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Best Home Gyms

Keeping body fit is everyone’s desire. However, buying a variety of gym equipment like treadmills, rowing machines and other can be expensive. Investing in good multifunctional equipment eliminates overspending. Home gyms usually refer to these training accessories with multi-purpose ability. Commonly, cable crossovers are often referred to as home gyms.

Amazingly, the equipment allows complete body exercising. They are efficient in allowing abdomen, arms, legs, cardio and other body parts get full workouts. On the other hand, these training gyms are compatible with other accessories. They have improved performance while occupying lesser space.

Planning to buy a home gym? You need to make the right decision. There is no room for error since they are costly machines. Some of the qualities to check include expansion, sturdy construction, detachable bench and easy assembling among others. Avoid hopping from one store to another by getting these top 10 reviewed home gyms.

Best Home Gyms in 2022


10. Marcy Stack MKM-81010 Dual Function Home Gym

Marcy Stack MKM-81010 Dual Function Home Gym

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Buying gym equipment from a known maker gives you confidence when training. This is what you get if you get this gym by Marcy. With over 60 years of experience, it ensures your muscles get the best treat ever.

Features and benefits:

Heavyweight load

To ensures that your muscles get excellent toning, the equipment gives you excellent resistance. As you train to beat the weight, the body burns excess calories while building muscles. In fact, it has a load capacity of 200 pounds that creates outstanding resistance. On the other hand, to keep you enjoying safety training, the trainer features weight lock. Thus, even when tired there is no risking your body.

Dual press arm function

When you want your pectoral muscles some gig, this machine is an ideal one. It has a multifunctional press arm function which is excellent for toning your upper body muscles. With dual action presser, you can perform cardio with ease. Also, it lets users perform a variety of training like butterfly. The presser action on the hand enables you to utilize this gym equipment as a rowing machine. This allows perfect and complete upper body workout.

Leg training developer

If you suffer from leg related muscles complications, they are about to come to an end. This machine lets you have perfect leg training. It has soft foam roller pads that ensure you get full lower body and leg training. Amazingly, when involved in hamstrings, quadriceps, and other lower body training, your legs get ergonomic hugging from the foam pads.

Premium construction and removable curls

For years of use, the equipment boasts unmatched construction. It features 14 gauge steel tubes with powder coating. Not only the frame is durable, but, powder coating keeps it sleek and free from corrosion. Besides, with detachable curls, they are easily adjustable to suit your needs. Furthermore, they are highly comfortable and made of memory foam.


  • Detachable and soft curls
  • Stable structure
  • Improved safety
  • Versatile functionality


  • Produces more noise than rivals


Training with this gym is perfect when you need performance and safety. Although it makes significant noise, general performance is commendable. Also, the overall price is reasonable.

9. Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Home Gym

Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Home Gym

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Tired of buying single training equipment? Even the space to fit these accessories is always a problem. Solving this problem is Bowflex Xtreme 2SE. It’s one of most versatile equipment for home gyms. Offering more than 70 exercises, there is no complicated conversion needed.

Features and benefits:

Great resistance power rod

The essence of having training equipment in your home is to have excellent training experience. Without high resistance, it means you won’t achieve your desired results. However, investing in this machine gives the training performance you need. It comes with 210 pounds standard power rod. Amazingly, it lets you upgrade to 310 or 410 pounds. This ensures you get professional bodybuilding directly in your home.

High versatility-70+ exercises

Forget about other trainers that only gives you limited exercising options. With this one, it comes with breathtaking 70+ exercises options. This makes it one of the most gyms available on the market today. In fact, this ensures you get perfect body training such as shoulder, legs, back, and others. As a result, every trainer gets full body coverage. Amazingly, despite this machine having excellent functions, it’s simple to transform. The quick change power rod system lets you work without changing cords due to multiple pulleys.

Inbuilt workouts free trainer

After getting this trainer, there is no struggling to exercise. Before mastering its use, the gym has inbuilt training workouts that give you instant workouts. The machine has 7 training regiments that offer a variety of training abilities. The manual provides you with 2 min better body, 20 min upper body, 20 min lower body anaerobic and strength training routine. As you learn more, the manual let you enjoy training from the first day of getting this gym.

Comfortable polyurethane foam seat cushion

Working on training machine with a poor seat can cost you. Due to the pressure involved, you can develop back complications. The Bowflex Xtreme 2SE is designed to eliminate all the discomforts. The seat features high-grade polyurethane foam that conforms to your body. With back having perfect cushioning, it keeps the spine column aligned hence eliminating back pains.


  • Extremely high versatility
  • Ergonomic seat
  • Inbuilt trainer manual
  • Stable feet


  • Highly priced


Although this gym is highly priced, it’s worth investing. The construction and full body training let you have unrivaled bodybuilding. It’s an excellent home gym that everyone should envy struggle to get.

8. Power Line Body-Solid Home Gym

Power Line Body-Solid Home Gym

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When it comes to the production of excellent quality gym equipment, Powerline is among the top leaders. For this body solid home gym equipment, you will enjoy performing great leg and hand exercises. It is also great in bodybuilding workouts. Besides, it features durable construction and is very easy to put up. Thanks to the military grade materials which make Powerline BSG10X home gym the best.

Features and benefits:

Easy assembly

This model of home gym equipment features a state of the art design that is very easy to install. Hence, you can perform your workouts on the scheduled time without even wasting a single minute. Equally, it is effortless to dismantle and unfold when you want to relocate the equipment. Unlike other home gym equipment, you don’t have to be an engineer for you to put up the pieces together when you want to do the workout. It just involves using 9 bolts to make the equipment ready for the task.


This is the most marketable aspect when it comes to home gym equipment. You actually need something that can meet several objectives. With this particular model, it combines several pulley systems to enhance great workouts. It combines leg station, chest press, leg press and also hand stations. Besides, there are three categories of the pulley. These include low, medium and high. Thus, you can have an all-around exercise that is beneficial to the whole body.

Great strength and military grade components

When buying gym equipment, strong and durable materials is a must. For this model, it boasts 11 -gauge mainframe for ultimate strength, function, and durability. Also, it uses a telescoping chrome plated seat post. Equally, the aircraft grade cables are used, and they boast 2200 pound tensile strength. This ensures a no cable design, and it is a tool that can last over the years without having any maintenance given.

Exceptional comfort

While going to the gym involves doing some hard-knock exercises, you still need some comfort that will motivate you. With this equipment, you will enjoy sitting on padded foam seats. These are very durable and provide a soothing atmosphere for you to achieve your exercising goals.


  • Easy assembly
  • Nice combination of functions
  • Military grade cables and frames
  • Easy, no change maintenance


  • Cables needs replacements annually


When you don’t want to overspend, yet you want to do gym intensively, Powerline solid made home gym is the best choice. It is affordable equipment that is usable at home or office. Besides, the multi-functionality of this machine makes it the best of all.

7. Body-Boss Home Gym Full Portable Home Workout Package

Body-Boss Home Gym Full Portable

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Bodyboss is an excellent company in this line of home gym equipment. It offers total body workout system that anyone can engage in. It has an exceptional design making it unique in the way it transforms resistance training. In fact, it has been ranked as one of the best resistance training equipment. The design offers an exceptional way of simulating what you would actually do at the gym.

Features and benefits:

Lightweight, compact and easy design

While designing this gym requirement, the manufacturer intended to provide a portable device that would simulate all gym workouts. And, yes this gym equipment encompasses all the exercise done at the gym. It will depend on whether you are conversant with the different kinds of workouts and the style of performance. It is made using the lightest material, and the design itself seems uncomplicated. However, this has got nothing to do with the strength and durability of this home gym. The materials are light but robust.

Easy design

There is no need to struggle to buy very complex gym equipment, which actually costs you a lot. Besides, this equipment features a vector fit platform, and some few cloths covered resistance bands. You are supposed to pull these resistance bands in different styles and angles to perform different workouts.


Besides, the platform allows you to regulate the resistance of the pulling bands. With this simple device, you can perform over 300 workouts without sourcing for additional equipment. Just to cite a few, this device allows you to perform lower body workout, upper body workouts, body part focus workouts, cardio boxing workouts among other different exercises.

Portable design

Bodyboss home gym equipment features lightweight and compact design. You can actually put this thing in a bag and walk away like you aren’t carrying anything. But since it only offers pulling exercise, there isn’t any need for something very rigid. However, the platform and the bands are meant to lasts for a long time and accommodate great pulling forces by gigantic individuals. Moreover, the bands are covered with a soft and durable cloth. Hence, comfort is not compromised in any way, and you can train for as long as you like.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Simple to use design
  • Cloth covered bands
  • Adjustable resistance


  • None


If you are among those guys who want to make things pretty easy, you have your item here. Bodyboss home gym equipment can be used by anybody, anywhere and anytime. Besides, the adjustable resistance will ensure different individuals use this gym equipment fruitfully.

6. Body-Solid Strength Tech EXM2500S Home Gym

Body-Solid Strength Tech EXM2500S Home Gym

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This home gym has appeared in the consumer magazine, as the best home gym equipment. Also, it has continued to receive five stars in online stores like Amazon. And, it totally deserves all these ranks. It boasts an easy to assemble and multifunctional design. Thus, it is a home gym that is worth every penny.

Features and benefits:

Biomechanically designed stations

If you want to achieve a muscular growth, you are required to do workout intensively. But, can you do that if you don’t have enough comfort? This equipment is precision built to ensure that every workout you do, actually benefits you in improving your muscle formation. It encompasses full-size workout poster, Lat bar, and utility strap among other features.

Thick and durable pads

Comfort must be met in any gym equipment’s construction. Now, this one provides paraded platforms and lumbar support. Hence you can lie and seat and perform other workouts without torturing your body. The lumbar support especially prevents back pains.

Strong aircraft grade cables

Gym equipment will be rendered useless if it doesn’t have pulling cables. However, this equipment features heavy gauge cables with about 2200lb tension strength. These cables are covered by a nylon sheath that keeps them durable. Thus, they require little or no maintenance at all.

Durable mainframe

Gym equipment is built to support different body weights. Body-solid gym features a strong mainframe that is powder coated to increase durability. This electrostatically applied finish enhances scratch resistance and that no peeling occurs. Your equipment can stay as clean as new while serving you in your whole lifetime.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Multifunctional design
  • Aircraft grade cables
  • Fairly priced


  • Poor instructions


If you are looking for the best strength-demanding gym equipment, there you have it. It is built with high tensile wires and heavy gauge materials to ensure maximum robustness. The wires are coated and hence won’t harm you in any way. Equally, the other frame parts feature electrostatic plating making them wear proof.

5. Marcy 150-lb. Multifunctional Home Gym Station

Marcy 150-lb. Multifunctional Home Gym Station

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Marcy always delivers outstanding products that are dedicated to keeping your life simple. For anyone looking to give their bodies great toning, this 250 pounds multifunctional station is a significant consideration. The sleek and space-saving station is great for home as well as commercial applications.

Features and benefits:

Sturdy steel construction

Training using his machine is great and helps you to achieve your objectives. Unlike other cheap gyms, this one delivers excellent reliability. Constructed from premium steel tubing, they are strong to withstand heaviest abuse. For added performance, the tubes are reinforced with guard rods that improve the structure weight holding during workouts.

150-pound weight with lock

Experience the outdating resistance that gives your body excellent training performance. Equipped with 150 pounds weight tack, it offers a chance to give your body perfect cardio, upper muscles, and general body training. Moreover, the weight is selectable and features safety lock. Therefore, whether newbie or experienced trainer, it’s possible to use this machine. The selectable weight stack is ideal for ensuring you don’t strain your body or risk injuries.

Detachable curl pad & padded arm press

For ease of using this trainer to perform different exercises, it features a removable curl pad. This enables the trainer to enjoy versatility when using this machine. With the ability to adjust the preacher curl pad, it makes it easy to enjoy isolated bicep exercises.

Apart from the curl pad being adjustable, the arm rollers are highly padded. This ensures your hands are perfectly supported. With hands adequately in position, it means easy pec fly and chest exercise.

Dual action press arm

The dual action press arm action is a great feature on this machine. It enjoys excellent whole body action. With this, the trainer allows you to enjoy butterfly, chest press, and other related exercises. As a result, it means your body gets comprehensive training. Moreover, changing from one activity to another is a breeze with just a removal or insertion of a pin.

Inbuilt training manual

Even before thinking about buying a copy of training manual, this machine already has an inbuilt one. Thereby, once machine is in your gym, you are ready to start training.


  • Inbuilt training manual
  • Heavy-duty padding
  • Comprehensive body training
  • Stable base
  • Reasonable price


  • Takes time to assemble


Without doubts, this 150 pounds stack gym station is worth getting for your home. Although assembling takes time, it’s perfectly labeled to avoid difficulties. It’s a recommendable gym with an extremely reasonable price.

4. Marcy Smith Cage Machine Home Gym Equipment SM-4008

Marcy Smith Cage Machine Home Gym Equipment SM-4008

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It’s everyone dream to invest in a sturdy and high-quality gym for home use. The equipment offers you great convenience and unlimited performance. The Marcy smith cage SM-4008 machine is one of the equipment of choice by many bodybuilders. With reliable and robust design, it brings complete body training under single equipment.

Features and benefits:

All in one design

Forget about buying a single piece of gym equipment. It will only drain your pocket while congesting your available space. To avoid this, this Marcy smith cage training gym gives all functions. It features a combination of smithy machine, crossover, pulls up bars and leg developer. With this combo, it means you just need one equipment and enjoy extensive training. Also, it frees up your space. The most important bit is the machine delivers outstanding whole body training.

Training accessories

Training with this gym gives you perfect results. It offers you excellent training with different features and accessories. The included items include V bar, triceps rope, ankle rope, and shiver bar. This combination of accessories is excellent for improving the gym customization. Unlike in other gyms, this gives you added advantage since you get increased exercising and performance.

Solid frame and airplane steel cables

The frame is outstandingly sturdy to support anyone regardless of weight. The structure features steel structure that is tough and offers great support. Even for people who perform extreme training, the equipment provides perfect platform. On the other hand, the cable system boasts airplane grade steel that let you enjoy high performance without risking your safety.

Improves safety

Safety is paramount when training. Without proper support, it can lead to severe conditions. However, to keep your properly aligned, this system has perfectly crafted back support. With adequately padded back, it means the spine and muscles get proper hugging. Therefore, even when involved in extreme training, it offers you excellent body support for variety of exercises.

Leg developer, bottom pulley, and footplate

Ensuring body get balanced training is essential. That is why this machine offers this ability. The leg developer is highly comfortable with padded rollers. They ensure legs get perfect hold as you enjoy lower body exercises. The same is possible due to the bottom pulley and foot plate that facilitate easy lower muscles training.


  • Versatile body accessories
  • High strength steel cables
  • Great weight support


  • Lengthy assembling time


The Marcy smith cage is a superb choice to put in your home. With a combination of different training machines, it keeps training area minimal. Although assembling takes time, clear instruction let you do it.

3. Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym

Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym

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As you struggle to keep your body fit, the best thing is investing in a gym. This Bowflex PR3000 is an excellent pick that guarantees outstanding training. With high professional construction and unlimited training options, your body gets excellent training.

Features and benefits:

Versatile 50 exercises

The ability to perform your preferred exercise on the same machine is highly encouraging. It eliminates the need to invest in several equipment and saves your precious space. The Bowflex PR3000 is a magnificent machine that is dedicated to this purpose. The machine provides high versatility than rivals. With this combination of training options, it leaves your full body exercised.

Exceptional resistance

Whenever you want to tone your upper muscles, this equipment is dedicated for that. The 210 pounds power rod delivers enough resistance to work on our arms, chest and all upper side muscles. Amazingly, the resistance is adjustable which lets everyone find this machine useful. In fact, it gives you the ability to set strength from 5 up to 210 pounds.

Efficient pulley system

Well, the efficiency of this station is due to high engineering. The pulley system is designed to ensure you get perfect and smooth training sessions. Moreover, the secure cables are effective switching from one exercise to another smoothly. Without any cable change, it gives every trainer perfect full body toning.

Additional accessories

Training needs to be well planned to ensure you get excellent results. However, some of the equipment comes without instructions manual. Things are different with this one as it features integrated workout manual. Also, there are additional accessories like ankle cuffs and multi-use hand grip. They allow customization for excellent training sessions.


  • Easy exercise switching
  • Smooth pulley system
  • Adjustable resistance


  • Expensive than Marcy


The Bowflex RP300 is a sturdy machine that eliminates buying of single-use equipment. With adjustable resistance and training poster, it’s great for instant use after assembling.

2. Marcy Smith Cage Training Home Gym System with Linear Bearing MD-9010G

Marcy Smith Cage Training Home Gym System MD-9010G

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Stranded on which is the ideal machine to buy for a home gym? The answer is right here. Marcy Smith cage MD-910G is the right selection for people who love bodybuilding. String structure, ergonomic padded back, and other vital accessories give it high performance than rivals.

Features and benefits

High tensile steel structure

Forget the cheap home gyms that offer limited weight support. This one is one is highly crafted from the strongest steel to provide unlimited training. Even the heaviest person can utilize it without any worry. Apart from the stable structure, the pulley system comes with airplane grade steel cables with the ability to support 2000 pounds. This is ideal for people who love extreme training as wires provide high reliability.

Dual action leg developer

Get great lower muscles exercising without stressing your legs. The double action leg developer features 6 padded rollers that give outstanding cushioning. With these rollers, they allow you to enjoy great lower body exercising. Furthermore, the dual friction action provides ideal action to the target muscles.

Multifunctional press arms

For proportional body training, a good machine should provide every muscle engagement. Well, the press arm action featuring in this machine is excellent. Boasting dual action, it means your body enjoys high number of muscles exercising. In fact, this system lets you exercise your chest, biceps, triceps and other related upper body muscles.

Olympic free weight pack

If you enjoy weightlifting, this station lets you enjoy it in style. Moreover, the gym enables trainers to get perfect strength training sessions. To facilitate this, it features 6 weights peg plates built into the frame. This ensures you can arrange your barbells and weight on the machine for smooth access. This lets you enjoy great weightlifting without inconveniences.

Adjustable sliding track

Whenever you want to adjust this machine, safety and ease of flexing are guaranteed. The adjusting chrome frame is equipped with a pop pin for effortless adjustment. On the other hand, the adjustable bars have safety stoppers to improve users security. There is no worry when adjusting or straining of frame flipping.


  • High-quality bearings
  • Safe station adjustments
  • Super strong cables
  • Easy weights attachment


  • Fast wearing out plastic pulleys


This gym station is perfect for various body training. Compared to other available stations, it offers unmatched training experience. The sturdy structure and great attachments, it’s an excellent machine to bet your money.

1. Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

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It feels great working on one station that can achieve a variety of exercises. The Bowflex Blaze is a gym that is designed to deliver the best experience. Built by professionals with longtime expertise, it gives you what other gyms can’t.

Features and benefits:

Full body workout

The ability of this machine to provide whole body workout lies in its versatility. It’s not like other smaller and single-use gym equipment. This brings a combination of all necessary gym equipment under one station. In fact, it boasts more than 65+ training to deliver all-around training experience. Whether its shoulder, back, upper or lower exercises, the machine offers high-quality training.

Adjustable sliding seat rail

If you love aerobic exercises, it’s straightforward with this machine. It comes with adjustable seat rail which enables rowing aerobics and leg passes. Also, the sliding seat is great for allowing the body to perform stretching exercise. This helps in increasing the chest endurance hence enabling you to achieve extreme workouts.

Great power rod resistance

What helps your body achieve high muscles training is the gym resistance level. It’s important especially when you want to experience muscles and general bodybuilding. Amazingly, this one comes with 210 pounds standard power rod resistance. Moreover, depending on your level of training, it allows you upgrade to 310 or 410 pounds power rods.

Multiple cable and pulley system

To get smooth workouts, the gym comprises high-quality pulleys and cables. They combine to deliver a seamless rolling as you pull. Unlike the hard and harsh cable systems that become cumbersome as you train, this station is different. The cables and pulleys enable you to experience smooth and consistent performance. Moreover, cables allow switching of exercise without altering the equipment.

Foldable bench and wheels

If you aren’t using this station storage is very simple. It has a foldable bench as well as wheels. This gives the user simple time and space convenience. Whether you have small space, this machine offers an easy time when using and storing.


  • Easy storage
  • Customized exercises
  • Inbuilt training manual
  • Over 65 training settings


  • None


This gym is one of the top performing on the market. With its superior construction and performance, there is no reason for not buying it. Despite the commendable performance, its price is praiseworthy.


Home gyms are great options when you want to keep your body in perfect condition. Investing in a premium gyms like these featuring in this review are ideal than subscribing. They bring convenience near you while offering unlimited exercising.


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