
  • It is quite cheap compared to competing products
  • Suitable for a wide range of spaces
  • Lots of eye-catching colors with many cute icons
  • Easy and simple to adjust


  • The clock needs to be improved

7.ALLOMN Wireless Colorful Clock Weather Forecast Weather Station Home Thermometer

7. ALLOMN Wireless Colorful Clock Weather Forecast Weather Station Home Thermometer


This home weather station is designed by ALLOMN as a versatile device to provide you and your family members with useful information related to the weather. Therefore, your family will always have the best preparation in bad weather conditions. Plus, the LCD screen is relatively large to display multiple parameters at the same time. With an adjustable light, you can easily observe and read data in any situation, even in the dark. Not only does it provide statistics and weather forecasts, but the device from ALLOMN can also act as an effective alarm bell. The most outstanding feature of this device is that it is equipped with a USB charging port to be compatible with many different electronic devices.Key Features

  • USB port: replace the power bank effectively
  • Barometric and weather forecast: good predictions for both indoor and outdoor conditions
  • Backlight and snooze: Can do alternative to an alarm


  • Multifunctional and versatile
  • Compact and lightweight design for easy storing
  • Simple to install or remove
  • Fully show parameters of both indoors and outdoors
  • A lot of eye-catching and vivid colors


  • Not suitable for hanging on the wall

8.Oritronic Thermometer Moon Phase Home Forecast Weather Wireless Sensor Station

8. Oritronic Thermometer Moon Phase Home Forecast Weather Wireless Sensor Station


This is a versatile weather station designed by Oritronic to accurately display indoor and outdoor temperatures with different measurements. Its LCD screen is relatively large so it can give you lots of information, parameters, and statistics at the same time. From there, monitoring and observing indoor and outdoor weather conditions will become much simpler and easier for you as well as other family members. Plus, it is also equipped with up to 5 touch buttons to provide a smooth experience as well as quick operation without any obstacles. Finally, the battery capacity of this Oritronic device is relatively large, so you can use it continuously for a relatively long time.Key Features

  • All-in-one function: make it multifunctional and versatile
  • Colorful display: easy to read and understand
  • Monitor temperature: help you track outdoor temperature


  • Can be used for many different purposes
  • Very affordable price
  • Good customer services
  • Trendy and fashionable design with a neutral color
  • Large battery capacity


  • Slightly less colorful than competing products

9.AOM Color Weather Station Moisture Alarm Home Clock Temperature Screen Thermometer

9. AOM Color Weather Station Moisture Alarm Home Clock Temperature Screen Thermometer


This is a versatile weather station built by AOM with the purpose of providing your family with much useful information at the same time. Plus, it has up to 6 different weather icons that make it easy to distinguish and track. In particular, the rainfall measurement feature of this item will give you details about rainfall for each day, each week, and each month. In addition, when buying this product, you also come with many support accessories to make installation and adjustment become much easier. And yet, with wireless remote sensors, the data on outdoor weather conditions provided for this product is quite accurate. Moreover, this device can also provide trends and weather alarms to optimize user safety.Key Features

  • Useful function: wireless and external sensor
  • Weather forecast and pressure tendency: give accurate predictions
  • Alarm clock: manual setting


  • Easy to use and control
  • Suitable for different spaces
  • Large battery capacity
  • Neutral design with trendy colors
  • Affordable price


  • Display less specifications than competing products

10.DIGOO Weather Sensor Home Station Wireless Backlight Monitor

10. DIGOO Weather Sensor Home Station Wireless Backlight Monitor


With this DIGOO device, you can use it as a unique and high-tech decoration item in your home. Plus, it is integrated with the most modern and advanced technology so the measurement and giving of information are always accurate and unaffected by external factors. Thanks to the help of this product, you can know the weather information in advance so you can take the right measures. Therefore, you absolutely have the ability to ensure the health of you and your family from the effects of the weather. Not only that, the planning of such as for parties, picnics, or camping will become more perfect. Equally important, this is an ideal device for you to easily monitor your child’s room temperature parameters.Key Features

  • Sensitive screen: to use easily and smoothly
  • Time customizing: simple to set up time and date
  • Visual icons: for better reading and understand


  • Easy to install or remove
  • Compact and lightweight to carry around
  • Very affordable price
  • Good customer services
  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors


  • The colors are a bit monotonous

Difference type of weather stations to choose from

In general, weather stations can be divided into three different types:

Home Weather Station

Basic modelsAdvanced modelsCommercial models

Wireless versus wired weather stations: What should you choose?

The normal mechanism of all home weather stations involves the delivery of data from a sensor to a monitor and computer processor. Many models achieve this goal with a wireless system that is comprised of a receiver and transmitter. Other devices come with a hardwired structure that can be placed along the walls or under the ground. Below are some basic features of wireless and wired weather stations that you need to know before making the final decision:

Wireless weather stations

A wireless weather station would be placed far away from the base unit without losing any recorded data. When you use it in a multiple zone configuration, it is possible to bury a sensor near the swimming pool and another one in a distant area. The major array would be positioned on the garage or a roof.

More advanced models are often equipped with Wi-Fi capability. This means that they could be controlled from a distance with a suitable weather application on your smart device. The mobility from a Wi-Fi connection will provide you with lots of conveniences. For example, a farmer equipped with a wireless hygrometer sensor and intelligent sprinkler system would turn the water on remotely after reading the moisture level of the soil.

As many manufacturers provide a special site for information collection and real-time updates, a good weather station should be equipped with modem or Wi-Fi connectivity.

Wired weather stations

In wired weather stations, the information collected might be more precise. In addition, you will not need to worry about losing the data because of connectivity problems that you often see in the wireless system. Nevertheless, you have to spend more time and effort on the setup. Many people also think that the range of most wired models tends to be quite limited. Another drawback is that weather conditions would cause damages to these models.

Important features to take into consideration when choosing a home weather station

Below are a few important things that you should take a look before choosing the best home weather station for your home:


Most of the basic models often do not require assembly. However, some products require a little bit of mechanical setup before mounting. Check carefully before choosing to save your time and effort.

Weather-resistance structure

Even though many weather stations are made to endure the damaging effects of weather conditions, such as rain, wind, snow, or soil, many models still need extra protection. Spending more money on advanced models can save you a lot of money on new replacements later.


Although a good weather station for most people should require no maintenance, attention is needed from time to time. You need to adjust the moving components regularly to ensure they operate properly. The connection between the monitor and the weather station might be disrupted often. In these cases, it should be replaced or repaired quickly. Since the processors and sensors of most home weather stations require a lot of data and complexity, a firmware upgrade or hard reboot is needed to prevent a crash.

Displayed information

Many weather station information displays only offer one measurement at a time. Therefore, you have to toggle through different screens to get all of the needed data. Other models offer all of the data at once. Depending on your needs and preferences, each type has its own pros and cons.

In general, more advanced models will provide small displays like those in smartphones. They tend to include real-time animations and updates. Another important feature to consider when selecting a display screen is the option between black and white versus color. The latter option can be more expensive but it would provide more visualizations and information.


Basic weather stations are definitely not precise as more advanced and commercial models. However, there will be a specific level of difference between these models. Depending on your needs, you can choose a product that can be a great combination of price and accuracy. Keep in mind that the area that you are living in can also affect the overall accuracy of the information collected by a weather station. For instance, daytime results for rainfall and air temperatures are often higher than in warmer areas. Some other factors that affect the precision of weather stations include the presence of debris in the housing of the model as well as the current condition of its sensor wires.

Mounted options

Most of the basic weather stations are self-contained. They are constructed from weather-resistant and lightweight materials. As a result, you can place them anywhere outside, such as posts, trees, or walls, without worrying about damages.


Home weather stations are becoming popular. Many families even see them as a unique decoration. We hope the above reviews can assist you effectively in choosing an appropriate weather station.


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